"I'm a millennial!" | Nationals Trea Turner Mic'd Up at the 2019 World Series (Juan Soto appearance)

Step into the cage with Nationals shortstop Trea Turner as he goes through batting practice in Houston and hangs with other Nationals like Juan Soto, Anthony Rendon and Adam Eaton.
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  1. filipinowhiteboy

    filipinowhiteboy3 days ago

    In the unlikely event that the Nats get a hollywood picture about this season, Tom Holland has to play Trea Turner.

  2. Grant Gunderson

    Grant Gunderson29 days ago

    2:42 , makes me smile

  3. Shashank Kaveti

    Shashank KavetiMonth ago

    Ok, Zoomer

  4. HumMbLe-GHOsT

    HumMbLe-GHOsTMonth ago

    Thats my fav player

  5. Joe Barkley

    Joe BarkleyMonth ago

    Dudes in the World Series and cares abt the football game more

  6. disturbia13

    disturbia13Month ago

    This just makes me love Turner even more haha

  7. Erica O'Brien

    Erica O'BrienMonth ago

    He’s adorable. I love it!

  8. Sam One

    Sam OneMonth ago

    ¨Juan Soto Appearnce¨ Yeah..he´s on the team

  9. Jovanny Becerra

    Jovanny BecerraMonth ago

    kind of jealous how they get to have so much fun and get paid millions.

  10. Ryan Mahoney

    Ryan MahoneyMonth ago

    Why does it have to say (Jaun Soto appearance)?

  11. Philip Rubio

    Philip RubioMonth ago

    Freaking love this group. That’s a World Series champion bunch right there

  12. Sujeong Kwak

    Sujeong KwakMonth ago

    Even his personality is kinda similar to Tom Holland.

  13. Michael Young

    Michael YoungMonth ago

    Dude he reminds me of a combination of Tom Holland and Elijah Wood.

  14. eltrav13zo

    eltrav13zoMonth ago

    Rendon warning his teammates to watch what they say around Trea lmao!!

  15. Adam Ramirez

    Adam RamirezMonth ago

    I’m a Padres fan and I have mad respect for this team. They came a long way from trading Bryce Harper, and not only proved to everyone they could make the playoffs without them, but even make the World Series without him. You guys are a fun team to watch and I hope you guys beat the Astros.

  16. Cardinal Ximinez

    Cardinal XiminezMonth ago

    We didn't trade Bryce. We let him go to free agency and he took a deal with the Phillies he preferred

  17. Edwin Hernandez

    Edwin HernandezMonth ago

    They did

  18. Ave Jaly

    Ave JalyMonth ago

    Didn't like his comment to Solo. Jealous much ?

  19. Cardinal Ximinez

    Cardinal XiminezMonth ago

    @Okuyasu obvious joke was obvious... to most

  20. Okuyasu

    OkuyasuMonth ago

    Obvious joke

  21. xNightm_res YT

    xNightm_res YTMonth ago

    “You’re an old soul.” b o o m e r

  22. g fox

    g foxMonth ago

    @Josephsf1 More like Gen XYZ, amirite?

  23. Josephsf1

    Josephsf1Month ago

    @g fox Soto is Gen X

  24. Worm

    WormMonth ago

    @g fox Oldest team in baseball

  25. Gen. J. Johnston Pettigroyper

    Gen. J. Johnston PettigroyperMonth ago

    @g fox Soto is a zoomer

  26. g fox

    g foxMonth ago

    Seriously though, I think the entire team is millenials (older ones and younger ones, ofc)... and then 1 Gen-Xer (Rodney).

  27. Chris Goudy

    Chris GoudyMonth ago

    "Why's everybody hate the guy with the microphone?".. "Don't got nothing to do with the microphone.."


    JAMES HAR_ENMonth ago

    Mean they hate the guy because of who he is

  29. Robbie

    RobbieMonth ago

    pls explain

  30. randomnessopy

    randomnessopyMonth ago

    that boy is charming

  31. Ivan Axel

    Ivan AxelMonth ago

    Nats are money! 💯💯

  32. BaseballStar

    BaseballStarMonth ago

    Nats take game 1!!!!! Let’s go!!!

  33. Benzion Gisser

    Benzion GisserMonth ago

    Any way I could find a place to buy the shirt that trea is wearing?

  34. Mike John

    Mike JohnMonth ago

    that shirt NEEDS to go in the nationals hall of fame

  35. TRE45ON

    TRE45ONMonth ago

    Trea getting on board is a huge key to trophy..

  36. Upswing Baseball

    Upswing BaseballMonth ago

    "Watch out dude. We get it..." "You hit SOME homers." -Trea Turner

  37. Bongo Cat

    Bongo CatMonth ago

    Ave Jaly woosh?

  38. Worm

    WormMonth ago

    @Ave Jaly Illiteracy is a disease as well

  39. Upswing Baseball

    Upswing BaseballMonth ago

    @Ave Jaly Yeah bruh I was just quoting Trea

  40. Trea Turner

    Trea TurnerMonth ago

    Ave Jaly it was a joke

  41. Okuyasu

    OkuyasuMonth ago

    Ave Jaly it was a joke chill out

  42. collin Favor

    collin FavorMonth ago

    The remind of the royals when the win the WS besides Anthony Redon and max there isn’t like big names (Judge, Altuve, Big stars that always get talked about) But they have team chemistry and that right there will be the reason the beat the Astros

  43. Hello Stranger

    Hello StrangerMonth ago

    Ikr they score in the late innings like the old royals team too.

