Italian Election: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Italy is in the throes of a turbulent race to elect a new prime minister. John Oliver discusses the colorful contenders and introduces an equally ridiculous candidate.
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  1. Patt Adams

    Patt Adams14 hours ago

    Frankie Muniz had a mild stroke and had extreme memory loss. It is why he doesnt act anymore

  2. haiironezumi

    haiironezumiDay ago

    "31 is a little young to be a world leader" This from a man whose birth country had a 24 year old prime minister.

  3. Gerald

    Gerald2 days ago

    John Oliver 2020!

  4. Florence

    Florence3 days ago

    '' Out of control immigtation leads to drug, rape, theft, violence'' im sorry, but this is not wrong, these are just facts.

  5. Sniper 2000

    Sniper 20003 days ago

    What the hell is wrong with Italian politicians? Why they are against vaccines ?

  6. Castle of Fiction

    Castle of Fiction3 days ago

    20:49 John, I'm trying to Shazam that sountrack, can you PLEASE let me get a second of clean audio!?

  7. Joseph Schultz

    Joseph Schultz4 days ago

    I love this show so much.

  8. awesome sauce

    awesome sauce5 days ago

    I don't think that game show was faked. I think we saw actual footage of John being humiliated on Italian television and that this was his plan to become Italy's prime minister so that he could get revenge.

  9. GeneralErica

    GeneralErica5 days ago

    8:35 Honestly? He's right. I've recently ventured to the eternal city to see heaps upon heaps of garbage EVERYWHERE. They desperately need a mass cleaning.

  10. dgsquare

    dgsquare6 days ago

    Ok, do a follow up on Italian politics now.

  11. Angelo Wakstein

    Angelo Wakstein6 days ago

    AHAHAHAHA thank you so much John for making my days! all your clips are fkn hilarious!

  12. Betonoszlop

    Betonoszlop8 days ago

    Last 4 minutes are the funniest of all. John would be a great actor. Funny expressions

  13. lcyw20

    lcyw208 days ago

    Wow. Italy had no good choices at all.

  14. Elomoose hat

    Elomoose hat9 days ago

    Im curious, and im not very well educated on this, so im just gonna throw this idea out here and hope someone responds 😂 So, no one really needs billions of dollars; what if there was a limit on the money people could accumulate and the excess went to supporting the homeless and others in need?

  15. Pedrosaurus Mex

    Pedrosaurus Mex10 days ago

    Hasn’t John been on Mock the week? Or one of Jimmy Carr’s Channel 4 shows?

  16. matteo reforgiato

    matteo reforgiato11 days ago

    hello bro

  17. Joe Faith

    Joe Faith12 days ago

    Di maio looks Arabic lol

  18. purplekittywuman

    purplekittywuman12 days ago

    In case we were wondering where the GoT budget went...

  19. MoreDetonation

    MoreDetonation12 days ago

    Pope out here calling out scat people

  20. S0LAR B0WL

    S0LAR B0WL13 days ago

    Several people in the audience know Italian. They laughed before Oliver translated “Vaffanculo Day”

  21. Andreas Brummer

    Andreas Brummer13 days ago

    Vote for John Oliver!

  22. o

    o13 days ago

    Yet another comedian running for office. Zelensky was a professional comedian. and Dump, well, he's a joke. Berlusconi and Dump are twins.

  23. Declan Handley-Byrne

    Declan Handley-Byrne13 days ago

    Fake news is like being sexually aroused by feces: it's disturbing but Steve Bannon does it daily

  24. Roman Darius

    Roman Darius14 days ago

    IN 50 years, Britain will look more like Africa. And Social Justice Warrior John Oliver wants you to know that this is a good thing, heheheh Next time someone tells me that if it were not for America and Britain, all Europeans would now be speaking German, I will say to them that this would be better than speaking Swahili!!!

  25. Roman Darius

    Roman Darius14 days ago

    The White Social Justice Warrior is lecturing us white people on who to vote for, well who voted to turn London into a 3rd world Shithole???

  26. Stefano 28042004

    Stefano 2804200415 days ago

    2:49 As an Italian I can say that it is not fascinating, it's disgusting and scary at the same time

  27. Andrea Toninato

    Andrea Toninato15 days ago

    Clearly the video wasn't made by Berlusconi, there were no underage girls in it

  28. connor vaughn

    connor vaughn15 days ago

    "We all know Putin doesn't sleep, he just sits in a chair and stares at a potato until it's baked." Probably the funniest thing I've heard in a while, and yet somehow I feel like that's true.

