Donald Trump Throws A Tantrum


  1. Chaz Brookshire

    Chaz Brookshire8 hours ago

    Trump's s baby. A whining crying baby. Too scared to fight in Vietnam, abusive to his wife and children, a pathetic liar. Every American despise Trump.

  2. Chaz Brookshire

    Chaz Brookshire8 hours ago

    Trump and all those with him will rot in prison.

  3. Ron S

    Ron SDay ago

    Why does he only surround himself with white people?

  4. Kay Bergstrom

    Kay Bergstrom2 days ago

    This White House is so pathetic.

  5. Mari-Glorianna Poldarq-Frobisher

    Mari-Glorianna Poldarq-Frobisher3 days ago

    MAGA hat guy @ 4:01... When you finally realize that your home team hopelessly sucks.

  6. Mari-Glorianna Poldarq-Frobisher

    Mari-Glorianna Poldarq-Frobisher3 days ago

    ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ if you just look at the people around him ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. Marco Paez

    Marco Paez8 days ago

    What a clown !!

  8. Dop3matt3r _

    Dop3matt3r _9 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is a disgrace to America

  9. Mutton Rolls

    Mutton Rolls10 days ago

    As a conservative IDK why I watch this

  10. Zena Fanom

    Zena Fanom10 days ago

    LEFTIST SCUM website.

  11. Lawrence Binelli

    Lawrence Binelli12 days ago

    Very calm but extraordinarily hot . I really mean Donald you are hot and you heat me up . UGHHH! Bring on the intervention.

  12. Fallout Guy

    Fallout Guy12 days ago

    I'm just her to see and laugh at these liberal retards with their hopes of impeaching President Trump LMAO

  13. Jasmine Gonzalez

    Jasmine Gonzalez12 days ago


  14. Dutch van der Linde

    Dutch van der Linde13 days ago

    Our president is a joke ๐Ÿ˜‚

  15. William Stalvey

    William Stalvey13 days ago

    Love Pres. Trump....he just laughs at all you poor bastards.

  16. jim doe

    jim doe13 days ago

    Trump is much smarter than all you buffoons including that kiss ass kimmel

  17. Geo

    Geo13 days ago

    Trump is a genius These liberals deny facts๐Ÿ˜‚ Liberals in 2019>>> ๐Ÿคก

  18. KennethSNSDSone SMTOWN

    KennethSNSDSone SMTOWN13 days ago

    *There's a comedy act happening in the White House until 2020 ๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ˜‚*

  19. Dave Newbold

    Dave Newbold13 days ago

    Trump is NOT FIT TO BE POTUS!!!

  20. jax

    jax14 days ago

    watch out jimmy your next.... more info coming out about who you really are....

  21. Linda Dimira

    Linda Dimira14 days ago

    Trump will win reelection easily no contenders worthy of his attention.

  22. Joseph alk

    Joseph alk14 days ago

    R i P USA

  23. The Bear's Den

    The Bear's Den15 days ago

    Charlie woulda been better!

  24. Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith15 days ago

    It's like a scene out of the Death of Stalin...

  25. r m smith

    r m smith15 days ago

    They are all so calm, think I'll take a nap.

  26. John

    John15 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel, The Twilight Zone

  27. arien marsian

    arien marsian15 days ago

    Some people throws tantrums. Specialy the bosses. Is that an issue now? Trump is a boss, rich successful businessman, not only that a hes also a celebrity like kimmel. Kimmel is a host of a talk show and trump is a president. Between the two kimmel is a lesser value. :-)

  28. Phil Shockley

    Phil Shockley15 days ago

    If there was a God, then TDS would be fatal.

  29. AnotherScaldingHot ButtloadOfLiquidFeces

    AnotherScaldingHot ButtloadOfLiquidFeces15 days ago

    What a pugnacious, despicable turd Trump is

  30. TIlak Sevak

    TIlak Sevak15 days ago

    Genius? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  31. ล›รฏร—ร•fล‡รฎล†ฤ“

    ล›รฏร—ร•fล‡รฎล†ฤ“15 days ago

    Trump is hilarious. Vote for Yang in the primary. He is the only one that can beat Trump.

