Nationals win 1st World Series with Game 7 comeback win! | Astros-Nationals MLB Highlights

The Nationals scored six runs in the last three innings to clinch their first World Series championship in franchise history! Max Scherzer, Howie Kendrick, Anthony Rendon and Juan Soto led the way!
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  1. Fall

    Fall20 hours ago

    Howie Kendrick's dinger is at 7:17 for those interested.

  2. Manuel Fana

    Manuel Fana2 days ago

    the asstros use the cheat codes and still lose to the last boss 🖕😁😁

  3. jose martinez

    jose martinez2 days ago

    Baby shark baby shark baby shark baby shark baby shark the Washington Nationals is my baseball team I'm officially a fan I finalized it today

  4. Trevor Inkling

    Trevor Inkling4 days ago

    Final out always makes me smile and sometimes tear up. ;)

  5. Jojopuffs

    Jojopuffs4 days ago

    I didn’t like the Astros at all and now I got a reason to dislike em even more 🗑😂

  6. Vador Sport

    Vador Sport5 days ago

    Well I would call the Nats the Cardiac Kids of 2019!!! The NC State team did the same back in 1983 in the NCAA basketball tournament with Jimmy V, they came from behind in every game...WOW

  7. john doe

    john doe12 days ago

    cheaters got owned

  8. Adam Fleming

    Adam Fleming12 days ago

    bryce harper probably wants to retire now

  9. Damian D'Orsaneo

    Damian D'Orsaneo10 days ago

    He'd rather have his old team win then cheaters.

  10. Evan Haskel

    Evan Haskel13 days ago

    When the Nats pulled ahead, I remembered something that John Walton said when the Caps took the lead in Game 5 of the Cup Final. “That clock cannot hit zero fast enough.”

  11. Matthew Ewing

    Matthew Ewing13 days ago

    Greinke just wasn't great enough.

  12. john doe

    john doe12 days ago

    never was

  13. Gonza C

    Gonza C13 days ago

    Dude what's the name of the commentor in second 0:18

  14. Gonza C

    Gonza C11 days ago

    @penguin no it is not Matt is the first voice of the video

  15. penguin

    penguin12 days ago

    matt vasgersian

  16. Mac Weilman

    Mac Weilman14 days ago

    Nats Facts (Things fans of other teams probably don't know) -Ryan Zimmerman spent the entire season hurt, only came back in September -Michael A Taylor spent the entire season in AAA and was recalled and added to the playoff roster -Victor Robles was 2nd in all of baseball in Hit By Pitch. (He crowds the plate) -Nats "Bad Bullpen" was mostly DFA long before the playoffs. Our playoff bullpen was bad, but not quite as historically bad. -Daniel Hudson was not a closer before the Nats picked him up, and had to be talked into it -Max Scherzer was still technically recovering from broken nose. The day after he broke his nose he threw 100 pitches 7 innings + 10Ks. This concludes Nats facts

  17. filipinowhiteboy

    filipinowhiteboy4 days ago


  18. Kevin Wang

    Kevin Wang14 days ago


  19. travellingbirder

    travellingbirder14 days ago

    How come the "World Series" is only for American teams? What happened to the rest of the world? We have the same game, same rules in the UK but it is called "Rounders" and only played by schoolgirls. We also have a sport called football which played using feet and a ball, wonder if that is how it got its name?

  20. Europa

    Europa11 days ago

    @travellingbirder When basketball was invented people literally played with actual baskets. Hence why it is called BASKETBALL. It was also invented by a Canadian... If you think there is no skill in football then i'm afraid something is missing in your head buddy. There is a lot more to football than "brute strength". You sound little angry sad pathetic little man.

  21. travellingbirder

    travellingbirder11 days ago

    @Jules Badguy In Football (soccer) there is a World Cup which is open to every nation on Earth. The arrogance and ignorance of Americans is truly astonishing. Basketball is netball - where is the basket? American football requires padding, helmets and face armour, it is just a contest of brute strength rather than skill. It sums up your broken society.

  22. Jules Badguy

    Jules Badguy11 days ago

    The Football is literally 12 inches. The best players in the world play in the Major Leagues and have since Jackie Robinson broke the racist barrier. Nobody really cares about rounders Soccer will never overtake the other 4 Major sports in America but it's probably the 5th Major sport at this point. Maybe.

  23. Europa

    Europa13 days ago

    There is a Canadian team

  24. Ricky Castle

    Ricky Castle14 days ago

    What annoncer was that who paused then screamed ITS GONE when Kendrick hit the home run around 740 mark ? Not the nats annoncer, or national telecast Joe buck.

  25. Ricky Castle

    Ricky Castle14 days ago

    @Trevor Inkling cool thanks

  26. Trevor Inkling

    Trevor Inkling14 days ago

    His name is Matt Vasgersian, a very funny announcer to listen to, he gets really exited a lot. :D

  27. Sage Derrig

    Sage Derrig16 days ago

    Overmanagement is the kryptonite of modern baseball.

