This weeks #SidemenSunday we decided to try lying to each other with the weirdest objects possible. Let us know who you thought was the best at it!
Sidemen Clothing:
● Miniminter:
● Zerkaa:
● Behzinga:
● Vikkstar123:
● Wroetoshaw:
● KSI:


  1. Bryan Reyes

    Bryan Reyes16 hours ago

    Do it again

  2. Lily James

    Lily James23 hours ago

    I love the fact that whenever JJ gets annoying and is about to punch someone Tobi just calms him down. I know I’m late idc though

  3. Becky legend

    Becky legend2 days ago

    Vik was smiling when tobi was called a nonce and not him

  4. Kr173r10n

    Kr173r10n2 days ago

    This is the last time I'll watch it before jj gets dropped

  5. Da_lil_people

    Da_lil_peopleDay ago


  6. Aim

    Aim3 days ago


  7. Ethan Pangburn

    Ethan Pangburn3 days ago

    Why is vik the same height as jj when jj is sitting down

  8. Dieuz

    Dieuz3 days ago

    first guy to reply is gau

  9. Do Do

    Do Do3 days ago

    Toby is the only guy to stand up and get shorter

  10. Cian McElevey

    Cian McElevey4 days ago

    Pt 2

  11. bio shockfan333

    bio shockfan3336 days ago

    Who else gonna watch this first day of 2020

  12. RickyPro

    RickyPro6 days ago

    Josh: ahh, this is smart Harry: oh Ethan’s stuffed then 😂

  13. Elina Vihervuori

    Elina Vihervuori7 days ago

    When Josh asked what number is on the bowling ball and I was thinking 8 and then Simon said 8.🤔

  14. Gavin Hames

    Gavin Hames7 days ago

    Were did harry go

  15. Itsa me Matio

    Itsa me Matio8 days ago

    Thought Donald trump had a bra on ngl

  16. World Record Gamer

    World Record Gamer8 days ago

    I like how Ethan is playing it so smart but just keeps getting it wrong

  17. Aassiid Night

    Aassiid Night9 days ago

    I dont know about u, but i am sure that, that was jake paul in the white house in the bathroom. 14:45

  18. shut up blud u muk

    shut up blud u muk9 days ago



    THE GREATS9 days ago

    I can't be the only one that finds Toby really cringey rather than cute and innocent

  20. SN0III

    SN0III9 days ago


  21. TheGamerhub

    TheGamerhub10 days ago


  22. Joshua Cummins

    Joshua Cummins12 days ago

    Knowledge Strength Integrity KSI

  23. Alexander Kallas

    Alexander Kallas13 days ago

    25:07 what’s to the left of josh coming into the shot

  24. aåliyah

    aåliyah13 days ago

    my person timestamp :) 14:55

  25. D 31V0

    D 31V013 days ago

    Likes for another SIDEMEN BOX OF LIES

  26. Mr.

    Mr.14 days ago

    6:50 can't just have been me who was thinking about Tobey Maguire saying "pizza time"

  27. Digital Artist

    Digital ArtistDay ago

    Mr. nope just u.

  28. MSTWolfplayz

    MSTWolfplayz14 days ago

    In defence in JJ where I'm from in the uk we get white Christmas trees


    CRYPT1C ECL1PS14 days ago

    16:49 can we just appreciate Harry's joke that no-one laughed at

  30. Aary D

    Aary D15 days ago

    the humour of this video: Donald trump = funny

  31. Random Account

    Random Account16 days ago

    Y'all stole the from Jimmy Fallon

  32. wad awd

    wad awd16 days ago

    fr the only channel that has good videos that last over 20 minutes

  33. Adam A

    Adam A16 days ago

    I just realized jj is the only one wearing grey

  34. aaron frost

    aaron frost17 days ago

    it was jake not logfan who cares though there both clapped

  35. Mean Wiffers

    Mean Wiffers18 days ago

    How did Simon think vikk was willne

  36. Aiman Hakeem

    Aiman Hakeem18 days ago

    t series ads

  37. Jude Fraser

    Jude Fraser19 days ago


  38. Shoaib Nuk4 Productions786

    Shoaib Nuk4 Productions78619 days ago

    Picked a box 📦 Illuminate trailer Josh: n-no nooo noooooooo

  39. Toxicity Games

    Toxicity Games19 days ago

    part 2

  40. Mark Denis

    Mark Denis20 days ago

    The 1st one tobi was right cos it’s not a Barbie doll

  41. Mr Celery Stick

    Mr Celery Stick20 days ago

    Thumbnail: all sidemen except Harry 😮😮😮 Harry:🤨

  42. Zain Mohammad

    Zain Mohammad20 days ago

    Part 2 please

  43. Matthew Riggins

    Matthew Riggins21 day ago

    “Where’s the play poo?”

  44. EliEstaGimu

    EliEstaGimu22 days ago

    sidemen sunday

  45. Huxntr

    Huxntr22 days ago

    I’m confused lie lie truth truth? Just sayin

  46. Linus Axelsson

    Linus Axelsson22 days ago

    Notice how all of the sidemen have black clothes but not jj :)

  47. Issath Shaheen

    Issath Shaheen23 days ago

    Final time

  48. JoVaN NaSiF

    JoVaN NaSiF23 days ago

    The guy in start is the fifa master

  49. jema cedillo

    jema cedillo24 days ago


  50. Adam Jackson

    Adam Jackson24 days ago

    Do this again

  51. Major_Oddity

    Major_Oddity25 days ago

    There needs to be a box of lies part 2!

  52. Abasin D

    Abasin D28 days ago

    Do a part 2

  53. Fikri Aziz

    Fikri Aziz29 days ago


  54. TheGalaxyHunter

    TheGalaxyHunter29 days ago

    Wheres the play poo???

  55. Borgar Mulstad

    Borgar Mulstad29 days ago

    6:08 *pizza time*

  56. AdventureGami774

    AdventureGami774Month ago

    I was predicting 16 spots on the cow

  57. Erin Bull

    Erin BullMonth ago

    These props look like they’re off of the desk in the last leg

  58. SLANE YT

    SLANE YTMonth ago

    KSI is the funniest person on sidemen

  59. Charlie Town

    Charlie TownMonth ago

    Vid has a cool trim this vid 😎

  60. _Mtthw_

    _Mtthw_Month ago

    Blind people can play along at home (:

  61. Olivia Schulz

    Olivia SchulzMonth ago

    Player of the match IS TOBI

  62. TheReal Potato_Juicez258

    TheReal Potato_Juicez258Month ago

    I wish that they’d make another one