10 Strange Deep Sea Creatures

10 Strange Deep Sea Creatures
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discovered every year and it’s hard to keep up with them all. There’s around 86% of existing species of animals on the Earth that have yet to be identified. But there are some creatures that live in the deep and dark cold oceans and seas that were recently discovered. From brightly colored snailfish, a shark that looks like an alien and glows blue, to a creature that looks like a Game Of Thrones crown, check out these amazing and mysterious deep sea creatures.
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  1. Olivia Martinez

    Olivia Martinez8 days ago

    I think it’s a cat

  2. Denise View

    Denise View8 days ago

    Giant squid is most interesting to me. And those that glow.

  3. melting pot meme

    melting pot meme10 days ago

    No light in the abyss

  4. Mismo

    Mismo10 days ago

    why are sea creatures so much bigger in deep sea? shouldn't they be smaller since there's less oxygen?

  5. 이아림

    이아림11 days ago

    I think the thing that washes ashore on georgia is the loch ness monster


    OH NIGGA YOU GAY16 days ago

    Kids came for the thumbnail, I came here to spit out the facts

  7. a

    a12 days ago

    Robert spitting factz 😔

  8. Nuvia Díaz

    Nuvia Díaz17 days ago

    It looks like the same thing in my town’s beach.We call it the waters monster

  9. TrashyArtGirll :3

    TrashyArtGirll :322 days ago

    It’s the Loch Ness monster!! Idk it looks like it D:

  10. Jon Summers

    Jon Summers26 days ago

    Devoouuuurrreerrrrrrr larrrrge prey

  11. Daddy Hagrid

    Daddy Hagrid26 days ago

    Lets take a moment to appreciate the divers that dive down as much as they can go to discover things, is it a risk going under water since we are not humans with gills.

  12. Sarah Duropan

    Sarah DuropanMonth ago

    Am I the only one who sees a little Italian looking guy inside the first fish's mouth? Seriously. Go look! It looks like a dude in a fish shaped submarine!

  13. 3gC42bX

    3gC42bXMonth ago

    Fortunately for swimmers, this is not a carnivorous sponge species... Are you telling me there IS a carnivorous sponge?

  14. cmacdhon

    cmacdhonMonth ago

    All of that generic stock footage, is totally unnecessary.

  15. Hanro Gerber

    Hanro GerberMonth ago

    Looks like plesiesor maybe dinosuar

  16. ULTra Gamer

    ULTra GamerMonth ago

    Who is scrolling down comments to see if there is any megaledon comment

  17. Kieran O Sullivan

    Kieran O SullivanMonth ago

    1:34 Sounds like my ex

  18. Liam McMahon

    Liam McMahonMonth ago

    Lock nest monster

  19. JoshPlayzFortnite

    JoshPlayzFortniteMonth ago

    it's a you you ugly

  20. The Jazz King

    The Jazz King2 months ago

    "Some slimy worm like thing" Sounds like Trump.

  21. Joyti Naidu

    Joyti Naidu2 months ago


  22. Lord Joshh

    Lord Joshh2 months ago


  23. Zork

    Zork2 months ago

    The "unidentified" creature, is just a basking shark

  24. Dominic Feliciano

    Dominic Feliciano2 months ago

    Angler fish

  25. Itz What's Up

    Itz What's Up2 months ago

    In 3:17 i think its an electric eal thats pregnant and big that decomposed

  26. Savage_Queen XoX

    Savage_Queen XoX2 months ago

    Uh oh I have Thalassophobia. Thalassophobia (Greek: θάλασσα, thalassa, "sea" and φόβος, phobos, "fear") is an intense and persistent fear of the sea or of sea travel. Thalassophobia can include fear of being in large bodies of water, fear of the vast emptiness of the sea, of sea waves, and fear of distance from land.

  27. Gorguruga

    Gorguruga2 months ago

    Interesting condition! I think I have the opposite. I fancy floating out to the middle of the ocean, surrounded by nothing but water, and not a single soul in sight! Just for a few days I mean, not permanently lol

  28. xROZUx

    xROZUx2 months ago

    I'm going to be scared to swim in the ocean now :'D

  29. SΛVE

    SΛVE2 months ago

    0:56 that's a video from the movie the meg

  30. 7 Skateboards

    7 Skateboards2 months ago

    Loch Ness Monster Jr.

