An Uncomfortable Trip to the UK

The UK was great and i had a time
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May you never pee on your wallet if you don't want pee on it


  1. Rose Candelaria

    Rose Candelaria2 hours ago

    That weird guy prolly liked you Jaiden but was like one of my classmates who is really bad at conversation.

  2. Benji Irvin

    Benji Irvin2 hours ago

    DO NOT LOSE #2 Virginity 1:07

  3. Mya Lavallie

    Mya Lavallie2 hours ago

    “What’s your name?” “Oh it’s *insert name*” “Nice!”

  4. Whitney Wallace

    Whitney Wallace2 hours ago

    That’s why I carry a small backpack

  5. Skippy RBLX

    Skippy RBLX2 hours ago

    7:57 But I thunk it.

  6. Leah Gacha M

    Leah Gacha M3 hours ago

    when my mom and dad got together my mom peed on her phone that my dad got her...

  7. Ryse Friction

    Ryse Friction3 hours ago

    *poor wallet*

  8. Wah Republic Gaming

    Wah Republic Gaming3 hours ago

    ik im late but CLEETUS flamingo YES

  9. Billy Bob

    Billy Bob4 hours ago

    ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

  10. Vxalverde

    Vxalverde5 hours ago

    2:52 I died

  11. Sarah Wheatley

    Sarah Wheatley5 hours ago

    Hope you sanatised the wallet!

  12. OmegaBobcat

    OmegaBobcat5 hours ago

    Is it me or is that guy Pewds

  13. Archie parker

    Archie parker5 hours ago

    Wait, if the wallet was still there when she went to the toiet... THANK THE LORD YOU DIDN'T FLUSH THE TOILET

  14. Trankomen67

    Trankomen675 hours ago

    7:49 that ones pretty ACCURATE


    FANTASMASTICGUY6 hours ago

    you met shaggy after he went blonde and velma took shaggy from him

  16. Theknight lifeislong

    Theknight lifeislong6 hours ago

    Who is u😕

  17. Deathbat

    Deathbat6 hours ago

    You think it?

  18. Thomas

    Thomas7 hours ago

    I love the idea of shrek looking for someone else's wallet in his swamp

  19. Libby Miles

    Libby Miles7 hours ago

    I promise the U.K is not all bad. *I’m from the u.k*

  20. Wiola Winiecka

    Wiola Winiecka7 hours ago

    you know that England is now a continent

  21. Shiloh Haliburton-rudy

    Shiloh Haliburton-rudy7 hours ago

    My only concern throughout the entire video was which masterpiece consisted of SHREK flying out of a vindiw

  22. The Pea In The Pod

    The Pea In The Pod8 hours ago

    I live in the UK. It's not that bad (usually)...

  23. Your sexy Uncle

    Your sexy Uncle8 hours ago

    Just wear baggy pants (Some Shitty advice from your uncle)

  24. Kayla Derio

    Kayla Derio8 hours ago

    Wierdo detected

  25. UnknownLuna 902

    UnknownLuna 9028 hours ago

    “He didn’t even fly out the window, *like in that one video* “ Shrek is love, Shrek is life...

  26. Roblox_ Gamingyt

    Roblox_ Gamingyt8 hours ago


  27. Stitch Vlogs

    Stitch Vlogs8 hours ago

    Have you bought anything thing and then the store clerk complained why is your Money wet WHAT SMELLS LIKE PEE!

  28. Renae Cassidy

    Renae Cassidy9 hours ago


  29. 12345 first Thing I say is bye

    12345 first Thing I say is bye9 hours ago

    ewwww jaiden forgot to flush ewwwww Jaiden: Thats the story how i peed on my wallet Me: Thats the story how you forgot to flush. -.-

  30. Lilli's Realm

    Lilli's Realm9 hours ago

    As a person who also wears woman jeans and have to deal with the tiny woman pocket i just use a mini backpack

  31. Nan0Sec0nd

    Nan0Sec0nd9 hours ago

    wait is jaiden a virgin

  32. ilikebirthdayoreos

    ilikebirthdayoreos9 hours ago

    6:46 her phone

  33. Fnaf plushies

    Fnaf plushies9 hours ago

    I have a backpack bag and it works just fine!😎✌👍

  34. Eggy the egg

    Eggy the egg9 hours ago

    "So I pee on my wallet" Jesus Chris

  35. Nick Pasquale

    Nick Pasquale10 hours ago

    Adam: bullying James kids being cool with their teacher Jaiden: weird people at an airport and anorexia AND ALSO STOP FIST BUMPING ME

  36. Sweet Little Tortoise

    Sweet Little Tortoise13 hours ago

    I only serve the finest herbs. *s o i p e e d o n m y w a l l e t*

  37. Kid Cool

    Kid Cool15 hours ago

    Get a nem bag woman ! It's easier to find

  38. Turtlecorns

    Turtlecorns18 hours ago


  39. Gab Orinion

    Gab Orinion22 hours ago

    Do not lose 1. Wallet 2. *ViRgIniTy*

  40. ZeR0's BuLLeT

    ZeR0's BuLLeT23 hours ago

    Hey Jaiden I suggest you get yourself an anti-RFID wallet cause thieves could scan your credits cards and licenses and ids and could potentially ruin your life

  41. RoxyFoxy animates

    RoxyFoxy animatesDay ago

    Nobody: Absolutely no one: Not a single person: Jaden: so I peed on my wallet

  42. CheckersAndPizza

    CheckersAndPizzaDay ago

    Who's here from Twitter

  43. Nerd Alert

    Nerd AlertDay ago

    1:57 I do that a lot, and my mom said it's a symptom of trauma. The more you know.

  44. Ginny Weasley

    Ginny WeasleyDay ago

    This reminds me of a unspoken socail rules. It would be cool to do a vid abt that

  45. Mike Calamari

    Mike CalamariDay ago didn’t flush?

  46. Ethan Flint

    Ethan FlintDay ago

    does ari like james?

  47. Taco Squad

    Taco SquadDay ago

    Did you flush the toilet?

  48. PrincessLuna18VA

    PrincessLuna18VADay ago

    I thought the guy was going to try and flirt with you

  49. krian 23

    krian 23Day ago

    I think I saw you at shreckes adventure

  50. CracklyShark

    CracklySharkDay ago

    that guy is a [S E X I S T ]

  51. Kriss Kirsch

    Kriss KirschDay ago


  52. Miguel Parong

    Miguel ParongDay ago

    If your a true jaiden animations fan you would know this video is originally named “MY trip to uk” Not”An uncomfortable trip to uk”

  53. stuff Explained

    stuff ExplainedDay ago

    TLDR; just get a purse

  54. Watermelonz Fruit

    Watermelonz FruitDay ago

    ... *I thought you said you peed on the wall at first..*

  55. Buddy And Me

    Buddy And Me2 days ago

    Is that pewdiepie,that might explain the fist bump

  56. Sbeve 0_0

    Sbeve 0_02 days ago

    “So I peed in my wallet” Hmmm sounds like me. MOM: WHAT!

  57. DragonYoshi

    DragonYoshi2 days ago

    Welcome to England, where peeing on your wallet is acceptable.

  58. Iceberg

    Iceberg2 days ago

    'sO i PeEd On My WaLlEt' What a frickin story to watch on a Friday Afternoon.

  59. Genma Saotome

    Genma Saotome2 days ago

    That guy in line is playing you.

  60. Phone Phone

    Phone Phone2 days ago