  44. g fox

    g foxMonth ago

    Before Altuve was a "big name" he was a guy people didn't know about, either. Rendon will be right up there with Judge and Altuve if he can keep getting to the postseason.

  45. John Krausse

    John KrausseMonth ago

    As long as they keep having fun they can win this thing. They're not taking themselves too seriously. I love it. Go Nationals

  46. Elizabeth Winters

    Elizabeth WintersMonth ago

    That didnt last long

  47. John Krausse

    John KrausseMonth ago

    @Upswing Baseball speaking of loose. How about last night's game upswing? That was about as humiliating a beat down job seen in years that's what the looseness and fun will get you just like we're talkin about.

  48. Upswing Baseball

    Upswing BaseballMonth ago

    you're right! so important to keep it loose

  49. Gator Den

    Gator DenMonth ago

    It is so cringe watching baseball try and get millennial viewers. Watching Baseball is like voting republican. It just happens naturally as you become older and wiser.

  50. Gold_Leader928

    Gold_Leader928Month ago

    Gator Den As a republican I can say this may be the dumbest thing I have ever heard about baseball

  51. g fox

    g foxMonth ago

    Registered independent at age 18, still independent at age 42, baseball fan since I was a kid, long before I could vote. Baseball has nothing to do with left, center, or right politically.

  52. ErickIsNotAmazing

    ErickIsNotAmazingMonth ago

    Gator Den everything you said is wrong dawg ngl

  53. TRE45ON

    TRE45ONMonth ago

    And dumber and poorer.

  54. Upswing Baseball

    Upswing BaseballMonth ago

    "it is so cringe"?? lol man how old are you? 60? Everything about that statement was wrong lol

  55. Star Scream

    Star ScreamMonth ago

    I'd trade worthless corey Seager for this guy any day.

  56. Y2JRedskins

    Y2JRedskinsMonth ago

    Star Scream 😱

  57. Christian Quakenbush

    Christian QuakenbushMonth ago

    What an idiotic thing to say

  58. Jobu Jobu

    Jobu JobuMonth ago

    I like how they goof off in practice and not take it serious to improve their skills but still upset the dodgers, sweep the cardinals in dominating fashion, and take game one from the power house astros.

  59. Edwin Hernandez

    Edwin HernandezMonth ago

    @Jobu Jobu it's a perfect observation and that's how I saw it as well. Also the most underrated player was Soto because he really was the spark and heart of that team. He got into the pitchers mind with his antics. Only one who he didn't get under his skin was Greinke. I called it before the series started though because this team just had so much grit and heart. On paper they had no business winning but their mental fortitude told them otherwise. Congratulations to the Nationals.

  60. Jobu Jobu

    Jobu JobuMonth ago

    Upswing Baseball i can honestly say the nationals players compared to the astros players arent as talented as the astros but the nationals played as a team and made less mistakes at the plate. Plus their 2 ace starters out pitched the astros 2 ace starters. Astros bullpen was better also. i just dont get why they couldnt get it done. But thats how baseball is, more of a mental sport. I hope i dont get crucified for this statement but its just an observation lol

  61. Upswing Baseball

    Upswing BaseballMonth ago

    Edwin Hernandez and this is a HUGE reason why

  62. Edwin Hernandez

    Edwin HernandezMonth ago

    1 week later they took the series and won it all.

  63. Jobu Jobu

    Jobu JobuMonth ago

    Upswing Baseball yea i know, during the game to not be nervous. In practice you kinda of have to take it somewhat serious to make adjustments in your hitting or improve your defense, but this is probably short clips and not the whole practice.

  64. Eric S

    Eric SMonth ago

    They always had the talent and commitment from ownership

  65. David Hernandez

    David HernandezMonth ago

    All I ask is that you do more amazing stuff like these there to perfect

  66. Upswing Baseball

    Upswing BaseballMonth ago

    Oh yeah, this stuff is gold!

  67. stevoman16

    stevoman16Month ago

    Turner and Rendon are couple goals.

  68. Mac Weilman

    Mac WeilmanMonth ago

    stevoman16 the glove-throwing contest at the end 😭

  69. Fingering Things

    Fingering ThingsMonth ago

    Nationals just messing around and hitting dinners



    I ate dinner too

  71. Ryan Alexander

    Ryan AlexanderMonth ago

    Fingering Things I see you everywhere lol

  72. realSpiderman15

    realSpiderman15Month ago

    I love dinner

  73. Chance Pumpernickel

    Chance PumpernickelMonth ago

    Another reason why I love this team. They just wanna have fun.

  74. Peter

    PeterMonth ago

    Helen G. Pitts Shut up bot

  75. Helen G. Pitts

    Helen G. PittsMonth ago

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  76. paul elliott

    paul elliottMonth ago

    Heh, nice and relaxed Surprised but enjoying it - that’s how to do it Didn’t see them scoring on Cole in Gm1 but 1-0 and a great game to watch 6 more please

  77. Stella Arlo

    Stella ArloMonth ago

    I love trea

  78. DaMan2413

    DaMan2413Month ago

    These guys are just a bunch of big kids playing ball. Insane how relaxed they are

  79. Cody McCarty

    Cody McCartyMonth ago


  80. brosome324

    brosome324Month ago


  81. Upswing Baseball

    Upswing BaseballMonth ago

    What do you think about them Cubbies hiring David Ross?