Rays at Dodgers | MLB Game of the Week Live on YouTube

Live from Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, watch the Dodgers take on the Rays Tuesday, September 17 at 10:00 PM ET, 7:00 PM PT on USwork.
The MLB Game of the Week Live on USwork brings live baseball to USwork! Watch select live games every week of the regular season. Stream the games for free across all your favorite devices on the MLB USwork channel.
Dodgers USwork Channel: uswork.info/cUC05cNJvMKzDLRPo59X2Xx7g
Rays USwork Channel: uswork.info/cUCZaT7TplNF541ySP8SlHVGA
Cut4 USwork Channel: uswork.info/cUCrIuANHpIniujGewp_Cf22g
The game will feature a livechat with MLB, Rays, Dodgers, Cut4 and USwork creators!
Dodgers chatter: Rowan Kavner
Rays chatter: Rays social team
MLB chatter: MLB social team
USwork creators in the chat:
Austin Kleschka: uswork.info/cUCG9l8wq3UqYSoOMiw30TQbA
Benny No: uswork.info/cUC3wJXnDqUAfo6HSEb4wUlFA
Dawson Wright: uswork.info/cUCQj82XSThq5XCW8D_GPex4A
DodgerFilms uswork.info
GiraffeNeckMarc: uswork.info/cUCxelcIBn9QAjPNlwjwhkyvw
Made The Cut: uswork.info/cUCWQXiB9DidR74rOPeupt8nQ
Matt Antonelli: uswork.info
McGunski: uswork.info/cUC4TELXU6Edbyd7_SYDdeL4Q
Scomo: uswork.info/cUCNASghZFr5AV3AL74QQ-NKA
Sports Gamers Online: uswork.info/cUCz4dqNMnOQlIa806LSFraUw
Sports Gaming Universe: uswork.info/cUCY_wPnc5xrvPekvHpLAvZvQ
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TheFinnFTW: uswork.info/cUCVGR7VsiLTQpH1es-QWa7fQ


  1. 33Dannyb

    33DannybDay ago

    At 2:08:09 Commentator begins to talk about how the Dodgers have the 8th highest contact rate on all of Baseball. And also then about how the Astros have the lowest strike out rate and were also number 1 a couple of years ago (2017). Now we know why.

  2. Jay Park

    Jay Park10 days ago


  3. Namwanja Andrew

    Namwanja AndrewMonth ago

    LA its the best on my side so let's go LA all the way from Uganda,and Uganda is one of the best ball player around East Africa

  4. Diesel Diesel

    Diesel DieselMonth ago

    MLB: *takes an hour to finish the 1st half of the 1st inning" Also MLB: why don't kids like Baseball?

  5. Rwrc 21

    Rwrc 21Month ago

    Im 13 and all of my friends and me love playing and watching the game.

  6. jjj023

    jjj0233 months ago

    I'm beginning to understand the strategy of the game but I have along way to go. Please try to focus on the strategy mostly. I know you guys know simple things...like balks (sometime intentional), caught fly balls (why can they run sometimes and sometimes have to run back to base). Simple stuff I guess.

  7. jennskie Dela carcel

    jennskie Dela carcel3 months ago

    nice game.

  8. Stacie Amaro

    Stacie Amaro3 months ago

    Why don’t u guys so mlb live for the NLDS games??

  9. Juan carlos Rochin

    Juan carlos Rochin3 months ago

    Vf .hnj kg ddg nivel

  10. Scott Moyer

    Scott Moyer3 months ago

    ....spoken like a true jock.

  11. Leroy Lee

    Leroy Lee3 months ago

    they seriously need a Dodgers Channel.

  12. Ritchie Navarro

    Ritchie Navarro3 months ago

    The los angeles dodgers already have thier own channel called sportsnet la

  13. Hiperlucas

    Hiperlucas4 months ago

    For argentina pls help me with the time

  14. Ritchie Navarro

    Ritchie Navarro4 months ago

    All los angeles dodgers games should return to broadcast television in the future.

  15. Phong Vong

    Phong Vong4 months ago

    Thank you very much for the interesting facts with all the applicable information of Los Angeles Dodgers.

  16. Phong Vong

    Phong Vong4 months ago

    Since the Geometry's Triangle Indicator is showing the Team's Innings either Top or Bottom. Then need not us? Coach, Dodgers? we shall focus on the bottom up or top down processes into every Pitcher's releasing tactics or countering the snatched ball's Disappearance?

