India Stunned By Boult & Henry | India vs New Zealand - Highlights | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019


  1. Bret Hart

    Bret Hart2 hours ago

    Is this from World Cup or different stadium



    Indian sirf ghar ke shair h bahar ke geedar se bhi battar....

  3. Dr Muaz Ul Hassan

    Dr Muaz Ul Hassan11 hours ago

    Awesome 👏🏼 Well played New Zealand 🇳🇿 Crushed India 👎🏿

  4. Ameer taimoor

    Ameer taimoor14 hours ago

    India ki ma ko lun

  5. Aon Ali

    Aon Ali14 hours ago

    Poor indians

  6. Raja Shani

    Raja Shani15 hours ago

    Ma aksar ye match daikhta ho buht maza ata ha

  7. Ishfaq Para

    Ishfaq Para15 hours ago

    Newzealand is best

  8. brar komal

    brar komal15 hours ago

    Idk why but india team always fails against Boult or Henry, rmb warm up match in this world cup against nz? Same thing. Only jaddu can play against them and also dhoni. Sorry to say but I actually predicted india was going to lose.

  9. Beast Again##

    Beast Again##20 hours ago

    Kholi only brand hai nothing else jisse match mi khalna tha to lbw hoke review leke Chala Gaya saala

  10. Abishek Malla

    Abishek Malla20 hours ago

    hahha fcking overconfident indian cricket medias hahah

  11. arundeep singh

    arundeep singh20 hours ago

    When India needs Virat , rohit Batting they fail mostly same like champions Trophy

  12. Beast Again##

    Beast Again##20 hours ago

    Accha hua harr Gaye saale Indian team attitude mi marri PADI hai

  13. Ahmad Ashr

    Ahmad Ashr21 hour ago

    IND Murdabad

  14. Haqiqat & Fareb

    Haqiqat & Fareb21 hour ago

    4 match me14 vicketes lene wala behtareen boler Shami bahar to India bahar

  15. Dibyo Roy

    Dibyo Roy22 hours ago


  16. Dibyo Roy

    Dibyo Roy22 hours ago


  17. 1 2

    1 2Day ago

    West Country in India 🇮🇳

  18. Zen

    ZenDay ago

    Just because of Dhoni We lost the World Cup

  19. sevin furly

    sevin furlyDay ago

    pre match press: at least we have one more warmup match before the final😚 after match press: we didnt know it was the official semi final 🤔🤔

  20. The Hari Patel Show

    The Hari Patel ShowDay ago

    To all Indians that are dissapointed don't be because teams like pakistan west indies south africa and afghanstian are trash we have good days and bad days we will win in 2023

  21. india ki mah k bhorsa

    india ki mah k bhorsaDay ago

    this defeat is more bigger than india ki mah k bhosra

  22. Abhiraj Auti

    Abhiraj Auti22 hours ago




    Kohli in big tournaments is a big flop...people called him the greatest chaser ever....but no he can't handle these pressure situations in big tournaments ... First in wc semifinal 2015.. 2nd in champion trophy 2017 Nd 3rd is this one... This is called a big flop on big occasions...he is overrated who only performs in small i can say kohli is a overrated ... The best batsman in indian team in these situations are gautam,yuvi, dhoni.... Ex- the 97 run innings by gauti in wc 2011 Again a half century in 2007 t-20 wc final against pak...

  24. Soikot Mahadi

    Soikot MahadiDay ago

    Love u NZ Bangladesh

  25. Day ago



    SHIBBI TVDay ago

    Jadeja moving bat after scoring 50 like he has won not only the match but also the world such a bunch of over confident donkeys these Indian players and People of India are, Hahahhahaha world really enjoyed the defeat of



    Pakistanis: Pakistan beat New Zealand and England so they are the real champions.... ICC : Sorry it doesn't work that way !!!

  28. Mustak MG

    Mustak MGDay ago

    Itni Khushi mujhe aaj tak nahi huyi

  29. khabri 420

    khabri 420Day ago

    Newzeland won by cheating

  30. Muhammad Musa

    Muhammad MusaDay ago


  31. Muhammad Musa

    Muhammad MusaDay ago

    As you sow, so shall you reap

  32. covered by

    covered byDay ago

  33. fatima ahsan

    fatima ahsanDay ago

    Indian batting ball swinging by henry and boult Indian:wait thats *illegal*

  34. Naveed Ahmed Ahmed

    Naveed Ahmed AhmedDay ago

    40%finl tiktt😜😜😜😜

  35. Suchit Mehta

    Suchit MehtaDay ago

    i hate new zealand

  36. Aamir Mintoo

    Aamir MintooDay ago

    Excellent by Nz

  37. Noor Khan

    Noor KhanDay ago

    Newzealand ne to amir ki 2017 wali yad taza kr di

  38. Noor Khan

    Noor KhanDay ago

    hahahahahaha huhhuuuuhuhu hahahahaahahahahahahhahaaaaaaa

  39. dj sheraz

    dj sherazDay ago


  40. Fh gamer

    Fh gamerDay ago

    India loser

  41. **PAK**HUMAIRA** Naz

    **PAK**HUMAIRA** NazDay ago

    mauka mauka india gya

  42. Sahil Patil

    Sahil Patil2 days ago

    Virat doesn't deserve csptionship.

  43. Sharooz Bashir

    Sharooz Bashir2 days ago


  44. arif baig

    arif baig2 days ago

    The comment section is full of pakistani kids 😂😂😂lol


    CIRCUMVENTOR2 days ago

    India should have restricted New Zealand to less than 220. Though Bhuvaneshwar has bowled well, he couldn't take wickets early and New Zealand has made a decent total. Shami should have played in this Semi final, he is definitely the best wicket taking bowler of India.

  46. Abhi 739

    Abhi 7392 days ago

    Jai Shri Ram, Jadeja bhai dikha dia mushkil samay mn himmat kisey kehte hn, Next India captain Jadeja

  47. Javid Fatima

    Javid Fatima2 days ago

    Dhoni jadeja ko khila k qumwad ka izhar kr raha he

  48. Abdur Rabbi

    Abdur Rabbi2 days ago

    হারছে হা হা হা

  49. Singing Drama

    Singing Drama2 days ago

    Virat kholi knockout india vs pakistan2011 world cup 0. 2014 india vs Australia 5. 2014 india vs England 6 2017 india vs Bangladesh 31 2017 india vs Pakistan 5 2019 india vs New Zealand 1. Ye aukat Sachin ke Samne kuch v nehi ye manlo

  50. abdullah imran

    abdullah imran2 days ago

    25k indiots disliked this video!

  51. Maharaib AHMED

    Maharaib AHMED2 days ago

    Black caps😍