  32. Ricky Brannon

    Ricky Brannon15 days ago

    kimmel is an idiot

  33. Hans Lennros

    Hans Lennros15 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel - check the comments below! *That's your supporters.* A pretty unique bunch of young low-IQ guys even in for Antifa. Don't feed them.

  34. TheTruthIsRacist

    TheTruthIsRacist15 days ago

    Oh the irony, You crybaby Leftists have been throwing a ongoing 24/7 tantrum about Trump for over 2 and a half years.

  35. Pope Liva

    Pope Liva16 days ago

    Idk understand why we are making fun him. This isn't a joke he needs to be gone.

  36. Asรญ por la vida

    Asรญ por la vida16 days ago

    I pray for America and its government, all the way from Mexico.

  37. Mark Elliot

    Mark Elliot8 days ago

    Asรญ por la vida , have you noticed trumps is the 7 deadly sins greed - money , money , more money sloth - t.v. , golf , holidays. wrath - his baby tantrums that he doesn't have envy - anything Obama. eg. peace prize pride - the pricks in love with himself lust - beauty pageants and grabbing pussy gluttony - all that maccas

  38. khasona Tam

    khasona Tam16 days ago

    True mendโ€™s

  39. GregD

    GregD16 days ago

    Jimmy should work for CNN

  40. Dionne Dโ€™Silva

    Dionne Dโ€™Silva16 days ago

    What representatives of the people do and get paid for.

  41. LynnMoser

    LynnMoser16 days ago

    Interesting to watch leftie loons go nuts over POTUS Trump. We had 8 years of taqiyya talking down low member obama and his transforming America into a dangerous place for Americans. Trump is exactly the man to repair the damage. All the left has is the babbling AOC and taqiyya talkers Omar and Tlaib and Pencil Neck's gang of liars. Trump will run circles around every one of the 2 dozen possibles from the AlinskyDEM Party. Did we ever completely thank the bamster for sending suitcases of money to Iran...on top of that pallet of money. What a piece of crap we suffered for 8 years. Thank GOD for Trump. Who is this lame jimmy kimmel big mouth anyway...

  42. Team Pangaliman

    Team Pangaliman16 days ago

    Send this orange man into space.

  43. April Jones-Foston

    April Jones-Foston16 days ago

    OMGOSH WH oafs seemed something from 'The Twilight Zone' as trump played Ringmaster Ned !

  44. Teri Ann

    Teri Ann14 days ago

    Sickening Show, Pelosi Is One Very Sick In The Head Thing.

  45. Mathew Ayers

    Mathew Ayers16 days ago

    Liberals have been throwing a tantrum for over 2 years now, what's the point?

  46. hvymettle

    hvymettle16 days ago

    Itโ€™s not that Iโ€™m so smart, itโ€™s just that I stay with problems longer. - Albert Einstein I'm an extremely stable genius. - The Tangerine Svengali

  47. G Hill

    G Hill17 days ago

    Stick to the party line, they know their jobs are one the line.

  48. george schaefer1234

    george schaefer123417 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is such an ignorant and deluded person. You disgust me Jimmy. No talent whatsoever. Worst talk show ever...

  49. silva silva

    silva silva17 days ago

    Kimmel sold his soul to be famous ....what a tool bag and a coward....The man show when he had stones back then...

  50. dimitri

    dimitri17 days ago

    Extremely stable genius SO stable folks!!

  51. Mel Shingleton

    Mel Shingleton17 days ago

    I don't like Trump. But this guys comedy is tired already! Can you talk about something else?

  52. Chris Nesbitt

    Chris Nesbitt17 days ago

    "ten terrified underlings" lol...

  53. Big K

    Big K17 days ago

    Trump 2020

  54. Of tomato by potato

    Of tomato by potato17 days ago

    Extremely Calm stable genius.

