Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day | Official Trailer E3 2019


  1. Cláudio R.

    Cláudio R.2 hours ago

    Pretty awesome, I hope it actually plays out just as well as the video!

  2. tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker2 hours ago

    Steve: Crashes ship into the ocean Me: Hey I've seen this one Square Enix: What do you mean you've seen it its new

  3. Cassius Peter

    Cassius Peter2 hours ago

    Ok, two questions; 1. Where is hawkeye? I get that he retired in the movies, but this is definently before he retired. 2. Why is the only good-looking character the guy that probably isn't even playable? (Bruce banner. Obviously hulk is playable, that's not what I mean)

  4. Matthew Jacobson-Pohutski

    Matthew Jacobson-Pohutski2 hours ago

    Dinner Theater Avengers. Why bother making this game that obviously borrows a lot from the MCU, despite what the developers claim otherwise, if you're not going to pay to use the actors' likenesses?

  5. Animexxdraw

    Animexxdraw2 hours ago

    Okay, let’s just pretend Hawkeye is there but he with Drax. So, he and Drax was standing still and became invisible to the eye.



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  7. canal do Adriano farias de souza

    canal do Adriano farias de souza2 hours ago

    Wheres spiderman

  8. Jouseph Custodio

    Jouseph Custodio3 hours ago

    AVENGER! Yeah!

  9. timmy pang

    timmy pang3 hours ago

    even though I was like wtf when I saw the shot of cap without his mask on, he doesn’t look bad with the helmet and the shield

  10. Jr_ e9a

    Jr_ e9a3 hours ago

    Wait a minute guys u arent the real avengers

  11. jaime escandar

    jaime escandar3 hours ago



    PRO FF PRO RX3 hours ago

    I like avengers,iam from Indonesia

  13. TheRealRecker

    TheRealRecker3 hours ago

    WTF did they do to black widow's chin?!?!

  14. Asian Bruh

    Asian Bruh3 hours ago

    Your not the real avengers

  15. Meth0d

    Meth0d3 hours ago

    Bad graphics.

  16. Rewards Bytess

    Rewards Bytess3 hours ago

    bruh the suit of iron man sux and captain america too

  17. HydroTitan

    HydroTitan3 hours ago

    Please fix Just Cause 4! xD Like if you agree

  18. Jackson Auen

    Jackson Auen3 hours ago

    Dont be mad people who r mad about Hawkeye I looked it up and in the dlc they said they might add Hawkeye and Antman In The dlc for the game

  19. xxxtentacion

    xxxtentacion3 hours ago

    No gameplay no buy


    TOY_BONNIESFM1093 hours ago

    skull hell

  21. Skittle Beast

    Skittle Beast3 hours ago

    iron mans suit looks like the suit from the iron kid series

  22. ramdelure

    ramdelure3 hours ago

    Armored Adventures?

  23. ThatGamingGuy 01

    ThatGamingGuy 013 hours ago

    Steve: Crashes ship into the ocean Me: Hey I've seen this one Square Enix: What do you mean you've seen it its new

  24. Alex Kars

    Alex Kars2 hours ago

    The ship blew up and steve died He didn't crash it in to the ocean There was clearly an explosion and then the ship went down

  25. King of 10's

    King of 10's3 hours ago

    Marvel should stick to making movies

  26. Abner Braun

    Abner Braun4 hours ago


  27. William lokao

    William lokao4 hours ago

    Coloca o toby magrui no filme pfv

  28. Darth Eleven

    Darth Eleven4 hours ago

    Just a Nintendo switch owner passing by. Pay me no attention.

  29. Muhammad Andryan

    Muhammad Andryan4 hours ago

    Sbeve,ton stank,black rudolph, and sor man square enix just cast their stuntman


    SMACK NIGHTMARES4 hours ago

    Why does black widow look like me without a beard



    Wait Captain America died crap that is not good

  32. FireIceNoobE

    FireIceNoobE4 hours ago

    D-Day in America, must be the NeoNazis America-Day

  33. ReaLife HD

    ReaLife HD4 hours ago

    Switch not good enough for Avengers? Yeah, I think so too.

