Spending 24 Hours In A City With No Laws


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    1:57 I thought that it said “giraffe circle” so I was confused when there was no giraffe cult meeting

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    Can we get Bill Gates to react to Mr. Beast videos?

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    3:01 Has he had a name change...?

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    Anyone else noticed the creepy eyes behind Chris at 12:09 when they talked about that one guy coming back to kill them lol

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    The first place they went to is in gta 5 and slab city is stab city in gta 5

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    *In Slap City U Can Raid Area 51 Without Laws*

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    who else thinks chandler is the funniest amongst all the others lol

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    Me and chris are the same age born on the same day and both suffer from kidney stones badly savage

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    We need full uncut footage of Tariq’s stand up comedy

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    I would take all the dogs

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    This place is just a town of cursed images

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    This is in gta5

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    3:02 *Chris... yeah... Chris..*

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    I love how they put Garret’s name as Chris

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    They should have one law no killing because I guy with a knife or three is a physco

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    you should do something that can help (a) animal shelter(s) please because people need to do a good thing to a animal shelter

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    This is the new team ten Oh boy...

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    Why is Garett all the sudden Chris ?

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    Poor Chris.. I hope everything went well at the doctor!

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    *"Sticks are pokey"* -Chandler *"I agree"* -me

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    Cool vid but.. I didn’t see any Minecraft Slabs in Slab City.

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    A kid could be anything

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    Expectation: city without laws= the purge Reality: carefree and chill community, no pc right?

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    did i saw faze rug in the stage?!!?

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    Kesha filmed praying there

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    I wonder why everytime garrett speaks its always says chris

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    If slab city had no laws, we can have sex for free and a sex club and being naked in the streets of slab city XD

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    I watched this while eating McDonald’s;-;

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    What a pubg map

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    lmao, everyone totally thought that someone was gonna get shot or robbed

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    Chandler eyebrows is always on fleek. I’m jealous.

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    chris got kazoo kidney stones

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    I think chandler is really cute

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    Dude Chris, I am so sorry, kidney stones are no joke. I had to actually get surgery to get mine removed, only because I was passing one on both sides but yeah... I feel ya man.

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    "You're gonna die!" Three Knife Man, 2019

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