Everything Wrong With Justice League In 24 Minutes Or Less

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  1. Call me Riddick

    Call me RiddickDay ago

    11:30 #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

  2. Henson Uche

    Henson UcheDay ago

    no offence dude buh most of ur sins were pointless

  3. J C

    J C2 days ago

    I guess this movie Ben Affleck was just trying to be Bruce Wayne in this movie while Bruce Wayne was trying way too Hard to be Tony Stark with his only Superpowers being Money (which a flaunted it everyfucking time) and Tony Starks Power's being his intelligence, wealth and Ironman gadgets.FAILED MISERABLY The Original Batman in the comics did not assemble Justice League as Bruce Wayne, he did it as Batman. No wonder, no one took his ass Seriously, Shit if I was Aquaman and a Rich Pompous Spoiled Asshole tells Me what to do, I'd be like "Nigga Please Get the Fuck out of here" with another shot of whisky I *Bitchslap* his ass right across from the bar to the shore. What a Fucking Disgrace this movie was.

  4. Jensi

    Jensi2 days ago

    Love this narrator ! Magic carpet rides ! HaHA

  5. DavEyOne SlimObi

    DavEyOne SlimObi3 days ago

    24 is a shit ton of minutes Justice League: "we deserve this"

  6. Jim Garrity

    Jim Garrity3 days ago

    "Yeah man, if that box opens, we're gonna shoot the F*CK out of it with arrows!" - bahahaha....i'm dyin here...

  7. Xæ Mën

    Xæ Mën4 days ago

    Half way through and I totally forgot what I’m watching

  8. Calumander

    Calumander4 days ago

    for me Barry was the worst thing about the movie. just cringy and trying too hard to be funny and completely failing

  9. Quiet bird

    Quiet bird2 days ago

    I like the Barry from The Flash show on Netflix better.

  10. dfedtsov

    dfedtsov4 days ago

    should have made an EDM joke at @20:31

  11. Nathan Key

    Nathan Key4 days ago

    Funny he mentioned watching C-SPAN for hours...

  12. Pat Mgroin

    Pat Mgroin5 days ago

    it might not be specified in cannon but wonderwomans fastest feat tops the flashes fastest last I checked. flash can run through time but wonder woman blocked trillions of particles moving faster than light simultaneously which is more impossible than the impossible things the flash does.

  13. bitset

    bitset5 days ago

    parademon sounds like a pokemon name if you say it wrong...ding

  14. Blue Claws

    Blue Claws5 days ago

    I feel like, for once, CinemaSins has skipped over way too many sins. Like, this could have been a much longer episode. But I guess I shouldn't wish having to watch more of Justice League on anybody.

  15. Ajmg

    Ajmg6 days ago

    everything is just answered by speedforce

  16. AmericanClassicMusic

    AmericanClassicMusic7 days ago

    Still better than BVS

  17. Get outta here!

    Get outta here!7 days ago

    I'm gonna sin the movie 200 at the top before this starts... Ok

  18. The Eternal Desire

    The Eternal Desire8 days ago

    05:23 fucking lmao lmao L M A O that is gold humor keep it up

  19. andre Liza

    andre Liza8 days ago

    They should let him with the beard, it would make more sense

  20. Rodimus Rider

    Rodimus Rider9 days ago

    9:49 I am ashamed that I'm only now realizing this

  21. Carter Anderson

    Carter Anderson9 days ago

    Why do people have to make a video about every single movie that they think it sucks. I can not think of one movie that this guy likes, good god!

  22. Locane256

    Locane25610 days ago

    I really wish they'd make more of these. I love them despite their flaws.

  23. Lauren loves TURTLES

    Lauren loves TURTLES10 days ago

    “Teen Titans No” had me deceased🤣🤣🤣

  24. Tanner Price

    Tanner Price11 days ago

    Waiting for the Nostalgia Critic comments.

  25. Jordan Petrie

    Jordan Petrie11 days ago

    5:12 "Meanwhile on Them-Themesclium-Amazon Island" "I already made that joke!" "I already don't care" Like if the recent Nostalgia Critic crossover review of this movie brought you here ^^

  26. StrawhatPrime

    StrawhatPrime11 days ago

    Does this mean nostalgia critic and cinimasnob gonna be in the sincast on the future?

  27. Adrian Inniss

    Adrian Inniss13 days ago

    Can we all just acknowledge that @CinemaSins is one of the absolute best things on the internet

  28. BJ N

    BJ N13 days ago

    They needed more "up skirt" shots of Aquaman!

  29. N/ A

    N/ A13 days ago

    Diana is just a pretty model that doesn't deserve super hero status for she has the figure of a woman that always skips leg day at the gym.

  30. I’ll Be back

    I’ll Be back13 days ago

    You know why aqua man was covering the lasso Because he THICC!!!

  31. Gboy Machine

    Gboy Machine13 days ago

    he asked why Wonder Woman does flash stuff. She Is A Literal GODDESS, why not?

  32. Daniel King

    Daniel King14 days ago

    They only need SUPERMAN in this movie, he has all there powers combined. He can just kill the big boss with one punch.

  33. Miguel Garnica

    Miguel Garnica14 days ago

    Steppenwolf is such a lazy ass.

