Everything Wrong With Justice League In 24 Minutes Or Less


  1. Ross Morales

    Ross Morales45 minutes ago

    why were the parademons and steppenwolffe said to be krytonians in the movie????? Did i hear that wrong, please explain

  2. Martin Petauer

    Martin Petauer2 hours ago

    I still dont get it why DC is a sin

  3. DevanteTheDCGuy Reacts too

    DevanteTheDCGuy Reacts too8 hours ago

    Everybody shits on justice league movie...but me I personally enjoyed it.

  4. Tony Snell

    Tony Snell13 hours ago

    You missed how Bruce Wayne bought a bank just to secure a home when he could have just bought the home.

  5. Khoa Do

    Khoa Do13 hours ago

    the funny thing is they try so hard to make the movie longer to compete with MCU movies but using a tons of unnecessary slow motion scenes for no reason lol.

  6. Khoa Do

    Khoa Do14 hours ago

    the whole movie is everything wrong... what a joke

  7. mark zofcin

    mark zofcinDay ago

    Flash has blue lightning, THAT shit deserves at least three sins for every true DC fan

  8. Gamoria G

    Gamoria GDay ago

    2:05 rip notherdamm

  9. Foxy Fnaf

    Foxy FnafDay ago


  10. David Dailey

    David DaileyDay ago

    i smell the mother box it has the father balls in it.

  11. LeBron is GOAT

    LeBron is GOAT2 days ago

    The Endgame end credits were better then this entire movie

  12. jeff deathrage

    jeff deathrage2 days ago

    Pc comedians are sorta like an oxymoron.

  13. CelestialBlade

    CelestialBlade2 days ago

    The only thing I like about this movie is Deathstroke

  14. qrufus

    qrufus3 days ago

    This movie wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. At least, I could see what was happening. But, I let out a cosmic sigh when I saw Luthor. And when I saw Deathstroke, I only thought "where's Will Smith?"

  15. KevyB

    KevyB4 days ago

    You missed the "best" part, and the reason I came here while WATCHING the movie. How is a bomb that is supposed to decimate four city blocks get thrown into the air and have an explosion SMALLER than a firework? Are all the buildings in this area made of jet fuel?

  16. Michael Plowman

    Michael Plowman4 days ago

    No mentions that nearly a century later, the Amazons still have the same shitty tech and weaponry? *ding*

  17. Amberlee Davies

    Amberlee Davies4 days ago

    Did no one else notice that when the humans Barrie's their box thingy, that the King was wearing Sauron's crown?

  18. Christy Sara

    Christy Sara4 days ago

    Steve Trevor is NOT an asshole!!!!

  19. Michael

    Michael4 days ago

    The movie sucked, there's plenty of sins to go around - no need to be nitpicky. How hard is to say The-mi-scy-ra?

  20. One Eyed King

    One Eyed King5 days ago

    The CGI on cyborg deserves 100 sins. Fucking hideous.

  21. Man Syah

    Man Syah5 days ago

    came here again after Jonah Jamerson on the Daily Bugle.net on Spiderman : Far From Home


    VICTORY DONUT5 days ago

    Anyone else notice the rick and morty episode bring the flash recruit scene?

  23. Abe J. Simpson

    Abe J. Simpson5 days ago

    You skipped the Kal-El no!!!

  24. Gaming HQ

    Gaming HQ5 days ago

    DC>Marvel DCEU

  25. Chicken Strip

    Chicken Strip5 days ago

    It's weird that at the end of the extended cut of Batman v Superman, the dirt started levitating off of Superman's coffin. That should lead anyone to believe that something will happen with Superman, and that he would resurrect himself. But DC left that as a loose end. No clarification on why the dirt was levitating. DC really needs to work on the keeping their storylines LINEAR. I usually leave funny comments but that's just something I wanted to point out.

  26. Albert Nave

    Albert Nave5 days ago

    them-is-skeera It's not that hard.

  27. Waxoff Waxon

    Waxoff Waxon7 days ago

    2:05 the Superman Vannier on notre dame is relevant. I saw a Nike commercial bannière on a Parisian church last weekend!!

