"Those cameras are huge!" | Nationals' phenom Juan Soto Mic'd Up at 2019 World Series!

Listen to young stud Juan Soto mic'd up before Game 1 of the World Series!
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  1. George Prokop

    George Prokop6 days ago

    Well now we know that “those cameras” were used to cheat

  2. Dylan Nguyen

    Dylan Nguyen13 days ago

    is that the astros cheating

  3. Christopher Flynn

    Christopher Flynn15 days ago

    Such a cool player. Like Jaun Soto alot.

  4. Kenny McBurns

    Kenny McBurns18 days ago

    This title aged pretty, pretty, pretty well!!! "THOSE CAMERAS ARE HUGE!" (Unfortunately not those cheating cameras in Minute Maid Park!)

  5. Manish Sharma

    Manish Sharma21 day ago

    Judging by the title of this video, was Soto referring to the Astros' center field camera?

  6. SovietMcDonalds

    SovietMcDonalds27 days ago

    This guy is the next Ken Griffey Jr

  7. OXxSiide-_- DR

    OXxSiide-_- DR28 days ago

    1:55 “ El que le dé ala H primero” this kid is funny, that’s how it be tho when Dominicans have batting practice we make competición to Hit something always😂😂

  8. luisacosta813

    luisacosta81329 days ago

    2:31 🤣🤣🤣💪🏽 #Priceless

  9. Chairman Meow

    Chairman MeowMonth ago

    michael taylor seems so friendly

  10. Daniel Erskine

    Daniel ErskineMonth ago

    Trying really hard to hate this kid...

  11. TonyFresh03

    TonyFresh03Month ago

    que lo que

  12. Bernny15 Jackson

    Bernny15 JacksonMonth ago

    Klk wawawa stand up DR 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴

  13. Bernny15 Jackson

    Bernny15 JacksonMonth ago

    The real mvp Juan Soto

  14. Billzzz

    BillzzzMonth ago


  15. jose Luis Gonzalez

    jose Luis GonzalezMonth ago

    Soto plátano Power......................🇩🇴

  16. jose Luis Gonzalez

    jose Luis GonzalezMonth ago


  17. Marisol

    MarisolMonth ago

    K lo K wa wa wa. Only DR🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴

  18. King AceVEVO

    King AceVEVOMonth ago


  19. Rebellious Q

    Rebellious QMonth ago

    Here cause of Jomboy

  20. Juan Luna

    Juan LunaMonth ago

    “whats up little man “😭😂

  21. Skyler Frank

    Skyler FrankMonth ago

    love the communication between Soto and Altuve 👏🏼

  22. Sujeong Kwak

    Sujeong KwakMonth ago

    Awww the hug and friendly banter between Soto and Altuve.

  23. drew snacks

    drew snacksMonth ago

    Great all around ball player!

  24. Sajoma New York City

    Sajoma New York CityMonth ago

    Agente 00 SOTO!

  25. david snider

    david sniderMonth ago

    Phenom took a break game 3 and 4 no hits lots of strikeouts and no shuffle at all game 4 you. (gotta believe )

  26. Maureen Andary

    Maureen AndaryMonth ago

    Anyone notice Soto pointed and said “to the train tracks!” And then later that game what did he do...? Hit it up to the train tracks. I still believe this team will win!

  27. Juan  Suriel

    Juan SurielMonth ago

    Juan Soto Bring Great energy to his team he should be Nationals captain

  28. Jonathan Gonzalez

    Jonathan GonzalezMonth ago

    Juan Suriel he will eventually

  29. Stephen M

    Stephen MMonth ago

    greinke pitched him good

  30. Manuel Silvestre

    Manuel SilvestreMonth ago

    Dios bendiga

  31. Charisma 101

    Charisma 101Month ago

    10 - 25 -19 If John Soto was an African American, he would be Denzel Washington and if Denzel Washington were an Hispanic he would look like John Soto

  32. Jules Badguy

    Jules Badguy21 day ago

    They're both Black either way

  33. D_Lion38

    D_Lion38Month ago

    You had Juan chance to get it right..

  34. BlazinNSoul

    BlazinNSoulMonth ago

    So what does everybody make of this proposed restructuring of the minor leagues? I frankly think it's stupid and it will ruin baseball. Sure a lot of facilities probably need upgrades. It took us 20 years to finally get a new stadium. But with less farm clubs to choose from. It's going to mean less chances we end up with high quality teams. It's also going to ruin many communities who have strong baseball traditions like The Nationals. What point is there in the minor leagues then. If over half of the farm clubs won't be associated with the Majors. You're going to lose a lot of interest as people won't see a reason for continuing to support it. Love the Nationals though and hope they win here.

  35. Only Ed and The Almost

    Only Ed and The AlmostMonth ago

    Ballplayers are actual humans? I didn't know that. Thanks MLB! [rolls eyes]

  36. Stoned Prophet

    Stoned ProphetMonth ago

    I think this Juan Soto kid is going to be pretty good.

  37. Memetastic

    MemetasticMonth ago

    Woah kid you can’t ball like that. Ok so a balk is, ok a balk is a balk. Wait let me start over. Ok so the pitcher is like “ooh I’m gonna getcha” to the baserunners but then he doesnt. Wait it’s like he pitches but then he doesn’t... look just don’t do a balk.

  38. cbfbmc

    cbfbmcMonth ago

    Just think Bryce all this attention would have been on you will you could have shine even more in a positive way

  39. Only Ed and The Almost

    Only Ed and The AlmostMonth ago

    A lot of fans seem obsessed with "Bryce."

  40. SpeedasaurusDex

    SpeedasaurusDexMonth ago

    This is such a great video. Love seeing Juan and the others speaking Spanish, and seeing how loose and happy all the players are. I wonder if just anybody is allowed to call Altuve "pequeñito". :D

  41. Mlb Network

    Mlb NetworkMonth ago

    Klk wawawa 🇩🇴

  42. Edward Anthony

    Edward AnthonyMonth ago

    A young superstar.

  43. 55giantsfan22

    55giantsfan22Month ago

    Dudes a beast

  44. Jason Fonseca

    Jason FonsecaMonth ago