Stranger Things' Caleb McLaughlin and Sadie Sink Take a Friendship Test | Glamour

Stranger Things stars Caleb McLaughlin and Sadie Sink share the stories behind how they met on Broadway and take a friendship test. From giving each other generous compliments to mirroring each other's moves, watch these two co-stars put their bond to the test.

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Stranger Things' Caleb McLaughlin and Sadie Sink Take a Friendship Test | Glamour


  1. TheConfidentialEnderman

    TheConfidentialEndermanHour ago

    Sadie and Max are completely opposites

  2. Kaiden 024

    Kaiden 02423 hours ago

    Why do I feel like they secretly like each other 💜

  3. Mr. Bear

    Mr. BearDay ago

    They gonna smash

  4. Luana Galego

    Luana GalegoDay ago

    it looks like they just got married and these are their wedding vows

  5. Renee en Mijs

    Renee en Mijs2 days ago

    caleb is so grown up

  6. Avelardo Arroyo

    Avelardo Arroyo2 days ago

    Why don’t you add more episodes😃

  7. Jessica John

    Jessica John3 days ago

    How could 1000 people dislike this????

  8. petrichor ً

    petrichor ً3 days ago

    they look so cute and adorable. awwe ✨❤️ this interview is really so natural and cute!!

  9. Sandrine Brown

    Sandrine Brown3 days ago

    I feel like they are talking about how they met if they were dating, lol.

  10. Miranda Simón

    Miranda Simón3 days ago

    It seems like they want them to fall in love 😂😂 but they are soy freaking cute 💕💕

  11. Merle

    Merle3 days ago

    Can we talk about how calming Sadies voice is?

  12. Scubs

    Scubs4 days ago

    Is it just me or does this look like some wedding video

  13. Nikaia Hepi

    Nikaia Hepi4 days ago

    She reminds me of a princess. she needs to act as a princess on something.

  14. A Day Of Kay

    A Day Of Kay4 days ago

    Caleb cute 😍

  15. Wasp Star

    Wasp Star4 days ago

    Somehow Caleb shrinks at 00:57

  16. Rornaro Zero

    Rornaro Zero4 days ago

    Sadie 😌

  17. Kinleigh Brooke

    Kinleigh Brooke5 days ago

    Since they were each others first kiss and they have known each other that long I think they should date tell me and like this comment

  18. Lindsey Drew

    Lindsey Drew5 days ago

    Can people stop shipping the actors? They're real people

  19. Minma Talaria

    Minma Talaria5 days ago

    Lindsey Drew ship 🚢

  20. Sibel ates

    Sibel ates6 days ago

    She looks like the one special friend that makes you wanna be a better person

  21. Redx77435

    Redx774356 days ago

    Caleb looks like young Kevin Hart

  22. Alex In real life

    Alex In real life13 hours ago

    Redx77435 no

  23. Røhit sínha

    Røhit sínha6 days ago

    It's so much cringe😂😂

  24. Eaty McEatison

    Eaty McEatison6 days ago

    The strangest thing here is the fact thst this kid has a beard now.

  25. za

    za7 days ago

    Man they really dont fit

  26. za

    za7 hours ago

    @Alex In real life what are you talking about

  27. Alex In real life

    Alex In real life13 hours ago

    za fit as in what being friends?? Why because he’s black boy and she’s a white ginger girl 😂

  28. Malobika Yousuf

    Malobika Yousuf7 days ago

    I love both of them very much. This video is refreshing and soothing.

  29. olivia castello

    olivia castello7 days ago

    he’s is so cute thoghether

  30. Tsas Tsas

    Tsas Tsas9 days ago

    Kids growing up so fast.. makes me feel grandpa

  31. Reann MG

    Reann MG9 days ago

    I Love stranger things

  32. teyacaldwell

    teyacaldwell10 days ago

    Their kids......OMG amazing

  33. Eskimoto

    Eskimoto10 days ago

    Sadie was but ugly on stranger things , she looks nice now.

