Cake WARS!! | Noobz Try Cake Decorating 🎂


  1. Team Edge

    Team Edge10 months ago

    Hey guys! What would you like to see us make next? What style of cooking? Let us know down below! Check out the Mystery Ingredient Cooking Battle!!

  2. kaylabooboolove me

    kaylabooboolove meDay ago

    Mmmmm 3 leche

  3. Julian Hooks

    Julian Hooks4 days ago


  4. Rhenand Manayao

    Rhenand Manayao17 days ago

    Try to make eclairs!

  5. Paulina aleman

    Paulina aleman17 days ago

    Team Edge plz do this again

  6. natsuki

    natsuki25 days ago

    Donuts, A grand chicken or steak meal, cupcakes, cookies, a model of something (made with anything if its with cooking

  7. Josh Motlong

    Josh Motlong4 hours ago

    Yup its a fact, Americans eat 2000 grams of sugar a day.

  8. Sasha Grant

    Sasha Grant6 hours ago

    Anybody else wondering how J-Fred broke chef Aaron's arm???

  9. Austin Wooten

    Austin Wooten8 hours ago


  10. Liam animations

    Liam animations11 hours ago

    theres a dog!!!! 10:01



    12:49 the new Pennywise

  12. Benjamin DeBoer

    Benjamin DeBoerDay ago


  13. OLIVER Griffin

    OLIVER GriffinDay ago

    I think Btan will win (love your videos)

  14. Ray Janely

    Ray JanelyDay ago

    Bryan is a great cake maker 🍰🎂

  15. Camilo Gutierrez

    Camilo GutierrezDay ago

    J fred

  16. nhuu uu

    nhuu uuDay ago

    I’m craving cake now

  17. Lowkey_ vlogsss

    Lowkey_ vlogsss2 days ago

    Bryan: "just cut all the mistakes out" Me: but Im not even in the video!

  18. Living with Hailey and Madison

    Living with Hailey and Madison2 days ago

    I think Bryan will win!

  19. Adriana Ruplinger

    Adriana Ruplinger2 days ago


  20. Servando Saenz

    Servando Saenz2 days ago

    This makes me want some tres leeches

  21. SnowWhiteWolfLol Cm

    SnowWhiteWolfLol Cm3 days ago

    I read that title as noob warz

  22. Azra B

    Azra B3 days ago

    I heard "What's up your butt ?" from Bryan in the intro ....

  23. Jason Stickman

    Jason Stickman4 days ago

    I would absolutely eat j Fred's ut looks so good

  24. Julian Hooks

    Julian Hooks4 days ago


  25. dobrelover34 lakotaa LAKOTA

    dobrelover34 lakotaa LAKOTA4 days ago


  26. PeytonCK

    PeytonCK4 days ago


  27. Little Butterfly

    Little Butterfly4 days ago

    not only the cakes are nakie:3 your faces, nails & legs are nakie too :3

  28. Madison Marie

    Madison Marie5 days ago

    Aaron: "he had a Twinkie in his cake...." Thats good enough in my book. 👍

  29. nick lis

    nick lis5 days ago

    bobby gonna win boi

  30. scraped_lukiyt

    scraped_lukiyt5 days ago

    J Fred win

  31. Summer Lindblom

    Summer Lindblom5 days ago

    Surprisingly joey takes this seriously and Bryan is fooling around trying to show off 😂😂

  32. Summer Lindblom

    Summer Lindblom5 days ago

    Do more cooking

  33. Tate Collins

    Tate Collins5 days ago


  34. Dianrabil_ Gaming

    Dianrabil_ Gaming5 days ago

    Jo jo jo joey

  35. True Taco

    True Taco6 days ago


  36. NayNay Hayes

    NayNay Hayes6 days ago


  37. beesweet0224

    beesweet02246 days ago

    The pastry chef in me is crying... 🤣

  38. Caroline lee

    Caroline lee6 days ago


  39. Tomn8r 555

    Tomn8r 5556 days ago

    0:06 what’s up your butt

  40. Noah Estes

    Noah Estes7 days ago


  41. G.Cole20 & Ben_E_Honcho

    G.Cole20 & Ben_E_Honcho7 days ago

    I would rather have J-Fred’s cake more

  42. Sophia Milevski

    Sophia Milevski7 days ago

    I think j - fred is going to win

  43. iwant wasabi

    iwant wasabi9 days ago

    j man whill wen

  44. Fakhrul Alif Rahimi Bin Kamaruzaman

    Fakhrul Alif Rahimi Bin Kamaruzaman9 days ago

    j frad going to win


    JOCELYN HOLTON10 days ago

    Cake pop cupcake would be fun I think

  46. Moneybag _Daysha

    Moneybag _Daysha10 days ago

    Bryan should not have won 👎🏽

  47. Moneybag _Daysha

    Moneybag _Daysha10 days ago

    You are gonna get instant diabetes from bryans

  48. Owen Johnson

    Owen Johnson10 days ago

    I hope j Fred will win

  49. CraftyGamer123

    CraftyGamer12310 days ago

    was it just me or did the table kind of look like it was covered in plastic wrap?😕

  50. Addison Hartranft

    Addison Hartranft10 days ago


  51. Spencer Horrigan

    Spencer Horrigan10 days ago

    Not j-Fred

  52. Ace nation

    Ace nation11 days ago

    I fell that The Arabic and cursive jokes were like dyslexia and dysgraphia for me

  53. LettuceMilk

    LettuceMilk11 days ago

    666 dislikes

  54. Bells club

    Bells club13 days ago

    I choose joey because bryan was using his hands to put the icing on the cake

  55. Disney Lover

    Disney Lover14 days ago

    I think J-Fred's dog will win anyone else?

