MLB's FASTEST pitches of 2019 | MLB Highlights

Watch Jordan Hicks unleash the FASTEST pitches of the 2019 season! The Cardinals flamethrower had the 10 fastest pitches of the MLB season!
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  1. Mr. Mosby

    Mr. Mosby3 days ago

    Yall should try and read the description it says the cardinals heat thrower

  2. LyteHollow

    LyteHollow14 days ago

    You came here for a Jordan hicks throwing fast compilation 😂

  3. mr meme god

    mr meme god18 days ago

    New title: Jordan Hicks Highlights

  4. allnet

    allnet21 day ago

    When yadi sees that hicks is going to pitch: 🙈

  5. bichuela Doom

    bichuela DoomMonth ago

    More like 2019 Jordan Hicks highlights



    🙏 1:45 💛💖 december? 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💟

  7. joshua phillips

    joshua phillipsMonth ago

    You know that catcher has some busted blood vessels constantly in his catching hand. Probably numb at the end of a hicks pitching series.

  8. Aiden Esposito

    Aiden EspositoMonth ago

    Aaron Hicks: Throws 103 MLB: Finally, an excuse for an Aaron Hicks highlights video

  9. Evan Null

    Evan NullMonth ago

    Jordan Hicks got some heat on a pitch that’s not even a fastballs but a sinker unless you are one of those people who say sinkers are fastballs

  10. 권형철

    권형철Month ago

    한국어 댓글 찾은사람 ?

  11. Chance Cherry

    Chance CherryMonth ago

    i would think aroldis chapman would have been in this. i was sadly mistaken

  12. Boldinbran

    BoldinbranMonth ago

    The funny thing is he only played half the year

  13. Giuliani

    GiulianiMonth ago

    This is just Jordan Hicks. You need to rename your video since it IS NOT the fastest of 2019, just the fastest of Jordan Hicks.

  14. John Wayne

    John WayneMonth ago

    I’m surprised that none of the 50 consecutive change ups Aroldis Chapman threw in the ALCS are on here.

  15. Wizard Blizzard

    Wizard BlizzardMonth ago

    Hicks: fastest pitches in 2019 Chapman: am i a joke too you

  16. Sam Yaza

    Sam YazaMonth ago


  17. Sid Chavan

    Sid ChavanMonth ago

    One guy 😂

  18. Big country's poundcake

    Big country's poundcakeMonth ago

    Man I can hit Hicks’s fastball he doesn’t look tough I can play the Show on Legend just for fun

  19. Jaxmagz

    JaxmagzMonth ago

    This is How Jordan hicks get his anger out

  20. Pickle Thief

    Pickle ThiefMonth ago

    I cant even hit 104mph

  21. Mike Adams

    Mike AdamsMonth ago

    They can't all be 103 wth

  22. Alejandro Sanchez

    Alejandro SanchezMonth ago

    Its a highlight of Jordan hicks really

  23. Raymond 5561

    Raymond 5561Month ago

    Tommy John has entered the chat

  24. Kenji Miki

    Kenji MikiMonth ago

    No control

  25. Jacob Akin

    Jacob AkinMonth ago

    Jordan hicks highlights real

  26. Owen Aivaliotis

    Owen AivaliotisMonth ago

    i like how everyone was hicks

  27. Jacob 598

    Jacob 598Month ago

    From 0:00 to 1:22 is Jordan Hicks throwing 103 mph Edit: I guess this is just a montage of Jordan Hicks

  28. Cindy Kaiser

    Cindy KaiserMonth ago

    hesbeder then you

  29. JDW 1423

    JDW 1423Month ago

    When no won throw fast soo mLbB just dose Jordan Hicks

  30. Jam I

    Jam IMonth ago

    I feel bad for molina having to catch all of Hicks pitches

  31. GVDub11

    GVDub11Month ago

    Chapman will always be known as the Cuban missile and he’s also better!!!

  32. Jonathan F

    Jonathan FMonth ago

    i wanna see a flashback or a SS card in mlb the show where chapman throws 106 but has like 60 control and 99 break cuz that slider used to be so nasty with a changeup in the high 80's.

