This 25 Year Old Nissan is the Best Drift Car in America | Bumper 2 Bumper


  1. Donut Media

    Donut MediaMonth ago

    We love unique cars with cool stories. Is there a unique car you’d love to see on Bumper 2 Bumper? Let us know!

  2. Meme man

    Meme man8 days ago

    Hey I have that car Just Not as cool

  3. Finn Boyle

    Finn Boyle8 days ago


  4. Adolf Eclair

    Adolf Eclair9 days ago


  5. rodolfo quinones

    rodolfo quinones9 days ago

    bumper 2 bumper on a 1972 blazer

  6. Adolf Eclair

    Adolf Eclair15 days ago

    190e 2.5 evo

  7. //Legacy

    //Legacy6 hours ago

    There was a falken rx7 in tokyo drift (also is the soundtrack in 10:57 selfmade or what? im interested)

  8. mario090909

    mario09090922 hours ago PIOTR WIĘCEK VS JAMES DEANE

  9. HolyRat

    HolyRat23 hours ago

    James: "its from the later, s15"... *'Shows a picture of an odyvia :P

  10. The potato Party pooper

    The potato Party pooper2 days ago

    ichigo 🍓

  11. ethan schocke

    ethan schocke2 days ago

    when everyone starts thinking of someone else who was in fd hurts their car and always brings it back to his own house adams car pops up lol

  12. russia is my city cyka blyat

    russia is my city cyka blyat3 days ago


  13. Lukas Schürgers

    Lukas Schürgers3 days ago

    In my Opinion Matt fields s14 is a lot cooler

  14. [PRDX] Fed Bull

    [PRDX] Fed Bull3 days ago

    Are we not gonna talk about those amazing transition, dayum donut terrific job

  15. Vincent Nathaniel

    Vincent Nathaniel4 days ago

    Japan called "S15" ichigo means strawberry 1=ichi 5=go The more you know~

  16. Sea Tree

    Sea Tree4 days ago

    The supercharger of that s14 is just like the one from the H2R and h2

  17. Not THEO

    Not THEO4 days ago

    Oh I make his S14.5 In Car X Drift Racing 2

  18. Scy.the

    Scy.the5 days ago

    Livery was in Tokyo drift

  19. Sander Bjerkan

    Sander Bjerkan7 days ago

    Fredrick aasbø is still the best drifter, Norway gang where ya at

  20. Bjoern H

    Bjoern H7 days ago

    Moraaaaa vd-ooos

  21. NADIM Hanna

    NADIM Hanna7 days ago

    Great job

  22. Antron Vaughn

    Antron Vaughn8 days ago

    More Power Baby!

  23. JMarco Fujiwara

    JMarco Fujiwara9 days ago

    You love underdog story its not the silvia s15,14,13 Not the FC It is the Galant VR4 it have AWD and vicuous timing

  24. MrBeepBeep

    MrBeepBeep10 days ago

    Oh crap... i used a VPN wrong the past 3 months.. i thought it mean't 'Virtual Porn Network'... no wonder i got no dates.. or even answers on my questions...

  25. amezcarl

    amezcarl10 days ago

    7:12 man! You´re cool and funny as hell! and a terrible dancer xD

  26. David Quesada

    David Quesada10 days ago

    Had me rollin at 7:14 LMAO

  27. al capone

    al capone10 days ago

    mad mike has the unique drift car all everybody else has the same engines

  28. Jorge Salvador

    Jorge Salvador10 days ago

    If I wanted to watch a video that is fully about adds I would watch Donut 🏅👀

  29. andriyan handjaja

    andriyan handjaja11 days ago

    THATS AN S15 !! C'MON

  30. Jonathan David William

    Jonathan David William11 days ago

    Sorry but the best drifters are not from the US.... they are from the streets of Japan...... bruh

  31. Apex_zyphyr _TV

    Apex_zyphyr _TV11 days ago

    *spicy bois*

  32. Alex Carter

    Alex Carter11 days ago

    Alright u just wanna name drop my neighborhood like that damn. (Go wildcats)

  33. Adam Allen

    Adam Allen11 days ago

    SO educational + SO entertaining = Donut

  34. Mahmoud El-Assadi

    Mahmoud El-Assadi12 days ago

    The editor deserved a raise

  35. Jpgitters Official

    Jpgitters Official12 days ago

    If you gifted this to me, *I Love You Long Time*

  36. Gage Hayes

    Gage Hayes12 days ago

    Love u two

  37. Vincent Finkel

    Vincent Finkel13 days ago

    Man! Now I want to build a Drift-Car!!

  38. DsN R4PT0R

    DsN R4PT0R13 days ago

    14:55 when you see a number 25 rtr or a 88 you know ur gonna loose

  39. Ophelia Dissels

    Ophelia Dissels13 days ago

    This chassis is often called in japan as ichi go which means strawberry

  40. HERO 17

    HERO 1713 days ago

    Formula drift was the most exciting sport, there's a new kid on the block and his name is drift masters European championship.

  41. Chase Null

    Chase Null13 days ago

    OD Back Cheese

  42. J Y

    J Y13 days ago

    Keiichi Tsuchiya laughs after 20 secs of this vid

  43. workinga1

    workinga113 days ago

    Should do a bumper to bumper on a dodge neon srt4!!!!

  44. Scotty Smith

    Scotty Smith13 days ago

    workinga1 said no one except you and my son,💀

  45. Tonyboat

    Tonyboat14 days ago

    Can someone tell me the name of the music that starts playing at 11:43

  46. Алешка Ололшка

    Алешка Ололшка15 days ago

    SR20DET !! Not v8 in silvia! Shame on you.

  47. Adolf Eclair

    Adolf Eclair15 days ago

    The editor is a complete genius 😂

  48. Kevin Selagea

    Kevin Selagea15 days ago

    Got to see ody st gridlife midwest this year, and watch him drift the S14. The dude can drive, and he's a really humble guy.

  49. Dark Shadows

    Dark Shadows15 days ago

    Skyline and supra fanboys: TRIGGERED!!

  50. Gabriel Bumanglag

    Gabriel Bumanglag15 days ago

    Triggered over an LS...

  51. Wilgen putigolfa74

    Wilgen putigolfa7415 days ago

    This guy is Ryan Cooper

  52. sada fakap

    sada fakap15 days ago

    2:33 Song PLS

  53. Ethan Pelland

    Ethan Pelland15 days ago

    Yall should do a bumper2bumper on my pickup

  54. Red Gaming

    Red Gaming15 days ago

    I do not need u money

  55. dennis wong

    dennis wong16 days ago

    Ichigo means one five also a word for strawberry

  56. adi faiz

    adi faiz16 days ago

    oh the beautiful odyvia at 12:15