  34. Brandon Nalevanko

    Brandon Nalevanko4 hours ago

    Did you learn your lesson not to get set up Yes What did it cost Captain America

  35. Sharan's Reaction

    Sharan's Reaction4 hours ago

    Is there any possibilities that captain steve's coming back...just like the movie..??

  36. tanzeel ali

    tanzeel ali5 hours ago

    Full game will be made...a 1/4 game would be released....and 3/4 would be DLC

  37. Мохнатый Шмель

    Мохнатый Шмель5 hours ago

    *best movie in the world*

  38. jehad games

    jehad games5 hours ago

    Spidar man in xbox one 😭😭

  39. TheNeerdCrew

    TheNeerdCrew5 hours ago

    Task Master is in this trailer!!

  40. Parzival

    Parzival5 hours ago

    Everyone complaining that they look like knock off’s of the MCU. They are the same... characters. That. The. MCU. Also based?? Their characters off of???????

  41. Blorgisson

    Blorgisson5 hours ago

    The character designs aren't great but aren't horrible either there kinda just meh. I'm pretty sure the voice of Thor/ Black Widow are the same from Avengers Assemble

  42. Dylan Jackson

    Dylan Jackson5 hours ago

    I don't know why people dislike the designs of the characters. They look fine. Captain America looks more like he is a WW2 soldier than the MCU Captain America.(just my opinion)

  43. Zahoor Ahmad

    Zahoor Ahmad5 hours ago

    Lmao where is hawaki

  44. Zahoor Ahmad

    Zahoor Ahmad5 hours ago

    We want the real avengers

  45. Galahad

    Galahad6 hours ago

    We need real life character faces and voices... Make it a petition right now...

  46. Hello There

    Hello There4 hours ago

    Galahad you mean from the films? There's no reason for that as it has no connection to the MCU

  47. Landon Herrin

    Landon Herrin6 hours ago

    They don’t look or sounds anything like the actors :,(

  48. Hello There

    Hello There4 hours ago

    Landon Herrin why would they? This has nothing to do with the MCU

  49. Delfina Mira

    Delfina Mira6 hours ago

    Música cristiana

  50. Pavel Slavětínský

    Pavel Slavětínský6 hours ago

    Alfa version of deepfake technique in official trailer? Interesting idea.

  51. plurpell

    plurpell6 hours ago

    But iron man is dead

  52. Dominic Pettit

    Dominic Pettit6 hours ago

    Glad to see the avenger's stunt doubles are finally getting the spotlight.

  53. Robodorp 978

    Robodorp 9786 hours ago

    Qué onda con hawkeye?

  54. Mr.bloop

    Mr.bloop6 hours ago

    If the world is giving up on u tell them u aren't giving up on them

  55. кирилл Юткин

    кирилл Юткин7 hours ago

    ВЫ издеваетесь что с лицами главных героев что с тором

  56. Toby Sullivan

    Toby Sullivan7 hours ago

    is this new movie

  57. Хард Стон

    Хард Стон7 hours ago

    Кто русский и кому нравится эта игра ставим лайки

  58. Jay-B

    Jay-B7 hours ago

    I’m warming up to the new looks.

  59. Infinite Agony

    Infinite Agony7 hours ago

    Why does Black Widow looks like a man in a wig or is it just me ?

  60. TheXpender

    TheXpender7 hours ago

    Congrats to Avengers and Star Wars Jedi for achieving the "This reminds me from that other game" of E3 2019

  61. Josh Downer

    Josh Downer7 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks this Iron Man looks like he's from the 90's show?

