People With SUPER POWERS Caught On Camera..


  1. Infinite

    InfiniteMonth ago

    Which super power would YOU want?! ‼️NEW MERCH OUT‼️ (selling fast)

  2. İrem Tekin

    İrem Tekin6 days ago

    I love you

  3. Juju Rosado

    Juju Rosado13 days ago

    Super speed

  4. Mona Samsami

    Mona Samsami29 days ago

    Time control

  5. Silas Nicolaisen

    Silas NicolaisenMonth ago

    Teleporting so if i’m hungry i can teleport to The chiten!

  6. cosplay YouTube,ers

    cosplay YouTube,ersMonth ago

    Lazar eyes

  7. Ruthieb2007 Minecraft Life

    Ruthieb2007 Minecraft Life12 minutes ago

    The superpower i want: Unlimited wifi anywhere, anytime

  8. Missy Holweger

    Missy Holweger23 minutes ago


  9. Carson Shores

    Carson Shores31 minute ago

    I want flashes powers

  10. Joey Geske

    Joey Geske46 minutes ago

    I would want to shrink and grow!

  11. Taz Kelly

    Taz Kelly54 minutes ago

    my super power i wood have is free merch

  12. Taz Kelly

    Taz Kelly53 minutes ago

    how did that guy jest tp to some place

  13. Joanne Nicholls

    Joanne NichollsHour ago

    I can see things that move fast and I can see things like 👻

  14. kt070289

    kt070289Hour ago

    Terning into anything

  15. Cassiopia Patrick

    Cassiopia PatrickHour ago

    I would like to fly

  16. Mari j

    Mari jHour ago


  17. Nikolas Katsileros

    Nikolas KatsilerosHour ago

    Super speed

  18. jhangir shah

    jhangir shahHour ago

    Fly. On. The. Space

  19. kim taehyungie

    kim taehyungieHour ago

    0:17 everyone want to fly bro😂

  20. Keshawn Pownall

    Keshawn Pownall2 hours ago


  21. Jennifer Breslau

    Jennifer Breslau2 hours ago

    All the elaments

  22. Talbert Williams

    Talbert Williams2 hours ago

    To be invisible

  23. Midnight_unknown_77

    Midnight_unknown_772 hours ago

    My ability would to sumon animals and become them

  24. Mystic Liddy

    Mystic Liddy2 hours ago

    I think the “flash” took them and then someone dropped someone

  25. Breezy Cie Tipton-Gorman

    Breezy Cie Tipton-Gorman2 hours ago

    Control objects with my mind

  26. Nepali squad

    Nepali squad2 hours ago

    No2 is timè traveller

  27. Mason Fraser

    Mason Fraser2 hours ago

    My power would to be telepathic or be elimental

  28. Keith Fuller

    Keith Fuller2 hours ago

    super speed and strength

  29. TIMBER Unity

    TIMBER Unity2 hours ago

    Super speed

  30. Yasmine Dass

    Yasmine Dass3 hours ago

    U were not flying

  31. Hamza Kasmi

    Hamza Kasmi3 hours ago

    The power of a dragon

  32. Mark Duffy

    Mark Duffy3 hours ago

    I don’t want a super power but I want the infinity sword that the fortnite robot used

  33. Elizabeth Engracio

    Elizabeth Engracio3 hours ago

    If I had a super power I would want it to be invisibility

  34. Kazumi Playz

    Kazumi Playz4 hours ago

    I would want to hv invisibility powers. Btw, I loveeeee ur vidsss! 😍

  35. Cloudy Dude

    Cloudy Dude4 hours ago

    Transform to animals

  36. Terri N

    Terri N5 hours ago

    Your editing on the the flying was kinda bad. I could see the screen....

  37. Nadine By Dad

    Nadine By Dad5 hours ago

    I would want telekinesis and electricity so i can charge meh ipad duh

  38. April Joy Cruz

    April Joy Cruz5 hours ago

    Infinite my super power is electricity because i am electrial

  39. Nawid Naseri

    Nawid Naseri5 hours ago


  40. Nawid Naseri

    Nawid Naseri5 hours ago

    0:36 bruh

  41. Esmeralda Ramos

    Esmeralda Ramos5 hours ago

    YES I DOO!!!

  42. David Ranger

    David Ranger5 hours ago

    Infinity stones

  43. Yani Sulaiman

    Yani Sulaiman6 hours ago

    I would like to have super speed

  44. SEANMSTER 100

    SEANMSTER 1006 hours ago

    Its telekinesis bruhhhh

  45. Dandress dayne2

    Dandress dayne26 hours ago


  46. Rhuri Hamilton

    Rhuri Hamilton6 hours ago

    Flying to the future

  47. SEANMSTER 100

    SEANMSTER 1006 hours ago

    I want to be undestroyable

  48. Ian Peacock

    Ian Peacock6 hours ago

    ill'd want to be super strong,be super fast,be able to fly and be able to go invisible

  49. Alfonso Fermin

    Alfonso Fermin6 hours ago

    The part when he says is this an angel. Lol ok I’m out of here and angels singing.


    THE GAMER BOY6 hours ago

    The super power i want is electricity and invincibility

  51. dee ngiramos

    dee ngiramos7 hours ago


  52. Tetris boy

    Tetris boy7 hours ago

    Any power

  53. Shedia paulina

    Shedia paulina7 hours ago

    Water superpawers

  54. Mʀs Eʟʟᴀ Rᴀɪɴ

    Mʀs Eʟʟᴀ Rᴀɪɴ8 hours ago

    Um infinite you probably won’t see this and I sound really stupid but.. how do I turn on the notification bell? This is the first time I have subscribed to someone.. ;-;

  55. thomas harding

    thomas harding8 hours ago

    Use fire OMG IT WORKED

  56. Tiago Ribeiro

    Tiago Ribeiro8 hours ago

    my super power is pooing