World's Most Famous Magic Tricks Revealed!


  1. Bossmannn 3

    Bossmannn 33 days ago

    Check my tricks out!!!😱😱😱

  2. Shoota

    Shoota3 days ago

    I tried the chains of death and I almost killed myself 😫😂😂

  3. Victoria Hadden

    Victoria Hadden6 days ago

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  4. MrBop

    MrBop9 days ago

    i eat a oreo bye poking a fork for the cream is an using the for to dip the oreo in the milk completly

  5. Supreme Noir

    Supreme Noir17 days ago

    Actually I don’t like Oreo's.

  6. Bobby Stone

    Bobby Stone17 days ago

    Thumbnail 6 Fingers Nice

  7. mono kitty gracelyn

    mono kitty gracelyn18 days ago

    Anyone here who hates Oreos ? Just me ok then..

  8. Riella C

    Riella C19 days ago

    I swallowed a balloon when I was three I chocked on it and had to go to hospital I almost died so yeah,tea

  9. TheSchmo

    TheSchmo19 days ago

    How many turtles die each year, choking on plastic? How many amateur magicians die each year choking on balloons that should have been pricked? Oh the Humanity!

  10. Ahalya Parmanan

    Ahalya Parmanan20 days ago

    when they said magic oreos I was eating oreos (not magic oreos)

  11. Saif

    Saif21 day ago

    the balloon doesn't explain a frickin solid sword

  12. neo neu

    neo neu21 day ago

    How about you explain some of the actual most famous tricks, silver fish by Teller, most acts by shin lim, or David Blaine being buried alive, most tricks in this video are very standard for amateurs and hobby magicians and are pretty easy to explain if you know where to look, calling them the most famous is an extreme exaggeration


    MIKIS ZEZAS22 days ago

    You need more than fake fingers to be a magician...Talent,and guts to perform in front of their eyes..Revealing secrets is nothing,work hard is everything

  14. roshan anon

    roshan anon22 days ago


  15. Joshua Anani

    Joshua Anani22 days ago

    some people are just very smart

  16. Billion Update

    Billion Update23 days ago

    This are.just tricks

  17. Ronielle

    Ronielle24 days ago

    is this magic? or tricks?

  18. Muhammad Lorgat

    Muhammad Lorgat24 days ago


  19. Nirmol Boro

    Nirmol Boro24 days ago

    Bhai mu se pen kese nekal te hea

  20. Felix Murithi

    Felix MurithiMonth ago

    Yeah the baloon thing does not make sense



    When I seen this I tried to eat my fingers

  22. Evan Flowers

    Evan FlowersMonth ago


  23. Balkan Basket

    Balkan BasketMonth ago

    I know this is used joke, but... I am a magician too 👇Press this button and it will turn blue

  24. db happiness

    db happinessMonth ago

    LOL.. fake thumb.. I have 3. Oldest trick out there. Can buy at any Magic Shop. This kinda trick is done at kids parties and old folks homes. Well done tho

  25. Jake Jenner

    Jake JennerMonth ago

    I’m not being funny but the thumb tip wasn’t invented by smoothini

  26. Ham Gamer123

    Ham Gamer123Month ago

    I mean yeet

  27. Ham Gamer123

    Ham Gamer123Month ago


  28. PUNISHER _winz

    PUNISHER _winzMonth ago

    How do u find that out

  29. Iron Will / Music

    Iron Will / MusicMonth ago

    man has super powers in this video!!!

  30. Cool Boi!!

    Cool Boi!!Month ago

    I thought you cant do tricks at home..

  31. Tyler Sane

    Tyler SaneMonth ago

    How did you get the one! and only! Nero!!! from "Shadows Of Evil" to appear in the start of you're video but in real life? :o jp lol but totally looks like him!.

  32. Sulfur X

    Sulfur XMonth ago

    Um... Me... I don’t like Oreos.

  33. Brian notafan

    Brian notafanMonth ago

    guys in prison can do the baloon trick with no holes they can even use there ass

  34. The Twin Team

    The Twin TeamMonth ago

    I think the chain is in a slip knot, I have done this before with a scarf

  35. alan brown

    alan brownMonth ago

    Pretty sure the balloon one should say dont try this at home not dont swallow the props lol

  36. Football Fanatic

    Football FanaticMonth ago

    My dad does the salt one

  37. I know what you did!!!

    I know what you did!!!Month ago

    Basically magic is all about how to apply science in a very fashionable cool way

  38. Ggukie Dolkar

    Ggukie DolkarMonth ago

    The chain of death .i knew how he did that already

  39. Kitten Kitty

    Kitten KittyMonth ago

    I take the cream off and make a 4-decker sandwich!

  40. TRS

    TRSMonth ago

    How did Magic of Rahat walked on a Pond?

