Will Smith’s Full Interview with Ellen


  1. vasinvic

    vasinvicHour ago


  2. Clifford Santillan

    Clifford Santillan2 hours ago

    I don't care what you'll haters think of Will. I will always like the dude as long as he lives.

  3. Leira Macasero

    Leira Macasero5 hours ago

    I like Will Smith verymuch. . Thanks Ellen for having an interview with him. .his a very funny guy. And a very talented man too. .great to see u in these interview. .i had fun promise. .love you both 🇵🇭.

  4. Tropical99

    Tropical997 hours ago

    Will Smith has 3 timeless summer tracks: this, miami & summertime

  5. VFSactor67

    VFSactor6713 hours ago

    HOLD UP!😳 I FELT like I was at some sort of Will Smith Concert at the beginning! His ENERGY is just so INFECTIOUS! How does he keep doing that?!❤️🙌🏽

  6. Tsutsunski

    Tsutsunski19 hours ago

    This guy is my antidepressant 🤣❤️

  7. Rafael Serrano

    Rafael Serrano23 hours ago

    I love Ellen and will, wow they both bring a good vibe !

  8. K!nG MiDas

    K!nG MiDasDay ago

    Only he can do that lol

  9. Carolyn C

    Carolyn CDay ago

    love this !!

  10. gabby spinal

    gabby spinalDay ago

    Real talent real actor will the best🙏🙏🙏🙏

  11. carolyn denise

    carolyn deniseDay ago

    wow this was so funny

  12. Wanda G.

    Wanda G.Day ago

    Love it!!

  13. Phiwe Dlamini

    Phiwe DlaminiDay ago

    When he said 'Ellen have some water" omg I love this man!

  14. Wenchede Wenchede

    Wenchede WenchedeDay ago

    Pretty in pink

  15. Fath Minaj Karda

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  16. Devshri Tewari

    Devshri Tewari2 days ago

    My two favorites on a same platform love u both slot mmmuuaaahhhh

  17. TheTraffic247

    TheTraffic2472 days ago

    Only a superstar can make that entrance and then kick it up a notch and keep the whole crowd buzzin...that's Will Smith 😎

  18. Isaiah Garza

    Isaiah Garza2 days ago

    lol to the bungi cord jumping

  19. Alan Eng

    Alan Eng2 days ago

    Ellen looks star-struck when he come out rappin'. Both of these people are awesome human beings!

  20. MakeupByDhi

    MakeupByDhi2 days ago

    Imagine I’m watching this @1:16am and my husband is asleeep hahaha. Talk about how hard to laugh very silently 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. glen J

    glen JDay ago

    We are thesame. And I'm in bed with earphone. Laughing and my husband is next to me sleeping. 1:30 am

  22. Cherise Wallace

    Cherise Wallace2 days ago

    I love Will Smith like I really know him. I love how Ellen stood there with admiration in her eyes when he was rapping, so genuine.

  23. Cynthia Swain

    Cynthia Swain2 days ago

    Will Smith👍👍👍👍🌹

  24. TrueKomma

    TrueKomma3 days ago

    Will Smith is the best.

  25. TheBlackWidow8 Denise

    TheBlackWidow8 Denise3 days ago

    Loved this but...Omg! That laugh tho!!!!

  26. Karma Machangpa

    Karma Machangpa4 days ago

    Will smith is full of life👍

  27. Daniel Simon

    Daniel Simon4 days ago

    Omg.. he’s 50 and he look younger than me and has more energy than me and I m. 34

  28. Abufaza3_Gam3r

    Abufaza3_Gam3r4 days ago

    You were most welcome to my country Jordan


    JAROD HOBSON4 days ago

    Looks flat me

  30. Yselande Fleurena

    Yselande Fleurena4 days ago

    Love that family

  31. krishna tiwari

    krishna tiwari4 days ago

    He is the most enter2most humble most real hollywood people i can c.....will is the real one....

  32. M McGee

    M McGee4 days ago

    Hard pass.

  33. Stefan Leggott

    Stefan Leggott4 days ago

    What a guy. As smooth as he was 20 years ago. Top man. For sure.

  34. Lala S. Walker

    Lala S. Walker5 days ago

    WHAT CAN'T WILL DO!??!??? Gosh this man does it all!

  35. Teacher Dee Dee Educational Learning Fun

    Teacher Dee Dee Educational Learning Fun5 days ago

    Love this!

  36. 정민재

    정민재5 days ago

    Dear someone, what is the rap song name at the beginning?

  37. Danielo del Rey

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  38. Danielo del Rey

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  39. alexis Milian

    alexis Milian5 days ago

    will smith is awsome

  40. Shawn Clarkson

    Shawn Clarkson5 days ago

    The Smith satanic family. God help their souls.

  41. ravali raj katta

    ravali raj katta5 days ago

    Can someone tell me which song is that ?

  42. Clare Votta

    Clare Votta6 days ago


  43. Irene Law

    Irene Law6 days ago

    Man I love will so much...He really is so energetic. I love him

  44. Juan Villarreal1313

    Juan Villarreal13136 days ago

    Will Smith is a good movie star

  45. MrajV07

    MrajV076 days ago

    i want Will Smith and Keanu Reeves movie like right now,

  46. Wendy Oxley

    Wendy Oxley6 days ago

    😂😂😂...OMG!!! Still the Fresh Prince 😎😎😍...so natural!!!

  47. Mari Sudadze

    Mari Sudadze6 days ago

    love you Will so much from Georgia

  48. Christina Kinne

    Christina Kinne6 days ago

    love Will Smith

  49. Xtro l

    Xtro l6 days ago

    I watch Ellen all of the time for years and I just realized I'm not subscribed 😂😅

  50. まみむ

    まみむ6 days ago

    He's so talented, he does too many things.

  51. tessamersus

    tessamersus6 days ago

    LOve his comedy, but "I Am Legend" was the bomb!