Howie Kendrick, Anthony Rendon launch CLUTCH homers to put Nationals ahead in World Series Game 7!

First Anthony Rendon went deep, then Howie Kendrick smacked a HUGE 2-run homer to put the Nationals ahead in World Series Game 7!
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  1. Steve Nicholas

    Steve Nicholas5 minutes ago

    Not even a Nats fan but Howie’s homer gives me chills!

  2. iNextz TV

    iNextz TV4 days ago

    Bowie the goat in the series

  3. Renne Araujo

    Renne Araujo8 days ago

    I was there at the game in the center field bar area.... you could hear Howie Kendrick yelling on the base paths. That’s how quiet the stadium got 😭

  4. Common Peasant

    Common Peasant10 days ago


  5. Jalen X Blair

    Jalen X Blair14 days ago

    00:47 when you see your homies after she finally let you hit it 😂

  6. Douglas Sher

    Douglas Sher15 days ago

    I could do without the post home run antics in the Nationals dugout. Little Leaguers act less spastic when their teammates make a big play.

  7. Snoot

    Snoot16 days ago

    If you listen closely to Howie's homer, you can hear Vasgersian.

  8. ColeBurgess

    ColeBurgess18 days ago

    As a Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets, and Washington Nationals fan this is the first championship I’ve ever experienced in 30 years on this planet and it’s the best thing that has ever happened you can’t surpass that feeling

  9. Dave Campanella

    Dave Campanella20 days ago

    Greatest day of my life


    ITS SXYLXY20 days ago

    I loved the Nats dugout dances celebrations lmao

  11. dabearcub

    dabearcub21 day ago

    Cheaters...serves Astros right. Fraud fanbase too.

  12. thevmanvj

    thevmanvj21 day ago


  13. Sneaky Castro

    Sneaky Castro22 days ago

    I don’t know what’s louder the Astros trash cans or the nationals banging on the Gatorade??

  14. funkyflights

    funkyflights23 days ago

    That foul pole Home run was epic, it was so loud !

  15. Sneaky Castro

    Sneaky Castro22 days ago

    funkyflights astros banging on the trash can is louder , facts.

  16. ArkhamBoy04

    ArkhamBoy0424 days ago

    I can just imaging Bryce Harper rn. Bryce Harper: The one time I left they win a World Series.

  17. SLR107FR31

    SLR107FR3125 days ago

    Thank you for beating those cheating fuckers on their home turf

  18. George Prchal

    George Prchal27 days ago

    For whom the foul pole tolls.

  19. Brandan B

    Brandan B24 days ago

    The clang heard 'round the world.

  20. Ed Dixon

    Ed DixonMonth ago

    I remember thinking if the Nats could keep it within two they’d be fine

  21. Brian Wymer

    Brian WymerMonth ago

    The pole heard around the World!

  22. Darwinian Bonobo

    Darwinian BonoboMonth ago

    Grienke looked very worried

  23. Josephsf1

    Josephsf1Month ago

    this is Bryceless!

  24. random name

    random nameMonth ago

    Long time Dodgers Angels fan. Very happy to see Howie,Hudson and Dozier get a ring.

  25. Ricky Castle

    Ricky CastleMonth ago

    Wu Tang CLANG ain't nothing to f..k with

  26. Daniel Barwatt

    Daniel BarwattMonth ago

    2:36..major cringe

  27. My 44 Face-Off

    My 44 Face-OffMonth ago

    After 2-1 Lead they never took out Greinke they let him walk Soto to set up Kendricks homer

  28. Aaron Dowell

    Aaron DowellMonth ago

    Can we talk about Kendrick's great piece of hitting? Harris hit his spot and Howie went with it. Smoltz said his was late, but that's how you hit low and away. You have to catch it deeper. I'm sure Harris has a better cutter. I wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to miss off the plate with that pitch, still it's a pitch that's difficult to handle, let alone hit out. It was a great game. Good for the Nats.

  29. Brandan B

    Brandan B24 days ago

    Oppo no less. Howie was a beast with the bat this postseason. He'll never pay for a drink again in the DMV.

  30. Philip James

    Philip JamesMonth ago

    So much for those orange jerseys Houston

  31. walterlv01

    walterlv01Month ago

    This was similar to the Rajai Davis HR off Chapman in 2016 in terms of a Game 7 changing in the blink of an eye. Houston was cruising up 2-0 and the Nats had never really even mounted a threat. Then all of a sudden they are up 3-2 and in control of the game. That's baseball for you.

  32. Miloš Jovanović

    Miloš JovanovićMonth ago

    Eaton and Kendrick :)

  33. Roman Reigns

    Roman ReignsMonth ago

    all nats had to do was get rid of bryce harper

  34. Roman Reigns

    Roman ReignsMonth ago

    as a dodger fan was hoping greinke would get his first ring but then I don't like the astros...oh well great, entertaining world series

  35. Josh

    JoshMonth ago

    Clutch, love it. Eaton was sitting down waiting for him.

  36. Andrew Butts

    Andrew ButtsMonth ago

    I’m a nats fan

  37. My 44 Face-Off

    My 44 Face-OffMonth ago

    Kendricks celebration from 2:30 to 2:40 was LIT ,,, Yankee fan but this had me going Crazy lol

  38. Brian Moore

    Brian MooreMonth ago

    If the Nationals were my team that CLANK would be my text or email alert on my phone for years to come....Just the's all you need to remember such a STUNNING baseball moment

  39. zajv7712 lom

    zajv7712 lomMonth ago

    @Brian Moore the CLANK sound makes the highlight better.

  40. Rose Marie Kimble

    Rose Marie KimbleMonth ago

    I'm a diehard Yankees fan and I was rooting for the Nats but my heart belongs in the Bronx again congrats Washington

  41. Laurie Dale

    Laurie DaleMonth ago


  42. eltrav13zo

    eltrav13zoMonth ago

    Rendon doing the Southside on the Astros #priceless

  43. Christopher Ruffner

    Christopher RuffnerMonth ago

    2:01 you can hear the Astros season end

  44. David Herbek

    David HerbekMonth ago

    Loved the expression on the face of AJ Hinch's face as Kendrick rounds the bases. Astros had best home stats record. Good to see the "Machine" go down. Let's do it again next year. David