The Curious Death Of Vincent Van Gogh


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  2. Liam David

    Liam DavidMonth ago

    i know this is unrelated to it, but it reminds me of the death of Meriwether Lewis's death? wether it was suicide or murder? i had to write and essay on it in class before school ended and it really peaked my interest for a history assignment. personally i believe it was murder because there's no way he could've shot him self twice in the head with gun that made tennis ball wholes in things up close.

  3. A C

    A C2 months ago

    BuzzFeed Unsolved Network I think you guys should do a vid on Ted Bundy. I live very close to Seattle and find the whole thing interesting

  4. Avery Klima

    Avery Klima3 months ago

    Thoughts on Edgar Allen Poe’s death?? I say it’s rabies.

  5. Marielle Batislaong

    Marielle Batislaong35 minutes ago

    Where's our new season

  6. Aran

    Aran3 hours ago

    If it was murder whoever killed him I plan on somehow going to the afterlife and then kill them again with one of the sunflowers paintings Okay I’m almost done the video but instead I’m killing every teen boy that like looked at him sad I can’t see them in heaven they’ll be in hell

  7. dmnccc

    dmnccc4 hours ago

    I hate your pronunciation of his last name.

  8. Špelca

    Špelca10 hours ago

    Do Jack Parsons plese!!!!!

  9. I Have a Garbage Sense Of Humor

    I Have a Garbage Sense Of Humor20 hours ago

    4:50 Is that Benedict cucumber?

  10. The Nerdy Gamer

    The Nerdy GamerDay ago

    Why are the faces of people in the buzzed unsolved always dark???

  11. Trish _

    Trish _Day ago

    Anyone know if there’s a podcast for unsolved? Because there NEEDS to be one.

  12. tydumeproductions

    tydumeproductionsDay ago

    Please do the unsolved murder of Mary Ellen Tanner! It’s one of the only murders ever in my town in Maine and it’s never been solved. It happened when my father was a child and she was a friend of my aunts. I would love it if you could do a video on that case!

  13. _.jon.cqb._

    _.jon.cqb._Day ago

    Where’s the next episode??

  14. NoightOfFang

    NoightOfFangDay ago

    0:10 dramatic camera move 13:03 bdggh

  15. Diogo Reis

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  16. Hellen Axe

    Hellen Axe2 days ago

    The sadness will last forever.

  17. Brittaney D

    Brittaney D2 days ago

    Why didn't they steal the mannequin?!

  18. strangemovies

    strangemovies2 days ago

    I would like to see you guys discuss The Green Children of Woolpit.

  19. Iria Loshi

    Iria Loshi2 days ago

    y'all need to do Kurt kobain

  20. Ceilidh Spratt

    Ceilidh Spratt2 days ago

    always loved the doctor who episode where they show Vincent the he is appreciated and loved in the future

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  22. emily x

    emily x2 days ago

    warner bros missed tf out ryan!!

  23. tara heo

    tara heo2 days ago

    this is so cool how did i not know he was born in zundert that is literally a 20 minute drive from my city lmao

  24. erik van roemburg

    erik van roemburg2 days ago

    Well ik weet het niet

  25. Naeya Dudeee

    Naeya Dudeee3 days ago

    New subscriber!

  26. Yasmine Elhachdani

    Yasmine Elhachdani3 days ago

    GUYS WAIT what if a diffrent rising artist was jelous of van goh and shot him telling him to say it was him cause of gohs background, forcing him to stay shut

  27. Brian Flores

    Brian Flores3 days ago

    Sounds like bro got shot while being robbed on his way to the fields.

  28. Nostalgia

    Nostalgia3 days ago

    I would have thought Theo maybe killed him because he didn’t want to be financially responsible for him anymore, as he was going to be starting a business

  29. Kenzie Anderson

    Kenzie Anderson3 days ago

    Please can you do the disappearance of Madeleine McCann? It’s so popular but unsolved

  30. F.B.I

    F.B.I3 days ago

    p u f f a l o p i l l

  31. Gage Wendt

    Gage Wendt3 days ago

    Is it weird that you guys help me and I quote “fall asleep” end quote but in a good way?

