YouTuber Feud! | Team Edge vs. Cam and Jeff!!


  1. Luka Plavevski

    Luka Plavevski10 hours ago

    Ola puedes ablar einglish oops it was in spanish mode

  2. Luka Plavevski

    Luka Plavevski10 hours ago

    Dangie bros or team edge who will win Jeff replys iam jeff


    LEVI DE WIT22 hours ago

    Rip team edge

  4. Kadence Clark

    Kadence Clark2 days ago

    Ok...but did Joey catch the light?

  5. Red Jet

    Red Jet3 days ago

    Poor fish

  6. Henna Burnham

    Henna Burnham4 days ago

    Columbus blue jackets went against the LA nights and they sucked so haha

  7. Andrew Burkhart

    Andrew Burkhart5 days ago

    Rip Cam and Jeff

  8. Andrew Mills

    Andrew Mills6 days ago

    0:09 "Oh sorry it was in Spanish mode" This must explain the Democrat debates.

  9. Mason Neal

    Mason Neal6 days ago

    The write brothers Built the first flying airplane

  10. Crazzylion 29

    Crazzylion 297 days ago

    Is it alright disliking because of maths haters

  11. Arsheel Abbas

    Arsheel Abbas8 days ago

    5:36 rip fish

  12. Abel Ruvalcaba

    Abel Ruvalcaba8 days ago

    Joey Jeff said that you look stupid Mr. Pink hat with your pink hat

  13. Ethan Rudibaugh

    Ethan Rudibaugh8 days ago

    I mean the first airplane was actually Leonardo Da Vinci but his plane was called a flying machine which was one of many flying things that didn’t work.

  14. Quantomy

    Quantomy8 days ago

    whos watching this and their called dangie bros

  15. Victor Soto

    Victor Soto9 days ago

    Boys can wear pink to Jeff

  16. cyten pierce

    cyten pierce9 days ago


  17. Gavin Diuguid

    Gavin Diuguid9 days ago

    Team edge has trampolines joey.

  18. spoopy Pastor

    spoopy Pastor9 days ago

    6:43 they actually sounded gud this time

  19. jeremy sallee

    jeremy sallee11 days ago

    rip team edge go dangie bros

  20. Teva Kassirer

    Teva Kassirer11 days ago

    Bryan you suck good job

  21. firedr1 games

    firedr1 games12 days ago

    why is bryan shaved into his hair XD

  22. liampro25

    liampro2512 days ago

    Didn’t Leonardo davinchi (sorry if I spelt that wrong) invent the airplane and the Wright brothers created the first working airplane

  23. liampro25

    liampro2512 days ago

    Which means that they both made the first airplane

  24. Puff Gaming

    Puff Gaming12 days ago

    Well Leonardo created the turbines and the physics for the airplane, but the Wright Brothers made the airplane with those turbines and physics You’re Welcome

  25. Saphira Botelho

    Saphira Botelho13 days ago

    Cam and Jeff!........and rob

  26. Saphira Botelho

    Saphira Botelho13 days ago

    I love how rob isn’t saying anything

  27. blake d

    blake d13 days ago

    Cat fish

  28. Wyatt Smallberger

    Wyatt Smallberger13 days ago


  29. Pika Pika

    Pika Pika13 days ago

    R.I.P. team edge

  30. Neko Chan

    Neko Chan14 days ago

    Yay, Jeff Rob Chris!!

  31. Skvader 418

    Skvader 41814 days ago

    I call bryan cheater


    EMO'S WORLD14 days ago

    Instint replays 1:14 1:14 1:14 1:14 1:14

  33. Mr Mcbadass

    Mr Mcbadass15 days ago

    wright brothers did NOT invent the plane

  34. Todd Miller

    Todd Miller15 days ago


  35. Christian Coertze

    Christian Coertze16 days ago

    Everyone hates history!

  36. vimasha ransith

    vimasha ransith16 days ago

    team edge is suck

  37. Gavin 630

    Gavin 63016 days ago

    Plot twist. Kevin is secretly laser beam because he YEETED the mic but instead he just said he had butterfingers DA DA DAAAA

  38. Gavin 630

    Gavin 63016 days ago

    Joey 7:27

  39. Jake Tracy

    Jake Tracy17 days ago

    My favorite is Bryan and cris

  40. Katalina Penate

    Katalina Penate17 days ago

    Math is my favorite

  41. Dee Tanner

    Dee Tanner17 days ago

    Katalina Penate hello

  42. King Killer

    King Killer17 days ago


  43. King Killer

    King Killer17 days ago

    Cam and Jeff

  44. fun times with E, F and FRIENDS

    fun times with E, F and FRIENDS18 days ago


  45. fun times with E, F and FRIENDS

    fun times with E, F and FRIENDS18 days ago


  46. CQNNOR

    CQNNOR19 days ago

    The guy in the blue T-shirt seems pissed the whole way through this 😂

  47. classicqrvntt

    classicqrvntt19 days ago

    5:34 animal abuse tho

  48. Haileigh OBerry

    Haileigh OBerry19 days ago

    Bobby sees fish and instantly falls in love

  49. Jesse Lashchuk

    Jesse Lashchuk21 day ago

    I hate history but love math

  50. David Musselman

    David Musselman22 days ago

    11:36 And the answer is...a broken mic. *Can I borrow 40 bucks?*

  51. Kizkuz Gamer

    Kizkuz Gamer22 days ago

    I hope matthias is there :( he would have been a boss

  52. Dumbledore's Army

    Dumbledore's Army22 days ago

    Only Team Edge would have questions on the bible. What good Christian boys.

  53. TBNR Lyfe

    TBNR Lyfe23 days ago

    Cam and jeff and rob SUBSCRIBE TO DANGIE BROS!