  55. SmallTownGamer

    SmallTownGamer17 days ago

    I understand this is a comedy show and not a news program, so this should slide. But it's worth noting an update to the video. 2:09 : Snapchat deletes absolutely nothing. Just like Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, and any other company that scrapes information; Information can be sold by Corporations to those with Money... Information is Knowledge. And Knowledge is Power. Therefore, our important lesson of the day is: Money=Information=Power... ---- Donald Trump is financially and morally bankrupt= "A tiny red mushroom" of power I guess.

  56. lightlover33

    lightlover3317 days ago

    Fake garbage. The only tantrum was the hissy fit thrown by senile Nancy on national TV. These subversive idiots who insult the public should be marooned permanently somewhere in the Pacific.

  57. graham cameron

    graham cameron17 days ago

    I guess when you ask four bullshitters how I behaved your going to get bullshit four times over

  58. susan willmore

    susan willmore17 days ago

    This isnโ€™t funny anymore , literally cringe and feel nauseous when I hear Trumps name

  59. goatboy

    goatboy17 days ago

    This has got to end! This guy is beyond help, he is completely insane! It is not funny anymore, if it ever was, but this guy is a very sick child. This must stop!

  60. Luz Montalvo

    Luz Montalvo17 days ago

    Your comedy is SOUR....all of you don t give a damn about America but about corporations of elites who want to destroy us, the people,,,,you give a damn about us, the decent people... only DUMMY Hollywood CAN BELIEVE YOUR PARODY!!

  61. Larry James

    Larry James17 days ago

    Not only am I an extremely stable genius, but I am without a doubt the humblest President ever.


    LET'S BE REAL HERE!!17 days ago

    Kellyanna and Sarah look like the same ugly sea hag.

  63. Larry Myshyniuk

    Larry Myshyniuk17 days ago

    this is so childish.. now. what is MY demeanor today?? oh yes. I am calm.. and I am a very stable.. WHAT???

  64. Lcda. Evelyn Jannet Garcia

    Lcda. Evelyn Jannet Garcia17 days ago


  65. Joshua Widener

    Joshua Widener17 days ago

    Go grab some small girl Jimmy like you used to do all them time....loser

  66. Erik Markos

    Erik Markos17 days ago

    Stable genius lol

  67. Rydin Hi

    Rydin Hi17 days ago

    Jimmy shymmle no talent all of his crappy rants are pre written for him. Couldn't hold a candle too a real talk show host like Leno & letterman!!

  68. Nate A

    Nate A17 days ago

    where is this "tantrum"? does kimmel know what "tantrum" means?.......

  69. P K

    P K17 days ago

    He REALLY is a stable genius haha. But this is FAKE NEWS, and a little funny. This one was a little funny.

  70. Viidakkomehu

    Viidakkomehu18 days ago

    american late night has become so politicized its not even funny anymore.

  71. Gina Kay

    Gina Kay18 days ago


  72. Joseph Keenan

    Joseph Keenan18 days ago

    Right, donny, like we are going to believe anyone who works for you.

  73. Peanut is my middle name, no jokes ?

    Peanut is my middle name, no jokes ?18 days ago


  74. Order in Chaos

    Order in Chaos18 days ago

    If you call yourself a genius in public, you're pretty much a jackass.

  75. Uhn Lucky

    Uhn Lucky18 days ago

    I believe that he commented , to the Japanese consortium, that the F 35 's are invisible, you cannot see them . Did he mean , 'You give us the money and you won't see them planes!' ???

  76. Les Toil

    Les Toil18 days ago

    Ask his ten terrified underlings.

  77. Les Toil

    Les Toil18 days ago

    The dumbest president-leader-of ANY society in world history.

  78. Manny Rodriguez

    Manny Rodriguez18 days ago

    Hey Jimmy go to HELL !!!

  79. bob green

    bob green18 days ago

    Whaaaaaa ???

