This Is What Happens When Bodybuilders Are in Public Places

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Many of you probably know this popular prank to neutralize a jock? If someone doesn’t know it, then watch: simply attach a sticker to the middle of the wide back of the bodybuilder. Believe us, after long attempts to remove the small piece of paper from his body, the musclehead will seem helpless, but at the same time very cute. Just like when people attach something to the back of their cats. Yes, in some situations, bodybuilders and strongmen are not as powerful as when lifting heavy things. Today, we're gonna show you some funny jocks that will definitely make you smile.


  1. jordani 999

    jordani 999Day ago

    4:55 what was the movie called again?

  2. Richard Broski

    Richard Broski5 days ago

    Why show a clip of JGL? The skinniest douchebag in history.

  3. Yamaha SR650

    Yamaha SR6507 days ago

    I had to leave. I thought: "WTF am I looking at men for?"

  4. Redmailnet

    Redmailnet7 days ago

    I think the proper term is junkies.

  5. Thenis Sabiti

    Thenis Sabiti8 days ago

    The one that goes vuuuu🤣🤣

  6. Mas XH

    Mas XH8 days ago


  7. Sheba Mbabazi

    Sheba Mbabazi10 days ago

    Ooh woooo jimmy

  8. Sam Cananua

    Sam Cananua13 days ago

    I have fell off a horse twice. So what Dude rodeo is not for everyone Edit, equibolan is not for humans But the stuff will jack you up if you prep for thirty days, Keep diets and a five on two off power routine Just heard that somewhere...

  9. We hack for fun

    We hack for fun14 days ago

    At 2:25 the black guys is a youtuber

  10. Fights

    Fights14 days ago


  11. lightning spear

    lightning spear16 days ago

    0:47 that's where fortnite get that from

  12. sportssklz09

    sportssklz0916 days ago

    Is this what high school gym teacher's grandmas are like??

  13. Janelle Grace Paris

    Janelle Grace Paris17 days ago

    Is that hooman at 5:28?

  14. Julian Baxter

    Julian Baxter17 days ago

    8:30 it looks liked there's enough room to me. Considering he has enough room to extend his arm to work the other wheel. Before he exits u can tell he's big but there's enough room. Take that social justice!;')

  15. DriftKingNL

    DriftKingNL18 days ago

    Imagine being a bodybuilder and you have massive pecs. Then women come up to you asking you if they can touch them. Really? How many men have been slapped in the face by women for asking the same thing? It's crazy that some people (women) want other people (men) to hold up to a higher standard, but then ignore it when the roles are reversed.

  16. It’s ya girl Deij

    It’s ya girl Deij18 days ago

    Something spooked the horse which is why it was jumping like that

  17. Hamza Dudha

    Hamza Dudha19 days ago

    1 like = 1 pushup

  18. FaZe-Squashi

    FaZe-Squashi19 days ago

    0:39 fortnite emote?

  19. TheCrone

    TheCrone20 days ago

    too many movie clips...way to much

  20. chitra chitty

    chitra chitty20 days ago

    And bodybuilders also have some flexibility issues such as fetching some objects from a small space, or even taking some dirt out sticking at their backside of their shoulders

  21. Y E E T

    Y E E T20 days ago

    2:41 his name is blessing and he is my *HERO*

  22. 6 of 10

    6 of 1021 day ago

    the black guy posing in the shop is a youtuber

  23. PandemoniumMeltDown

    PandemoniumMeltDown21 day ago


  24. L M F A O L.O.L

    L M F A O L.O.L21 day ago

    7:31 can i do this to a women without going to jail???

  25. PandemoniumMeltDown

    PandemoniumMeltDown21 day ago

    You can touch mine but only if I, can touch yours.

  26. Death Devil

    Death Devil22 days ago

    can someone give me there protein free

  27. SnoW

    SnoW23 days ago

    you do know that bodybuilders actually work really hard to look like thy do right and making a mockery out of them isn't cool how would you feel if every one mocked your small penis?

  28. steph

    steph23 days ago

    He was way too heavy for that horse, which they knew and obviously ignored. I would have bucked him off too.

  29. Franck Kouame

    Franck Kouame24 days ago

    Pretty funny isn't it 😂😂

  30. Turururu

    Turururu24 days ago

    It's so easy to spot the steroids

  31. TheFamKall

    TheFamKall25 days ago

    when someone says riding is easy

  32. GetRekt YT

    GetRekt YT25 days ago

    So you can walk on the streets and see a hot girl with sexy boobs and ask her : "OMG ARE THOSE REAL? CAN I TOUCH THEM?!!"

