Upgrading our WORST Wifi Setup - NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router Showcase

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We drove all the way out to Colton’s house to upgrade his WIFI with networking hardware from NETGEAR, including the XR500 router and Nighthawk X6S Mesh Extender.
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  1. Samer Rustom

    Samer Rustom4 hours ago

    Nice video. I am wondering if you do some giveaway for your youtubers

  2. Rich Man Gaming

    Rich Man Gaming11 hours ago

    Do you just unplug old WiFi and plug in new?

  3. Purpill

    Purpill14 hours ago

    I have that router it’s awesome. Have express vpn on it

  4. Sadie Blackwell

    Sadie Blackwell17 hours ago

    “100mbps is acceptable” _laughs in 15mbps at best_

  5. Samson

    Samson3 hours ago

    Over here free router download speed can up to 300mbps and upload speed 400mbps , Singapore have fastest speed Internet in the world.

  6. mannysanny

    mannysanny21 hour ago

    Does using an ethernet cable from the extender actually increase reliability? Or is it void because the connection from the router to the extender is wireless?

  7. Genephantom Coolman

    Genephantom CoolmanDay ago


  8. Jorrit Verduijn

    Jorrit Verduijn2 days ago

    I spotted a coaxial cable which you might want to check because that can be quite a big factor in overal reliability.

  9. CRAZY 4U69

    CRAZY 4U692 days ago

    I'm tired of grow your ig page

  10. Ballsweat McGee

    Ballsweat McGee2 days ago

    Colton pisses me off for being such a dumb dickhead

  11. Jonathon Her

    Jonathon Her2 days ago

    Fuck net gear!!! My ac1700 is so shityy!! Always dying for no reason and when it rains it dies.

  12. Eric Scrofano

    Eric Scrofano2 days ago

    Linus, who the hell are you hiring?

  13. dadygee

    dadygee3 days ago

    There is a saying: The shoe makers children have poor shoes...

  14. sonny lee

    sonny lee3 days ago

    What was the app they used to check the WiFi range?

  15. Mike Scholman

    Mike Scholman3 days ago

    i have 100 mpbs down too, when im 10 metres outside of mY house, inside i have 1gb

  16. Ali akin Vlogs

    Ali akin Vlogs3 days ago


  17. Patrick Calija

    Patrick Calija3 days ago

    10:54 Linus said it right "I DON'T want to play on a server that is MORE than 1000 km away", miss-corrected him there :)

  18. Ghunsam Maheshwara

    Ghunsam Maheshwara4 days ago

    I am using 500kb/s rn

  19. Avron Fernandes

    Avron Fernandes4 days ago

    Man, everyone in the comments is crying about their internet speeds. I understand. I just got a 50mbps FTTH service and it's so much better than anything I've used before (except being on the internet backbone in college).

  20. RIP Saebri

    RIP Saebri4 days ago

    i have like 4k hours in siege and never got put into EU server lol. i also have terrible sleeping schedule so often play when no one else is up

  21. Rice Cake

    Rice Cake4 days ago


  22. ツOGYellz

    ツOGYellz4 days ago

    Too bad i got centrylink.

  23. Bone4Crusher

    Bone4Crusher5 days ago

    Everyone: I only have 4-6 Mbps!! Me: is struggling to get 1 mbps and normally runs at 300 kbps

  24. Samson

    Samson3 hours ago

    Over here free router download speed can up to 300mbps and upload speed 400mbps , Singapore have fastest speed Internet in the world.

  25. ??

    ??5 days ago

    Did you hear him say his address 😲

  26. Mike

    Mike5 days ago

    nice video, please keep up the good work!

  27. Isgak Abrahams

    Isgak Abrahams5 days ago

    Cool video Linus.. Wish I had a decent router myself hahaha

  28. Dueygamer

    Dueygamer5 days ago

    1:21 the back of his head is more beautiful than the front

  29. Alex1911

    Alex19115 days ago

    Pretty sure his internet just sucks. I was getting 350mbps on the Hitron CGN3 router before my ISP took it back to give me a faster gigabit router

  30. Alex1911

    Alex19115 days ago

    Looks like the router Rogers gave me. It was actually pretty good, only reason I upgraded was due to going to the 500mbps connection service package

  31. Supra SLUG

    Supra SLUG5 days ago

    Switch out of at and t that's one problem the rest is hardware

  32. Laurens D

    Laurens D5 days ago

    "100Mbps is acceptable" Laughs with 500Mbps

  33. PSNFREAK 202

    PSNFREAK 2026 days ago

    I get 140 mbps all the time

  34. TheNumbersGame17

    TheNumbersGame176 days ago

    Bring back channel superfun

  35. Niranda

    Niranda6 days ago

    Martin Router King!