  34. Melis

    Melis3 days ago

    she never was ugly

  35. Eskimoto

    Eskimoto10 days ago

    Puberty hit this kid hard

  36. Néstor Producciones

    Néstor Producciones10 days ago

    I feel like in the future It would be sooo cute that while they play that Game of 1.2.3 . Caleb says "1.2.3 will you marry me?". Sorry let me dream

  37. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark10 days ago

    No it ended to quick :/

  38. Nalla Talla

    Nalla Talla11 days ago

    I want someone to look at me the way Caleb looks at sadie

  39. Knox Miller

    Knox Miller11 days ago

    im going to eat twice as much meat so that sadie doesnt make a difference

  40. Minma Talaria

    Minma Talaria9 days ago

    Knox Miller lmao 😂

  41. m y

    m y11 days ago

    I’m crying I need a friendship like that

  42. Lisa Unnie Jisoo baby

    Lisa Unnie Jisoo baby12 days ago

    Caleb is acting like he's in 30s lol I'm not complaining

  43. Ashira McNeil

    Ashira McNeil12 days ago

    Sadie is so gorgeous, I love herrrr ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  44. StupedBoi

    StupedBoi13 days ago


  45. Milliebobbybrown

    Milliebobbybrown13 days ago

    tbh ship : lucas-max| mike-elven| will-suzie| dustin-erica

  46. Robyn Hoi

    Robyn Hoi13 days ago

    Sadie Sink ~Is friends with caleb~

  47. Stranger Things Videos

    Stranger Things Videos13 days ago

    omg i ship them so much!!!😭❤️

  48. Clíodhna Monaghan

    Clíodhna Monaghan13 days ago

    I love them, they’re so underrated 🥺🥺🥺

  49. yuriz ciel arachnophobia

    yuriz ciel arachnophobia14 days ago

    Dark and light :V

  50. Hyelin Lee

    Hyelin Lee14 days ago

    Their voices... I think I can fall asleep with just their voices. I love you both~

  51. Sheena Belle

    Sheena Belle14 days ago

    People really can't see a boy and a girl as besties without thinking they're more than friends.

  52. Christian Russo

    Christian Russo14 days ago

    Please lord dont make them fall in love

  53. OddSkyMiner 23

    OddSkyMiner 2314 days ago

    bro I feel they lowkey like each other but they just never said anything to each other but they should day though and btw sadie is pretty too

  54. D⃣a⃣r⃣k⃣_f⃣e⃣n⃣d⃣i⃣i⃣ツ

    D⃣a⃣r⃣k⃣_f⃣e⃣n⃣d⃣i⃣i⃣ツ14 days ago

    My man got a mustache and beard last I saw him he was like 1

  55. Alex In real life

    Alex In real life13 hours ago

    D⃣a⃣r⃣k⃣_f⃣e⃣n⃣d⃣i⃣i⃣ツ 😂

  56. ynaaa

    ynaaa14 days ago

    This is the purest, most sincere friendship test ive watched on this channel.

  57. Faat B

    Faat B14 days ago

    How is caleb soo grown up already omg!

  58. alex unger

    alex unger14 days ago

    It's cute and all but let's not forget 'birds of a feather flock together'. They may be good as friends but definitely not as boyfriend and girlfriend.

  59. сериалы Netflix

    сериалы Netflix15 days ago

    2:39 шип шип

  60. Beatriz Teixeira

    Beatriz Teixeira15 days ago

    Eles são muito fofos juntos❤❤

  61. Cristina Belloso

    Cristina Belloso16 days ago


  62. Reanne Ras

    Reanne Ras17 days ago

    This is soooo adorable❤❤❤

  63. ii Keisha

    ii Keisha17 days ago

    *Turn around, and look at what you seeee~~* XD

  64. Simrit Ahluwalia

    Simrit Ahluwalia19 days ago

    They just need Murray to tell them to date eachother

  65. unlistedmuse17

    unlistedmuse1719 days ago

    I didn't know they knew each other before ST. This is so cute.

  66. abigail augustin

    abigail augustin20 days ago

    Nah but Caleb is fine asl😭😭😭

  67. Só tem Diversão

    Só tem Diversão20 days ago

    They are so perfect ! Cadie ♥️