  31. jasa jbp

    jasa jbp2 months ago

    Oh you stupid scientists!!! Can't you see, it's a freakin dinosaur it looks yust like nessi (3:18

  32. jasa jbp

    jasa jbpMonth ago

    @Welcome to chili’s Chili’s ok maybe your right

  33. Welcome to chili’s Chili’s

    Welcome to chili’s Chili’s2 months ago

    You don’t know that it’s still not confirmed what it is

  34. Terence Ferrier

    Terence Ferrier2 months ago

    I like the vampire dogfish because it can launch its teeth

  35. Mariya K

    Mariya K2 months ago

    of all the strange deep sea discoveries we have made just in the last decade, _these_ were the top picks? seriously.. how could y’all _not_ at least include the creature from the thumbnail in a strangest sea creatures list ??

  36. Lyla Redeker

    Lyla Redeker2 months ago

    That is not a dog

  37. Robloxian FamerXD FAN yt

    Robloxian FamerXD FAN yt2 months ago

    It was a baby loch ness monster.

  38. Olivia McCollow

    Olivia McCollow2 months ago

    So bootitful

  39. Selena Kown

    Selena Kown2 months ago

    Looked like dinsaur fish

  40. Tom David Abillion

    Tom David Abillion2 months ago

    The Georgia monster is a baby loch ness monster

  41. freshy Sorndee

    freshy Sorndee2 months ago

    In Australia there is anglerfish Oh and do you know there is Spotted hand fish only live in Tasmania in the easterly of Derwent river but if you they are in the top 50th rank of endangered fish so they are rare

  42. J R

    J R2 months ago

    9:40 "Creepy because there skin is black" racist lmao 😂😂😂

  43. DipSimply

    DipSimply2 months ago


  44. Bob Silver

    Bob Silver2 months ago

    I work in Landscaping, and I have seen strange bugs that I have never saw before...imagine the billions of creatures in the ocean man has never seen.

  45. phase glitch

    phase glitch2 months ago

    "kraken" = giant squid My brain: So people found the kraken in a different spot? Me:there's more than one dumb brain

  46. Arabella Coghlan

    Arabella Coghlan2 months ago


  47. Zipah

    Zipah2 months ago

    wonder how many species dies out each year just becouse we take the last once for study.

  48. Flórián Soós

    Flórián Soós2 months ago

    4:33 rgb on

  49. Varun Kumar

    Varun Kumar2 months ago

    4:57 what movie is that?

  50. Unknow Players

    Unknow Players2 months ago


  51. mister tamura

    mister tamura2 months ago

    I’m not even sure how to make a parody of this kind of documentary.

  52. Golden Sky

    Golden Sky2 months ago

    Me: How many creatures are there God : yes

  53. GMK2001_01

    GMK2001_01Month ago

    @Golden Skyearth godzilla

  54. Steven SteveO

    Steven SteveOMonth ago

    Ecclesiastes 8;17 God is Awesome!

  55. Golden Sky

    Golden Sky2 months ago


  56. Terence Ferrier

    Terence Ferrier2 months ago

    What does that cweation keen??

  57. Ratnakar Gouda

    Ratnakar Gouda3 months ago

    Its a baby plesiosaur

  58. Domonique gause

    Domonique gause3 months ago

    @ the georgia monster , it’s a sea dick .

  59. Hazel Gardner

    Hazel Gardner3 months ago

    Why is there such confusing imagery? Shouldn't you just show the species or particular clip you're talking about

  60. Gorancho The Cat

    Gorancho The Cat3 months ago

    Georgia in Europe or Georgia the us state ?

  61. MrMywonderworld910

    MrMywonderworld9103 months ago


  62. Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke Uchiha3 months ago

    Baby loch ness

  63. Neo King

    Neo King3 months ago

    Nuh we have brital stars in Greece and they are not in deep waters

  64. rob the bank with justine Mapue

    rob the bank with justine Mapue3 months ago

    is this real or fake

  65. Huntarr

    Huntarr3 months ago

    Chi lay

  66. rudil tahil

    rudil tahil3 months ago

    much more known under the sea

  67. rheacaasi

    rheacaasi3 months ago

    the hole time that dino still live

  68. Victoria Cornelio-Fisher

    Victoria Cornelio-Fisher4 months ago

    “Snailfish mariana” is that not an umbrella mouth gulper though? I’m confused, at least use correct images when talking about something because it’s very misleading

  69. Dan Akire

    Dan Akire4 months ago

    Weve reached the end pf the sea and they havent seen a single mermaid

  70. Oaie De Pe Câmp

    Oaie De Pe Câmp4 months ago

    I think that looks like a reeaally small plesiosaur. 3:45

  71. The Mike Actual

    The Mike Actual4 months ago

    Hey! Ive seen brittle stars before! I found it in "Pulau Seribu" in Indonesian! :D

  72. The Mike Actual

    The Mike Actual3 months ago

    @noob gamers Ya udah bodo

  73. noob gamers

    noob gamers4 months ago

    Im from indonesia but i've never been there 😭😭😭