How Things Actually Work

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How Things Actually Work


  1. SSSniperWolf

    SSSniperWolf6 months ago


  2. Tendernuggett 360

    Tendernuggett 36023 days ago


  3. D Kaster

    D Kaster23 days ago


  4. Its. Mystic

    Its. Mystic27 days ago

    SSSniperWolf ㅛㄷㄴ ㅛㄷㄴ ㅑ ㅇ양

  5. Madilynn Duncan

    Madilynn Duncan27 days ago

    yes that the red ladybugs are the males while the other colors are female

  6. Akhona Dyantyi

    Akhona DyantyiMonth ago


  7. Sammy Suehue

    Sammy SuehueHour ago

    I play the violin

  8. K8 L33

    K8 L3323 hours ago

    Bobby pins work but so does a knife lol. Chill I was breaking into my own house

  9. pig life Paradise

    pig life ParadiseDay ago

    I like the closet

  10. Tamara Sharpe

    Tamara SharpeDay ago

    LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLlooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuu can i be your kid i will send my add big fan ....# love you like it up for Sniperwolf...

  11. Quincy Owens

    Quincy OwensDay ago


  12. Alyson Henson

    Alyson HensonDay ago

    0:04 my favorite part!

  13. ShadingShadow

    ShadingShadowDay ago

    Did anybody els think that the second spider looked like he had busums

  14. Kaina Amadu

    Kaina AmaduDay ago

    Well, coincidence, I wondered how a zip works this morning! But hey, now I know! So, yeah, I lEaRnT sOmEtHiNg nEw! ;D

  15. Richard Blazewicz

    Richard BlazewiczDay ago


  16. Myles Moody

    Myles Moody2 days ago

    PS3 when u turn it on it’s scared the crap out u

  17. Amber Hull

    Amber Hull2 days ago

    The swallow was oddly satisfying.

  18. Pete Atwood

    Pete Atwood3 days ago

    Me is eating sting cheese takes string Person also has string cheese ,takes a bite Also me b&$#@ what the f@#_ are you doing stop that's against the law

  19. Taylor Makiya

    Taylor Makiya3 days ago

    i never realized how small Lia was until now

  20. Squidward

    Squidward4 days ago

    The lock on my brothers door is just a circle with a line in it and so when he locks the door I just use a coin to open it

  21. hotboy kids

    hotboy kids4 days ago

    It has three but you have four

  22. hotboy kids

    hotboy kids4 days ago


  23. Pan Duhh

    Pan Duhh5 days ago

    I like the closet

  24. TryingToGet100SubscribersByTheNewYears! Coolsies

    TryingToGet100SubscribersByTheNewYears! Coolsies5 days ago

    And thats why when you swallow that little bump on your throat goes *forward,back,in place*

  25. Weird Potato

    Weird Potato5 days ago

    0:16 peppa pig WHO?

  26. Pam Meutzner

    Pam Meutzner5 days ago

    I love you sssniperwolf

  27. Ronja M. Kilde

    Ronja M. Kilde6 days ago


  28. A Z U M I is me

    A Z U M I is me6 days ago

    I will add this emoji 🍀 for like 🍀

  29. david chetla

    david chetla6 days ago

    I really really want to play the violin!!🥺

  30. it's just samia Williams

    it's just samia Williams6 days ago

    I learned how to pick a lock

  31. it's just samia Williams

    it's just samia Williams6 days ago

    ×_× /_×

  32. katisclean

    katisclean7 days ago

    Has drinking barium

  33. Juice Mask The Uzi Vert

    Juice Mask The Uzi Vert8 days ago

    yes and i think you should make a channel Digitalnex

  34. Vikki Crowley

    Vikki Crowley9 days ago

    :) ; )

  35. Monika Mizenkova

    Monika Mizenkova10 days ago


  36. Monika Mizenkova

    Monika Mizenkova10 days ago

    Sorry im mad today

  37. Monika Mizenkova

    Monika Mizenkova10 days ago

    Sorry today is not my best day

  38. sharon cheung

    sharon cheung10 days ago

    "Oh, look! a bug!" "OOPS"

  39. That80sGuy1972

    That80sGuy197211 days ago

    Lockpicking is an easy skill. It only starts getting hard with combination locks. I mean the dial ones, not the easy cheesy ones similar to bicycle combo locks and luggage combo locks.

