People With SUPER POWERS Caught On Camera..

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  1. Infinite

    Infinite5 months ago

    Which super power would YOU want?! ‼️NEW MERCH OUT‼️ (selling fast)

  2. Beth Rayne

    Beth Rayne10 days ago

    Every power . Put this blue if u want every power ! !

  3. Ellen Marie

    Ellen Marie10 days ago


  4. Reactor Factor

    Reactor FactorMonth ago

    Infinite I would choose levitation. Plus if I levitated myself it would be like flying.

  5. Kylie D'Aloia

    Kylie D'AloiaMonth ago


  6. Elly Costelli

    Elly Costelli2 months ago

    Being able to go back in time when ever

  7. Emeka Achusiogu

    Emeka Achusiogu21 minute ago


  8. Anthony Maldonado

    Anthony MaldonadoHour ago


  9. MoreJullgull !

    MoreJullgull !Hour ago

    If i could get a superpower. It would be to be harmless! Like if u agree!

  10. James Watson

    James WatsonHour ago

    I want to be Invisible so my teacher won’t know we’re I am for my homework 📚

  11. Moetaz Shrief

    Moetaz ShriefHour ago

    I said no

  12. Lps_ Fox

    Lps_ Fox2 hours ago

    2012 was when I was born😂

  13. MasterGamerZ

    MasterGamerZ2 hours ago

    Able to live 4ever or revive

  14. yazik khan

    yazik khan2 hours ago

    Iif I was then I would be time travler

  15. xlilkezx

    xlilkezx2 hours ago

    I want cwookie

  16. xlilkezx

    xlilkezx2 hours ago

    Hiii guys

  17. Jason Carelse

    Jason Carelse2 hours ago

    My superpower won't be teleport leave a like if your favourite power is teleport to

  18. Yessine Nali

    Yessine Nali2 hours ago

    Every power

  19. rg Gamer Ranger

    rg Gamer Ranger3 hours ago

    Ya it works from. From "editing"

  20. Lillie Hanville

    Lillie Hanville3 hours ago

    My superpower would be the strongest in the whole world

  21. Kimberly Coleman

    Kimberly Coleman5 hours ago

    Power invisible

  22. Jayla Escalona

    Jayla Escalona5 hours ago

    i like invisible

  23. Aixiboy World

    Aixiboy World6 hours ago

    My super power water kungfu

  24. Andrew Tan

    Andrew Tan6 hours ago


  25. Jerry Com

    Jerry Com6 hours ago

    Me I want all like if you too want all of it 👇👍

  26. Love to Play

    Love to Play6 hours ago

    I want the power to turn into any animal I want

  27. Terry Skeens

    Terry Skeens7 hours ago


  28. Zaid Dwairi

    Zaid Dwairi7 hours ago

    Umm I'm so confused momy I'm so scared and its wierd

  29. Kaito uzumaki

    Kaito uzumaki7 hours ago

    Fire power is amazing :v

  30. kar teo

    kar teo7 hours ago

    This is many people want super power🤘🤘🤘

  31. Bhavyanshu Sharma

    Bhavyanshu Sharma8 hours ago

    I need zach king magic power

  32. Amazing Penguin70

    Amazing Penguin709 hours ago


  33. アダムソン悠

    アダムソン悠9 hours ago


  34. Angelo M

    Angelo M9 hours ago

    Invisibility because if im bored in class i can turn invisible and leave and if someone trys to bully me i would turn invisible and hit him 🤜

  35. Chãos boy's Provînce

    Chãos boy's Provînce9 hours ago

    I want to be invisible so that I could sneak into Girls bathroom😎

  36. Aadon Clarke

    Aadon Clarke10 hours ago

    I would want to be able to have super strength ✊🏻

  37. Zakayowana Lubang

    Zakayowana Lubang10 hours ago

    John cena

  38. Image Suresh

    Image Suresh10 hours ago


  39. Olivia Story

    Olivia Story10 hours ago


  40. Cobee Yang

    Cobee Yang10 hours ago

    Speed because you will be the fastest guy on Earth

  41. Jacob Lennon

    Jacob Lennon11 hours ago

    BRUH you were like flying 4 feet from the floor

  42. Paul Jouanides

    Paul Jouanides11 hours ago

    It was thanos guys he clicked.the like button!!!

  43. BondedGaming

    BondedGaming11 hours ago

    To fly

  44. Joyce Houle

    Joyce Houle12 hours ago

    uh flash

  45. Tony Games2

    Tony Games212 hours ago

    I wouldn’t want a power because if people found out they might test on me in a lab or something like that and you’d be expected to be a hero but some people have to die to be a hero and I don’t want to die.

  46. kamrulhudarana NRP

    kamrulhudarana NRP13 hours ago

    Run super fast

  47. Nathaniel Atienza

    Nathaniel Atienza13 hours ago

    ı ɰѧňţ ғʟѧsһ

  48. William Hooper

    William Hooper13 hours ago

    Control ice

  49. Dr. bananas

    Dr. bananas15 hours ago

    I would want to be invisible

  50. Robert Nelson

    Robert Nelson15 hours ago

    Water because i can stop Forrest fires

  51. dark stan

    dark stan15 hours ago

    Harry potter magic

  52. Nikki Worker

    Nikki Worker15 hours ago

    Fly so you know I dont gotta pay for plane tickets also best date idea ever :>

  53. Karson Persons

    Karson Persons16 hours ago

    I have a super power it’s called being in the infinet army

  54. Gerry Bouhl

    Gerry Bouhl16 hours ago

    To be able to make myself on fire with just the snap of my finger

  55. Miguel Cruz

    Miguel Cruz16 hours ago


  56. Ultra Hedgehogs

    Ultra Hedgehogs17 hours ago

    Time Freezing power ability mechanism kabob thing. ; )

  57. waffles pancakes

    waffles pancakes17 hours ago

    super speed

  58. Amber Malsom

    Amber Malsom17 hours ago

    bro how this logan.

  59. Amber Malsom

    Amber Malsom17 hours ago

    love the merch.

  60. Deevon Small

    Deevon Small17 hours ago

    I want telekinesis

  61. The Reaper

    The Reaper17 hours ago

    Super speed

  62. whothrewthepoop

    whothrewthepoop17 hours ago

    I would want speed like the flash as my superpower

  63. Christin Boyd

    Christin Boyd17 hours ago

    I can die

  64. Brayden Weier

    Brayden Weier18 hours ago

    lighting that i can make stuf out of

  65. Cecelia Smith

    Cecelia Smith18 hours ago


  66. Pelon C

    Pelon C18 hours ago

    stoang osam