  34. Miguel Garnica

    Miguel Garnica14 days ago

    Dc stop coping marvel.

  35. Helder Oliveira

    Helder Oliveira15 days ago

    The amount of Marvelturds in this comment section is abismal

  36. Arthur Gong

    Arthur Gong16 days ago

    2:30, 😂😂😂

  37. Xiphos

    Xiphos16 days ago

    Nobody in this movie is as fast as Flash. Superman keeps up with him because Flash lets him. And Aquaman is 150 times stronger than a normal human, and in the comics has caught a falling skyscraper by himself.

  38. 6lue Already Dead

    6lue Already Dead17 days ago

    11:52 why do they have to be in air or without water for them to be able to communicate with each other? because sound actually travels really well through water🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤔🤔 not that they would even check to find that out or anyting😑😑🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😠😡🤬🤬smfh

  39. Darren mkwananzi

    Darren mkwananzi17 days ago

    11:48 in aquaman the movie, atlanteans can speak in water but not here to (ding)

  40. Ethan Burgoyne

    Ethan Burgoyne17 days ago

    This show Is a sin it says 24 minutes or less but he rounded up to 25:05

  41. Jacob Holmquist

    Jacob Holmquist19 days ago

    I didn't see this movie in theaters because I knew from the get go that it was going to be god awful. The villain was garbage, the cgi looked like video game graphics. I didn't really care for the plot either. If your going to make a justice league movie, at least use characters that are well known. I didn't even know who stephen wolf was until I saw the movie. In DC's defense they had some great movies, but this pile ultimately killed the dceu.

  42. Jacob Holmquist

    Jacob Holmquist18 days ago

    @Daniel Fulga agreed

  43. Daniel Fulga

    Daniel Fulga18 days ago

    i waisted the money on avengers it was way better DC needs to refix itself

  44. Arthur Alexander

    Arthur Alexander19 days ago

    Who are screen junkies. Are they affiliated with y'all

  45. Summer Sanders

    Summer Sanders20 days ago

    WonderWoman has her own movie WonderWoman is a good that's why she can do that Many of yrs.. she probably picked up some new things


    DISCRETE DAMAGE20 days ago

    Never noticed how bad Superman's mouth looks in the first Scene wow

  47. James Tangman

    James Tangman20 days ago

    Will he sin logos or DC Comics first? Ah Logos it is

  48. I am

    I am20 days ago

    Idk how many shots of Superman's face they needed to cg but I'm guessing he had the biggest pimple on his entire lower face throughout the whole movie.

  49. Fionnbarr Casey

    Fionnbarr Casey22 days ago

    .... sorry but 25min is WAAAAAAYYY too long for a single USwork video. I mean don’t you all love to abide by your 10min video algorithms. So wouldn’t diving into parts have benefited it you all

  50. Cosmic Potato

    Cosmic Potato23 days ago

    IMO DC is much better without all this supernatural stuff. The best movies were Nolan’s Batman trilogy and Joker, which are both about gritty realism. Let Marvel handle the space raisin with magic rocks, and key DC have the brutally real content

  51. Ace Nunez

    Ace Nunez24 days ago

    Steppenwolf is discount-Thanos in this movie

  52. Chuck Carter

    Chuck Carter24 days ago

    Suggestion: remake all the videos from the first 2 years , those 5 minute videos that basically crammed sins

  53. Kirigaya Kazuto

    Kirigaya Kazuto24 days ago

    The lantern died so thats why they didnt take the box.

  54. *S.E.C.ond*

    *S.E.C.ond*24 days ago

    The first 2 minutes, I blatantly thought this was Aquaman..

  55. Melisa

    Melisa26 days ago

    No offence...I don't like DC

  56. Miguel Sanchez-Martinez

    Miguel Sanchez-Martinez26 days ago

    This entire movie is a sin

  57. The Zomneack

    The Zomneack27 days ago

    13:59 But Barry is was moving pretty fast and so if he put anymore force into that touch to the sword is may have sent it flying straight through the tunnel they were in. Maybe that’s why he tapped it so gently because he needs to be careful and mindful of his strength and amount of force he uses at that speed. Shown in X-Men Days of Future Past when Quick Silver taps one of the guards face slightly, then when set back to real time shows that guard go flying. But I understand Barry probably isn’t near the speed of that Quick Silver but him being at super speeds still increases his strength by quite a bit. Or maybe I’m crazy. Who knows...


    ZEUS KOWALSKI27 days ago


  59. QuamtimeConers

    QuamtimeConers27 days ago

    The movie needed work big time, but after this, this shit right here, right here, this shit? That movie was atrocious!

  60. AltoTrain

    AltoTrain27 days ago

    God this video is fucking mind numbing.

  61. peter monaghan

    peter monaghan27 days ago

    How much is wrong with this movie well here's my answer Yes

  62. Erin Woodacre

    Erin Woodacre27 days ago


  63. Daniel Craig

    Daniel Craig28 days ago

    Can you fuck off with shitting on Aquaman lol

  64. FuntimeThylacine !

    FuntimeThylacine !28 days ago

    I’m so confused. I got an insurance ad and it showed a chick holding a sign saying “Cinema Sins”