  17. Phong Vong

    Phong Vong4 months ago

    Thanks a lot for the red colours at the three bases of the infield on the scoreboard. They look really nice. Somehow, The Question's back and forth while foreigners enjoying their passtimes asking is that up or down? Or one had said that i couldn't tell what exactly the triangular sign's pointing 'bout!

  18. Phong Vong

    Phong Vong4 months ago

    For the relay pitching, here is an interesting fact and a worth trying feat. It is based on my best knowleadge is when we catch a outfielder's ball by trying to catch it like you use both hands catching passing baskerball. Have you noticed someone throw a ball to us, we know that we get it from above and wait for it to come down, it is kind of a waist of time and lagging the momentum to transfer to to another infielder. So try to jump up if you could with your glove hand then at the moment use your throwing arm to immediately seize it, twist your body a little towards your glove's side as comfortably and conveniently; and then, confidently throw to whatever bases are needed to either tag or force our opponents out of the restricted territories before you allow your your body to come down again to the ground.

  19. Kris Jai

    Kris Jai4 months ago

    25:33 for Rhett & Link~

  20. Jake Simm

    Jake Simm4 months ago

    Thank you!

  21. Rebecca Brown

    Rebecca Brown4 months ago

    Thank you! I was skipping around trying to find the guys. And I learned that I am definitely not a sports person.

  22. dylan ortega

    dylan ortega4 months ago

    Me to

  23. ItsYaBoi 0591

    ItsYaBoi 05914 months ago

    Bro like I love the Dodgers but I was born in Tampa😬😬

  24. Eyereen Jellybean

    Eyereen Jellybean4 months ago

    Very chatty... just sayin...

  25. emelin gomez

    emelin gomez4 months ago

    Vivan los Dodger!!...... 👏☝💕💕💕

  26. paul urquizu

    paul urquizu4 months ago


  27. hector Garcia

    hector Garcia4 months ago

    I don’t see anything

  28. Peter Barton

    Peter Barton4 months ago

    Did you work it out that it comes on after a few minutes? The game actually starts at 41.30 after all the chat.

  29. Bob Risse

    Bob Risse4 months ago

    I miss Vinnie.

  30. Larry G

    Larry G4 months ago

    I never thought I’d say this , but after trying to watch that game last night, I so wish Orel and Davis were doing the game. Please for the love of baseball get rid of Nomar Garciaparra, and that entire wanna be baseball announcers. I had to turn the volume down. Very hard to listen to their boring voices and un enterrtaining stories. Please get some real baseball guys in there.

  31. Edith Martinez

    Edith Martinez4 months ago

    Jansen you saved him!!!!!!!!

  32. J KER

    J KER4 months ago

    who else watched it live last night?

  33. Glenn Meyer

    Glenn Meyer4 months ago

    Thanks for the game,USwork!

  34. mrboffo28

    mrboffo284 months ago

    The graphic at 3:13:32 says that the A’s won the American League West from 1971 through 1976. The Royals won the AL West in 1976. The A’s won it from 1971 through 1975.

  35. Helen Alvarado

    Helen Alvarado4 months ago

    I was on the yard i met link and rehht

  36. Stoned Prophet

    Stoned Prophet4 months ago

    Scott Braun is just awful.

  37. piercoucy

    piercoucy4 months ago

    I was watching it 5:00 am !!! Watching it again. Thank you !! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!

  38. Chad Jones

    Chad Jones4 months ago

    Everyone who thinks that Joe Buck and Hall of Famer John Smoltz™ are the worst announcers in baseball should watch this game. The play-by-play guy sounds like he should be calling high school games, not MLB. Complete silence between pitches, unless he, Nomar, and BJ were talking about something completely irrelevant to the actual game on the field. The yahoos (Link and Someone) they had in the booth in the 2nd inning were intolerable. I'm not sure what their qualifications are to broadcast baseball, except to promote some USwork morning show. If you're going to subject us to this nonsense, at least give us the option to choose a different audio feed like MLB.tv does.

  39. jadedsun619

    jadedsun6194 months ago

    @Danteramirez981 yes you can, but you have to pay.

  40. Danteramirez981

    Danteramirez9814 months ago

    alexcrou I don’t think you can watch these games on mlb.tv

  41. alexcrou

    alexcrou4 months ago

    You get a game FOR FREE !!! This is meant to promote the game on youtube, for many spectators OUTSIDE the normal focus group of MLB fans, and of the ways of attracting viewership, is by having well established guests from the platform you are merchandising on. You don't like it, go watch it live. Go watch it on MLB.TV, but don't knock off their youtube idea and attempt. So far it's been pretty great.