  29. Husain Davlatov

    Husain Davlatov17 days ago

    I mean like he has a show that tries to show to people what country is doing what. In just a bit funnier way, so that people would get his message. But knowing that much political issues (information, knowledge), he would be a marvellous leader. It is like Chess. The more ways, tactics you know, The more you win. Please try John!

  30. Michael Bell

    Michael Bell17 days ago

  31. Dr. Kira

    Dr. Kira17 days ago

    It's funny because they truly did elect some jackass from the streets and incidentally, Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio both served as the Jackass' deputies. But apparently, currently, Italy's under crisis and without government and both Salvini and Di Maio have resigned along with the nobody from the streets.

  32. Roman Darius

    Roman Darius19 days ago

    Italians want Matteo Salvini because they don't want Italy looking like London! Where are all the whites at? And did you people see the 2018 World Cup won by France? I thought they were the Nigerian Team.

  33. Juicy Grapes

    Juicy Grapes19 days ago

    Don't worry guys, Italians militairy hasn't been good for 2000 years.

  34. I. Wynn Wynn

    I. Wynn Wynn19 days ago

    Yuck 🤢 turtle 🐢!

  35. Lupus1444

    Lupus144420 days ago

    Making fun about us ; from who elected Bush father and son, a comedy actor like Reagan, Happy ending Clinton and Pig bakrupt Trump...Etc...

  36. Ákos Vincze

    Ákos Vincze20 days ago

    Well I mean out of controll immigration DOES lead to rape and crime.

  37. IX XI

    IX XI21 day ago

    The World only chooses fake Kings because that’s all it has ever known for quite some time.

  38. Kuribo Kutsu

    Kuribo Kutsu23 days ago

    Best question is...why the heck Italian election is concern to HBO? WTF Oliver teaches Italians who they should vote for?

  39. Evan Barnes

    Evan Barnes23 days ago

    What the fuck is going wrong with world politics right now? Why do fascist children trapped in adult rapist bodies keep coming into power?

  40. Aakarsh Mayank

    Aakarsh Mayank22 days ago

    Rise of Nationalism. Facists thrive on the rhetoric of nationalism. Actually what has happened is the due to globalization a lot people living in different countries have felt that their own intrests are being compromised in order to make a more connected world and neo-liberal leaders have failed to address these problems as a result the "nation first" feeling is rising and people are looking for a strong leader who will keep the interests of the country first and as we know facist politics is centered around that rhetoric they are coming in power.They also create an enemy to invoke fear within the population and use it to polarize them in their favour for example in case of Italy this enemy is immigrants.

  41. Evan Barnes

    Evan Barnes23 days ago

    That song about Burlesconni reminded me so much of Bruno's song of peace

  42. Lorenzo Biso

    Lorenzo Biso24 days ago

    Metta like ogni italiano che si è stancato di sentire pizza, mafia e mandolino

  43. Rosie Parker

    Rosie Parker26 days ago

    You’re an idiot and not funny

  44. Ms. Angela

    Ms. Angela27 days ago

    20:05 😂Stupido

  45. Roman Darius

    Roman Darius28 days ago

    I always wanted to visit Africa, but could not afford it. So someone suggested to visit London and that I would feel like I'm in Africa, heheh. Bravo for Matteo Salvini who is trying to protect the borders of Italy. Did you people know that in Sicily, many Sicilians have to work for the Mafia because they have no jobs, meanwhile the fake black refugees are receiving "free housing and free weekly money?" The communist government is racists towards its own people. Down with Partito Democratico!

  46. Helena

    Helena24 days ago

    Imagine still getting this triggered over a fucking political satire video and commenting crap every single day.

  47. Tomaso Zanardi

    Tomaso Zanardi28 days ago

    "He can be a random jackass that italy has never heard of..." Incredibly, the best prevision of our last elections' outcome.

  48. Ved Sharma

    Ved SharmaMonth ago


  49. Italian Online School

    Italian Online SchoolMonth ago

    Want to learn Italian? Check out my free lessons :-)

  50. sara neziri

    sara neziriMonth ago

    Oh my God, I'm so happy my Italian friend moved from Italy!!!

