The Best $500 Phones Right Now


  1. Dave Lee

    Dave LeeMonth ago

    Whats your favorite $500 phone right now?

  2. Gerson Rendón

    Gerson Rendón5 hours ago

    Making "best budget phones for 500 usd" without including the Mi 9 or Mi 9T is a sin, you definitely don't realize how great the phone is for the price (400 usd for the 128 gb version). Damn.

  3. Willdebeast

    Willdebeast8 hours ago

    REAl_ mO7AmEd ehh probably better than all of these anyways

  4. Chuck Lee

    Chuck Lee2 days ago

    Lenovo Moto Z4! Modular Minimalism.

  5. Tech Bros

    Tech Bros3 days ago

    Redmi K20 pro

  6. Gerson Rendón

    Gerson Rendón5 hours ago

    Making "best budget phones for 500 usd" without including the Mi 9 or Mi 9T is a sin, you definitely don't realize how great the phone is for the price (400 usd for the 128 gb version). Damnd.

  7. Alchemist-A

    Alchemist-ADay ago

    Except for the lack of a headphone jack, the Oneplus would be my choice every time. The software, the performance, and the specs are tops. The camera is good, but not super. Updates are timely. The Oneplus 7 (not the 7 pro) is an updated 6T in the same price range as the 6T.

  8. Nishant Kumar

    Nishant KumarDay ago

    samsung s9 is in the premium segment in indiacosting more than one plus

  9. powerlinkers

    powerlinkersDay ago

    If you are in ASEAN countries, get Note 9(128Gb Exynos) for USD 500.

  10. Himikotoga 999

    Himikotoga 999Day ago

    Hey please is amazon safe I mean can u get scammed

  11. Rick Harker

    Rick HarkerDay ago

    Too focused on aesthetics Dave.

  12. Michael Nevins

    Michael Nevins3 days ago

    What about Motorola z4 force?

  13. Naoufal Bouazzaoui

    Naoufal Bouazzaoui3 days ago

    waterproof test please :)

  14. Eshvara Krupa

    Eshvara Krupa3 days ago

    I have a s9 it is superb except battery life sucks but overall it is cool

  15. its 69 minute and we are so high

    its 69 minute and we are so high4 days ago

    Asian viewers are looking for xiaomi phones 😂

  16. Fire Mingel

    Fire Mingel4 days ago

    K20 pro where?

  17. Miskatul Arafat

    Miskatul Arafat5 days ago

    K20 Pro 360$ flagship killer🔥

  18. Miskatul Arafat

    Miskatul ArafatDay ago

    there will be a global version for this.. mi9T pro

  19. Matt Drew

    Matt DrewDay ago

    Exactly. The band diversity is the only thing holding me back from getting a K20 pro. It just sucks with LTE Bands in North America.

  20. Thomas Shaomh

    Thomas Shaomh2 days ago

    but it doesn't have an international version, while the mainland version's bandwidth isn't comprehensive enough to be used in other places

  21. Constant Saver

    Constant Saver6 days ago

    What phone bas the best longevity.

  22. Hatim Sawai

    Hatim Sawai6 days ago

    Well if u talk like under 500 then the redmi k20 pro/mi 9t pro blows out the competition as its below 400

  23. Xander Sander

    Xander Sander2 days ago

    @Hatim Sawai Yes,is a great phone and I really hope for a european release

  24. Hatim Sawai

    Hatim Sawai2 days ago

    Hmm ur right but I am not telling he choice is bad .... I m telling from my point of view as in general the k20 pro is a very gd phone😍😊

  25. Xander Sander

    Xander Sander2 days ago

    He is in US.You cant buy them in US.Not even in Europe

  26. Jazeera Wolpert

    Jazeera Wolpert9 days ago

    conclusion 5. S9 and S9+ = $518 4. Google Pixel 3a XL = $479 3. OnePlus 6T = $549 2. Asus Zenfone 6 = $499 1. Razor Phone 2 = $499

  27. Andrei Reginatto

    Andrei Reginatto3 days ago

    MY conclusion 5. Razer phone 4. Pixel 3a 3. S9 2. 6t 1. Zenfone 6

  28. GamingPriests

    GamingPriests9 days ago

    Bro a new s9+ costs $850 where i live wtf

  29. Mute

    Mute10 days ago

    I’m lookin to buy an oppo r17 as my next phone, the price is pretty good

  30. freeedom22

    freeedom2210 days ago

    You kinda sold me on the ZenPhone right there

  31. Nahid Enam

    Nahid Enam10 days ago

    best 500 usd phone is oppo reno 10 X

  32. Tum Tummt

    Tum Tummt10 days ago

    a lot of better phones that should be here. like xiaomi and nubia. you probably dont want ti recommend not so popular brands

  33. Luka Geelen

    Luka Geelen11 days ago

    What about s10e? 550 dollar in Europe right now

  34. PSYCHO

    PSYCHO12 days ago

    LG G7 ThinQ or the Asus Zenfone 6? My Mom needs a new phone ASAP.

