SINGAPORE STREET FOOD - $2 Michelin Star HAWKER FOOD in Singapore | Street Food in Singapore

Singapore Street Food | Street Food in Singapore | Chinese Street Food
Singapore is an amazing food destination and consist of many different cuisines. Malaysian Street Food, Indian Street Food, Chinese Street Food and more can be found at the various hawker centers in Singapore. The Street Food in Singapore is so good we are already looking forward to returning! We have several more videos coming showing all the beautiful street food we found in Singapore!
Hey there, my name's Luke Martin with ! I'm on a journey to document the BEST Street Food around the world! The Chopstick Travelers are based in Taiwan, where we frequent the best Street Food stands everywhere from Taipei to Kaohsiung. Not only do we feast on amazing street food in Taiwan, but our food focused travels take us on Street Food missions trying unique foods in places like Japan, Malaysia, Korea and Hong Kong and around the world!
I post 2 times a week mostly food, some travel. Street Food tours around the world and the most unique dishes we can find in all kinds of hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Stay updated for my latest video VIA our Facebook page and Instagram!
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Always remember that the best part of travel is immersing yourselves in the local culture, and no where better can you immerse yourself than into the Street Food!
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  1. Luke Martin

    Luke MartinYear ago

    Thanks for watching, for updates on India, check out my second channel (Luke Martin RAW). For behind the scenes goodies follow me here - &

  2. uriel ps

    uriel ps3 months ago

    Bro..., i think sate is from indonesia, if you want pure sate or the real sate, i think you must go to indonesia....

  3. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin6 months ago

    the braised chicken you ordered looks dry. you should have ordered the drum stick portion where it's juicier. Anyway, the original stall is at the Chinatown hawker centre but sell off by afternoon.

  4. EC S

    EC S10 months ago

    These are some of my favourite dishes. Looks really shiok!!! Wonder how you know where to go for good food since you are not a local. Hungrygowhere?? Enjoy!!!

  5. EC S

    EC S10 months ago

    @Tha Mask Rapper You must have a backside for a brain and a arsehole for a mouth. Dont eat too much shit and spit out too much shit its bad for your health..... ummmm so many shithead nowadays!

  6. Sally Dela cruz

    Sally Dela cruzYear ago

    i like your video sir.... just want to ask if u know any good thai resto in singapore? :) authentic mybe :)

  7. koko vlog

    koko vlog18 days ago

    Nice street food vlog. It great👍

  8. Ghost

    GhostMonth ago

    i always ask them not to add salted fish....hate it...

  9. Glenn Chua. Hian Beng

    Glenn Chua. Hian BengMonth ago

    I am glad that you like our foods here in Singapore!

  10. ccc2403

    ccc2403Month ago

    love these videos luke, had these dishes in Singapore recently. fantastic!

  11. Ryo Jackson

    Ryo JacksonMonth ago

    Satay is indonesia food. You must come to indonesia to try satay. Satay In indonesia more cheaper and delicius than singapore satay

  12. robin deatherage

    robin deatherageMonth ago

    The bamboo leaf wrapped rice ketupat in English is called "Heart" and it is normally called "Puso" which is Spanish meaning Heart also.

  13. SEE DO EAT with 拖鞋帮 TV

    SEE DO EAT with 拖鞋帮 TV2 months ago

    Nice Video!

  14. Pops150

    Pops1502 months ago

    Mmmmmmm ...... when you are served you may ask which one is which meat. No extra charge.

  15. george mifsud

    george mifsud2 months ago


  16. Anika Bansal

    Anika Bansal2 months ago

    Mouth watering food in Singapore is one click away! Check out some of the best food in Singapore available

  17. Deon TIRRELL

    Deon TIRRELL3 months ago

    Rat meat 🐿️🐁🐁🐁

  18. Snickers Webkinz

    Snickers Webkinz3 months ago

    Can you use American dollars there? I saw a sign that said (food name) $2.00?

  19. Poseidon Spa 60107029988

    Poseidon Spa 601070299884 months ago

    sure looks yummy

  20. Jasmine Huynh

    Jasmine Huynh5 months ago

    where were all the the places? I’m going to singapore soon so very wonder where are all the good food come from (:

  21. Fitness Benz

    Fitness Benz5 months ago

  22. Machine Gun

    Machine Gun5 months ago

    Real indonesian food

  23. Matteo Cefaliello

    Matteo Cefaliello5 months ago

    What's the song in the background?

  24. Anjali Kulkarni

    Anjali Kulkarni6 months ago

    His expressions make my mouth water😀

  25. Lazy Bass

    Lazy Bass6 months ago

    3:45 hair in your sauce , enjoy :)

  26. guitarfrozenintime

    guitarfrozenintime5 months ago

    That's not hair. It's either from the ginger root, galangal or lemon grass...

  27. Zahirah Sufiyah

    Zahirah Sufiyah6 months ago

    Wtf i thought the thumbnail was JYP

  28. a anduze

    a anduze6 months ago

    Old reply, but it might be cool to show some interaction with theses vendors. After-thoughts and additional tips, and further compliments. That sort of thing. :)

  29. Jaycob STORE

    Jaycob STORE6 months ago

    Mannnn, you make hungry every time I watch your show. Now, I got got get something to eat

  30. Stanley YP

    Stanley YP6 months ago

    Speak not too much bro

  31. RaxDen YT

    RaxDen YT6 months ago

    Where is this?

  32. RaxDen YT

    RaxDen YT6 months ago

    @Luke Martin the first one

  33. RaxDen YT

    RaxDen YT6 months ago

    @Luke Martin the market

  34. Luke Martin

    Luke Martin6 months ago

    Are you asking about a specific restaurant?

