Donald Trump Throws A Tantrum

As Donald Trump gears up for a trip to Japan, he lashes out at his former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, throws a temper tantrum over Nancy Pelosi, and his son Donald Trump Jr. is finally releasing a book!
Lena Waithe's Guest Host Monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Donald Trump Throws A Tantrum


  1. David Edwards

    David Edwards9 hours ago

    Asking his staff to agree with him is not a good look. Everyone knows that they agree with you or get fired.

  2. svenm sandity

    svenm sandity4 days ago

    Tantrump haaa ok bad joke.

  3. Archangel One

    Archangel One5 days ago


  4. Oddly Wired

    Oddly Wired6 days ago

    WTF is up with the captions on Kimmel videos lately? It's not my phone. WTF?

  5. CM M

    CM M7 days ago

    To hear Tramp when he opens his mouth makes me want to throw up , the tummy to roil . This narcicist idiot should not be in the White House even as a visitor. He is a demented fool and every day he shows this to the public. The saddest thing is American people whine but do absolutely nothing to get America back to a bit of sanity. Dumbocrats beat the drums making noises but are totally useless The scary thing is that This corrupt clown and his circus act of Repugnant-cans could actually win the election in TWENNY TWENNY (American Englich) Russia working hard on this and then you have the easily purchased Electoral College


    EUGENE KUPKA8 days ago

    They should put serial numbers on the tantrums so we could see what set him off later in a this is our history show !

  7. Lawrence Smith

    Lawrence Smith8 days ago

    Anything like Hillary who called Donna Brazille a stupid ape after she was caught leaking questions from CNN to Hillary during the Presidential debates. Brazille was subsequently fired by Clinton who through a major tantrum. This event occured just before another famous quote by Hillary. "If this gets exposed, we will all hang" So many neat quotes by this woman, so few get to hear.

  8. Heather Brown

    Heather Brown8 days ago


  9. Scott Allen

    Scott Allen8 days ago

    The last laugh.... Trump is in for 2020 - take that to the bank. Take it to the Bank. The country's not ready for Warren / Bernie / or the very old tired - Where are We JOE.

  10. Pe Lo

    Pe Lo9 days ago

    4:28 ya keep telling your self that 😂

  11. Mauricio Figueroà

    Mauricio Figueroà9 days ago

    Health, an life, insurance, penssion, body gards for the free loaders of the royal FAMILY??

  12. April Jones-Foston

    April Jones-Foston9 days ago

    AMERICA is allowing the CROOK president to commit CRIMES, before our eyes while acting like a child.

  13. Brer Rabbit

    Brer Rabbit10 days ago

    Trump just can't ignore anything anyone says about him. What a loser!

  14. brandenburg2388

    brandenburg238810 days ago

    Too bad, those White House staffers were very poor liars. Their body language gave away their lies.....

  15. Margaret H

    Margaret H11 days ago

    Ask the staff who want to keep their jobs and pay. Trump has brought the Presidency into disrepute and has made the richest, most powerful country a laughing stock.

  16. Josh's Mom

    Josh's Mom11 days ago

    dear leader is so calm. Oh help me...….

  17. Denita Wright

    Denita Wright11 days ago


  18. Isabella Holden

    Isabella Holden12 days ago

    Hilarious! Thanks for a great channel.

  19. ocularisabyssus

    ocularisabyssus12 days ago

    It’s like Eric the Actor reacting to every troll on Twitter

  20. Kyle jordan

    Kyle jordan12 days ago

    Trump 2020

  21. Stuart WARD

    Stuart WARD12 days ago

    BREAKING NEWS !!! Donald Trump has welcomed the news that he no longer has to worry about what he and his supporters will use for brains if KFC needs the cabbages for coleslaw. A new product on the hair care market, Control GX "the shampoo with brains" will provide a satisfactory alternative.

  22. Amazing and Happy Vlog

    Amazing and Happy Vlog13 days ago

    I said I wanted Trump to win so the news could be more entertains and funny to watch. Now I can’t stop laughing at this orange blob. I’m Canadian. Bahahaha.

  23. J Anderson

    J Anderson24 days ago

    Trump is the worst case of diarrhea this country has ever endured..

  24. Passang diki Sherpa

    Passang diki Sherpa26 days ago

    Lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣..he is extremely stable genius n m speechless....🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel Rodriguez26 days ago

    Let's see...he has all his suck-ups around him, he is the most stable idiot I have ever seen! He has the incredible 2 headed transplant from Star Wars episode 1 at the pod races with you guessed it! Jabba the Hutt...( well in this case...THE BUTT) they sounded like kiddie chorus of spicket munchers! There just isn't anything the Dump can't do that would keep me from laughing at his presidential position...well I really meant "wouldn't" instead of would...OMG, am I hearing myself? 🤣🤣🤣

  26. MattyIceyyy

    MattyIceyyyMonth ago

    i wonder if he was very calm

  27. FWU - Finally Waking Up

    FWU - Finally Waking UpMonth ago

    Trump is the dumb

  28. carl perry

    carl perryMonth ago

    Aren’t you all very ashamed to have this man represent your country?

