Red Lip with Winged Liner for Valentine's Day


  1. Liliana Caamano

    Liliana Caamano4 months ago

    Too Face Born This Way translucent powder. 🥰. So good 😊.

  2. XoxoJohanna TV

    XoxoJohanna TV9 months ago

    Love your makeup!!!!! so in love.

  3. Lorena León

    Lorena LeónYear ago

    Were do you buy your eyeliner at? I used to use that one but I can’t find it anywhere anymore 😩 and I live in LA

  4. Stephanie Vasquez

    Stephanie VasquezYear ago

    The born this way powder is cool and it’s less drying and the new maybelline loose powders are so bomb you would be the second shade because we have a close skin tone.

  5. Stephanie Vasquez

    Stephanie VasquezYear ago

    What shade do you use in the born this way?

  6. Diane Gastelum

    Diane GastelumYear ago

    I thought nyc liner was discontinued 🤔 where did you get yours? 😣

  7. Diane Gastelum

    Diane GastelumYear ago

    Jacqueline Ceja awe ok thank you 😊

  8. Jacqueline Ceja

    Jacqueline CejaYear ago

    I think she had said she purchased a lot online and stocked up on them before they were discontinued!

  9. Nancyy Yoo

    Nancyy YooYear ago

    What foundation did she use ?

  10. Ambar Gonzalez

    Ambar GonzalezYear ago

    Beautiful! Girl you look exactly like Kim k

  11. Jeremiah Mayfield

    Jeremiah MayfieldYear ago

    I love you

  12. Jessenya Vali

    Jessenya ValiYear ago

    Omg! Blanca I just love the person you are & everything you do! Love the makeup 💄 stay humble stay positive & keep going I love it 😍

  13. Linda Guerita

    Linda GueritaYear ago

    new subscriber ....estas bien hermosa you look like Helen Ochoa 😍😍😍

  14. Dana leeann

    Dana leeannYear ago

    New subscriber💛 You have an awesome personality

  15. LoyaltyTrue L

    LoyaltyTrue LYear ago

    Omg your so beautiful with and without makeup.

  16. Fabiola Gutierrez

    Fabiola GutierrezYear ago

    What happen to the other 3 looks 😓

  17. Amy Chavez

    Amy ChavezYear ago

    what is the glue for your lashes called

  18. Jessica Murillo

    Jessica MurilloYear ago

    Beautiful ❤️ What camera do you use ?? I’m looking into a camera to start vlogging and wanted your opinion .

  19. Nancy Frias

    Nancy FriasYear ago

    do an updated tag de la banda 😭❤️

  20. Carina Montiel

    Carina MontielYear ago

    i feel like you always do a wing eyeliner, simple usual eyeshadow and thick lashes, teach something new. I love you sorry to be very honest.

  21. Carla Reyes

    Carla ReyesYear ago

    What happened to the 5 days tho? 😭 miss you & your vlogs!!

  22. takikz

    takikzYear ago

    Love this look! And love Mac ruby woo lipstick 😍💄

  23. Melonee Ahuna

    Melonee AhunaYear ago

    How the fuck am I only finding your channel now! 😭 literally hit subscribed real fucken quick 😘 ugggghhhhh those lips tho 🤤

  24. Daisy Alonso

    Daisy AlonsoYear ago

    Anastasia Beverly Hills hd powder 🤗

  25. Jennifer Ariel Ramos

    Jennifer Ariel RamosYear ago

    omg I just saw that bf vs gf have your flyer thing in their channel that's so cool

  26. Analisa Manzo

    Analisa ManzoYear ago

    Yo cuz it Andrew idk I’m using my cousin account I’m not gunna say where u at and who were related to but I’m on the Manzo side and andd me on snap so we could talk

  27. Ttk Jinadu

    Ttk JinaduYear ago

    You look fabulous, nice makeup

  28. Brianne Flores

    Brianne FloresYear ago

    Too Faced makes a translucent powder now that is pretty good. I just started using it and really like it

  29. biancamiranda42

    biancamiranda42Year ago

    Where’s the link to the lashes.?

  30. MakeupbyMima

    MakeupbyMimaYear ago

    hi love, the maybelline fit me loose finishing powder is amazing for under the eyes and baking. You should try it. I also heard that Patrick Star's powder is amazing but I haven't tried that one yet.

  31. Maritza Rodriguez

    Maritza RodriguezYear ago

    I love love love love this look 😭 you look hella bomb with a red lip 😍

  32. Mayraaa 5

    Mayraaa 5Year ago

    Hey girl can u zoom into the eyes when u do tutorials please❤️ love all ur videos and I’m waiting for the next vlog 😘

  33. Deborah Rivera

    Deborah RiveraYear ago

    I love a red lip!!!! Its definitely my fave. I also did a simple glam red lip look too!!! Great minds think alike :)

  34. Araceli Tee

    Araceli TeeYear ago

    I don’t think you mentioned the name of the foundation. Which one did you use????

