Yuli Gurriel comes up BIG, gets Astros on board first with 2-run double in World Series Game 1

Yuli Gurriel helped the Astros strike first in the 2019 World Series!
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  1. alexis delgado

    alexis delgado20 days ago

    EL YULI.........

  2. Blake Grandersen

    Blake GrandersenMonth ago

    Astros swept by Nationals

  3. tony gamer

    tony gamerMonth ago

    Mañana tiene que ganar hastros

  4. tony gamer

    tony gamerMonth ago


  5. Roberto Ramirez

    Roberto RamirezMonth ago

    Wow Gurriel




  7. schwill81

    schwill81Month ago

    MLB needs to come up with something that makes regular season as good or at least catch up a little bit with postseason baseball. Postseason baseball is awesome, but regular season is just too much, too drawn out... I love baseball, I just wish we could make regular games as intense as playoff baseball.

  8. Donald Trump

    Donald TrumpMonth ago

    Cual pinche piña 🍍... They lost!!

  9. 政瑜的窩

    政瑜的窩Month ago

    it tells us -old would win compared with young -it's truth!!!

  10. Texan Football Houston

    Texan Football HoustonMonth ago

    It's a good game

  11. Elian Fernandez

    Elian FernandezMonth ago

    Como esta el Yuli!

  12. Nunya Business

    Nunya BusinessMonth ago

    When are we going to talk about how absolutely useless Alvarez has been in the series?

  13. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayMonth ago

    Fox jinxed Scherzer with that Stat line 😂

  14. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayMonth ago

    @Jacob Flowers fr tho 😂

  15. Jacob Flowers

    Jacob FlowersMonth ago

    They jinxed Cole too 😂

  16. jds hempfarm

    jds hempfarmMonth ago

    Phil you gotta be proud of the team that you built. One smart Tennessee boy, you are. Did my Dad give you those tires for your Gutlass, I mean Cutlass, back in Dublin, California? Thanks for the tickets to watch you play third base, for Charlie Finley.

  17. jds hempfarm

    jds hempfarmMonth ago

    So let's see Walgreens is ahead? Or is it the Jetsons'

  18. jds hempfarm

    jds hempfarmMonth ago

    I say let's clear up this name game deal right here and now. If you are on the home team your name is Smith. If you are the visiting team, your name is Jones. I say I am correct because I say PLAY BALL!! Comments from the announcers must be directed to the play on the field. I am sorry about the guys dog dying, and his life off the field. I want to hear only about the game at hand, like in the old days of radio. Let's go Cuba!!

  19. Hans Blix

    Hans BlixMonth ago

    Well, that 2-0 lead didn't last long!

  20. Jorge Gonzalez

    Jorge GonzalezMonth ago

    Thanks LMB. Good for Yuly and Astros.

  21. I'm Wack

    I'm WackMonth ago

    Yuli has been hot these past few games

  22. Kyle Martinich Is Awesome

    Kyle Martinich Is AwesomeMonth ago

    That's my 'Stros! #TheBigOrangeMachine

  23. Justin Everett

    Justin EverettMonth ago


  24. Yoandri Terry Molina

    Yoandri Terry MolinaMonth ago

    En esa zona no se le puede pichear al Yuli

  25. Yoandri Terry Molina

    Yoandri Terry MolinaMonth ago

    Like mis cubanos fans al Yuli

  26. P4F Ace

    P4F AceMonth ago

    They do not deserve to be there Washington does not do should be the Braves versus Astros

  27. Darrell Schrock

    Darrell SchrockMonth ago

    Let me guess. You're a Braves fan. 👎 If they deserve to be in the world series, maybe they shouldn't have crapped all over themselves in game 5 against St. Louis. 😂

  28. BG Thomas

    BG ThomasMonth ago


  29. 612Tiberius

    612TiberiusMonth ago

    I really don't even care who wins this series - I like both of these teams so much just based on both their Pennant runs, I just want to see seven great games! I'm cheering them both on!!!

  30. Raul Gongora

    Raul GongoraMonth ago

    Ya esos Astros apestan.siempre lo mismo casi todos los anos o Boston Washington campeon

  31. Beth Richardson

    Beth RichardsonMonth ago

    2:16 for those who don't want to sit through MLB's 5 minute highlight videos which could be shown in 30 seconds.

  32. Anthony Pisculli

    Anthony PisculliMonth ago

    Let’s go Nationals

  33. crazboy21

    crazboy21Month ago


  34. Raul Gongora

    Raul GongoraMonth ago

    Los astros se van a encotrar con la orma de sus zapatos

  35. Yale P m

    Yale P mMonth ago

    Vamos Cuba 🇨🇺

  36. Francine Burke

    Francine BurkeMonth ago


  37. Redbug 3

    Redbug 3Month ago

    Clutch hits!

  38. Raul Gongora

    Raul GongoraMonth ago

    Vamos Washington a entrarle a palos a Cole la revancha yankees .vamos a ganarle los dos en Huston y lo eliminados en washinton

  39. Jacob Flowers

    Jacob FlowersMonth ago

    Max isn't looking right. He doesn't have a feel for his pitches

  40. Boris Cook

    Boris CookMonth ago

    So even in a World Series the outfielders have to time there dive for the camera’s ( highlights time )I would’ve thought winning the game would be a greater priority

  41. J Empath

    J EmpathMonth ago

    Nationals win this game!

  42. Guanabacoacoa

    GuanabacoacoaMonth ago

    Pa la piña acere!🍍🇨🇺⚾️🇺🇸

  43. Jose luis Avila

    Jose luis AvilaMonth ago

    Exelente la información de la ML B

  44. Redsox Films

    Redsox FilmsMonth ago

    Let’s go Juan Soto! Astros are clowns

  45. Matt Thornton

    Matt ThorntonMonth ago

    Boy, those Astro's are making good contact on pitches out of the zone.