  29. FWU - Finally Waking Up

    FWU - Finally Waking UpMonth ago

    We are but a few idiots keep him alive

  30. Mike McAllister

    Mike McAllisterMonth ago

    Misleading title.

  31. Bonnie Plastino

    Bonnie PlastinoMonth ago


  32. Gina

    GinaMonth ago

    Trump is a first class nutcase!

  33. jessica M

    jessica MMonth ago

    Takes a shot when the word calm is said

  34. Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor

    Zaneta HorvatovavavarenzanetavndorMonth ago


  35. Leifendeth Official

    Leifendeth OfficialMonth ago

    Trump's white house is a revolving door of failure... What a global embarrassment!

  36. Clothilde

    ClothildeMonth ago

    That graphic of Conway and Hucka-Sanders is going to haunt my dreams. 😢

  37. Rita Hassing

    Rita HassingMonth ago

    Pull my finger and say what i want you to say, tRump says.

  38. Chuck E

    Chuck EMonth ago

    A dink

  39. Chuck E

    Chuck EMonth ago

    He is a moron

  40. stereotypespecialist

    stereotypespecialist2 months ago

    Didn't Jimmy Kimmel used to be a comedian? Now he's just a sad TDS sufferer.

  41. Jonathan

    Jonathan2 months ago

    Wow Trump is four years old mentally

  42. Simon Jones

    Simon Jones2 months ago

    Trump an uneducated , man baby , who has zero , brain power .

  43. Douglas Milton

    Douglas Milton2 months ago

    Donald Trump: Super extremely stable genius. Trump constantly saying stable genius proves he has narcissistic personality disorder. Ps. If Trump is a genius why call Obama a terrible student, why did he hide his grades sat scores. and threaten his schools to never show his grades or SAT scores?

  44. DeeDeeMe

    DeeDeeMe2 months ago

    American politics is a farce.

  45. Sherrion Jenkins

    Sherrion Jenkins2 months ago

    He’s an idiot 😐

  46. astara94

    astara942 months ago

    I really wish this guy would just randomly quit, go away, and sit somewhere quietly for the rest of his life

  47. fpshooterful

    fpshooterful2 months ago

    hmmmm...... HOW is this guy the PRESIDENT of USA?! AGAIN?!

  48. Teenie

    Teenie2 months ago

    kiss asses if I ever saw any

  49. Elaine Mezick

    Elaine Mezick2 months ago

    U people need to leave our country trump will win again 2020 yay

  50. Star Brand

    Star Brand2 months ago

    I would have given a year's salary if one of his underlings had said "Well Mr President, you were a bit worked up. "

  51. Ke Tho

    Ke Tho2 months ago

    ppl make jokes about bush puke over the japan premier... but my knowing of japan ppl says me, that this guy had the boner of his life this day....

  52. Pete Timbrell

    Pete Timbrell2 months ago

    POTUS Donald's achomlishmrents

  53. Jonathan Sakks

    Jonathan Sakks2 months ago

    I’m thinking all 5228220 Democrats running for potus in 20 are just Russian agents

  54. Rich Wimmer

    Rich Wimmer2 months ago

    Jimmy Kimmel :the biggest Moron in late night TV

  55. Deana Carlson

    Deana Carlson2 months ago

    Omg, does he even realize they are all laughing at him? LMAO!

  56. 65wiseman

    65wiseman2 months ago

    Horrible person and president. Name any good quality and he lacks it.


    EUGENE KUPKA2 months ago

    Ain't nothing like having words put in your mouth by the president of the United States of America confidence is one thing Trump doesn't have enough of !

  58. bert nailer

    bert nailer2 months ago

    Thanks for giving trump more free air time, this is why he will win in 2020 He’s always on tv or in the media.

  59. GDSpecificOcean

    GDSpecificOcean2 months ago

    bert bolt the left is why trump will win :) They’re the most insane

  60. Jeff Varchmin

    Jeff Varchmin2 months ago

    KFC heart attack! Come on!

  61. Aniston Kemmerer

    Aniston Kemmerer2 months ago

    lmao i like how he kept asking them how he acted wtf XD

  62. Queenie Mack

    Queenie Mack2 months ago

    Dtrump thinks that he is still in Hollywood and he runs the white house as if he is still in Hollywood.