  41. jayceon Raeshetia

    jayceon RaeshetiaMonth ago

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  42. soager009 69

    soager009 69Month ago

    Any person with brain working knows that magic is fake trickery.

  43. Aarush Tahiliani

    Aarush TahilianiMonth ago


  44. परम प्रताप राणा

    परम प्रताप राणाMonth ago

    you are right👍👍👍👍

  45. Lucas Bednarek

    Lucas BednarekMonth ago

    I really hate the fact that it ruins magic

  46. The M World

    The M WorldMonth ago

    I don't like Oreos

  47. mr theawesome

    mr theawesomeMonth ago


  48. mykill fano

    mykill fanoMonth ago

    thanks for ruining magic for me I thought these guys were magical ha ha ha pretty cool showin how its done awesome

  49. Amir Ishag

    Amir IshagMonth ago


  50. 조성우

    조성우2 months ago


  51. A P

    A P2 months ago

    Explain this coin trick PLEASE. It’s not using the lame cards to cover them up

  52. Baderul

    Baderul2 months ago

    2:10 1$ fake finger can win 1 million $ think about it

  53. CiastekPlays

    CiastekPlays2 months ago

    Hoe does he re in flate the loon tho

  54. Roy Long

    Roy Long2 months ago

    but can you explain steven brundage's brad pitt rubik's cube trick?

  55. Kevin Cloar

    Kevin Cloar2 months ago

    Oreos are disgusting

  56. Lyric McFarrin

    Lyric McFarrin2 months ago

    Did this become an Oreo ad

  57. Lyam Zaccaria

    Lyam Zaccaria2 months ago

    Yeah, just ruin magic. Well done

  58. Kriss Tyler

    Kriss Tyler2 months ago

    How do n earth you figured out those mistakes

  59. Xx67111 :v

    Xx67111 :v2 months ago

    Thats mean magic its fake?

  60. Bob Ross

    Bob Ross2 months ago

    The magician just puts the chain around his neck Me: edgy.

  61. Uma Maheshwari

    Uma Maheshwari2 months ago

    I am from India.... I think its not fair to reveal they secrets beyond magic... Let it be magic.... At the end that s they passion n CARRER....

  62. Jovem '

    Jovem '2 months ago

    Sou o único Br aqui?

  63. - S U N R A Y

    - S U N R A Y2 months ago

    2:33 *insert ITS NOT THAT BIG meme*

  64. Easy Crafts

    Easy Crafts2 months ago

    Funny game

  65. piston hood

    piston hood2 months ago

    Someone uploaded this magic trick under deep throat category

  66. Galaxy Pop

    Galaxy Pop2 months ago

    My whole life was a lie

  67. Echogaming YT 14

    Echogaming YT 142 months ago

    Thank you. 99% of people watched this is a magician now.

  68. Geraldine Abaño

    Geraldine Abaño2 months ago

    Why no skip ad 😂😂😂

  69. A Random Guy

    A Random Guy2 months ago

    2:25 how do you deflate a sword?

  70. Armeen Khan

    Armeen Khan2 months ago

    My whole life is a lie😂

  71. Gracie XoX

    Gracie XoX2 months ago

    Wait for the one with the coin Larry catches on his finger dynamo turns his finger and you can see there is no tape so

  72. Rosemarie Plant

    Rosemarie Plant2 months ago

    All I see is a Snapple advertisement.

  73. Joseph Pedroza

    Joseph Pedroza2 months ago

    I was gonna like the video but then the narrator went on a Oreo rant that was pointless

  74. Jasmyn Gonzalez

    Jasmyn Gonzalez2 months ago

    5:21 “bitch this is a damn marshmallow u cant fool me “ 💀

  75. Jasmyn Gonzalez

    Jasmyn Gonzalez2 months ago

    When he was swallowing tht ballon tht hurt my throat 😭

  76. Waynenergy

    Waynenergy2 months ago

    Actually the magic reveal is fake. Just look at the one that the magic they reveal what Chris Angel do about the chain magic. The one that Chris Angel done. After the 2 audience pulled the chain, there is a dead knot in the chain but that stupid black guy who claim that he reveal the magic, after the chain is pulled, the chain is free from any knot. I have revealed that the tricks revealed is fake. I seen so many magic reveal, it never actually do it exactly what the real magician has done.

  77. Dhaval Sharma

    Dhaval Sharma2 months ago

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  78. Jay H

    Jay H2 months ago

    The universe

  79. Gail Tennant

    Gail Tennant2 months ago

    5:26 his name is a bit ironic...

  80. Samad Khan

    Samad Khan2 months ago

    i don't like OREO btw

  81. FRAULTE dx

    FRAULTE dx2 months ago

    I don't get chris angels one??? Chris angel chain just got a knot on it While the reaveled one not 🤔

  82. XxKingQbxX

    XxKingQbxX2 months ago

    The balloon trick is a dirty mind thing