Upgrading our WORST Wifi Setup - NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router Showcase




    Me rockin 6 mbps download and 3 mbps upload, ugg I have no idea what Im doing

  2. epicgamerclanz

    epicgamerclanz5 hours ago

    Totally hate Netgear, I'll take ASUS any day of the week.

  3. snowdog 2001

    snowdog 200117 hours ago

    me only 50mbps on wired linus not bad 100mbps on wirless

  4. Scott Davis

    Scott Davis2 days ago

    I’d like it if Linus came to MY house and upgraded my worst computer

  5. Josh Jones

    Josh Jones2 days ago

    cCol love it. But for another person who doesn't know this stuff its a foreign language.

  6. lone berserker

    lone berserker2 days ago

    guys i need someone to help me i do youtube and it takes like a hole day to upload a 15 minute video and i play video games i also have 4 other people in the house that uses the wifi is this router worth it, i also live in the woods so is this thing worth it i really need to know

  7. Igmantis

    Igmantis2 days ago

    I often get less than one Mbps...

  8. Swaggyorangespike

    Swaggyorangespike2 days ago

    Boi my wifi is in kbps

  9. Ghostie & Friends

    Ghostie & Friends2 days ago

    They misspelled Twitch on Colton's info card lmao

  10. Henry Walker

    Henry Walker2 days ago

    i download steam games at average 400KB/s, not even joking

  11. Ohvann 3X

    Ohvann 3X3 days ago

    Please god someone help me. What do I do if I can not get cable Internet of any kind. And can't afford the the over priced garbage satellite Internet companies either. What do I do!?!?

  12. Chase McNamara

    Chase McNamara3 days ago

    One of the less transparent videos you guys have put out in a while. Netgear must pay well.

  13. xprt

    xprt3 days ago

    Linus: *gets 100+ mb per second* "That's acceptable" Me: *gets 15+ on a good day* "LETS GO"

  14. Pranav PUBG

    Pranav PUBG3 days ago

    I have 260mps Edit- if some miracle happen

  15. chris fuentes

    chris fuentes4 days ago

    wifi analyzer is good tool

  16. James Games monster

    James Games monster4 days ago

    I get 4mbps and I also get internet drops close to 7 to 8 times a day and they can be as short at 1 minute or as long as 10 min or even longer. I am currently watching this video on cellular because it is down right now

  17. sbV

    sbV4 days ago

    Well fuck i don’t get anymore than 10mbps

  18. That One Dog

    That One Dog4 days ago

    100Mbps is acceptable, actually its not bad" Have you seen UK speeds in wales

  19. Vibinator

    Vibinator5 days ago

    Windows 10 actually shows you the wifi password if you go into the network settings ;)

  20. Bear Drew

    Bear Drew5 days ago

    Sponsored reviews are absolutely worthless for how good a product is. Netgear would never allow them to be critical of this product given its sponsored.

  21. Jamzs May

    Jamzs May5 days ago

    If Australian's got better internet we would destroy matchmaking games, ruin good players reputations and overall out-perform everyone. You see, even with our joke of the internet, they did this to stop us gamers from rising up and dominating the rest of the world

  22. Scott Swagger

    Scott Swagger5 days ago

    Australia’s max is like 100MBPS 😂😂.. and that’s with luck

  23. IXAnihilationIX

    IXAnihilationIX5 days ago

    I still hate my WiFi only get around 540mbps tho it's capable of 1GB, I just use wired since it gives 1GB to 1.2GB, 100mbps is not acceptable to me at all lol

  24. Michael Monzon

    Michael Monzon5 days ago

    The question is, for me anyway; Do you have to use the original router connected to the new one, or can the stock one be replaced?

  25. Mj T

    Mj T2 days ago

    I own a XR500 in Australia. On my HFC style NBN network i have to use the crappy supplied router before the Netgear one. I blame the NBN for it's apparent incompatibility with every router i have ever tried. I just disable the wifi on the crappy router. The XR500 is even better than the review. Wifi range is good for at least a 20 room motel. Gaming latency improvements at default are so impressive. Mixed channel WIFI by default is again so impressive. The list goes on and on like that

  26. David Thompsom

    David Thompsom5 days ago

    u need to have 10x the subscribers and they also need to play your videos in tech classes

  27. adam stull

    adam stull5 days ago

    Last i checked a router does not connect via cable. A modem does. So did he get a new modem too? Or did you just completely ignore that fact?

  28. adam stull

    adam stull5 days ago

    @Paradise Arcade That would my guess to by it was never even addressed. Acted like it was just going to get tossed in the trash.

  29. Paradise Arcade

    Paradise Arcade5 days ago

    Could be a modem/router combo provided by the ISP.

  30. gordanzzzz

    gordanzzzz5 days ago

    All the money U make and U cant pay 1 dollar for speedtest app U suck

  31. EarthMonster

    EarthMonster6 days ago

    Help me www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/5113848680

  32. Jimeth

    Jimeth6 days ago

    I'm Australian, our idiotic ex-prime minister spent 66 billion dollars building a network that peaks at 100mbps.

  33. Rithyan

    Rithyan6 days ago

    326Mbps is great compared to my 4Mbps at best then like 1Mbps when anyone else is one it ahhh

  34. M.R. Saar

    M.R. Saar6 days ago

    iPhone lets you share the WiFi with your friends, no password needed. ;)

  35. Kolcobrzuch

    Kolcobrzuch6 days ago

    Some strange things might happen when your magnets fall of the fridge....

  36. Xero

    Xero6 days ago


  37. Purge cVz

    Purge cVz7 days ago

    "Acceptable" over a 100 mbps ours at the Philippines 300kbps - 1.5 mbps .what a shame..fvcking corrupt network providers.

  38. Shane Freeland

    Shane Freeland7 days ago

    Does this mean Colton's NOT getting a Red Ryder air rifle for Christmas?

  39. Engineering The Metals

    Engineering The Metals7 days ago

    Oh god, I LOVED the door touch with your opening!!!

  40. Egg with 10,000 subscriber

    Egg with 10,000 subscriber7 days ago

    Im ur neigbour i knew ur password beqch

  41. Tim Gaming

    Tim Gaming7 days ago

    100mbps is ok me here with 6mbps and thats the best i can get in my area

  42. stacey vieira

    stacey vieira7 days ago

    4k/8k upscaling as fast as possible!

  43. Noah Moon

    Noah Moon7 days ago

    samsung s10 is alr wifi 6 ax band.

  44. Christian

    Christian7 days ago

    Nice to get free stuff.

  45. Spykersan

    Spykersan8 days ago

    Perfectly placed netflix and chill joke wasted... @2:50

  46. Jonas Müller

    Jonas Müller8 days ago

    How do they install the router? His setup before is a router with integrated cable-modem, similar to mine. Do they use his old hardware solely as modem?

  47. Agent 48

    Agent 488 days ago

    *Gets fancy new router that is powerful and can improve everything* BO4: *ERROR*

  48. sai krishna

    sai krishna8 days ago

    Linus: over 100mbps is acceptable Me: crying in Aussie

  49. spiderpig990

    spiderpig9908 days ago

    Can you come to my place and check my gaming setup

  50. Moses Tran

    Moses Tran8 days ago

    7:10 Linus is taller than someone!!!

  51. TheSmilingXenomorph

    TheSmilingXenomorph8 days ago

    If you set your ssid to "CUNT CUNT CUNT" are there laws against that?

  52. chromeeh

    chromeeh8 days ago

    *coughs* Ubiquiti *coughs* #notsponsored

  53. wasup23tube

    wasup23tube9 days ago

    Imagine having the worst network, with 300+ mpbs