  32. Alyssa Osada

    Alyssa Osada3 days ago

    you guys should do a unsolved case about the death of Marilyn Monroe......There are a lot of interesting theories regarding it

  33. David Wallace

    David Wallace3 days ago

    It's not that the art comes from a dark place, it's how it's sold to the public to gain curiosity. Controversy always sells.

  34. TYWI hi

    TYWI hi3 days ago

    Am I the only guy who wanted these kids to type get the death sentence

  35. Shawn Izekiel

    Shawn Izekiel3 days ago

    I’m late ONLY because I was released from jail the same day as this episode was released!! :D

  36. Eleanor Limbaugh

    Eleanor Limbaugh4 days ago

    I liked how they pointed out that you don’t have to be tortured and unhappy to make great art.

  37. The Gaming Joker

    The Gaming Joker4 days ago

    Or there’s a lost painting that was inspired by pain; he thought that shooting himself would of inspired a new work of art but his plan backfired

  38. Josiah Van-Stolk

    Josiah Van-Stolk4 days ago


  39. robert delaloye

    robert delaloye4 days ago

    Sounds like he "buried" his painting equipment somewhere where he wanted it to be forever

  40. Andrea Louise

    Andrea Louise5 days ago

    I’d love to see a case about Mozart’s death

  41. kazman art

    kazman art5 days ago

    My date of birth is also 30th march

  42. Kami Mikuta

    Kami Mikuta5 days ago

    Hey are we getting more Shane and Ryan with BUN!

  43. Charlie Dawson

    Charlie Dawson5 days ago

    Shane says anything: Ryan: (WHEEZEEEE)

  44. Minchangas

    Minchangas5 days ago

    Thumbnail looks like dr strange

  45. Mehmetşah Sert

    Mehmetşah Sert5 days ago

    Maybe vincent was about to shoot himself then a man came out and said pls brother let me help you let me finish this suffer of yours and then shot him

  46. Nugget ,Master of monstermon

    Nugget ,Master of monstermon5 days ago

    Why has no one mentioned he didn't cut off his ear?he lost it in a fencing accident but didn't want his friend to get in trouble

  47. Dorrion 4thewin

    Dorrion 4thewin5 days ago

    whered my van go?

  48. macaco maco

    macaco maco5 days ago

    what a pair of clownish imbeciles

  49. s. M. c

    s. M. c5 days ago

    They do have a point with their theories, as with that, they add up to...

  50. BestInClassJack

    BestInClassJack5 days ago

    It funny how my name is Jack


    BLESS ME ACHOO6 days ago

    vincent van gogh vincent van goghing vincent van *gone*

  52. Eva Boersma

    Eva Boersma6 days ago

    do the dian fossey murder case pleaSe!!!

  53. erica's explosion murder

    erica's explosion murder6 days ago

    Do the Papin Sisters next!

  54. i’m not lay the sequel

    i’m not lay the sequel6 days ago

    i’m thinking vincent asked someone to do it or payed someone to do it. idk.

  55. Zectsters

    Zectsters6 days ago

    teacher: Gogh him: van GO

  56. n a

    n a6 days ago

    what is ryans laugh also hot

  57. Chris Kline

    Chris Kline6 days ago

    Do an unsolved on the grafton monster, or the beast of bray road

  58. Casey

    Casey6 days ago

    Soy is a hell of a drug

  59. Secretly Soprano

    Secretly Soprano6 days ago

    y’all should seriously do an episode on the case of Violet Sharp. it’s fascinating! and i think it would be such a fun, and thrilling, episode to put out. please!!


    ASDAPOI6 days ago

    15:02 That is an excellent high five.