  51. Chappie

    Chappie6 days ago

    @sara neziri how is Italy the most "untrusbale nation" whatever that means lol

  52. sara neziri

    sara neziri6 days ago

    @Chappie they're also the most untrustable country in Europe, including Greece, lol. My country has those that you're talking about as well. I don't live in America!

  53. Chappie

    Chappie7 days ago

    Wut, Italy has free healthcare and colleges and lower crimes than the US

  54. Ilko Kolev

    Ilko KolevMonth ago

    look up bulgarian elections :D

  55. Joseph Ter Meer

    Joseph Ter MeerMonth ago

    Well, the "taxi" service is true. No other country opens their ports to help the migrating.

  56. Leonardo Bertotti

    Leonardo BertottiMonth ago

    it is actually translated "fuck 'n ass" but the meaning is that.

  57. Roman Darius

    Roman DariusMonth ago

    To all Italians, you don't like Matteo Salvini! You want to say he is a racist for trying to protect the borders of Italy. You ought to go see London? I bet you soy boy John Oliver would be afraid to step it, it is no longer white!

  58. Helena

    Helena24 days ago

    @Roman Darius I'm not triggered by your comments, on the contrary! I'm fucking amused to see YOU getting triggered over a fucking political satire comedy show. We get it, you're just another retarded Italian neo-fascist xenophobe that thinks white people are the only race that exists on this planet. And you are racist, a racist disgusting piece of shit that was a failed abortus. I'm from Croatia, and although we didn't experience African migrants crossing our country, we did have over half a million Syrian/Afghan refugees crossing our borders in hopes to reach Germany/Austria or any Scandinavian country in 2015. And guess what? I'm not bothered by them, because they are only getting through Croatia in order to go to Germany or Austria. Some of them did eventually settle here in Croatia and are working and learning the language. Imagine being this mentally retarded in 2019. 😂

  59. Roman Darius

    Roman Darius28 days ago

    @Helena Helena, imagine you getting triggered over my comments? Makes me feel good! And as for Benito Mussolini, I would support him today. We Italians need someone to stick up for us! If you like African Immigration so much, why don't YOU go live in Africa? And leave the Italians alone! And wait...wait....! Before you call me a racist, let me say that RACIST is a word used only on white people.

  60. Roman Darius

    Roman Darius28 days ago

    @Brainy Skeleton of doom , why don't you leave Italy alone!` You are very good at calling white people Racist and Xenophobe, but you are silent about the genocide of white people in South Africa. You don't make a peep about Black Lawmaker---Julius Malema---wanting to seize the farms away from white people and give them to black people. And about the 1930's, that was not too far off when the Young Turks murdered many Armenians and stole their land and killed their people. And your hero---ANA---is Armenian. And this piece of shit traitor is working for a show named after the genocide of her people. What A PIG

  61. Brainy Skeleton of doom

    Brainy Skeleton of doom28 days ago

    Darius, go back to the '30s and stay there! We don't need you in the present

  62. Helena

    HelenaMonth ago

    Imagine getting this triggered over a fucking satire comedy show... Matteo Salvini is just a 21st century reincarnation of Mussolini.

  63. Roman Darius

    Roman DariusMonth ago

    Soy Boy John Oliver has No Problem with an Africa for Africans, an Asia for Asians, but an Italy for Italians? That's racist!

  64. William Hazelwood

    William HazelwoodMonth ago

    Clashing with the far left was the problem. C'mon. Use a better story than that to make a point.

  65. pop5678eye

    pop5678eyeMonth ago

    'Fuck off day' also known as Monday in NYC.

  66. ntiffin1

    ntiffin1Month ago

    Italy is Europe's 4th largest economy after Germany UK and France

  67. Tyler

    TylerMonth ago


  68. Hugh Mann

    Hugh MannMonth ago

    8:26 he sounds like hes using trumpfs playbook. 16:01 ohh.. satan..

  69. Hugh Mann

    Hugh MannMonth ago

    2:56 And our shoe in for a beardless hitler lookalike is..

  70. William Hazelwood

    William HazelwoodMonth ago

    31? That's one year older than me. I cannot even fucking imagine trynna run for President at 30.😂😂😂😂