Cake WARS!! | Noobz Try Cake Decorating 🎂


  1. Team Edge

    Team EdgeYear ago

    Hey guys! What would you like to see us make next? What style of cooking? Let us know down below! Check out the Mystery Ingredient Cooking Battle!!

  2. Say it Ain’t so

    Say it Ain’t so22 days ago

    Pot brownies! Yummy

  3. Yvng Samurai

    Yvng Samurai2 months ago

    Hot wings and fries

  4. kaylabooboolove me

    kaylabooboolove me2 months ago

    Mmmmm 3 leche

  5. Julian Hooks

    Julian Hooks2 months ago


  6. Rhenand Manayao

    Rhenand Manayao3 months ago

    Try to make eclairs!

  7. Nathan Montgomery

    Nathan Montgomery2 days ago

    Bryan will win

  8. Dj Shadow Blast

    Dj Shadow Blast11 days ago

    8:19 dang

  9. Guilianna Camastro

    Guilianna Camastro12 days ago

    And DK never got that lunch...

  10. Jude Michael

    Jude Michael12 days ago

    u guys r the best

  11. Arvilyn Ilagan

    Arvilyn Ilagan17 days ago

    My name is aaron if anyone Else name is aaron click the lick buttun 👇🏻

  12. HowStrangerous13

    HowStrangerous1319 days ago

    ...I'm sorry, but in the beginning, it sounded like Bryan said "what's up your butt?" and I'm dying-- 😆😆😆

  13. Putra Boboiboy

    Putra Boboiboy21 day ago

    Bryan is gonna win not joey is not good is like have gum i dont like gum bryan is have egg sugar milk and flour

  14. Putra Boboiboy

    Putra Boboiboy21 day ago

    Team cook pizza and nunnget

  15. Kawaii Nora

    Kawaii Nora24 days ago

    I feel like this is an episode of nailed it but with no timer I think joey going to win

  16. Christian Dayrit

    Christian Dayrit26 days ago

    I hate the frost I only like sponge cake with sprinkles

  17. Lisa L

    Lisa L26 days ago

    I can tell Bryan was going try hard mode on the tricks

  18. Aiden Adcock

    Aiden Adcock28 days ago

    You should do breakfast

  19. 2nd brayden amazing gameplays

    2nd brayden amazing gameplays28 days ago

    I think j Fred is going to win

  20. Valeria Calamaco

    Valeria CalamacoMonth ago

    This is why girls cook in the kitchen guys 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  21. Kurik Mcclure

    Kurik McclureMonth ago

    my face was shoved in a cake once my mouth was open the whole time yum

  22. Jonah Kalani

    Jonah KalaniMonth ago

    one year old exactly

  23. Cyclopser 31

    Cyclopser 31Month ago

    That entire time Bryan was trying to impress chef aaron

  24. killer5482

    killer5482Month ago

    I am from the future

  25. Geneva Jimenez

    Geneva JimenezMonth ago


  26. Kitty CatYT

    Kitty CatYTMonth ago

    Brian it’s called a marble cake two flavors mikes together in the design on the marble stone

  27. Haris Mohammed

    Haris MohammedMonth ago

    Bryan will win

  28. Ana Alvarado

    Ana AlvaradoMonth ago

    You eat feet

  29. Micheal. Jack’s son

    Micheal. Jack’s sonMonth ago

    Anyone else hear Brian say what’s up your butt at the intro

  30. Lukas Games

    Lukas GamesMonth ago


  31. It’sMe Malak

    It’sMe MalakMonth ago

    I am arabic and that is NOT Aaron in Arabic

  32. dountfreeman

    dountfreemanMonth ago

    Please do some more videos of this, I love watching these always, it gives me ideas (sort of sometimes lol) on cooking. Keep it up! :)

  33. Carter Chapin

    Carter ChapinMonth ago

    I think J-Fred will win because read the directions

  34. Kawhi Leonard

    Kawhi LeonardMonth ago

    Bryan: This video is gonna be about thirty minutes Producers: Nah Videos actually 13:00 Minutes

  35. Averie Roehrkasse

    Averie RoehrkasseMonth ago

    Arron will win

  36. Hana gadaou

    Hana gadaouMonth ago

    Brandon will win

  37. Dab Howlter

    Dab HowlterMonth ago

    Hana gadaou who is Brandon

  38. Ben and Jackson’s nerf filmed

    Ben and Jackson’s nerf filmedMonth ago

    Ja fried

  39. Duvi Gaming

    Duvi GamingMonth ago

    Who else typed in minecraft cake wars and saw this so whatchet it😂🤣🤣😂

  40. Dab Howlter

    Dab HowlterMonth ago

    Duvi Gaming literally no one

  41. sarah rooney

    sarah rooneyMonth ago

    0:09 eeerrr the sky

  42. Mia Toles

    Mia TolesMonth ago

    I think Bobby will win

  43. Hayden Peckham

    Hayden PeckhamMonth ago

    Team Bryan 4ever

  44. Nathatron

    NathatronMonth ago


  45. Lindsay Fernandez

    Lindsay FernandezMonth ago

    please make new cooking vids

  46. PryPry Tube

    PryPry TubeMonth ago

    I think j Fred is a better cook

  47. ight imma head out

    ight imma head outMonth ago

    J-Fred because he read directions

  48. Kiaa_ nu_Ribs

    Kiaa_ nu_RibsMonth ago

    How does Bryan get twinkies and J-Fred doesn't????????? Hmmmmnnnnnggggggg.....

  49. Salma Nouri

    Salma NouriMonth ago

    I’m Algerian and that’s not Arabic (no hate)

  50. Derpy Ninja

    Derpy NinjaMonth ago

    Salma Nouri Sorry, but it was a joke.

  51. Mya Moonen

    Mya MoonenMonth ago

    I could not take Brian seriously at the end.

  52. Dab Howlter

    Dab HowlterMonth ago

    Mya Moonen *Bryan

  53. Joshua Scott

    Joshua ScottMonth ago

    Bryan thinks that cooking is just do tricks in the kitchen with food

  54. katy sigrist

    katy sigrist2 months ago

    I feel sorry for j-fred

  55. The_ Killer 590

    The_ Killer 5902 months ago

    When u try to make a cake. And it turns out to be a bootiful ugly cake! I’m not being mean tho.


    FODSQUAD—FANTASTIC ODD DREAMS ——Tegan——2 months ago

    Joey will win

  57. redstonerory

    redstonerory2 months ago

    Mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmborrreeed!

  58. dragon player

    dragon player2 months ago


  59. Doodles Moose

    Doodles Moose2 months ago

    J Fred won

  60. Noor Kabalaoui

    Noor Kabalaoui2 months ago

    that was not arabic😂😂

  61. Maryam Alsaffar

    Maryam Alsaffar2 months ago


  62. AD M

    AD M2 months ago

    Bryan never aims making the cake he aim trying to hurt himself

  63. Tymore Kamal

    Tymore Kamal2 months ago

    I'm Arabic and that looks nothing like our writing.

  64. Jennifer Ready

    Jennifer Ready2 months ago

    J fred

  65. jacob mills

    jacob mills2 months ago



    Talal TAHER FADLALLAH2 months ago

    I speak Arabic 11:05

  67. Vloger Boys

    Vloger Boys2 months ago

    I think Joey will win

  68. The Challengers

    The Challengers2 months ago

    J-fred will win

  69. Nesquick Hopper

    Nesquick Hopper2 months ago

    Second time watching this because this is so amazing