10 Strange Deep Sea Creatures


  1. Ratnakar Gouda

    Ratnakar Gouda5 days ago

    Its a baby plesiosaur

  2. Domonique gause

    Domonique gause9 days ago

    @ the georgia monster , it’s a sea dick .

  3. Hazel Gardner

    Hazel Gardner10 days ago

    Why is there such confusing imagery? Shouldn't you just show the species or particular clip you're talking about

  4. Gorancho The Cat

    Gorancho The Cat19 days ago

    Georgia in Europe or Georgia the us state ?

  5. MrMywonderworld910

    MrMywonderworld91018 days ago


  6. Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke Uchiha21 day ago

    Baby loch ness

  7. Neo King

    Neo King26 days ago

    Nuh we have brital stars in Greece and they are not in deep waters

  8. rob the bank with justine Mapue

    rob the bank with justine Mapue27 days ago

    is this real or fake

  9. Huntarr

    Huntarr28 days ago

    Chi lay

  10. rudil tahil

    rudil tahil28 days ago

    much more known under the sea

  11. rheacaasi

    rheacaasi28 days ago

    the hole time that dino still live

  12. Victoria Cornelio-Fisher

    Victoria Cornelio-FisherMonth ago

    “Snailfish mariana” is that not an umbrella mouth gulper though? I’m confused, at least use correct images when talking about something because it’s very misleading

  13. Dan Akire

    Dan AkireMonth ago

    Weve reached the end pf the sea and they havent seen a single mermaid

  14. Oaie De Pe Câmp

    Oaie De Pe CâmpMonth ago

    I think that looks like a reeaally small plesiosaur. 3:45

  15. The Mike Actual

    The Mike ActualMonth ago

    Hey! Ive seen brittle stars before! I found it in "Pulau Seribu" in Indonesian! :D

  16. The Mike Actual

    The Mike Actual29 days ago

    @noob gamers Ya udah bodo

  17. noob gamers

    noob gamersMonth ago

    Im from indonesia but i've never been there 😭😭😭

  18. Dee MacDonald

    Dee MacDonaldMonth ago

    I think either two things. 1. It’s a giant type of underwater worm. And 2. A giant leech. Like if you agree 👇🏻

  19. Julia Salazar

    Julia SalazarMonth ago

    It’s obviously an apple

  20. daren harris

    daren harrisMonth ago

    No one took a sample and it washed away.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. world changer

    world changerMonth ago

    Its the legendary lock ness monster

  22. Steve Hann

    Steve HannMonth ago

    Same for brittlestar

  23. Steve Hann

    Steve HannMonth ago

    They've known about anglerfish for a while now

  24. Oaie De Pe Câmp

    Oaie De Pe CâmpMonth ago

    Yes but that is a new SPECIES of anglerfish

  25. Spinoplays

    SpinoplaysMonth ago

    Frilled shark

  26. Thomas Kelly

    Thomas KellyMonth ago

    Possibly a baby lock Ness monster or other deep sea monster type creature

  27. Benjamin Browning

    Benjamin BrowningMonth ago

    Will say that alot of species have not been discovered but for our first one will show you a fish everyone knows about..

  28. Dylan Haas

    Dylan HaasMonth ago


  29. Robin Elleston

    Robin EllestonMonth ago

    its nessie. it has to be

  30. Tangsok Chev

    Tangsok ChevMonth ago

    I like your videos pla make move videos

  31. Charlie Saitama

    Charlie SaitamaMonth ago

    ghost shark



    It lool a karcen

  33. Edric Asowata

    Edric AsowataMonth ago

    the creature is nesie

  34. aa

    aaMonth ago

    only pseudo scientists and US' car salesmen still using feet/miles

  35. SpikyToby

    SpikyTobyMonth ago

    I saw a britle star last time in a beach not a joke

  36. Polar Expresso576

    Polar Expresso576Month ago

    Nobody: Still Nobody in the comment section: Me seeing the thumbnail: YOUR A KID NOW YOUR A SQUID NOW!

  37. Josh Thompson

    Josh ThompsonMonth ago


  38. Andrew James

    Andrew JamesMonth ago

    Sperm Whales dick. Mistery over.

  39. جديد ون بيس

    جديد ون بيسMonth ago

    im go with venom cuzin

  40. Alex Dee

    Alex DeeMonth ago

    Jeff Warren UGF Panda.. of course he found it in Georgia.

  41. Jerald Gepitan

    Jerald GepitanMonth ago

    The contents are interesting but the ads are nit helping. Its too many. Every minute has an ad. It ruined the whole vid.

  42. Corvus Morve

    Corvus MorveMonth ago

    The don't be a pleb and get premium. 😂

  43. Repsi The Kraken Master

    Repsi The Kraken MasterMonth ago

    The Georgia monster is a baby craken

  44. Ryōan Nazuk

    Ryōan NazukMonth ago

    Anglerfish are horrific

  45. Shay FN

    Shay FNMonth ago

    Why did you show a arrow-pima?

  46. Cheenu Bhatt

    Cheenu BhattMonth ago


  47. FieRcE FireStorm

    FieRcE FireStormMonth ago

    Nesieee!!!! 3:40

  48. Amir Harewood

    Amir HarewoodMonth ago

    Locles monster

  49. Julianna Johnson

    Julianna JohnsonMonth ago


  50. Metro Orbit

    Metro OrbitMonth ago

    Nesi is ded

  51. el1061

    el1061Month ago

    its Azores ( A-zorz) in English not A zor es in Spanish you dumbass narrator

  52. Otaku - sama

    Otaku - samaMonth ago

    Magnapinna squid is also cool and strange

  53. Lord of Alicorns

    Lord of AlicornsMonth ago

    It’s a Plesiosaur

  54. Ryan Bower

    Ryan BowerMonth ago

    The one by Jeff Warren was a plesiosour

  55. Oaie De Pe Câmp

    Oaie De Pe CâmpMonth ago

    I agree, but this must be a reaaaally small plesiosaur cuz real ones are giaaant

  56. Daniel Marshall

    Daniel MarshallMonth ago

    If a place is 7 miles deep it is more than 25,00 feet