  62. First name Last name

    First name Last name8 hours ago

    When the hulk looks better than captain america

  63. Dem Apples

    Dem Apples8 hours ago

    Spider man over here on a date with mj

  64. Sylar drazel

    Sylar drazel8 hours ago

    Copy Justice league more ! XD

  65. Gaming Uploader

    Gaming Uploader8 hours ago

    We get it! Hawkeye isn't in the game! Lol

  66. Gaming Uploader

    Gaming Uploader8 hours ago

    We get it! Hawkeye isn't in the game! Lol

  67. Hapapi

    Hapapi8 hours ago

    Looks fan made

  68. Ignacio Ruiz-Retegui

    Ignacio Ruiz-Retegui8 hours ago

    Seriously don't know why the Avengers "NEED FIXING". THEY ARE NEW ORIGINAL DESIGNS, THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO LOOK TOO CLOSE TO THE PREVIOUS VERSIONS AND THEY ARE NOT THAT BAD LOOKING. I mean, there have been worse versions of these same characters in other marvel games. I don't remember people complaining about SPIDERMAN PS4 designs like this.


    SAMEER SAM8 hours ago

    Hell Nooooooooo 😒😒😵☠

  70. variant jakey

    variant jakey8 hours ago

    This game looks alright i feel like its gonnna be like days gone its not bad but not good

  71. Le DrS

    Le DrS8 hours ago

    No spider-man 😐

  72. Vladimír Krýsl

    Vladimír Krýsl9 hours ago

    America rip

  73. Branson Sanders

    Branson Sanders9 hours ago


  74. Stunfisk Stunfisk

    Stunfisk Stunfisk9 hours ago

    This game definitely needs modification before it’s release. Captain America, Thor and Black Widow need redesigning. If this is supposed to comic book style, like iron man’s design is in this game then Captain America and Thor need to be redesigned to resemble their comic designs more. In my opinion it looks like you’ve had a group of different people tasked to make each character separately with no instructions and they’ve all just gone and made them have completely different styles (Iron Man looks like his comic style, Captain America looks like his design has been chosen to be realistic and Thor seems to have a mixed design between the comics and movies). Firstly Cap’s outfit looks too dull in its colour scheme, it needs to be more vibrant to be more like its comic book style, it also looks like his costume is designed to look like SWAT police or hockey players (That needs to be changed). Secondly Thor’s head looks like a homeless guy and doesn’t match the comic book style body, it needs to have no beard (or very little) and needs his helmet to match comic book style. As well as that Thor doesn’t fly from what I remember, he’s lifted by his hammer. Finally Black Widow’s overall design is fine but her face makes her look like a man, the jaw is too big, that needs to change too. Oh, and where’s Hawkeye if you’re basing this on the original MCU Avengers lineup. Apart from these the game does look promising but if the main characters are going to be poorly designed (or missing) then that’s going to have a big impact on the game.

  75. Marv3Lthe1

    Marv3Lthe19 hours ago

    where is superman ? 😜

  76. Shay Campbell

    Shay Campbell9 hours ago

    At the end it is Godzilla

  77. Shooter's Dominion

    Shooter's Dominion9 hours ago

    Not gonna lie this looks like garbage, I don’t think Square Enix should have had a part in this.

  78. CashMoney Gaming

    CashMoney Gaming9 hours ago

    i need the mcu avengers to voice act as these characters i need captain america not to die

  79. Hello There

    Hello There4 hours ago

    CashMoney Gaming fair enough, I get you. It'll be interesting to see how they do.

