This 25 Year Old Nissan is the Best Drift Car in America | Bumper 2 Bumper

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For the last 7 years Odi Bakchis has been building up his S14 Silvia, and the story is nothing short of spectacular! After a crash at Formula Drift Vegas, this car was on the verge of meeting the crusher, but now this LS swapped, supercharged Nissan makes almost 1,000 HP and absolutely rips! Join James Pumphrey as he shows you every reason this badass S14 Silvia is currently the best drift car in America!
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  1. Donut Media

    Donut Media4 months ago

    We love unique cars with cool stories. Is there a unique car you’d love to see on Bumper 2 Bumper? Let us know!

  2. LaCedric Gipson

    LaCedric Gipson6 days ago

    Donut Media Volvo 850!

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    The bullitt car

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    My car

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    5:44 happy metalhead noises

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    Lil Neg4 days ago

    Who else wants James to do it on the one Vaughn gittin jr Mustang

  9. Marley Loftin

    Marley Loftin5 days ago

    the way this man say nissan cringes me

  10. THE GoDLiKe MIKE

    THE GoDLiKe MIKE5 days ago

    is odi rl usa takumi?

  11. Dutch BoSs

    Dutch BoSs5 days ago

    not a super charger its a turbo charger... at least in my circle

  12. Thesweetieman

    Thesweetieman5 days ago

    wow he said nissan not neesan mind blown you can #%^@ my sister and my mum thanks know your big brain

  13. dust

    dust6 days ago

    drift god

  14. Mozetty

    Mozetty7 days ago

    Bruh im trying to edit like their editor sheesh😍😍😍😍

  15. K1

    K18 days ago

    Can you do the Hoonicorn?

  16. Greg Pavitt

    Greg Pavitt9 days ago

    It was all good until he showed the engine💩👎👎👎👎👎

  17. Jamal Keester

    Jamal Keester9 days ago

    I want to see a bumper to bumper episode on Dylan Hughes BMW drift car 👌👌🔥


    ØØF VŁØGŠ9 days ago

    that car is in forza horizon 4

  19. Florin Dorin

    Florin Dorin12 days ago

    Why dont you guys review chelsea denofas #88 mustang


    CHIEF UMER12 days ago

    I own it... In Forza Horizon 4

  21. Leiki Dragon

    Leiki Dragon12 days ago

    Hey bOss, I just watched 3 of your .. nah it was 2... I was about to lie to you boss.

  22. Saudi Tate

    Saudi Tate13 days ago

    Long beach ..been there ,fd awsomenessness

  23. Marcus van der Hoven

    Marcus van der Hoven14 days ago

    Hey everyone - name of the tune that starts at 04:24 ish ?

  24. Justin Johnson

    Justin Johnson15 days ago

    I have feal coilovers on my Miata they’re great!

  25. j rich

    j rich16 days ago

    All turbos, by definition, are super chargers So everyone’s turbo IS a supercharger

  26. Aris MacDuff

    Aris MacDuff13 days ago


  27. Ali Mohammed Dib

    Ali Mohammed Dib17 days ago

    7:03 This brought sunshine into an otherwise very dark day of mine. Good work guys!

  28. Mayhem Kings.2. vlogs. , reviews & gaming

    Mayhem Kings.2. vlogs. , reviews & gaming17 days ago

    7:07 more. Power. Baby

  29. CrabdabsfanCP

    CrabdabsfanCP17 days ago

    Please do Adam lz s15

  30. Noah Boden

    Noah Boden19 days ago

    3:49 Thats Adam LZ’s s15

  31. Smitty Acs

    Smitty Acs19 days ago

    Because the holes resemble strawberry seed holes

  32. 20 lukuinen

    20 lukuinen19 days ago

    Now i want to swap an v8 in our fwd toyota corolla lol

  33. Hot 40glock

    Hot 40glock19 days ago

    Obviously you haven't heard about side show tone. #stayshitty

  34. Catici Pete

    Catici Pete19 days ago

    12:30 song??

  35. who stole my screen name I

    who stole my screen name I20 days ago

    The little guy used a wepon equal to 9mm pistol

  36. smash bros beam of light

    smash bros beam of light20 days ago

    the superchrgr

  37. Lowkey JDM

    Lowkey JDM24 days ago

    What wheels are those?


    FAZE BOMBER24 days ago

    Who saw Adam's s15

  39. Noah Chill Beatz

    Noah Chill Beatz25 days ago

    I wonder if anybody has realised that odi is a Lithuanian

  40. Anthony Olmos

    Anthony Olmos25 days ago

    It’s not the best drift car to have, it’s just the history around these chassis, it’s where drifting all started, I can have almost any car and still drift just as good, it’s just unique to see this type of cars drifting

  41. eros montesinos

    eros montesinos25 days ago

    The city where they drifT is in Long Beach California on the LBTGP


    BIG PINK CYLINDER26 days ago

    3 months for freee!!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!??!!?!?$?!!!?(?)

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    ali raid27 days ago

    The editor is killing it

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  46. Naufal Fadlurahman

    Naufal Fadlurahman27 days ago

    Wise statement on the closing. "Wisefab"

  47. BEPIS

    BEPIS28 days ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue The moment you came for Starts at 7:02

  48. rocket bunny

    rocket bunny29 days ago

    Is his car a kouki or a zenki

  49. Kegan Roszell

    Kegan Roszell29 days ago

    Throwback to gran turismo 2.

  50. Jamie Ziff

    Jamie Ziff29 days ago

    When they showed the purple "s15" thats actually an odivia front end on an s13 vert if im not mistaken

  51. LaserDisc

    LaserDiscMonth ago

    Using e brakes for drift isnt the right way

  52. yeee eet

    yeee eetMonth ago

    Aurimas is a lithuanian name. Im also lithuanian

  53. No Banana

    No BananaMonth ago

    9:18 he just grabbed the cone

  54. George Duran

    George DuranMonth ago

    Fr I got dis car in forza

  55. Cocoa Caramel

    Cocoa CaramelMonth ago

    Get Adam lz out here... I say that cuz you showed his s15 while showing the s chassis Nissan’s

  56. neelonghunglow

    neelonghunglowMonth ago

    Haha you don't know?! strawberry face because JAPAN! MORE POWER BABY!!!😂😂😂

  57. Football is life

    Football is lifeMonth ago

    He didn’t mention bluss 🤦‍♂️

  58. sleepa20v

    sleepa20vMonth ago

    Talking about this car like it’s a fucking daily....

  59. vaild-9Tails

    vaild-9TailsMonth ago

    Wait so back in 2012 he swap his engine for a 8 cylinder Engle that could make 1000 hp

  60. Brian Silvestre

    Brian SilvestreMonth ago

    I wonder how much got paid to say that

  61. Chalks October

    Chalks OctoberMonth ago

    @12:15 that is not an S15 front, that's a Odyvia front.

  62. m1ksu

    m1ksuMonth ago

    That's my friend's dad's car! Not the model, the car in the picture itself.

  63. Cody Benzie

    Cody BenzieMonth ago

    I have never been a car guy but your channel is making me enjoy learning about them more. Your stories and editing are spot on and I am becoming a big fan man. Thank you for the great content!!


    COOKIECLICKER16Month ago

    shut up

  65. Mystery 25

    Mystery 25Month ago

    No it's not bye

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