  36. Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln6 days ago

    anyone who spends this much on a "gaming router" is brain dead. i'm using a $30, refurbished arris modem and it doesn't stop me from curb stomping people in FPS games. not only that, i also have a 60TB QNAP NAS that functions as a file and offsite back up server for my and my dad's offices. i back up files to it and stream video from 7 off site security cameras to it. all with a $30, refurbished modem. not only that, there were no baseline stats shown on video. what were conditions like exactly before the "upgrade"? linus should be ashamed of pushing this garbage on his audience. i hope that the kids watching this didn't go demanding that their parents buy this garbage.

  37. Twizzl Godz

    Twizzl Godz6 days ago

    Get 11.6 mega bits wait 100 is just ok?

  38. Swollward

    Swollward6 days ago

    I get 50mb down max

  39. RightWing King

    RightWing King6 days ago

    screw consumer grade products, build your own. Get Pfsense!

  40. Oziel Amador

    Oziel Amador6 days ago

    You can use command prompt to find a wifi password if the computer has previously connected to it, look up netsh

  41. Alex1911

    Alex19115 days ago

    Can also call your ISP and they can give you the login/password set on those Hitron modems.

  42. CoreyIsTheName

    CoreyIsTheName7 days ago

    Glad I have Google Fiber. It's pretty rad. I'm getting 900+ with ethernet and around 450-500mbps via WiFi.

  43. Garrett Fietz

    Garrett Fietz7 days ago

    yeah I bought these wifi extenders and didnt realize it meant I had to manually switch my connection to the area I was in with that extender, its the most annoying thing ever. I need something seamless like this!

  44. Kazuto Kirigaya

    Kazuto Kirigaya7 days ago

    50+Mbps is acceptable for me

  45. Carson Carter

    Carson Carter7 days ago

    Isn’t Colton supposed to be fired?

  46. Llama Drama

    Llama Drama7 days ago

    Stop with the bad wifi jokes Iknow if youcan watch this viseo you have... 30mbps take it or leave it Ifnore the tyos

  47. Major Degurechaff

    Major Degurechaff6 days ago

    I got 10 megabit my guy, doesn't take a lot to watch a USwork video at 720p, but can't do Jack shit other than download shit and game. No streaming, no uploading, Netflix murders my ping, fuck ISPs in California

  48. vidi00

    vidi008 days ago

    i have 0.92 Mbps

  49. Michael Atigifagu

    Michael Atigifagu8 days ago

    Umm guys I had the same internet speeds of 3mbps for 9yrs until I finally decided to upgrade.

  50. Toirram

    Toirram8 days ago

    *pays for 150 megabits per second" "gets 0.42*

  51. c182SkylaneRG

    c182SkylaneRG9 days ago

    Okay, I purchased the slightly older version of this router, and it died after 18 months, so I want an update on this router in 24 months to see if it's still working. My lemon router: Netgear Nighthawk R7000. The reviews warned me and I didn't listen, so shame on me. But I still want a two-year update. My PREVIOUS router (now almost 7 years old), is still going strong and providing stable game streaming AND Netflix/Hulu, simultaneously: Netgear WNDR4300. The older router is so good that I bought a second one on Ebay to be my range extender to extend wifi coverage to the other half of the house.

  52. Mr. ZounderkiteTM

    Mr. ZounderkiteTM9 days ago

    "100Mbps is acceptable" Australians: "Bruh"

  53. 22Clarence Tewksbury

    22Clarence Tewksbury9 days ago

    My max download speed is 6.8

  54. Ran Burdo

    Ran Burdo10 days ago

    WE NEED FIBER CONNECTION! Colton's old dusty router can cough a better connection than mine. *Cries is DSL*

  55. Rodder

    Rodder10 days ago

    Me: Sees all the peasant comments about their bad wifi Also me: Gigabit internet in the woods

  56. Ponyitous

    Ponyitous10 days ago

    How do you not accept 100mbps. I would fucking die for that

  57. succulent

    succulent10 days ago

    I get 600 ping 50 Mbps download 3 Mbps upload And I have the best internet with satellite. You can't get broadband where I live

  58. Jectr Gaming

    Jectr Gaming10 days ago

    You spelled Twitch wrong at the beginning of the video.

  59. ASD Lagster

    ASD Lagster10 days ago

    100 mbps is acceptable Me on 0.2 download

  60. LoganTheBlonde

    LoganTheBlonde10 days ago

    watch him not change his stock password, so now we can just hijack his new connection on the way to freakin' nowhere

  61. Life Racers

    Life Racers10 days ago

    I got around 600 Mbps in about every room. Idk how I’m getting this in my home cause I have satellites in many rooms for coverage.

  62. Eugene Crabs

    Eugene Crabs11 days ago

    Does this mean you don't need the factory gateway or do you still need it for the modem in it?

  63. Miguel Taveras

    Miguel Taveras11 days ago

    Upload at 1%?????

  64. Luke Smeby

    Luke Smeby11 days ago

    I get 40mbps wired on my home network