  33. Daniel Smith

    Daniel Smith25 days ago

    Are you a poofter mate ?

  34. Jacob Thornton

    Jacob Thornton25 days ago

    I just noticed that I’m eating a protein bar while watching this

  35. Javier Martinez

    Javier Martinez25 days ago


  36. Sultan Alhabsi

    Sultan Alhabsi25 days ago

    is this funny ?

  37. Shaheen Jacobs

    Shaheen Jacobs26 days ago


  38. Νικος Παπαδακης

    Νικος Παπαδακης27 days ago

    steroid freaks is what they are

  39. FWS Omg

    FWS Omg27 days ago


  40. Angela Bird

    Angela Bird27 days ago

    Did planes twice

  41. Testing Do not look

    Testing Do not look27 days ago

    *That awkward moment when you realized you just called a body builder fat*

  42. Noice

    Noice28 days ago

    3:03 there it is lads

  43. MF88

    MF8828 days ago

    Vin Diesel and Brian Shaw aren’t bodybuilders




  45. David Buschhorn

    David BuschhornMonth ago

    I'm not terribly tall, 6'2", but when I'm boarding a plane, people look at me with amusement. In my work boots, I'm 6'4" so walking down the aisle I have my head turned to the side and my ear to the ceiling XD. I can't imagine what it's like for basketball players and pro-football players. At one point I was having a burning pain on either side of my spine. It felt like wings were being burned onto me. Doctor sent me to a PT who said it was just trapped nerves. Nerves running between my muscles were getting pinched. I asked him about body builders and he said, "Oh, they're a nightmare!"

  46. steph

    steph23 days ago

    David Buschhorn 6'2" is pretty tall, taller than the average man. I'm 5'2 and my boyfriend is 6'3 and really thick with muscles, he has issues with every day things but we always get stared at when together, I suppose our differences do make us look ill matched. Pinched and trapped nerves are so painful, I have the same thing as you except either side of my spine has a baseball sized numb spot

  47. Pedro Helmer

    Pedro HelmerMonth ago

    1 like = 10 push-ups

  48. Richard-Anthony Gilbey

    Richard-Anthony GilbeyMonth ago

    im not saying theyve done too much pills but they are all the wrong shape and girls notice this stuff.

  49. L Jay Yen

    L Jay YenMonth ago

    Man if i was dat body builder dat was trying to open the water bottle i would feel hella embarrassed after

  50. SoundTube Library

    SoundTube LibraryMonth ago

    Most are not even bodybuilders

  51. XJ-PA

    XJ-PAMonth ago

    Dang those girls at 7:45 are hot. Like in an anime

  52. Angelo Gizler

    Angelo GizlerMonth ago


  53. Zentro X

    Zentro XMonth ago

    I swear for 1 like I will do 1 push-ups

  54. Delgaldo27 Ginerh21

    Delgaldo27 Ginerh21Month ago

    So ewwww

  55. spandan dulal

    spandan dulalMonth ago

    9:37 when you tell a joke and no one laughs heeeeeeeeeee

  56. Audrey Equestrian

    Audrey EquestrianMonth ago

    With the full horse the horse started bucking and doing little crow hops the horse probably spooked or is in training

  57. Matis Joubert

    Matis JoubertMonth ago

    I will just say : « 3:01 » Only meme guys can understand it Drop a like pls 👇🏻

  58. Matis Joubert

    Matis JoubertMonth ago

    Aman Belani Ahah ma boi

  59. Aman Belani

    Aman BelaniMonth ago

    I did like twice

  60. Range Man

    Range ManMonth ago

    Take away their steroids , and they become wrinkled wimps with fatty heart defects...Two things always shrink on roid heads... their brain and their winky.

  61. Kaiyln Mcneil

    Kaiyln McneilMonth ago

    I’m sssoooo sorry but when he screamed I lost it😭

  62. Umer The Clumsy Tube

    Umer The Clumsy TubeMonth ago

    Big muscles on average is just for show, well I guess it is their goals sometimes

  63. DaGoblin

    DaGoblinMonth ago

    This video makes me stop workingfor strong body Just kidding.I got you loser haha

  64. Boo1

    Boo1Month ago

    Horses have there moments of bucking every once in a while... sometimes horses buck for no reason.

  65. Debbie Abraham

    Debbie AbrahamMonth ago

    i know him 2:30