Stranger Things' Caleb McLaughlin and Sadie Sink Take A Friendship Test | Glamour


  1. Ambar Frometa

    Ambar Frometa14 minutes ago

    Who are the 877 ppl who disliked the video

  2. Ambar Frometa

    Ambar Frometa18 minutes ago

    I ship it

  3. Elizabeth larason

    Elizabeth larason24 minutes ago

    Wow i never noticed how sweet Sadie is

  4. SkyelarrrETN

    SkyelarrrETNHour ago

    *sees title* Bish, they literally kissed..

  5. kyle del nero

    kyle del nero2 hours ago

    They’d be a good couple

  6. Madi Day

    Madi Day3 hours ago


  7. VastTv

    VastTv4 hours ago

    I wish that i had friendship like this

  8. Paghetti Fortnite

    Paghetti Fortnite4 hours ago

    Sadie and Caleb would make a perfect couple💞💎



    Did anybody else feel awkward during this?

  10. Storm Risez

    Storm Risez6 hours ago

    Sadie: 🥰🤓😇 Max: 😤😑💀👿🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  11. Claire bear

    Claire bear6 hours ago

    3:50 when Sims comunticat

  12. john smith

    john smith7 hours ago

    This was... cringe. A little. Cute, but also... a little cringe.

  13. alex

    alex8 hours ago

    Them > millie and finn

  14. mareen

    mareen8 hours ago

    theyre my favorite omg

  15. Maya Diakova

    Maya Diakova9 hours ago

    Sooo cuteee

  16. ParaBelum

    ParaBelum9 hours ago

    just kiss already

  17. Meli M

    Meli M9 hours ago

    She's so beautiful and he's so cute and i love THEM

  18. Meeth Vlogs

    Meeth Vlogs9 hours ago

    Im not crazy but I hope to know em fr

  19. Andree Kashyap

    Andree Kashyap9 hours ago

    There's a *Laugh* in his name and a *sad* in hers.... 😆Did anyone else notice?? 😅😅

  20. meryem potter

    meryem potter11 hours ago

    Caleb is such and underrated character he saved the group four times and sadie is such a cutie in st and in real life their friendship is everything

  21. Amanda dawn George

    Amanda dawn George11 hours ago

    the thing is thee dating in the show and friends in real life

  22. Osco Tube

    Osco Tube11 hours ago

    Is it just me or does Caleb seem like he always acts likes on a first date?😂😂😂😅

  23. Reg

    Reg11 hours ago

  24. Hashir Beg

    Hashir Beg14 hours ago

    Bigger better Tastier

  25. XxFiveHead xX

    XxFiveHead xX14 hours ago

    i hope they get married irl

  26. VanshFN

    VanshFN18 hours ago

    Sadie’s voice is literally asmr without a mic

  27. GBA

    GBA19 hours ago

    -What does our friendship mean -I think it means a lot to me. Big oof lmao

  28. スケボー・スノボ凄技集

    スケボー・スノボ凄技集19 hours ago

    The way she talks is so soft

  29. スケボー・スノボ凄技集

    スケボー・スノボ凄技集20 hours ago

    They look twelve but they are 17 like wtf

  30. ceren

    ceren20 hours ago

    Caleb is such a gentleman. Calling a girl elegant is the best compliment she can get. I love their chemistry so much. I’m proud of my grown up kids.

  31. john smith

    john smith7 hours ago

    No. Elegant isn't the best compliment a girl can get. Brave is better. Athletic is optimal.

  32. Maria Rasnita

    Maria Rasnita20 hours ago

    I am a huge fan of Cadie and Lumax but people constantly say that they are so underated and that everyone cares more abt Millie and Finn. Well I am sorry but they are kind of the main kids couple of the show so yeah. And they make more show on and of set. Is not Millie and Finn's fault. I repeat, no hate to Sadie and Caleb.

  33. Faith Fernandez

    Faith Fernandez23 hours ago

    I ship these two they are so adorable ❤️😍

  34. Zayn Malik

    Zayn MalikDay ago

    Sadie is so beautiful 🤤 , she is so calm😊😊

  35. bad bitch

    bad bitchDay ago


  36. Isabella

    IsabellaDay ago

    Sadie’s hair is gorgeous

  37. Isabella

    IsabellaDay ago

    Why did i feel like they were getting married and saying their vows in exercise 2

  38. vneessah arularasu

    vneessah arularasuDay ago

    i love themm so much, both of them are so mature and underrated also ♥️

  39. yung poptart

    yung poptartDay ago

    Bro the way they look at eachother

  40. Kimberly Lopez

    Kimberly LopezDay ago

    They should date... Definitely

  41. Jessica Marlett

    Jessica MarlettDay ago

    they are so sweet to each other

  42. 10,000k subsucribers without video challenge !

    10,000k subsucribers without video challenge !Day ago

    20years later they will probably be married

  43. Lunacrush 4256

    Lunacrush 4256Day ago

    theyre friendship is the most pure out of st tbh

  44. Myles Russell

    Myles RussellDay ago

    i could not stop smiling watching this

  45. tariro tsiga

    tariro tsigaDay ago

    i love caleb and sadie🥺🥺🥺may god keep them safe💕💕💕💕


    SALTYNUTSDay ago

    Stuck on friend zone ? 🤨

  47. Ulysses Perez

    Ulysses PerezDay ago

    Was that the IC hand shake!!

  48. Frida Bäck

    Frida BäckDay ago

    I see what glamour are trying to do here

  49. Jessica Day

    Jessica DayDay ago

    They‘re so cuuute

  50. Jessica Day

    Jessica DayDay ago

    Not like couple cute, just two genuinely cute people I admire them

  51. Jonathan Silva

    Jonathan SilvaDay ago

    She's so beuttifull

  52. Jess Vicars

    Jess VicarsDay ago

    I love them both! They are such sweethearts!😩😩❤️❤️ I just love their friendship!☺️☺️