  56. Krystianna Sierra

    Krystianna Sierra14 days ago

    You should have a cooking competition between Matt and Connor.

  57. Tangie Millsaps

    Tangie Millsaps14 days ago


  58. team pizza59

    team pizza5915 days ago


  59. team pizza59

    team pizza5915 days ago


  60. Beyblade Isawsome

    Beyblade Isawsome15 days ago

    J fred

  61. Tanner Larson

    Tanner Larson16 days ago

    J-Fred propaly won (Sorry for bad spelling)

  62. Wiktoria Danielska

    Wiktoria Danielska16 days ago


  63. Wiktoria Danielska

    Wiktoria Danielska16 days ago


  64. Wiktoria Danielska

    Wiktoria Danielska16 days ago


  65. Wiktoria Danielska

    Wiktoria Danielska16 days ago


  66. Ryan Helm

    Ryan Helm17 days ago

    "A Whole New Egg" Killed Me + The Zoom In

  67. Musa Adeel

    Musa Adeel17 days ago

    A whole new eeeegggggg 😂 😂 😆

  68. Rhenand Manayao

    Rhenand Manayao17 days ago

    Both of them messed up so idk whose gonna win

  69. Isaac Vargas

    Isaac Vargas17 days ago


  70. Imminent Beatle6

    Imminent Beatle617 days ago

    Why I want them to make the cake without blindfold because with the blindfold it just makes everything worse and I don’t like it when people cook I wanna see what they can do.

  71. Paulina aleman

    Paulina aleman17 days ago

    Plz do this again

  72. Double A Dude Avila Family

    Double A Dude Avila Family18 days ago

    Bryan is suck a show off in this video

  73. Toady 24

    Toady 2419 days ago

    J fred

  74. Brady Stinson

    Brady Stinson19 days ago

    j fred

  75. Xi Chen

    Xi Chen20 days ago

    Sometimes not reading the steps may take you to a full awesome level but sometimes it can be you're down fall just be sure to do it correctly

  76. Coonoodles / Bryan

    Coonoodles / Bryan20 days ago

    They should make more cooking videos

  77. Colton184 Gamer

    Colton184 Gamer20 days ago

    I can cook better than y’all can

  78. Ashley Castaneda

    Ashley Castaneda20 days ago

    Who else watching in 2019. EITHER WAY HOW DOES BRYAN KNOW HOW FEET TASTE!?!?!?!

  79. Epik Twiist

    Epik Twiist20 days ago

    Is this how blind people make cakes?

  80. Kirk Davis

    Kirk Davis21 day ago

    You guys should do five nights at Freddy's IRL hide and seek with fog and pich balckness. OMG please do it .

  81. D4RK-Th3 B0T B0t

    D4RK-Th3 B0T B0t21 day ago

    I swear the have change the thumbnail at least three times

  82. Peter Shuper

    Peter Shuper22 days ago

    what about he agressivness of da cake

  83. Cindy Nelson

    Cindy Nelson24 days ago

    J-Fred (Joey)

  84. lol_im _lizzie

    lol_im _lizzie24 days ago

    This video triggered me so much because I bake cakes so often and from scratch.

  85. Elliott Fiorato

    Elliott Fiorato26 days ago


  86. Carey Smith

    Carey Smith27 days ago

    geez joeys pantry is so EMPTY!!

  87. baronvondanger

    baronvondanger28 days ago


  88. Princess Jaira

    Princess Jaira29 days ago


  89. Dark Illusion

    Dark Illusion29 days ago

    Reference from friends 11:20

  90. SuperDog Riojas

    SuperDog Riojas29 days ago

    I think that Joey or J-Fred is going to win

  91. Sasha Miller

    Sasha MillerMonth ago

    I think J Fred will win! (I promise I didn't skip ahead then comment)

  92. Avery Boyd

    Avery BoydMonth ago

    Bryan will win for sure

  93. Purple CAT Lyrics etc.

    Purple CAT Lyrics etc.Month ago

    I make cake all the time and I gotta tell you do not put pumpkin spice unless you KNOW what you are doing I’m ten and I know that

  94. Hussein Hazamy

    Hussein HazamyMonth ago

    Next time have no twists it’s better

  95. Megan Roderick

    Megan RoderickMonth ago

    Get you a man who looks at you the way Aaron looks at joey😂

  96. Mandeep Singh

    Mandeep SinghMonth ago


  97. Jun Le

    Jun LeMonth ago

    The one that say poopoo

  98. Matthew Morgan

    Matthew MorganMonth ago

    I vote Joey. (edited) I was wrong. 😫

  99. Yusuf Jabbar

    Yusuf JabbarMonth ago

    J-Fred for sure he actually read the instructions lol

  100. Christina Tress

    Christina TressMonth ago

    J fred

  101. malla jeswanth ganesh

    malla jeswanth ganeshMonth ago

    joey would win

  102. Will sports and Outdoors

    Will sports and OutdoorsMonth ago

    Any Hibachi jobs open I think Bryen is lookingfor one🤣

  103. Edwin  Cruz

    Edwin CruzMonth ago


  104. Frosted Flakes 15

    Frosted Flakes 15Month ago

    Bobby is going to win

  105. monkey nana

    monkey nanaMonth ago


  106. Bryce Berg

    Bryce BergMonth ago

    Brian will win

  107. jose escobar

    jose escobarMonth ago


  108. Kara Watson

    Kara WatsonMonth ago

    You guys should start a cooking channel for this reason