    JOHN MCDANIEL4 months ago

    was there a game going on you could hardly tell the announcers were just rambling on and not even announcing the game i turned it off after the 3rd inning it was as bad as bill Walton announcing the UCLA BB games i dont even watch those any more because of his non stop rambling

  43. Dirk Nowitzki

    Dirk Nowitzki4 months ago

    @Danteramirez981 tough titties

  44. Danteramirez981

    Danteramirez9814 months ago

    Dirk Nowitzki its not free if you’re already paying to watch these games on snla or sun

  45. Dirk Nowitzki

    Dirk Nowitzki4 months ago

    Calm down. It was a free game. Be greatful little girl

  46. Noles fan89

    Noles fan894 months ago

    Go Rays we got to win Oakland has taken a 2 game lead Cleveland 0.5 back

  47. Fora Cris

    Fora Cris4 months ago

    Wao,tremenda jugada,muchas bendiciones para todos 👍👊👏🙏🙏🙏🙏🎉🎈🎆

  48. Mansoor Haque

    Mansoor Haque4 months ago

    Baseball is slowly dying.People may argue with me but same was happening with cricket in early 2000's.Attendance was all time low but they eventually tried out 20 overs game and the game has completely changed.Its has become way exciting.I mean I won't be found sitting in front of the tv for 4 hrs match but the last 30 mins is always exciting.Test cricket only ashes is mindly exciting even that I watch the short highlights.One day cricket l watch the last 30 mins also.Baseball is good for highlights tbh.Also they have introduced 10 overs matches in cricket and those are crazy exciting as there is 6 and 4s every other boundary and its 2hrs long.I understand tradition and stuff but Not everyone has 4 hrs to watch a baseball game in the stadium or on TV.

  49. Paradoxx

    Paradoxx4 months ago

    Did you come here just to say that

  50. Saeed Oshee

    Saeed Oshee4 months ago

    19:00 for rhett and Link :D

  51. Cindy Groves

    Cindy Groves4 months ago


  52. Emily Geeslin Reasoner

    Emily Geeslin Reasoner4 months ago

    Thank you!!

  53. Lena Monroe

    Lena Monroe4 months ago

    Thank you!

  54. David Nino

    David Nino4 months ago

    MLB streams games nobody wants to see ( not this one )

  55. Dookie Augustine

    Dookie Augustine4 months ago

    Shut up hater

  56. SP ZER0_

    SP ZER0_4 months ago

    3:45:32 Attack on Titan opening theme on organ???

  57. Just nothing

    Just nothing2 months ago

    SP ZER0_ ommggg♥️♥️

  58. Gamer Boi

    Gamer Boi4 months ago

    Lol I hear it

  59. AGENTDASH 888

    AGENTDASH 8884 months ago

    Omg lol

  60. DATVSL

    DATVSL4 months ago


  61. T.E. Ross

    T.E. Ross4 months ago

    How about calling the game? BS sessions are good, but by the third inning it’s stupid. Talk about the players!

  62. 2Timone7

    2Timone74 months ago

    Right on.

  63. T.E. Ross

    T.E. Ross4 months ago

    Eyereen Jellybean : Agreed! Ditto on all points!

  64. Eyereen Jellybean

    Eyereen Jellybean4 months ago

    @T.E. Ross: I thank you very much for saying this~ I feel the same way but I thought I would just get shouted down or shamed for complaining. I'm very grateful to be able to see ANY MLB games for free because I cannot afford to pay for any premium tv channels, but I really want to hear the game CALLED by experts who really know what they're talking about.

  65. queen Bitch Alvarez

    queen Bitch Alvarez4 months ago


  66. Michael Reilly

    Michael Reilly4 months ago

    I am way to high to come from watching rhett and link videos, to see them on a baseball game.

  67. Michael Reilly

    Michael Reilly4 months ago

    Lol no, I’m subscribed to both GMM and MLB. I came from a GMM video directly to the mindfuck that was the 2nd inning.

  68. Anna Castro

    Anna Castro4 months ago

    Michael Reilly Lmao, did you purposely come to this or did you not know they were coming on when you clicked on the vid?

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  71. Влад Погонов

    Влад Погонов4 months ago

    Русские есть?

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  73. А Аб

    А Аб4 months ago

    Да можно и так все понять как по мне! Интересная игра сама по себе

  74. Влад Погонов

    Влад Погонов4 months ago

    @А Аб С английским плоховато, а так смотрю по возможности

  75. А Аб

    А Аб4 months ago

    Любишь бейсбол ?

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