Spending 24 Hours In A City With No Laws


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    mr beast

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    Me sub already WHERE DA CAKE

  6. Anthony David II

    Anthony David II2 hours ago

    3:01 they called garret Chris !!!!

  7. Adam Sidah

    Adam Sidah2 hours ago

    thats the alien place from GTA V

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    that looks dope

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    Someone asks how you gonna do this Yellow guy:Chris!!!

  12. Jakub Mackiewicz

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    At this point Mr Beast needs to buy some third world country or at least a city.

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    In the seesaw interview garret name was chris 😂😂

  14. nighttracker ?

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    If you ever went to slab city again, BRING A GUN!

  15. Reid Blackburn

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    You fucking suck,suck chandler’S dick

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    Wait!me and Tariq are from the same place

  17. MC Black Empire

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    so basically 2b2t..

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    What if... This was a paradise

  19. Clap ur gotdam nemer Clap em NOW

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    That was the place in gta v

  20. Crenkel

    Crenkel3 hours ago

    isn't what sandy shores from gta 5?

  21. Emeryn Hernandez

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    Chandler is freaking uncle drew 🏀

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    In before mr beast rapes someone

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    “This city has no electricity.” Goes to lit up party

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    Plant a tree for every time Chris doesn't dance. 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳

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    Look at that yawn at 13:56 absolute unit.

  28. SlyGuy Gaming

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    So it’s stab city in gta?

  29. Strawberryfox YT

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    Purge who?!

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    Тебя смотрел пьюдипай

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    9:07 three white men trying to play basketball.

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    How was the slavs?

  33. Joe Tucker

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    *If the Purge was a city*

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    Question : if i kill someone and then go to this town... I basically got away with it??

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    I did.

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    Can I have a job

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    I dare all of you guys to get a tattoo of pickle rick

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    that’s lowkey a real arm

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    Gta 5

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    8:43 music name.

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    This that alien junk in gta

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    I loved it when Garett kissed Chris 7:16

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    Basically people living from welfare….Yeeeeeah, well spent taxpayer's money.

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    Pewdiepie?????????????? 😏😏😏😏

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    Plant 20 million trees for 20 million subs. Copy so he can see

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    He is still using the outro by whobilly... wow just wow

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    Isi this place where jessica shoot her film

  52. Elias Van Drisse

    Elias Van Drisse8 hours ago

    *let the 2019 annual Purge, commence!*

  53. *Little Precious*

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    It’s friendly bc there was no black people

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    Evan I'm from Saudi Arabia

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    Plant 20 million trees!!!!!

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    This is very well explained!

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    No electricity how are the lights working

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    Danny Mullen did it better

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    Can I just give you a thousand dollars to do both

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    sticks are pokey

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    Anyone know the title of the music??

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    Chandler so funny


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    3:35 whats this in the sky?

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    Im arabian

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    They called garret Chris. At 250

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    Happy Late Birthday!

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    I don't know that he was born in Saudi Arabia 😂😂 10:34

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    Gta 5 conspiracy?

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    Wheres the wifi

  74. ChickenPlayz

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    "We've been homicide free for 3 days." MonkaS

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    You guys look cute spooning together. 😂🤣

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  82. 지 민방 탄 소 년 단

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    Wasn't Kesha's praying mv there

  83. Meme Man

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    “Basketball goal” Smh

  84. Jackie B

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    shout out to knife man drugs are fun

  85. Lawnypoo The first

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    I don’t think that he was lying when he said 3 days homicide free

  86. Jake hager

    Jake hager19 hours ago

    Kidney stones. Okay man. Stay home next time

  87. Ruth Chopin

    Ruth Chopin19 hours ago

    Just by looking at the title I know some things Gonna go wrong

  88. AndrewA

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    0:23 omg I've been there multiple times !

  89. Anthony Fartnuggets

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    Slab City might be better than actual civilization

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    No electricity hu

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    I came here to see the comments about GTA V. I was disappointed

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    There’s no laws ok Ni-

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    Guys Chris is always chickening out of stuff he’s turning into chandler

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    3019 MrBeast smashing my friends city and surprising him with a new one.

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    Happy birthday :D

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    And three knife man.

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    there is the 3 knife man there is the 3 machete man there is the 3 sword man there is the 3 chainsaw man and then there's me the 12 weaponed man

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    Sandy shores

  99. Marissa Macool

    Marissa Macool21 hour ago

    Anyone else recognize that place from Kesha’s Praying music vid?

  100. •Bounty CraSheR•

    •Bounty CraSheR•22 hours ago

    3 knives man: You're gonna die. Chris: *Hold My Cheesy Scrambled Egg!!*

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    Seriously how u we're living there..!!🤔🤔🤔

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    Yeah now I can rip the tag off of my mattress!

  103. Minister Dank Meme

    Minister Dank Meme23 hours ago

    Dont know for sure but is that that weird thing in gta 5

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    Skirt skirt out