  35. Srinivas Jha

    Srinivas Jha12 days ago

    Redmi k20 pro

  36. Khaled Borici

    Khaled Borici12 days ago

    Should I pick S9+ or OnePlus 6? (Fuck OnePlus 6T Lol)

  37. SIKE

    SIKE13 days ago


  38. SIKE

    SIKE12 days ago

    Khaled Borici We have such weird economy because of the war we’re in right now but in that case *YAY* cheaper S10e

  39. Khaled Borici

    Khaled Borici12 days ago

    @SIKE I'm Muslim but not Arabic

  40. Khaled Borici

    Khaled Borici12 days ago

    @SIKE That's weird,is is false phone?

  41. SIKE

    SIKE12 days ago

    Khaled Borici Are you Arabic ? cuz I am and here in Syria the S10e is 450 so it’s cheaper than S9+

  42. Khaled Borici

    Khaled Borici12 days ago

    Don't make any stupid move buddy,Go for Galaxy S10E,It's faster and can take software updates longer than Galaxy S9+

  43. Nedeljko Kovacevic

    Nedeljko Kovacevic15 days ago

    Samsung Galaxy S10e for $550 is the best buy, hands down!

  44. Abdulwahid gul

    Abdulwahid gul15 days ago

    It's pixel isn't it?

  45. Simon William

    Simon William16 days ago

    Samsung sucks i updated my phone and it is working worse then before the update

  46. The Fourth Chairman

    The Fourth Chairman16 days ago

    What is the blue phone on the thumbnail?

  47. Riley Woods

    Riley Woods17 days ago

    G’day Dave and everyone what would you recommend OppoR17, iPhone 8 Plus or pixel 3axla

  48. Panos Pollatos

    Panos Pollatos17 days ago

    Just brought the s10 for 550€

  49. Gscar

    Gscar18 days ago

    Huawei p30 lite

  50. გიგი ხომერიკი

    გიგი ხომერიკი18 days ago

    Where is redmi k20 pro????🤔🤔🤔

  51. massimo palmiero

    massimo palmiero18 days ago

    What about the galaxy s10e? it costs around $500 now

  52. Akshay SG

    Akshay SG14 days ago

    No it doesn't... Its nowhere close to 500 unless you activate it with Verizon, AT&T etc... Its retail is around 620-700 bucks depending upon which configuration you choose

  53. zunami081

    zunami08119 days ago

    What about red magic 3 :(?

  54. Augusto Lugo

    Augusto Lugo19 days ago

    I have an essential phone and just this week received another google update, I bought the phone for 240 on prime day and I am extremely happy, I wish it had a better camera, and expandable SD card and headphone jack, I have drop it more than any other phone by mistake and still looks brand new, so why can Samsung do the same??? It is nuts.

  55. Carlos Arias

    Carlos Arias19 days ago

    Galaxy S9 plus 🔥

  56. Saksham Jain

    Saksham Jain19 days ago

    Add oneplus 7

  57. Luka Xucishvili

    Luka Xucishvili19 days ago

    No xiaomi? Such a shame

  58. Nada Halim

    Nada Halim19 days ago

    EASY I love you

  59. archnof0

    archnof019 days ago

    Amazon link shows no zenphone 6

  60. Kennith De Vera

    Kennith De Vera19 days ago

    Can I have one? 😁

  61. Goh Khai Tee

    Goh Khai Tee20 days ago

    Why Huawei phone should be excluded? Althought I don't own a Huawei phone.

  62. Dollynho

    Dollynho20 days ago

    Xiaomi mi 9, i was about to buy thos phone until i see this video. Isn't it a good phone?

  63. Weming J

    Weming J20 days ago

    S9+ lacks of update? Dude 🤣 what about LG 🤣🤣

  64. Sayed Nosseir

    Sayed Nosseir20 days ago

    Zan phone 6

  65. Richard Crow's

    Richard Crow's20 days ago

    Out of all those phones I'm still going to have to go with the Google pixel 3a

  66. The NAB

    The NAB20 days ago

    Where is the Redmi note 7 at?