  80. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ18 days ago

    Same old crap "Orange man bad" This is a damn fine president, support him.

  81. Desiree Messer

    Desiree Messer18 days ago

    YASSSS ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  82. Excuse Me

    Excuse Me18 days ago

    Trump should said ............ Please Love Me

  83. Casey Hill

    Casey Hill18 days ago

    Cant wait till 2020 because he will win again fool!!!

  84. ws279 xL7

    ws279 xL718 days ago

    Lmao ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  85. Nathalie Valade

    Nathalie Valade18 days ago

    Genius at what....๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  86. Peggy Priest Coleman

    Peggy Priest Coleman18 days ago

    Your an embarrassment!

  87. Andrew Rogers

    Andrew Rogers18 days ago

    When you hate your enemies you destroy yourself

  88. Ay Bee

    Ay Bee18 days ago

    4:28 WOW!!! "Extremely stable genius!" Good luck America!

  89. Flying Up

    Flying Up18 days ago

    Kimmel is in MKULTRA and trained to be the destructive satanic worshipping illusion on the millennium leftist voters.

  90. hankakah

    hankakah18 days ago

    At 03:34, an example of the story "The Emperor has no clothes"

  91. Steve C.

    Steve C.18 days ago

    when someone is the person to call themselves a genius, when no one else does? yeah. what, in any way shape or form, does a genius have to do to prove himself? spell acomplishments, perhaps? genius my ass.

  92. S Li

    S Li18 days ago

    Donald Trump is a -smart- stupid -Genius- jeanius.๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿคก

  93. Hold The Bacon

    Hold The Bacon18 days ago

    Go ahead, you WANK, TRUMP will win by a landslide. I've seen how your audience is prompted by those silly hosts to tell people to laugh at your "jokes." I've seen it with my own eyes! You are the most ingenious person ever to host a late night comedy show. People need to KNOW that you are PAID by the DEMs to peddle this bull. If anyone with a truly autonomous brain wants to hear the truth, take a look at what is NOT allowed on public media! Look at FOX NEWS! And no, I'm not a spammer. I'm an American. TRUMP 2020!

  94. Dooey

    Dooey18 days ago

    Hey really, you do.

  95. Art Houston

    Art Houston18 days ago

    The list of idiots below is astounding.....

  96. Art Houston

    Art Houston18 days ago

    What a shame we have no one of Johnny Carson's caliber. This man is a dolt.

  97. R Waller

    R Waller18 days ago

    What is so sad about Babylon America. Is reading some of the comments.. and people are not paying attention or taken seriously. I always wonder who are the true Patriots of this Constitution of the United States... people say one thing and shows their actions to be another.... The Awakening. God is shining a light into the darkness. Of these Hypocrites in America. Disgusting

  98. Andreas Georgiou

    Andreas Georgiou18 days ago

    This so called presenter is a total dummy, telling tales same as the fake news having nothing of substance so he should join the fake news club, and thank POTUS for keeping them in business, without him the fakes news would collapse like a house of cards an they do not have a handful of brain cells between them to report real news, the fakes news club and dumb TV presenters like this Buffoon who think people believe them are delusional.

  99. Kevin Gouldrup

    Kevin Gouldrup18 days ago

    screw you kimball!

  100. Opethian

    Opethian18 days ago

    We need to show up and vote!

  101. Dave Lauderbaugh

    Dave Lauderbaugh18 days ago

    Yes, we did. MAGA!!!

  102. Femi925

    Femi92518 days ago

    To continue supporting this idiot means you have sold your soul. It's one thing to vote for him but to continue supporting him at this points makes you a soulless idiot.

  103. Ellie Relkin

    Ellie Relkin18 days ago

    Hate voice

  104. David Denison

    David Denison18 days ago

    Idiot. America's Embarrassment

  105. W W

    W W18 days ago

    Donald Trump made his Memorial Day address aboard the USS Waspโ€ฆ White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs) Bone Spurs have an effect on a person. I'd bet that yellow hair runs all of the way down his back.