Stunt Jumps Through Impossible Shapes!!


  1. Matthew Bonura

    Matthew BonuraDay ago

    The spit from Brian

  2. Donovan Lawrence

    Donovan Lawrence2 days ago

    Jfred '2 1/2 1

  3. devyn renteria

    devyn renteria6 days ago

    brian drooled

  4. Super Ninja

    Super Ninja8 days ago

    Joey is my favorite

  5. Cameron Schultz

    Cameron Schultz11 days ago

    Did Joey finish school

  6. Skylynxify Reborn

    Skylynxify Reborn8 days ago

    He didn't finish college if that's what you meant. Also some people have very good reasons for not finishing school.

  7. Storm Nasca

    Storm Nasca12 days ago

    For the Bobby shaped hole...missed opportunity to front flip into it.That'd have been my strategy.

  8. Cristian Soberanis

    Cristian Soberanis17 days ago


  9. Jeffrey Gamer12345678

    Jeffrey Gamer1234567818 days ago

    Joey is Athletic he can front flip and he can beat Bryan in 1v1 basketball

  10. Hanno Tomberg

    Hanno Tomberg19 days ago

    Wwwwwqqqwqddssdf. Nmnmmmnnmmmmmmmmmnmmmnnm::::/;::’,6667666666’ukil

  11. Cliff Martin

    Cliff Martin19 days ago

    If Bobby gets hit where he don’t want it to be 1 like =1 prayer for bobby

  12. DIY World

    DIY World19 days ago

    Spit Brian

  13. Gabriela Montejano

    Gabriela Montejano19 days ago


  14. Kyle Rice

    Kyle Rice19 days ago

    Brian gets a rival ball in his mouth so he starts gasping for air

  15. Jimi JamJar

    Jimi JamJar20 days ago

    What if this was the title jumping thrugh brick wals(:

  16. Samuel Lipof (Student)

    Samuel Lipof (Student)20 days ago


  17. Janine Mawdsley

    Janine Mawdsley21 day ago

    hi team edge plz would you mind say hi to dope or nope or nope and plz say a loud hi to Matthias

  18. Kimberly Griffin

    Kimberly Griffin23 days ago

    J Fred for the win

  19. Ian Lewis

    Ian Lewis23 days ago

    who watching in 2019

  20. 2024_Ryan Lesh

    2024_Ryan Lesh26 days ago

    my faviorte team edge members in oder are Bobbylicious,Bryancito,and joyf

  21. 2024_Ryan Lesh

    2024_Ryan Lesh26 days ago

    more jupping though shapes

  22. Sara Miller

    Sara Miller27 days ago

    Why isn’t Bobby in any battle universe videos

  23. Skylynxify Reborn

    Skylynxify Reborn8 days ago

    Because hes to busy producing Team Edge.

  24. Andrew Bui

    Andrew Bui27 days ago

    llllllllllllllllll Llllllllllllllllillllllllllllllll Did you find the i? Like if you idd


    ELIJAHBOSS28 days ago

    0:37 love how it’s river of Jordan by lecrae but sped up

  26. Lily panda

    Lily panda29 days ago


  27. Lily panda

    Lily panda29 days ago

    This is like hole it the wall in roblox

  28. Shriti Dham

    Shriti Dham29 days ago

    Bryan's spit on the slomo 😂 at 4:33

  29. Roarke Pulcino

    Roarke PulcinoMonth ago


  30. Sea Anchor

    Sea AnchorMonth ago

    2:09 How do you know??😲😲😨😨😳😳

  31. abhi gamer gamer

    abhi gamer gamerMonth ago

    o ghosh

  32. Spencer Kissinger

    Spencer KissingerMonth ago

    Is it me or dose Bryan always drool

  33. Marcia Smith

    Marcia SmithMonth ago

    He drooled

  34. Mei Jian Yau

    Mei Jian YauMonth ago

    Bobby: “good thing I didn’t bet on that future burrito”😂😂😂

  35. Mei Jian Yau

    Mei Jian YauMonth ago

    “Don’t do a front flip, just snowman man!!”😂😂


    JEFFREY EBNERMonth ago

    You make the best video’s

  37. Sheilia Flyr

    Sheilia FlyrMonth ago

    You guys should do one of these with the Dangie Bros! And Joey, remember how you were tackling Cam and Jeff??

  38. Happiness Is Everyone

    Happiness Is EveryoneMonth ago

    1 like = a dollar to every styrofoam board that broke :3

  39. Happiness Is Everyone

    Happiness Is EveryoneMonth ago

    Every 5 seconds a man named J-Fred screams, 1 like = 1 cent to his medical bills to cure his scream symptoms.. :3

  40. Anna S

    Anna SMonth ago

    V m

  41. Nathan Sinconiegue

    Nathan SinconiegueMonth ago

    J-fred and bobby and bryan do attack on titan

  42. Nathan Sinconiegue

    Nathan SinconiegueMonth ago


  43. Sam Stewart

    Sam StewartMonth ago

    Joey literally always gets the easy things on everything

  44. Ace the Prototype 24677

    Ace the Prototype 24677Month ago

    0:35 *tesseract

  45. The erasable tomcat

    The erasable tomcatMonth ago

    REALLY unfair

  46. Riley Gardea

    Riley GardeaMonth ago

    bobby said that he is not going to do it again

  47. Emily Dolan

    Emily DolanMonth ago

    Why would J-Fred be going on a date? He's weird

  48. Flamingo Still chill

    Flamingo Still chillMonth ago

    4:20 anybody see it?

  49. vb_YT

    vb_YTMonth ago

    0:38 - 0:42 what is that song called

  50. Gracie Adams

    Gracie AdamsMonth ago

    Keep replaying bobby saying OH GOD 4:36

  51. lego ivan

    lego ivanMonth ago


  52. lego ivan

    lego ivanMonth ago


  53. Banderas Simeon

    Banderas SimeonMonth ago

    J-fred is funny

  54. Kane J

    Kane JMonth ago

    It was 6 to 0 to 0 get it sharp of it Bobby and Brian so yeah or you like with Bryan with a y but get a sharp ok 👌

  55. Jeremiah Love

    Jeremiah LoveMonth ago

    i didnt laugh the whole time

  56. ight imma head out

    ight imma head outMonth ago

    This is Bobby 😀 👕 👖 👟👟

  57. Serenity Atwell

    Serenity Atwell2 months ago

    His were so. Easy

  58. Nitocris Bordas

    Nitocris Bordas2 months ago

    Hahahaha 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

  59. Todzilla

    Todzilla2 months ago

    Joey got the easiest

  60. Chad Sherwood

    Chad Sherwood2 months ago


  61. 3 Monz

    3 Monz2 months ago

    Hey guyhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  62. LOL Vlogs 1

    LOL Vlogs 12 months ago

    Did Joey curse 7:23? If it was not Joey then Who cursed.