  61. Cristal Ramirez

    Cristal Ramirez7 days ago

    You should investigate Bakersfield High School to see if there are actually ghosts. Bakersfield, California

  62. Alejandro Hernandez

    Alejandro Hernandez7 days ago

    My Theory Van Gogh went to kill himself but before doing that he gave Renés brother his art supplies because he was somewhat a mentor to him, and because he liked art as well. Van Gogh asked to see Renés pistol and tried to shoot himself in the head but they tackled him moving the gun to shoot him in the abdomen. They helped Van Gogh get up and he told them to leave.

  63. Irfana Shariff

    Irfana Shariff7 days ago

    I heard that Vincent was colour blind

  64. Robert Smith

    Robert Smith7 days ago

    Are they still making this vids?

  65. Eve Kilgariff

    Eve Kilgariff7 days ago

    I highly recommend you do a video on the story of Madeleine McCann. Where did she go???

  66. StarryNight

    StarryNight7 days ago

    Vincent Van Gogh is my favorite painter @-@

  67. Ethan Jacob

    Ethan Jacob7 days ago

    Do an episode on kurt cobain

  68. James Duque

    James Duque7 days ago

    Vincents brother was so nice and caring...thats a truly good brother.

  69. Blackpanthe 25ishot

    Blackpanthe 25ishot7 days ago

    Do the London urban legend the lost passenger

  70. Jade Miller

    Jade Miller7 days ago

    I always thought gogh was pronounced as goth

  71. Wilson blaster gamer Chin

    Wilson blaster gamer Chin7 days ago

    Vincent Van Gogh Died from a gun he murdered himself in the chest

  72. Wyatt Jones

    Wyatt Jones7 days ago

    love ryans "wheeze" cup

  73. Meagan Wheeler

    Meagan Wheeler7 days ago

    i miss these boys. when will they return from the war

  74. Obi-wans Bulge

    Obi-wans Bulge7 days ago

    I swear all the weird ppl are really good artists.

  75. Porschia Williams

    Porschia Williams7 days ago

    True crime Menendez brothers. It's my hometown of clementon, nj!!!! And the Jersey devil please.

  76. Randy Barajas

    Randy Barajas7 days ago

    A good unsolved question I have is " Who really gave Easy E HIV". The Compton police nor the hospital that he was sent to have not yet confirmed who or what gave the famous rapper the virus. Easy E was the part of " The world's most dangerous group' also known as N.W.A!

  77. min's coffee

    min's coffee8 days ago

    please do the Oklahoma girl scouts, Grimes sister, disappearance of the Beaumont children, Springfield three, or the 2009 taconic state parkway crash!!!

  78. Anastacia Wickiser

    Anastacia Wickiser8 days ago

    I love the Office so whenever I hear the word “murder,” I just hear “mukduk” if u get it I love u. lmao.

  79. Rio Agacy

    Rio Agacy8 days ago

    He did not cut it of.he got into a fight with another artist ted or somthing

  80. Sophia Levett

    Sophia Levett8 days ago

    Maybe René wanted to shoot Vincent in the heart but before he could Gaston tried to stop him by pushing the gun down making him get shoot Vincent in the abdomen. Knowing that the boys would be up for murder and that Gaston was a struggling artist like Vincent at a time wanted the boys to live out their life. The boys take his supplies and burn them and Vincent states that he killed him self. Now no one knows the boy did it

  81. Frazer

    Frazer8 days ago

    Ted bundy

  82. Sophia Pietrantonio

    Sophia Pietrantonio8 days ago

    Honestly Vincent Van Gogh is one of my best role models. I love him. He seemed like such an artistic and authentic and simple yet complex man. In a way it is sad to think that people have focused so much on the pain he has gone through which I am guilty of. His mental illness is not what defines him. He created such beautiful art over the years many of which when he was being treated and was in the hospital. He found magic in art and out his heart and soul into each and every one of them. I will always admire him. And I will admire him for him, who he truly was. A man with a heart of pure love and a head full of pure dreams.✨✨

  83. Emma Hill

    Emma Hill8 days ago

    You guys should do the case of Nicholas Barclay if you haven't already, I don't know if you guys will see this or even if it would count.. I just read about it from something on Snapchat and I personally think its kinda interesting.