  28. Nate DawGg

    Nate DawGg7 days ago

    I fucking lost it when he said "I fucking hate this family" hahahaha

  29. Nate DawGg

    Nate DawGg7 days ago

    The scene with Superman looking at Flash while he's going super speed is so great XD

  30. NegativeXero

    NegativeXero8 days ago

    So super man is overated even tho he can beat FREAKING GOKU?

  31. NegativeXero

    NegativeXero8 days ago

    I hate this guy he just rants about movies even over stupid things like “not knowing how someone can do something” even tho he dident watch the movie that explains that.

  32. J H

    J H8 days ago

    I swore off all of their movies after BvS.

  33. Christopher Reed

    Christopher Reed8 days ago

    Release the Snyder Cut!

  34. Ultra Beastiary

    Ultra Beastiary8 days ago

    Did Satan direct this movie?

  35. Daniel Zuk

    Daniel Zuk8 days ago

    This movie needed nudity

  36. logruszed

    logruszed9 days ago

    "Superman can only be in one place at one time" "What makes Flash special if Superman can do the same stuff?" The fact that two people can be doing that stuff? Aquaman, basically every member of the JL has scaled up powers these days except Batman. I feel like you're basing all of your awareness of their powers from the old 70's cartoon show.

  37. logruszed

    logruszed9 days ago

    Wonder Woman can "do Flash stuff" since they realized they had been writing her as Superman's physical equal (or close enough depending on who's writing) and he had been doing Flash stuff for some time.

  38. 177SCmaro

    177SCmaro9 days ago

    I'd have a little more sympathy for you complaining about shooting a woman in film by drawing attention to certain parts of her body if I could walk down literally any city in the USA and not see women dressing themselves in clothing that draws attention to certain parts of their body.

  39. Adam Sarufan

    Adam Sarufan9 days ago

    Why wasn't superman's weird smile not included as a sin

  40. Vyxenz_

    Vyxenz_9 days ago

    20:03 "Put a family in danger and ONLY care about them" instead of the entire fucking village, they matter because screenwriters wanted the audience to say " Oh that poor family" But if you look at the other movies I'm sure people don't care what happens to us bullshit of a human race anymore. That is not insulting making movies killing our world and the human race is insulting, cough every movie with a villain that says fuck it.

  41. chirrou

    chirrou10 days ago

    love that line " like the iphone"

  42. Coco 11000

    Coco 1100011 days ago

    I don't get why everyone keeps saying "how are we supposed to know what their powers are. In the MCU..." The heroes of Justice league are way way way more popular with the general public than the heroes in the Avengers movie. People already know them, they don't need introductions

  43. luckystar 404

    luckystar 40411 days ago

    at 8:43 he asks when did she have time to learn that even though her movie took place in world war 1 so a long time is the answer

  44. Blade2xtremeFTW

    Blade2xtremeFTW11 days ago

    +100 sins for Batman saying Alfreds name on the rooftop with the burglar used as bait....

  45. Nesstor Bhurtesse

    Nesstor Bhurtesse11 days ago

    Another junk film with nothing but white bozos. These white maggots with their hero complex. In reality, these people are nothing but scums. Lowlifes. Majority of them. That's a fact. Lmfao

  46. Joshua Schneider

    Joshua Schneider11 days ago

    Ezra Miller as Flash is probably the best thing about this whole movie. But despite that, I cannot tell whether he or Grant Gustin is the better flash. For those who don’t understand, Grant Gustin played the Flash on the CW Flash show.

  47. Coco 11000

    Coco 1100011 days ago

    The show went to shit

  48. A. Playa

    A. Playa11 days ago

    Gotta add a point back, Wonder Women explained why Clark didn't wake up asking about BvS....he didn't remember right away

  49. The Hive - The_Stinger_0113

    The Hive - The_Stinger_011312 days ago

    I HATE this louis lane because she acts like she is really depressed and when i saw the CW Supergirl version of louis lane i looked at my dad and told him: "This ain't right" because ive gotten so used to this version!

  50. PJ Pointer

    PJ Pointer12 days ago

    9:25 is no one gonna talk about how they stole this scene and the whole battle almost *exactly* from the battle in The Hobbit when Thorin got his name and cut off the White Orc’s hand.

  51. Yekkt

    Yekkt12 days ago

    No, they do not need superman, all they need is to teach the flash how to use a sword.