Team Adam Performs Bob Marley & The Wailers' "Is This Love?" - The Voice Top 24 Eliminations 2019


  1. Me Me

    Me Me3 days ago

    I'd have loved to see Dominic perform this song alone

  2. Alana Jane

    Alana Jane10 days ago

    As someone who knows this song by heart they did phenomenal and the representation for each individuals voice...i loved it

  3. No One

    No One29 days ago


  4. Walter Kovacs Rorschach

    Walter Kovacs RorschachMonth ago

    -marijuana- love in the air

  5. Sheila Mac10

    Sheila Mac10Month ago

    Tired of watching all THE stupid idiod blonde girls winning for blakes damn team every year!!!! Just call it, be blonde, young, a girl, you will win with Blake

  6. Jane Yue

    Jane YueMonth ago

    Listen, I love country music, but even I thought it was too much country.

  7. Patricia Pope

    Patricia PopeMonth ago

    So sad watching this will miss Adam

  8. KarlaElaine100

    KarlaElaine100Month ago

    Almost everyone disliked the cross battles...not just Adam. Adam was just honest about it. Ratings dropped this season during and after the cross battles. The show should focus on the contestants more so than the judges. It gained momentum in the US though based upon the chemistry between Adam and Blake. That’s ok but they went too far with it. They made the show more about the judges than the contestants. Adam made a mistake with Reagan last season. He’s human. We’ve all made mistakes on our jobs! Many would not let it go though. Adam’s “team” this season to a degree seemed to pay for the mistake “he” made last season. That is just not fair. Just my opinion but I think Adam got squeezed out of the show. It was made so uncomfortable for him that he saw no point in staying. Even his best team members this season were not being given a fair shake.

  9. Jason Andolina

    Jason Andolina16 days ago

    wow that was well said, but everyone else was honest on how they felt about the crossbattles thing as well. how do you know the ratings dropped though? yes you're right this past season seems like it was all about the judges rather than the contestants. yes, i wonder if that whole thing with Reagan was a factor that his team was screwed over this season, and yes he did look uncomfortable sitting there for the last 2 weeks without anyone on his team, but i'm sure he made everyone else feel uncomfortable when he said that to Deandre. however, you're right his best team members didn't get the credit they deserved which a real shame. i wonder if that whole thing has something to do with why he decided the last minute to leave because there is clearly more to the story then him just saying "for me it was time to move on."

  10. Julia •

    Julia •Month ago

    What is the voice whitout Adam? 💔 Omg #teamadamforever ❤️

  11. Cole O'Driscoll

    Cole O'DriscollMonth ago

    So this is the last performance ever from Team Adam on The Voice. I don’t think Gwen’s a good replacement. I think Brendon Urie, Bruno Mars, Louis Fonsi, Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, and Miley Cyrus all would’ve been better

  12. Denisse Domínguez Rodríguez

    Denisse Domínguez RodríguezMonth ago

    Lov U Adam

  13. Ivy vogue

    Ivy vogueMonth ago

    I miss them so much... they all deserve to be in the finals... maxing singers

  14. frid abu.b

    frid abu.b2 months ago


  15. Jada Spencer

    Jada Spencer2 months ago

    I feel so bless to be Jamaican 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  16. Renee Hosko

    Renee Hosko2 months ago

    Adam's Team shouldn't have vanished because of what Adam did last season! TOTALLY NOT fair for the artists🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦😡😡😡😡😡😡

  17. Jason Andolina

    Jason Andolina2 months ago

    yeah well thats probably what it is. even though i don't care for Adam being on this show, but he did have a talented team this season, and people holding that one thing that Adam did last season against his talented team is a real shame.

  18. Shalni-Fe Antosada

    Shalni-Fe Antosada2 months ago

    who else here is upset that LB is not part of the team anymore???

  19. Eloisa Marie San Diego

    Eloisa Marie San Diego2 months ago


  20. joy gachema

    joy gachema2 months ago

    Ooohhh My!!! TeamAdam!! I wonna love you n treat right

  21. Rebecah Clifton

    Rebecah Clifton2 months ago

    This is just wrong.


    VILLIE ALAS2 months ago

    I still love your team Adam Levine... Superfan!!!

  23. lucky4evr1

    lucky4evr12 months ago

    Wow! I got chills watching this. They were so great!!