  35. Krystal Luna

    Krystal LunaYear ago

    Why am I moving my lips like I'm the one applying lipstick?! 😂😂😂😂

  36. Beauty by Rita

    Beauty by RitaYear ago

    RCMA no color powder. It’s on amazon or at pinky rose . Awesome awesome powder

  37. Michy A

    Michy AYear ago

    She has this habit of licking her lips. It's hard not to see it after you notice. Lol

  38. Tahlia M

    Tahlia MYear ago

    What shade are you in the studio fix powder???

  39. Sanjuanita Vallejo

    Sanjuanita VallejoYear ago

    The maybelline fit me loose powder is a great one as well! I haven’t used it yet but I’ve heard some really good things about it!!! I have the airspun translucent powder and I love it! But if I buy the maybelline one I’m definitely going to be trying it!!! You should try them and let us know what you think! ❤️👌🏻

  40. Maria Ochoa

    Maria OchoaYear ago

    Your so beautiful

  41. Kandace klsxo

    Kandace klsxoYear ago

    ahh girl, when you face downwards. your chin gets all this wierdness in it. YOUR PRETTY FUCKING HOT otherwise.

  42. Teresa Alcalá

    Teresa AlcaláYear ago

    Wow what a beautiful look👍luv the way u put ur makeup and those lips💋:-)Wow that's hot🔥.. Great job!

  43. Jaq Rodz

    Jaq RodzYear ago

    What morphe palette is this?

  44. Lorenna Hernandez

    Lorenna HernandezYear ago

    try the born this way translucent powder youre gonna love it Blanca! just like you love their foundation trust me your gonna love it, it makes your face look so glowy its bomb af !

  45. 2undertwo _

    2undertwo _Year ago

    I️ love this look but with a nude lips tho lol I️ watched this a few times already I️ love your vibe 😘😘😘✨✨✨

  46. Isela Alvarez

    Isela AlvarezYear ago


  47. Jocelyn Garcia

    Jocelyn GarciaYear ago

    Yesssss fuck it up Evette 😍😩👏🏼 you’re so beautiful as always I love this look! What pallet is being used?

  48. Eli Sanchez

    Eli SanchezYear ago

    Once you contour you always remind me of Kim Kardashian😊😘

  49. Evelyn Lizet

    Evelyn LizetYear ago

    Love this look😍

  50. Karenn beauty glamm

    Karenn beauty glammYear ago

    Try channel translucent powder girl it's bomb😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  51. SimplyLiz97

    SimplyLiz97Year ago

    You need to try RCMA no color powder !!

  52. June C. Rodriguez

    June C. RodriguezYear ago

    I don’t see the link for lashes?

  53. June C. Rodriguez

    June C. RodriguezYear ago

    Love seeing the new bronzer

  54. Steph Parra Felipe

    Steph Parra FelipeYear ago

    Love this look beautiful 😍😍and I love the makeup revolution banana powder it's bomb

  55. Pamella Hernandez

    Pamella HernandezYear ago

    Legit just placed my order for overnight on the ruby woo duo cus it looks so bomb on you

  56. Melissa Aguilar

    Melissa AguilarYear ago

    My favorite, such a beauty 😍🔥❤️❤️

  57. Kassandra Jones

    Kassandra JonesYear ago

    What’s the foundation ? You never say

  58. Stefany Coronado

    Stefany CoronadoYear ago

    Kassandra Jones she said it’s the make up forever HD lol

  59. Alejandra Lemus

    Alejandra LemusYear ago

    What foundation is it????

  60. Stefany Coronado

    Stefany CoronadoYear ago

    Laura Lemus makeup forever HD

  61. Lisa Serrato

    Lisa SerratoYear ago

    Love this look! This is seriously one of my go to looks on a reg day lol i love a red lip. & ruby woo is my fav! Thank u! This will be my Valentine’s Day look ❤️

  62. Alexandra Rodriguez

    Alexandra RodriguezYear ago

    Is the make up forever foundation a drugstore foundation?

  63. Stefany Coronado

    Stefany CoronadoYear ago

    Alexandra Rodriguez high end

  64. Jennifer Rios

    Jennifer RiosYear ago

    Loving it😍😍 pretty as always❤️

  65. Lissi Forbes

    Lissi ForbesYear ago

    What’s the link to the lashes??

  66. Dania Delgadillo

    Dania DelgadilloYear ago

    I use the Chanel setting powder cause Jenny 69 suggested it for dryer skin and I actually love it 🙌🏽 love how u made this look so easy