Pininfarina’s 1900bhp Battista hyper-EV | Top Gear

Say hello to the most powerful road-legal car ever to come out of Italy. It’s not a Ferrari. It’s not a Lamborghini. And it’s not a Pagani. It’s the Pininfarina Battista - a mad hyper-EV with approximately 1,900bhp and 1,696 torques. Let Rory Reid be your guide. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:
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  1. SPECTRUMZ teb

    SPECTRUMZ tebDay ago

    Wheres the driving, the action What has topgear become

  2. Blitzman 338

    Blitzman 338Day ago

    Side profile mainly looks like a SF90 Stradale with some Lotus and McLaren

  3. Andy Lane

    Andy LaneDay ago

    Isn’t Elon musk hard at work on the raptor engine for the new BFR? ? As impressive as this car is I think Elon is safe until its output is measured in mega newtons. So actually it’s pininfarinas move buddy. LOL

  4. Non Existent

    Non Existent2 days ago

    I don't care about the numbers, give me the Doug Score

  5. billoddiea

    billoddiea2 days ago

    get some decent jeans turkey

  6. Noisy Planet

    Noisy Planet4 days ago

    BMW i3? That over-priced nonsense!

  7. Andrzej Johny

    Andrzej Johny4 days ago

    Elon last year show how to should looks speedy car. This is mix mash of car already on market, especially i8 and ferrari. sorry pinninfarina have great designer but this car doesn't have this x factory. this unique original taste.

  8. TheYTGuy 1

    TheYTGuy 14 days ago

    Give this to Doug. when you want it to be roasted

  9. Andrey PA

    Andrey PA5 days ago

    Not possible with internal combustion engine? Does the name bugatti chiron rings any bells?

  10. Andrey PA

    Andrey PADay ago

    I ment for top speed.. My bad

  11. Sebastian Nolte

    Sebastian Nolte2 days ago

    The Bugatti Chiron doesn't make 0-60 mph in under 2 seconds.

  12. Panda FlexLord

    Panda FlexLord7 days ago

    There is something so lame and uncool about this reviewer

  13. veteran002

    veteran0029 days ago

    Did a double take. Thought the tires said F Zero instead of P Zero.

  14. gaurav kumar

    gaurav kumar10 days ago

    Well teslarities will come and start bragging about range and roadster ( which doesnot exist yet like Batista)

  15. Raam

    Raam13 days ago

    Asphalt 9 new special event.

  16. 8bit Hardstop

    8bit Hardstop13 days ago

    Well it may be my favorite

  17. carbonRRpilot

    carbonRRpilot13 days ago

    I doubt those mirrors can channel high speed airflow anywhere..... just closing the driver door at 5:11 almost broke one off! road vibrations will be.... well, lets say "blurry" at best if thats still attached!

  18. Basel is Zephyr

    Basel is Zephyr14 days ago

    I adore this car!!!

  19. Sidowse Dowsett

    Sidowse Dowsett15 days ago

    1:33 you just don't see those kinds of numbers on a normal road-car because the speed limit is 70mph and most of the time acceleration is limited to the car in front of you.

  20. Mrbigolnuts

    Mrbigolnuts15 days ago

    Unfortunately the Lotus looks better. Next one needs to be much better.

  21. Quyet Lo

    Quyet Lo15 days ago

    tuyệt đỉnh


    CLASSIFIEDGTA15 days ago

    I love all of the Doug comments lol.


    CLASSIFIEDGTA15 days ago

    Electric LaFerrarri.

  24. Very Irritating

    Very Irritating17 days ago

    he's a really good presenter

  25. Nestor McKneally

    Nestor McKneally17 days ago

    Tesla roadster >

  26. Nestor McKneally

    Nestor McKneally17 days ago

    Roadster is 10,000 nm

  27. Hema J Simpson

    Hema J Simpson18 days ago

    avevo messo il video perché cercavo l'auto Pininfarina ma top gear U.S.A. non lo posso guardare. insensato come il caffè americano

  28. xxoan.16

    xxoan.1619 days ago

    yeah, electric cars are slow...

  29. chab1985

    chab198519 days ago

    I was lucky enough to see one of those in germany this week :-O

  30. Aviteuro

    Aviteuro20 days ago

    brought to you by the people that designed those Coca Cola machines in your local Wendy's.

  31. Miriam Moradi

    Miriam Moradi24 days ago

    there is only 1 problem. It will weigh more than 2 thousand pounds.