  28. Gus Avila

    Gus Avila17 days ago

    "Boom, Boom"

  29. sick plays loot

    sick plays loot17 days ago

    Soto can drink now

  30. cbfbmc

    cbfbmc17 days ago

    all u philly fan.bryce harper-330mil. Nats world series Champion-Priceless

  31. shadyparadox

    shadyparadox17 days ago

    That foul pole clang is the sweetest sound of justice I've ever heard.

  32. MrUHOH415

    MrUHOH41518 days ago

    With everything that has happened with the Astros, it makes the Nats Title feel more rewarding.

  33. Caden Douglass

    Caden Douglass20 days ago

    Astros losing is karma for them cheating.


    FALUKYOURMOM19 days ago

    i came for a comment like this

  35. Sky Toro

    Sky Toro20 days ago

    So happy the Houston Asterisks lost

  36. Number1Dougster

    Number1Dougster21 day ago

    Go Nats!

  37. Arturo García

    Arturo García21 day ago

    What a difference makes not knowing what pitch is coming. 10 runners left on base? After The Athletic, the Astros are not as clutch as we thought they were...

  38. Andrew Hailstorm

    Andrew Hailstorm21 day ago

    1:27 *bang*

  39. Jules Badguy

    Jules Badguy21 day ago

    You can't already be a legend at 20 Soto: Hold my Root Beer...

  40. SuperExcedrin

    SuperExcedrin18 days ago

    Howie took a little longer.

  41. Brian Melendez

    Brian Melendez20 days ago


  42. demoman87

    demoman8722 days ago

    no sign stealing here. They won fair and square

  43. harveyknox

    harveyknox22 days ago

    There's a really good article in the Washington Post about how the Nationals made their signs ridiculously complicated and had multiple sets of signs they could rotate through. You can see the little set card on Gomes and Suzuki's wrists in several shots throughout the series when they were catching. Even if the Astros saw the sign, they had no idea which one they were stealing or the Nationals were using at that given moment. Kudos to the Nationals pitching staff for creating that and catching Strasburg's slight pitch tips and fixing that as well. Nationals did everything right to counter the Astros trying to cheat.

  44. Koon Jay

    Koon Jay22 days ago

    Grats No Win for Cheaters like Astros

  45. Steven Zilly

    Steven Zilly22 days ago

    Thank god we don’t have to hear Joe Buck

  46. k m

    k m23 days ago


  47. Deiradinn Draven

    Deiradinn Draven23 days ago

    No bang = fastball One bang = slider Two bangs = changeup Foul pole bang = Championship vs The Cheating Houston Trashtros

  48. krusty_krab_2312

    krusty_krab_23129 days ago


  49. 호로롤

    호로롤18 days ago


  50. SuperExcedrin

    SuperExcedrin18 days ago

    The go ahead World Series home run, with it's own sound effect.

  51. Jules Badguy

    Jules Badguy19 days ago

    Savage facts are the best kind.


    FALUKYOURMOM19 days ago


  53. Alexander Sy

    Alexander Sy24 days ago

    Cheaters didn’t win this time...

  54. john doe

    john doe12 days ago

    @The Chicken Nugget Fam LOL. OK

  55. The Chicken Nugget Fam

    The Chicken Nugget Fam13 days ago

    In 2017

  56. The Chicken Nugget Fam

    The Chicken Nugget Fam13 days ago

    Dodgers did not deserve it.

  57. The Chicken Nugget Fam

    The Chicken Nugget Fam13 days ago

    They did not cheat in 2017

  58. jar head

    jar head15 days ago

    @Abel Bautista Damn, just saw some videos. That 2017 championship is looking like a joke now.

  59. BingeFest1

    BingeFest124 days ago

    This is even more satisfying considering the Astros used hidden cameras at home to steal pitch signs and cheat yet couldn’t win a single game at home in the World Series 😂 Cheaters never win throw the book at them MLB

  60. Alex Lopez

    Alex Lopez24 days ago

    well deserved congrats.... champions!

  61. Carlos Valverde

    Carlos Valverde24 days ago

    After everybody knew that the Astros were cheating This totally makes Bryce Harper a double time jerk

  62. Fall

    Fall21 hour ago

    @cometastral that's the joke

  63. cometastral

    cometastral22 days ago

    Nothing to do with Harper

  64. leonel rosales

    leonel rosales24 days ago

    who is here trying to hear the BANG BANG!!

  65. Alex

    Alex24 days ago

    Whos here after the cheating Astros

  66. Michael Caoile

    Michael Caoile24 days ago

    Pathetic Astro Fans!!! Celebrating too EARLY!!!! You got what you DESERVE!!