Trying Weird Food Combinations People Love w/ Josh Peck!


  1. Adeline

    Adeline7 hours ago

    Fried Rice and Wassabi. I LOVE IT


    SLIME CHANNEL16 hours ago

    You need to try potato chips with ketchup!! It’s so good

  3. Allaura Faydo

    Allaura Faydo19 hours ago

    My grandma used to eat fried eggs and peanut butter, and I thought it was the weirdest thing.

  4. Adrieana Hamran

    Adrieana Hamran20 hours ago

    Nutella/ mayonnaise on pickles with bread 😋😋😋D-LICIOUS

  5. Goomw Love

    Goomw Love23 hours ago

    I mean you atleast met someone from fuller house he was there in 1 episode! Lucky you!

  6. cameron michie

    cameron michieDay ago

    you should of done hot cheetos and milk

  7. Sean Riddle

    Sean RiddleDay ago


  8. Grace Carr

    Grace CarrDay ago

    **cheetos i rlly want to try the fries with honey

  9. Dymond Tanks

    Dymond Tanks2 days ago

    Is that that the boy off of drake and josh

  10. Jordyns camera roll Mooney

    Jordyns camera roll Mooney2 days ago

    Carrots and ketchup

  11. Lexi reavis

    Lexi reavis2 days ago

    I love your videos will you please follow me

  12. RSSAlarms

    RSSAlarms2 days ago

    What about pop tarts+butter or bagels+mustard?

  13. Payton Clucas

    Payton Clucas2 days ago

    I like peanut butter on pizza as the sauce

  14. Payton Clucas

    Payton Clucas2 days ago

    Also peanut butter on pizza

  15. Payton Clucas

    Payton Clucas2 days ago

    One of my weird food combinations is fries with chocolate shakes most people like that

  16. Scott Skinner

    Scott Skinner2 days ago

    Try pbj sandwich 🥪 with potato chips

  17. Kloey Oversmith

    Kloey Oversmith2 days ago

    I like nuggets and caramel!!!!

  18. Jessica Hill

    Jessica Hill2 days ago

    My science teacher said a woman’s private area is moist..

  19. ayitsaleyahh

    ayitsaleyahh2 days ago

    haha, i hate tomatoes too!

  20. advika ram

    advika ram3 days ago

    ok but mcdonalds fries w their strawberry milkshakes are sooo fricken good omg

  21. Rachel White

    Rachel White3 days ago

    burger king chicken fries in a cherry icee! or regular nuggets... along with the fries too :)

  22. Lucy Foy

    Lucy Foy3 days ago

    Pringles on pepperoni pizza isss amazing

  23. EPCC

    EPCC3 days ago

    Try oranges and chocolate syrup it’s delicious

  24. cho eliza

    cho eliza3 days ago

    My favorite food combination that I did as a child was waffles with ketchup by itself or with syrup. I loved it as a child and I really want to see your reaction to it! I made my friend try it and she said that she liked it! Lol... ok bye💜

  25. Mommy Living

    Mommy Living4 days ago

    I love hot sauce on regular popcorn but I never thought to try it on kettle corn ever. Now I’ll have to try it 😂

  26. p p

    p p4 days ago

    One piece of toast Nutella cheese bacon strawberry jam so freaking good☺️

  27. SavannahGamingHere

    SavannahGamingHere4 days ago

    try macaroni and cheese+pickles, bagel with cream cheese+doritos cool ranch

  28. Sarah Abbas

    Sarah Abbas4 days ago

    Chloe and sadbobby forever love you alisha also does anyone else know why I commented this

  29. Emily Northedge

    Emily Northedge4 days ago

    Yo McDonald’s chips (french fries) dipped in McDonald’s strawberry milkshake is where it’s at


    AVA TARBOX4 days ago


  31. Brooke Ellison

    Brooke Ellison4 days ago

    I’m watching this at 1:00 am and I’m over here cracking up and craving food 😂😂

  32. Lexie Meyers

    Lexie Meyers4 days ago

    You should try bbq chips and frosted Cheerios it’s so good

  33. 나를아름다운

    나를아름다운4 days ago

    bro his beard makes him look like my uncle and jesus combined

  34. Laura Mays

    Laura Mays4 days ago

    My friend and I tried takis soft ice cream and it’s actually so goodd

  35. Anna Leone

    Anna Leone5 days ago

    try pizza with ranch dressing...

  36. charlot h

    charlot h5 days ago

    weird food combinations idea: takis and nutella

  37. chelsea louise

    chelsea louise5 days ago

    9:26😭😭 ‘i think its just two the boot and the circle’

  38. Ava Argitis

    Ava Argitis5 days ago

    Alisha the boy your sitting next to is that your boyfriend

  39. Kaylen Vlog’s

    Kaylen Vlog’s4 days ago

    Ava Argitis no

  40. Ayri Kiral

    Ayri Kiral5 days ago

    Lays potato chips with cottages cheese(the bomb)

  41. Arielize Lugo

    Arielize Lugo5 days ago

    You guys should try Wendy's fries with the Wendy's frostys dipped together, I love it!! Dip the fries into a vanilla frosty and it will be heaven 😍❤️

  42. Campbell McKenzie

    Campbell McKenzie6 days ago

    The amount of likes this gets is how many times they said “love that”

  43. Khaille Chenise

    Khaille Chenise6 days ago

    you should really try this: mix 1 tbsp ketchup with 1 tbsp mayonaise. then, pop some good `ol buttered popcorn. finally, dip the buttered popcorn in the ketchup and mayo dip. THIS IS ACTUALLY GOOOOOOD

  44. allie enderes

    allie enderes4 days ago

    they make this stuff called mayochup now so you don't have to mix them yourself! love this combo btw

  45. Ethel cringe Asmr

    Ethel cringe Asmr6 days ago

    OMG you ShOULD TRY MANGO AND NUTELLA it is literally the best thing ever

  46. Clara Hjorth

    Clara Hjorth6 days ago

    Try cucumbers with salsa!

  47. Mar Ley

    Mar Ley6 days ago

    Omg you need to try Cheetos with plain humus!! It sounds weird but it tastes so good!! No joke it’s so good!!!

  48. Violet Myers

    Violet Myers6 days ago

    Fries and icecream

  49. Amanda Tirri

    Amanda Tirri6 days ago

    Try doritos with sour cream

  50. Sydne Goodlett

    Sydne Goodlett6 days ago

    Corned beef, cream cheese, and pickle rolled together

  51. Ryan

    Ryan7 days ago


  52. Ruttana K

    Ruttana K7 days ago

    Something really good is salted popcorn with gummy bears