  24. Ella Ramirez

    Ella Ramirez2 months ago

    Can't accept that none of them went through😢

  25. Déia Freitas

    Déia Freitas2 months ago


  26. Rushawn Lawrence

    Rushawn Lawrence2 months ago

    Thank you for this! Big up my homeland 🇯🇲 Bob Marley is a living legend 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  27. Elevated Emotions

    Elevated Emotions2 months ago

    Aloha braddas make da prophet Bob Marley smile 🤙🏾

  28. gt boi

    gt boi2 months ago

    The genre in general is not for them.

  29. Marina Ortega

    Marina Ortega2 months ago

    domic is the best one ;(

  30. Alicia Teague

    Alicia Teague2 months ago

    The worst season of the voice in history!

  31. Ams Pallones

    Ams Pallones2 months ago

    If not mistaken "0" contestant now for Adam... Soooo sad for my fave coach Adam :(

  32. 石原マリ

    石原マリ2 months ago


  33. Me Me

    Me Me2 months ago

    The black guy with white shirt was good

  34. Natalia Potter

    Natalia Potter2 months ago

    Adam ❤️

  35. Redhotchicky1

    Redhotchicky12 months ago

    Love the way Team Adam performed that song. Hate the way Adam is acting towards Blake this season. Grow the F up dude.

  36. Jason Andolina

    Jason Andolina2 months ago

    and he was very rude to Kelly during the blinds this season too. well Kelly shouldn't of allowed it to happen.

  37. Nadia Miranda

    Nadia Miranda2 months ago

    This team 😍 my winners!

  38. Kudzanai Chabata

    Kudzanai Chabata2 months ago

    am so loving karvin's moves!!!


    JULIA DELVALLE2 months ago

    Love all of them but sad to see Domenic go

  40. Onuorah Francis

    Onuorah Francis2 months ago

    playing this you did think if the blood of BOB MARLEY runs in their vein

  41. mae bacharpa

    mae bacharpa2 months ago


  42. Rafaela Marinho de Andrade

    Rafaela Marinho de Andrade2 months ago


  43. Yone Cruz

    Yone Cruz2 months ago

    Domenics 💜

  44. Pilar Guillen

    Pilar Guillen2 months ago

    the cross battles got to go away i stg

  45. Jason Andolina

    Jason Andolina2 months ago

    they probably won't do it next season cause seems like everyone hated them, and Adam said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight about how much he hated them.

  46. Putra Rizki

    Putra Rizki2 months ago

    RIP who go with Adm

  47. Natalia Adamski

    Natalia Adamski2 months ago

    1:22 i just orgasmed

  48. Ursula Gopie

    Ursula Gopie2 months ago

    If Adam goes, I am not watching the again .You guys are mad because he did the half time for the super bowl, if he had'nt done it, some one else would have. Leave him alone.

  49. Jason Andolina

    Jason Andolina2 months ago

    no its probably people are still mad what he did last season, but if its the him doing the super bowl halftime show that could've been better.

  50. André Shawnlestwinx

    André Shawnlestwinx2 months ago

    Bob Marley rei dos reis

  51. sazedul islam

    sazedul islam2 months ago

    Everyone here is good except adam

  52. Zara Sally

    Zara Sally2 months ago

    Danngggg!!!!! Adams team was great, the artists were so much better than most of the ones who did get selected. Sucks that they had to get eliminated. America sucks coz it's like so biased! Dominic and Kalvin tho. It's hard to even process they couldn't get through.

  53. Jason Andolina

    Jason Andolina2 months ago

    Zara Sally yeah he had some talented people on his team this season.

  54. Zara Sally

    Zara Sally2 months ago

    @Jason Andolina that's true he messed up last time. I still feel like they should have been given the chance coz the people had the right to do that and they deserved it.

  55. Jason Andolina

    Jason Andolina2 months ago

    yeah its people probably not voting for his team because of what he did last season.

  56. Mellani Cindera Negara

    Mellani Cindera Negara2 months ago

    The best team adam ever.. but they didnt make it, im so upset

  57. Ladybug85233 1

    Ladybug85233 12 months ago

    My favorite VOICE PERFORMANCE!! LOVE IT!! What!! Just found out Domenic is out?? 😭😭😭

  58. Maryam Imad

    Maryam Imad2 months ago

    I can’t believe that Kalvin has gone!! Really?! This is not the Voice anymore!!! It’s the Country voice😤