  33. Ryan Guzman

    Ryan GuzmanMonth ago

    More like Jordan hicks highlights

  34. Donavan Sanders

    Donavan SandersMonth ago

    Dex’s play was clean tho

  35. David Brantley

    David BrantleyMonth ago

    Luckily I’m a cards fan

  36. SupremeWallaby

    SupremeWallabyMonth ago

    *Tommy John has entered the chat*

  37. Christopher Smith

    Christopher SmithMonth ago

    Gotta be uncomfortable in that left hand batters box with Hicks yanking 103 to that side

  38. Pony Express

    Pony ExpressMonth ago

    That first announcers voice is awfully disgusting. Sounds like squibward.

  39. Not A Gamer Btw

    Not A Gamer BtwMonth ago

    Are we gunna ignore the great catch by Dexter Fowler at 0:42?

  40. Ben Peltola

    Ben PeltolaMonth ago

    Aroldis Chapman: *Am I a joke to you?*

  41. Notsam h

    Notsam hMonth ago

    Ben Peltola he dosent throw as hard as hicks

  42. BMiller2

    BMiller2Month ago

    He can’t locate that to save his life

  43. BMiller2

    BMiller2Month ago

    It'z Goliath but if you’re in the bigs you need to control it and hit your corners

  44. It'z Goliath

    It'z GoliathMonth ago

    well i mean i don’t think most people can. that’s literally 103-104 mph. the fact that he has the control he has now is pretty impressive

  45. Pablo Sanchez

    Pablo SanchezMonth ago


  46. scootscootriot1020

    scootscootriot1020Month ago

    Should’ve been called “Jordan Hicks throwing steam at people.”

  47. Aaron Taveras

    Aaron TaverasMonth ago

    This video is what validates spinrate/movement. Guys look miles behind verlander/cole’s fastballs from 96-99... but look almost comfortable taking 103-104 and getting wood on it.

  48. The R15

    The R15Month ago

    “OoOooo! 104, hi there” 🤣

  49. Nick Chavez

    Nick ChavezMonth ago

    Guys... Jordan Hicks IS baseball

  50. Steven Alen

    Steven AlenMonth ago

    You already know Alrodis Chapman is in this

  51. Andrew Rigonan

    Andrew RigonanMonth ago

    Is hicks the new chapman?

  52. qpXCELL

    qpXCELLMonth ago

    He threw a few 105 to Herra of the Phillies

  53. Jerry_Huang

    Jerry_HuangMonth ago

    mlb's highlights (x Jordon Hicks's highlights (o

  54. Bossk 619

    Bossk 619Month ago

    Hicks is only good for about an inning and then you have to take him out

  55. Toki Vikerness

    Toki VikernessMonth ago

    Closers very rarely pitch more than one inning.

  56. Ca24den ,

    Ca24den ,Month ago

    Its jordan hicks highlights

  57. Owen

    OwenMonth ago

    Literally the only pitcher in this video is Jordan hicks

  58. Streak

    StreakMonth ago

    Dont you just love it when its only kicks

  59. Dark Vision

    Dark VisionMonth ago

    Jordan hicks compilation

  60. The Saminater

    The SaminaterMonth ago

    this is literally just a montage of jordan hicks XD

  61. Matt Daugherty

    Matt DaughertyMonth ago

    I guess that's what you call "bringing the heat!"

  62. Mark Housman

    Mark HousmanMonth ago

    Maybe he should have dialed it back a bit - he blew out his elbow this June at the age 22...

  63. THE Xtreme Robloxian!

    THE Xtreme Robloxian!Month ago

    new title: Jordan hicks all 103mph pitches

  64. Kenneth Vaughn

    Kenneth VaughnMonth ago

    Dude has a pretty good slider to.

  65. CH

    CHMonth ago

    It’s insane that people can swing on time for these

  66. Matthew Petrusiw

    Matthew PetrusiwMonth ago

    I don't really play baseball but I'd assume they practice with machines that launch the ball at speeds even higher than 104 so that real pitches seem slower and easier to track and hit cause relativity's a thing

  67. Nobuyoshi Yagi

    Nobuyoshi YagiMonth ago

    Jordon Hicks fastest pitch’s 2019 should been the tittle

  68. Joe S.

    Joe S.Month ago