  67. Jaroldinho

    Jaroldinho20 days ago

    Mi 9 kills all of them

  68. John TGS

    John TGS20 days ago

    Nubia Redmagic 3

  69. TheCommandMaster

    TheCommandMaster20 days ago

    You should have included the red magic 3 faster than all these phones and has other great features for 470$

  70. Khaled Borici

    Khaled Borici12 days ago

    Maybe slows down more faster than these phones?

  71. Bilal CW GnH

    Bilal CW GnH21 day ago

    I'd go with oneplus 6t or s9 mainly because of the screen

  72. NitroVexPlays

    NitroVexPlays21 day ago

    S9+ costs $600 now

  73. Max Owel

    Max Owel21 day ago

    A new s9 is $500 at

  74. Overdrive UK

    Overdrive UK21 day ago

    You forgot the Nubia Redmagic 3

  75. Goh Khai Tee

    Goh Khai Tee20 days ago

    Dave will told you that Nubia is an unofficial subsidary of Huawei. 😏

  76. Goh Khai Tee

    Goh Khai Tee20 days ago

    Going to sell the iPhone 7 Plus for it. And use my Oneplus 6 for work and use it for personal use and gaming.

  77. Stefan Marian

    Stefan Marian21 day ago

    In Romania a Google pixel 3a costs just as much as the Samsung s10e...

  78. Deividas Fan

    Deividas Fan21 day ago

    lmao , bad video , no mi 9....

  79. Benjamin Avdić

    Benjamin Avdić21 day ago

    i would still go with the zenfone 6

  80. Expertknifer Expertknifer

    Expertknifer Expertknifer21 day ago

    Asus killed it again 🔥🔥

  81. IGI Legend

    IGI Legend22 days ago

    Where poco

  82. matthew skullblood

    matthew skullblood22 days ago

    i've looked at all of them the asus one is the best cause it has a jack

  83. matthew skullblood

    matthew skullblood21 day ago

    @Elliott Feaster nah

  84. Elliott Feaster

    Elliott Feaster21 day ago

    That doesn't make it the best besides most people use Bluetooth nowadays when it comes to earphones

  85. Umair Rizvi

    Umair Rizvi22 days ago

    Few years ago for $500 you could get a brand new 64gb iPhone.

  86. War624

    War62422 days ago

    Apparently the ZenFone 6 doesn't work with Verizon at all. :-(

  87. Chris Kuhr

    Chris Kuhr20 days ago

    The US version hasn't been release yet. I m hoping when it comes out it will

  88. Roman Shocker

    Roman Shocker22 days ago

    What kind of speed people need to use a phone? Majority watch USwork, social Media and game, so the speed he is talking about is weird lol

  89. shazil hussain

    shazil hussain22 days ago

    Red magic 3?

  90. DJay

    DJay22 days ago

    S9+ ???? Got mine for 950$!!!!

  91. K3zz21

    K3zz2122 days ago

    Currently own the Pixel 3a XL and the OP6T. Both extremely satisfying phones. Love the OP for it's literally lagless performance and love the pixel for it's simplicity and amazing camera.

  92. nutz79ful

    nutz79ful23 days ago

    @Dave Lee I have a Lg G4 and need a new phone I use it for calls, email, photos and some games. What phone do you recommend?

  93. Luis Orozco

    Luis Orozco23 days ago

    You should've mentioned the Nubia Red Magic 3 gaming phone, despite the gaming type public aim projected, it's a really interesting phone none the less

  94. SnaP

    SnaP22 days ago

    Yeah I agree like the fan will help anyone that uses their phone alot

  95. Joulesgaming

    Joulesgaming23 days ago

    How about A50? Its really good

  96. Joulesgaming

    Joulesgaming23 days ago

    Oww. Ok

  97. colombmaps

    colombmaps23 days ago

    It's 300 dollars, not 500

  98. roky123

    roky12323 days ago

    In my country the pixel 3a is 700$. Fucking cheapskate retailers


    LukaNoANIMATIONS23 days ago

    In my humble opinion OnePlus 6T is the best choice

  100. Ultimate Gamer

    Ultimate Gamer23 days ago

    Dave, you should make a review on the razer phone 2

  101. roses are red blue are blue

    roses are red blue are blue23 days ago

    good thing im not in america, the xiaomi mi 9 is a flagship killer killer

  102. N8MR

    N8MR23 days ago

    Redmi k20 pro 64gb is $360 SD 855 4000 MAh 6gb + 64 for base only bad thing is 8.8mm

  103. N8MR

    N8MR21 day ago

    @Federal Republic of Aurelia im not sure but it deserves the title.