  35. Alex Ellorde

    Alex Ellorde6 months ago

    That first bite of satay reaction looks really fake.

  36. Anne Corey

    Anne Corey6 months ago

    I love hawker stalls better then the food courts stalls love them go there in the hawkers stalls cannot keep away from it awesome thank you for sharing your beautiful video love your channels the way you explain very good thank you .

  37. Kristina Washington

    Kristina Washington7 months ago

    nice vid. 😄

  38. Francisco Azevedo

    Francisco Azevedo7 months ago

    Please, would you give me the title of the first song in your video?

  39. Moon Pulse

    Moon Pulse7 months ago

    0:52 song in the background?

  40. Mohit T

    Mohit T8 months ago


  41. yah 50

    yah 508 months ago

    Tengok singapura pun ada sate..

  42. Hiroshi Yamashita

    Hiroshi Yamashita8 months ago

    The favorite food here is chicken rice. But beware of fakes. One way to tell is the quality of rice. Fakes usually serve with poor quality of Thai Rice.

  43. Hiroshi Yamashita

    Hiroshi Yamashita8 months ago

    I lived here in Singapore for decades and I still think the prices and food quality in Chinatown don't meet the desired quality. Original Singapore food can only be found in the hawker centers in the public housing estates. Give Newton, Maxwell and Chinatown a miss, its too expensive and the food are not prepared by locals. Places like Ang Mo Kio, Jurong East or West, Pasir Ris, Tampines, Bedok - to name a few, are places you should venture. You sure can get a good range of local food. A good way to check out if they are Singaporean, speak to them in English. If they cant speak English well, then skip that stall, probably people from neighbouring countries. So it wouldnt be original. Traveling tip, when you land at the airport, pick up a road map. Otherwise, to get a map, go to the nearest subway station, or they call it MRT station, then travel to the nearest Public housing estate, and Bingo the feast begins. LOL

  44. Gia Hải

    Gia Hải8 months ago

    Song Fa Bak Kut Teh.. Must try in Singapore

  45. Asrofi Data

    Asrofi Data8 months ago

    Ilike chiken rice and mie siam .

  46. Whizzbanga

    Whizzbanga9 months ago

    is this guy trying to be Mark Weins

  47. Anne Corey

    Anne Corey9 months ago

    The best satays is beef I love the satays and many other food in. Singapore I,m. Singaporean and. I live in. Spain the only I eat good in. Singapore is to visit my families ,thank you for sharing your beautiful video, 16-12-18-


    CICERI LARA9 months ago

    parli troppoooooooo

  49. Nurul Islam

    Nurul Islam9 months ago

    ilove singapor

  50. Anne Corey

    Anne Corey10 months ago

    Luke you very lucky to eat in. China town satays and many other food to try very good healthy foods if you like satay the best one is beef thank you for sharing your beautiful healthy food , 25-11-18-

  51. Shaun R

    Shaun R10 months ago

    Weird how this chicken spot is now on national United States of America’s news today.

  52. Catering Online

    Catering Online10 months ago

    wow great video. how can we collaborate with you ?

  53. Nick

    Nick10 months ago

    Where is the hawker centre located at?

  54. EC S

    EC S10 months ago

    Chinatown, Smith Street....

  55. Anthon Irawan

    Anthon Irawan10 months ago

    wow that sate made me mouthwatering looks so delicious ! Mantap sudah...

  56. Luke Martin

    Luke Martin10 months ago

    Thank Anthon!

  57. AB Star

    AB Star11 months ago

    Yo dude. If u want authentic food head down to Msia. What Michelin Stars. They bloody produce tyres. What do they know bout food.

  58. Kira Ming

    Kira Ming9 months ago

    Malaysia can't even eat pork

  59. EC S

    EC S10 months ago

    I think you must have taken some really sour grapes! So you dont appreciate the food shown here LOL

  60. Reighnclyde Basilio

    Reighnclyde Basilio11 months ago


  61. Lieutenant Eckhart

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  62. yang karen

    yang karenYear ago

    I'm from Singapore and the food there is so nice but not all the places

  63. Apriani Kusuma

    Apriani Kusuma7 months ago

    where this food centre location ?

  64. miely1990

    miely1990Year ago

    can u tell me the name that place ?

  65. mr_strike

    mr_strikeYear ago

    I never see or heard about pork satay before because there is only beef, lamb & chicken satay available...

  66. Secret Diary of a Foodie

    Secret Diary of a FoodieMonth ago

    Literally says pork, chicken or mutton satay on the stall's sign... pork satay is quite common.

  67. javito christian

    javito christianYear ago

    Nce vedio To see -#javitochristian

  68. diezel power

    diezel powerYear ago

    What about the other race group, cuisine?

  69. 微博:环球商务客

    微博:环球商务客Year ago

    Chicken rice.

  70. Tony Lee

    Tony LeeYear ago

    I am sorry but chicken rice and satay are not my favor. Give me pork or roast duck any time

  71. Anne Corey

    Anne CoreyYear ago

    Very good food Luke you will love the satays when you go back to Canada you will miss it all love to watch your video is very good and your beautiful girl friend as well thank you for sharing your beautiful video Bless you all.

  72. John Lee

    John LeeYear ago

    PR town

  73. Mr. Mark R Filaroski

    Mr. Mark R FilaroskiYear ago

    The sauce makes it! period!

  74. NatureMinds

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  75. dakota kwiatkowski

    dakota kwiatkowskiYear ago

    3:50 the flavor boost from the hair at 3:42😂😆

  76. guitarfrozenintime

    guitarfrozenintime5 months ago

    That's not hair. It's either from the ginger root, galangal or lemon grass...