  80. CashMoney Gaming

    CashMoney Gaming4 hours ago

    Hello There i get it buh i just cant imagine someone else voicing them anymore

  81. Hello There

    Hello There4 hours ago

    CashMoney Gaming there's no need as its not connected to the MCU

  82. andrex a.balos

    andrex a.balos9 hours ago

    Who else overlooked the thumbnail and thought this was a new movie and got SUPER hyped🤣🤣🤣

  83. Senku _

    Senku _10 hours ago


  84. MM Ameer

    MM Ameer10 hours ago

    Aha an Army Cap return as SWAT?!🤔😅

  85. CarterPete

    CarterPete10 hours ago

    Rip iron man

  86. BAEZAR

    BAEZAR10 hours ago

    We buy games, not cinematics

  87. tom Ankiewicz

    tom Ankiewicz10 hours ago

    i rather play lego avengers on the WII

  88. tom Ankiewicz

    tom Ankiewicz10 hours ago

    these graphics are complete trash even for a 2017-18 game

  89. tom Ankiewicz

    tom Ankiewicz10 hours ago

    the characters have the same face graphics as gta5 and there armor or costumes looks nohing like the commics or from the MCU

  90. Lone Sniper Aviation & Gaming

    Lone Sniper Aviation & Gaming10 hours ago

    Why does black widow look like amanda from GTA 5

  91. Bark Bark

    Bark Bark10 hours ago

    Cap was the only character I wanted to play ...Great

  92. Surferstarsmith 1247

    Surferstarsmith 124710 hours ago

    Why do they all look generic ?

  93. Jeff Boberson

    Jeff Boberson10 hours ago

    Awesome game and I’m exited to see wether or not it’s better than the spider man PS4 game

  94. Gacha Zach

    Gacha Zach10 hours ago

    Game: Nah Spider-Man Ain't Important Me:I Ain't Playing Without Ma Boi.

  95. panggop jio

    panggop jio10 hours ago


  96. ian gael XD

    ian gael XD10 hours ago

    I hope you could use other avengers like spiderman, hawkeye, ant man, falcon, black panther and captain america even if he died in the history, and even the guardians of the galaxy, and i want this game to be a open world game too

  97. PhantomZ_X

    PhantomZ_X11 hours ago

    If anyone’s gonna did don’t make it captain America we just went through watching him age we don’t want to watch it happen again, don’t kill cap kill hulk

  98. AluTheHungryGhost

    AluTheHungryGhost4 hours ago

    Eh Cap died like million times already. Having million and one doesn’t make big difference.

  99. Bicicletas Garofalo

    Bicicletas Garofalo11 hours ago

    Porque los juegos de empresas japonesas tienen siempre ese ingles tan raro?

  100. hotboii Lin

    hotboii Lin11 hours ago

    Eh they shoudve used the original actors

  101. Stunfisk Stunfisk

    Stunfisk Stunfisk9 hours ago

    The Avengers were never originally voiced by the movie actors. The MCU was only around since 2008. There’s been plenty of older TV shows before the MCU in which the Avengers had different voices and actors. Not everything has to be associated with the MCU.

  102. Paulo

    Paulo11 hours ago

    I don't care, give my money man!

  103. مــصــعـــب ❶❶❺

    مــصــعـــب ❶❶❺11 hours ago

    كان الفلم كويس بس بعد ما شفت اعلان ذي العبه صار زق 😂😂💔

  104. Amir Duishvili

    Amir Duishvili11 hours ago

    Son: "Mom I wanna buy the "Avengers" film!" Mom: "We have "Avengers" at home." "Avengers" at home:

  105. Amir Duishvili

    Amir Duishvili11 hours ago

    Yes I am saying this game will suck

  106. Kwok TX

    Kwok TX11 hours ago

    Will it available on switch ? Please

  107. Hamza Afridian 10

    Hamza Afridian 1011 hours ago

    Please Bring Back Tony Stark The Iron Man

  108. Fan man

    Fan man11 hours ago

    0:44 who the hell you guys

  109. overheatedhead 2000

    overheatedhead 200012 hours ago

    Wtf tony is alive I think this is fake

  110. Hello There

    Hello There4 hours ago

    overheatedhead 2000 this game isn't connected to the MCU

  111. UnrealisticSushi

    UnrealisticSushi12 hours ago