  104. Federal Republic of Aurelia

    Federal Republic of Aurelia22 days ago

    Is redmi k20 the poco f2??

  105. Klak Gates

    Klak Gates24 days ago

    Like the iphone battery ico, xiaomi has the same style, other phones just so so.

  106. Javier Prado

    Javier Prado24 days ago

    U should've included the OnePlus 6 not the 6T, u can pick one up for less than $450

  107. Ly Vè

    Ly Vè24 days ago

    wow u looked handsome

  108. kenneth aquino

    kenneth aquino24 days ago

    K20 Pro

  109. Anshul Kabra

    Anshul Kabra24 days ago

    How about oneplus 7 in asian market?

  110. Red Throw

    Red Throw24 days ago

    How concerned are to be of water damage from small spills and such on the ZenFone 6?

  111. Red Throw

    Red Throw23 days ago

    @SOTTO SOTTO should be with a camera like that right.


    SOTTO SOTTO23 days ago

    I'm just throwing a guess out. It'll most likely be water resistant but not water proof.

  113. Honain Mushtaq

    Honain Mushtaq24 days ago

    Can someone please give link for zenfone the one he gave doesn’t work

  114. Siddu71

    Siddu7124 days ago

    Redmi K20 pro costs 350 Dollars

  115. Muhammad Ihsan

    Muhammad Ihsan25 days ago

    "good overall experience, dont care about performances", wow that kinda weird, how come u gonna have good experince if the phone does not perform well, even most original pixel 3 owner complain about performance hiccups, i dont think you gonna have good experience if u go with 3a instead of other phone in this list

  116. kord2003

    kord200325 days ago

    You forgot the Mi 9

  117. ambrogiofogar

    ambrogiofogar25 days ago

    dave, please.. asus: all screen display... LCD It's a nonsense !

  118. ambrogiofogar

    ambrogiofogar24 days ago

    ​@Radu Szilagyihahahahahahah

  119. Radu Szilagyi

    Radu Szilagyi24 days ago

    You can make your own channel and post your own videos with your opinions. This is Dave's channel and these are his opinions, and it would be a wise thing to respect them


    Ur TECHNICAL GAMER25 days ago

    Do you know Marques

  121. Ishrat Jahan

    Ishrat Jahan25 days ago

    S9 plus is the beast

  122. kid orange

    kid orange25 days ago

    wait for xiaomi's k series

  123. simi spolter

    simi spolter25 days ago

    No xiaomi?

  124. Cristo Mathew

    Cristo Mathew25 days ago

    op7? is below 500

  125. Shuu秀修

    Shuu秀修25 days ago

    I'm an Asus fan. I have 5 generations worth of Asus laptops and 6 low-mid and high end phones. But I have a special space in my heart for that Zenfone 6

  126. Hermes UL

    Hermes UL24 days ago

    @Shuu秀修 damn thats awesome!!

  127. Shuu秀修

    Shuu秀修24 days ago

    @Hermes UL Yes. But... I don't do gaming that much but I make good use of it's power.

  128. Hermes UL

    Hermes UL25 days ago

    Do you have the Asus ROG phone?

  129. Shorya Singh Tomar

    Shorya Singh Tomar26 days ago

    Requesting a video on "the best 1000$ laptops right now" Like if you want dave to record this video

  130. Honain Mushtaq

    Honain Mushtaq26 days ago

    Why did you give us a fake link for the zenfone😤😤



    @Honain Mushtaq 16 june.

  132. Honain Mushtaq

    Honain Mushtaq24 days ago

    But when will it be available



    lol. the phone isn't released to the market yet. be patient

  134. Honain Mushtaq

    Honain Mushtaq26 days ago

    I really want the zenfone 6 but can’t find it anywhere and your link does not take me there

  135. Elliott Feaster

    Elliott Feaster21 day ago

    Same here.....

  136. Adrian Black

    Adrian Black26 days ago

    Good luck on updates for the Asus.... OnePlus 6T is most likely to get regular and major updates not to mention easily unlockable so you can load 3rd party ROMs in the future.



    zenfone user here. asus is consistent for giving updates on it's flagship. like their zenfone 3 got updates from lollipop till nougat.

  138. Ramon Brandão

    Ramon Brandão26 days ago

    mi 9

  139. adam murray

    adam murray26 days ago

    Weird that you say at this price point the one plus needs a head phone Jack when the majority of the flag ships don't. The phone market is such a weird market I don't see one flag shit phone that has everything I look for in a phone even when your spending 700+

  140. Majd Madani

    Majd Madani26 days ago

    OnePlus 7 costs £499