  32. Miriam Moradi

    Miriam Moradi24 days ago

    i mean 2,000 kilos

  33. Chris Devine

    Chris Devine25 days ago

    Looks like a C8

  34. The Man

    The Man26 days ago

    Dont tempt Elon like that. The Tesla Roadster is a fraction of the price of that thing and makes better figures, all though the Pininfarina looks better, its way more over priced. So imagine if Tesla made a hypercar with no budget. Then its game over

  35. The Man

    The Man26 days ago

    Jesuusssssssss im happy to be alive omg 😱

  36. Aesthetic Appeal

    Aesthetic Appeal27 days ago

    can't wait until we can measure zero to 60 in nanoseconds, brb can't petal to metal bcus u will passout

  37. Giuseppe De Luca

    Giuseppe De Luca28 days ago

    i hate that it looks like a random supercar or a 2025, restyling of the 458. But i just love that it is stupid fast, echological and luxurious.

  38. Mr Crunch Gaming

    Mr Crunch GamingMonth ago

    but this brand is now owned 72% by mahindra

  39. Sachha Pyar

    Sachha Pyar29 days ago

    They fully own now

  40. M4NGL3D 1212

    M4NGL3D 1212Month ago

    Top gear is now 9 and a half times lamer than the bmw m5

  41. Justin G

    Justin GMonth ago

    The front design ruined the car, headlight looks like the new Porsche which is ugly, and the middle looks like a giant unibrow

  42. Red Dragon

    Red DragonMonth ago

    Enough talk, show me.

  43. billy rose

    billy roseMonth ago

    I have see 1200 hp cars run 8 second quarter miles I have seen 2000 HP cars run 7 second an it sounds good the 918 runs 2.2 to 60 mph with like 900 HP

  44. pauly repa

    pauly repaMonth ago

    artificial sound? really?

  45. George Bishop

    George BishopMonth ago

    This looks like a poor mans Lotus Evijha which is fully electric and 2000 BHP. Both look good but the Lotus tops it in design and specs.

  46. Cayden

    CaydenMonth ago

    bro Elon is on a level of his own, doing all that and more for 200k!

  47. Sachha Pyar

    Sachha PyarMonth ago

    Pininferina is one of a sub division of Mahindra company an Indian Car Making Company

  48. Yashodip Deore

    Yashodip DeoreMonth ago

    I think this company own by mahindra and mahindra??

  49. UserOfTheName

    UserOfTheNameMonth ago

    hmm good but w didnt have enough swearing top gear needs to up its game

  50. Humayun Khan

    Humayun KhanMonth ago

    Are you gonna drive it ?

  51. kayzrx8

    kayzrx8Month ago

    Artificial sound... Yeah ok

  52. kemandogasolina gasgas

    kemandogasolina gasgasMonth ago

    Play on board with Tesla yes

  53. the jafuu

    the jafuuMonth ago

    How could it only do 217mph?

  54. Guy Fawkes

    Guy FawkesMonth ago

    Aston Martin Valkyrie still looks about four million times better.

  55. steve n

    steve nMonth ago

    this car really looks like a ferrari

  56. Jacob B

    Jacob BMonth ago

    What happened to top gear driving real cars

  57. ESKAY

    ESKAYMonth ago

    Jacob B ikr might as well review optimus prime at this point.

  58. Panos Rod

    Panos RodMonth ago

    Car show without car driving.

  59. 4real

    4realMonth ago

    but koenigsegg regera already does 0-300 in 10.9, and thats a care that actually exists already? hmmm... this shit trash lmaoo

  60. Kurt Kaster

    Kurt KasterMonth ago

    It's beautiful, like the most beautiful woman you've ever seen, just missing a vagina. But, with "artificial sounds" to make you forget there's no vagina.

  61. MUSA

    MUSAMonth ago

    But does it have a cup holder?

  62. Lucas D

    Lucas DMonth ago

    Artificial sound?! What a cop out. If I have the money to buy a car like this I wouldn't want it to have phony sound.

  63. SpacialGames

    SpacialGamesMonth ago

    "v max of 217 mph" roadster will do 250+; "450km range" roadster will have 1000+km (620mi); with 150 models being made the cost will def be 3-4x higher than a roadster too, just get tesla

  64. agustinbs

    agustinbsMonth ago

    Elon got a working prototype years ago that probably will destroy this car. Can we see this car at least turn the ligthts on?

  65. Kelly Fisk

    Kelly FiskMonth ago

    Are all these guys British just wondering