This Is What Happens When Bodybuilders Are in Public Places


  1. Cori Kane

    Cori Kane14 hours ago

    the back sinch toched the horses flank

  2. ESSEpicman jerrod

    ESSEpicman jerrod8 days ago

    They r drug πŸ’Š head who don t really work out I do work out the hard way

  3. Lee Miguel

    Lee Miguel12 days ago

    anyone know the movie from 9:02

  4. Karen P

    Karen P13 days ago

    I ment 0:40

  5. Karen P

    Karen P13 days ago

    40:0 yeah sunny

  6. Aji Prabowo

    Aji Prabowo15 days ago

    Lol Blessing Awodybu

  7. Robert Mcpherson

    Robert Mcpherson15 days ago

    Im laughing at all the dominic toreto clips of him in fast and furious is he the coolest body builder πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ

  8. Grady Dameshek

    Grady Dameshek17 days ago

    One of those are a vine

  9. Wh26

    Wh2617 days ago

    That dude is kalimuscle and he is making a youtube video

  10. Shelley Dyer

    Shelley Dyer18 days ago

    3:43 you can see his ding a ling

  11. Cowboy Bebop

    Cowboy Bebop19 days ago

    I have problems in public because I'm just too handsome.


    BASHAM BALOCH20 days ago

    That super market guy was so funny


    ISTEPPEDUP 2621 day ago

    The Rock reminds me of mauoi or however you spell it , from moana with his tats, right? Like and comment if you think so to.

  14. Reina Arana

    Reina Arana22 days ago

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ James corden

  15. Lego Batman 27

    Lego Batman 2723 days ago

    This is a double video...

  16. PrimaDina

    PrimaDina26 days ago

    Some of those problem are the same when you are obese or very tall..... hast nothing to do with bodybuilding., just with beeing big in different ways.

  17. Maximilian Riedel

    Maximilian RiedelMonth ago


  18. Lesh Laney

    Lesh LaneyMonth ago

    He did that for I vine I watched it

  19. MalG_ Bl4zC

    MalG_ Bl4zCMonth ago

    6:14 i actually go out shopping alot and see the mountain from game of thrones

  20. synysterxdave

    synysterxdaveMonth ago

    guy on the plane is brian shaw, strong man not body builder. guy in the car, thats eddie hall, strong man not body builder. guys in the vests, eddie hall and brian shaw.....yno. so 3 clips werent even bodybuilders

  21. Nick H

    Nick HMonth ago

    big difference between a power lifter and a body builder, the 2nd clip is not a body builder its brian shaw, who is a power lifter, your title is false there buddy. Same with Eddie hall in the super car.. come on man know the difference here. yikes.

  22. Vincent TPM

    Vincent TPMMonth ago

    Eddie Hall is not a bodybuilder, he is a professional strong man

  23. European Awakening

    European AwakeningMonth ago

    2:22 is fake camera is shakes

  24. The Real Reality

    The Real RealityMonth ago

    2:17 That is just a vine, not a flexing guy

  25. Yonathan stuff

    Yonathan stuffMonth ago

    Yes he is from Lily pons so ok

  26. Malika Norris

    Malika NorrisMonth ago

    Iphone: having no home button Google to iphone: 0:01

  27. Slim Slim

    Slim SlimMonth ago


  28. Andy Lopez

    Andy LopezMonth ago

    It was a vine when the guy flex on the cam

  29. Magnus MΓ€hler

    Magnus MΓ€hlerMonth ago

    Nothing is real in Tokyo

  30. maksim lukjan

    maksim lukjanMonth ago

    Not one is natty.

  31. Knobov Sossidge

    Knobov SossidgeMonth ago

    Mined Whorehouse. Being too tall for an aeroplane has nothing to do with bodybuilding. The rest of these problems and more are faced every day by people who are fat.

  32. Umar Ali

    Umar AliMonth ago

    What’s a jok

  33. Dj Default

    Dj DefaultMonth ago

    what is the name of first movie? 00:01

  34. Dj Default

    Dj DefaultMonth ago

    tnx man

  35. Dj Default

    Dj DefaultMonth ago

    Captain America :)))

  36. Joseph Stoll

    Joseph StollMonth ago

    I'm body builder already 1like 78 push ups

  37. reinmark ramirez

    reinmark ramirezMonth ago

    2:48 I know him I'm watching him his youtuber

  38. Christopher Bell

    Christopher BellMonth ago

    Please stop saying men are 'cute' you oddball.

  39. jmar dela cruz

    jmar dela cruzMonth ago


  40. Dabunny Rabbit

    Dabunny RabbitMonth ago

    "Falling off a horse" 1:17 He didn't "fall off" he was bucked off.

  41. Brandon Nichols

    Brandon NicholsMonth ago

    2:41 That dude is funny in all his shit

  42. yahia salem

    yahia salemMonth ago

    that gut did that on puopse

  43. ImFyre

    ImFyreMonth ago

    02:30 is just a joke he filmed... Omg do your research

  44. Agrim Khare

    Agrim KhareMonth ago

    4:45...oh man I have seen this over 30 times

  45. Nick Huttash

    Nick HuttashMonth ago

    Ik ppl who have been riding horses for decades that have gotten thrown

  46. leopard gecko lizard boy

    leopard gecko lizard boyMonth ago

    Really you don't know how he fell off at 1:15 the horse bucked him off city boy

  47. KB- 7

    KB- 7Month ago

    wasted gta 5 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  48. Omo Olope

    Omo OlopeMonth ago

    Me firs

  49. Nick Crossland

    Nick CrosslandMonth ago

    2:17 he dose vines and that was one of them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  50. Dustin Pardy

    Dustin PardyMonth ago

    3rd video was Brian shaw

  51. Aksu Peltola

    Aksu PeltolaMonth ago

    Small peen problems

  52. Nathan Schuman

    Nathan SchumanMonth ago

    He had to put it in Jason is not proud 4:32

  53. arcy arcy

    arcy arcyMonth ago

    Self inflicted just like fat people I'm gonna get so much hate, only you chose to be offended remember that before crying to me