  40. kawii halo Hershey

    kawii halo Hershey11 days ago

    When y'all was talkin bout mices qick story 3 mice where really in my church EVERY1 WENT NUTS

  41. Potatoe 111

    Potatoe 11112 days ago

    Digitalnex:how does it look like me? Lia:cause it *thicc*

  42. You need some Mulk

    You need some Mulk13 days ago

    I laughed an ungodly amount

  43. Blooming Flower

    Blooming Flower14 days ago

    I laughed at the intro so much I nearly pissed myself.

  44. Shadow Knight

    Shadow Knight14 days ago

    I like the audio foam room

  45. Yaya Torres

    Yaya Torres14 days ago

    The closet

  46. RedSATANS Kid

    RedSATANS Kid15 days ago

    All string instruments make sound by forcing the string to move back and forth. Hence the reason that when the string slows down or stops it will either make very little noise or no noise. I know this because I’ve played a guitar and a violin

  47. yukara monroe

    yukara monroe15 days ago

    I did what she did with caterpillars, but I smashed snails. The crunch is what I live for😶

  48. YTShadowK

    YTShadowK15 days ago

    Closet come back

  49. Jesse James McClear

    Jesse James McClear16 days ago

    I like the closet

  50. Quetcy Vazquez

    Quetcy Vazquez16 days ago

    When i was like 4 and and im eight my mom was annoyed that my sister was so loud she locked her self in. Her room to realax and i ran into the door multipul times and knocked the door open

  51. Anna Watwood

    Anna Watwood17 days ago

    We went outside for ag and there was a mouse 🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁under the tarp

  52. karen robinson

    karen robinson17 days ago

    GIF is pronounced with a soft 'g' because it is an abbreviation of graphics interchange format.

  53. hukill702

    hukill70217 days ago

    Ya I learned how a key lock thingy works

  54. hukill702

    hukill70217 days ago

    Fanally she is out of the closet

  55. shania reese

    shania reese17 days ago

    who ships digitalnex and sssniperwolf only me?? ok!

  56. billy bounce

    billy bounce17 days ago

    Is he ur brother cousin or friend

  57. azzy muota

    azzy muota18 days ago

    {\_/} (^_^) ( ^ ^)

  58. Jayah Curtis

    Jayah Curtis18 days ago

    My little sis can pick a lock wit her nail. OMG

  59. Lesly Torres

    Lesly Torres18 days ago


  60. Hailey Hernandez

    Hailey Hernandez19 days ago

    Digital:you need to have a towel around her sssniperwolf:

  61. Da Bananananana

    Da Bananananana19 days ago

    I play viola. (a lot like a violin) muh face is friggin inches from the strings, and it doesn't look like it is moving. Sometimes when you play really loud, it almost looks like it is vibrating

  62. Ariel The Little Mermaid

    Ariel The Little Mermaid21 day ago

    Is it only me or does DigitalNex make Lia look so small

  63. Maya Livingston

    Maya Livingston21 day ago

    I have her jacket!!!!

  64. Gabby Challegens and more

    Gabby Challegens and more21 day ago

    Leah: So u need to pattern the key Digital: ohhh (Changes subject) Ditgal : So I tryed getting into a whine store Leah: HELLO 911 !? NANI?

  65. GachaBloxLife

    GachaBloxLife22 days ago

    -Spider rolls the ant in the web- Me:Okay, then just put your crap on the ant, and make a taco, okay?

  66. Reine M

    Reine M23 days ago

    I say giffy

  67. Joshua Rowe

    Joshua Rowe23 days ago

    No I did not learn nothin new cuz I ALREADY KNEW!!! 😒