10 Things The Vlog Squad Can't Live Without | GQ Parody (w/ Jeff, Joe, Carly, Erin and Jonah)

We sat down with a few members of the Vlog Squad (Jeff Wittek, Joe Vulpis, Carly Incontro, Erin Gilfoy, and Nick Antonyan) to talk about things they can't live without!!
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  1. Jason Nash

    Jason Nash4 months ago

    Yo Guys thanks for watching. We will have a part 2 with Heath, Mariah, Corrina, Todd and Brandon coming up later in the week. Thanks!

  2. John Lawrence

    John LawrenceMonth ago

    You guys forgot To bring David

  3. Mikhael Burt

    Mikhael Burt3 months ago

    Part 3 please

  4. saoirse Fitzgerald

    saoirse Fitzgerald3 months ago

    I like it when people's laughs sound like a kettle

  5. Rodk Vic

    Rodk Vic3 months ago

    Natalie too!

  6. Paulette 2121

    Paulette 21213 months ago

    Jason Nash my dad wears hokas with everything like you

  7. Athan Escamilla

    Athan Escamilla8 hours ago

    Am I the only one who couldn’t believe how Erin pronounced MOCHA sorry it’s pronounced (Moe-ka)

  8. Eli G

    Eli G2 days ago

    I thought Erin pulled out birth control 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Val Scolieri

    Val Scolieri3 days ago

    *jeff can’t live without anger*

  10. jordyn

    jordyn3 days ago

    When Jason said bullet proof vest I died lmfaoo

  11. annina roy

    annina roy3 days ago

    Hookah one one team assemble (by the way it's 1 1)

  12. Sofia dumb

    Sofia dumb4 days ago

    Ok joe would look like the guy who "adopted" (not dave) the chipmunks if his glasses were rectangle

  13. Prod. By L.Dre

    Prod. By L.Dre11 days ago

    17:38 was anyone else bothered by the way Jason had his hands all over those shoes then I’m the next scene his hand was over his mouth

  14. Fanindra Madavi

    Fanindra Madavi11 days ago

    So basically Jeff is John Wick. Handsome hitman in love with his dog 🐶

  15. A Girl Has No Name

    A Girl Has No Name15 days ago

    How old is Nerf? Anyone know? I swear I heard Jeff say it in one of David's vlogs maybe but can't remember and I can't find his age online 😂

  16. Ella Cyan

    Ella Cyan18 days ago

    Erin looks so beautiful

  17. Winnie Pooh

    Winnie Pooh26 days ago

    If Jeff ever “Brooke Houts” Nerf I am un-subbing from all of you js

  18. MightyYoda06 06

    MightyYoda06 06Month ago

    Jeff only gets emotional when talking bout his dog and Natalie

  19. gabriel solano

    gabriel solanoMonth ago

    jeff Wittek= John Wick when it comes to his dog

  20. Skyler Lewis

    Skyler LewisMonth ago

    Have y’all noticed that carlys hair and skin are the same color??

  21. Giovanny Lugo

    Giovanny LugoMonth ago


  22. romessa

    romessaMonth ago

    I hate how nobody talks about nick and how pure he is

  23. My dick is incredibly small, but

    My dick is incredibly small, butMonth ago

    is that Matthew santoro

  24. Caroline K

    Caroline KMonth ago

    i watched this entire thing and thought it was actually a GQ interview

  25. Alex Weakland

    Alex WeaklandMonth ago


  26. Lindsay Klesko

    Lindsay KleskoMonth ago

    I agree with Erin. I’m obsessed with that highlighter. I wear it everyday!

  27. Jenny G

    Jenny GMonth ago

    Why does Jeff look so pale in here.

  28. Droopy

    DroopyMonth ago

    Wtf I was waiting the whole time for Corinna

  29. Mike Thompson

    Mike ThompsonMonth ago


  30. zhak

    zhakMonth ago

    WAIT WAIT... Just imagine your with Jeff and he suddenly picks you up and sets you on the table with nerf..🥴

  31. Bdeleeuw24

    Bdeleeuw24Month ago

    They should have brought David Dobrik

  32. Zack Montell

    Zack MontellMonth ago

    First USwork channel link is David and he wasn’t even in the video

  33. Reverse Panda

    Reverse PandaMonth ago

    7:00 green screen

  34. Sogonzo

    SogonzoMonth ago

    Nerf for president.

  35. Isaac Solis

    Isaac SolisMonth ago

    That a good answer??🤔🤔

  36. Nathaniel Baltazar

    Nathaniel BaltazarMonth ago

    I thought Jeff would say botoixc

  37. Cheri Collier

    Cheri CollierMonth ago

    Nash. Sorry I am late watching this, but I feel like a good hot sauce you would like is crystals. !! Please try and lmk

  38. Khaled Mneimneh

    Khaled MneimnehMonth ago

    Joe looks like Johnny sins when he put the glasses on

  39. Hunter Rose

    Hunter RoseMonth ago

    I love Jonha 😭💛

  40. Idk Kk

    Idk KkMonth ago

    Nerf has more followers than me on ig


    NYLA GRAHAMMonth ago

    Why isn’t Natalie in the videos

  42. Lukas Dengsø

    Lukas DengsøMonth ago

    more like this please!

  43. YoUtUbE bElIeVeR

    YoUtUbE bElIeVeRMonth ago


  44. Julissa Longoria

    Julissa LongoriaMonth ago

    Am I the only one that thinks Joe is freaking HOT !!!!!!! WITH AND WITHOUT GLASSES 🤤

  45. Tommaso DeAngelis

    Tommaso DeAngelisMonth ago

    The dog in the thumbnail looks like a blob so cute

  46. Cherry Cola Plays

    Cherry Cola PlaysMonth ago

    wait, but isn't nerf apart of the vlog squad?

  47. Andrea Jegou

    Andrea Jegou2 months ago

    “And even Todd when he has a hangover” lmao

  48. Nini R

    Nini R2 months ago

    jeff can’t live without water ( neither can i) but he drinks arrowhead water. like cmon now that is the worst tasting water. if you drink water more than any other drink yk what i mean. arrowhead tasted like booboo water😂😂

  49. Tiffany Wood

    Tiffany Wood2 months ago

    Jason I love your helly Hanson

  50. robert kasokeo

    robert kasokeo2 months ago

    I thought Jeff was gonna bring out some old spice product NGL

  51. Thomas Danley

    Thomas Danley2 months ago

    I aspire to be Jonah

  52. itsKeeei

    itsKeeei2 months ago

    Bro Hokas are THE best!

  53. Nicholas bowman

    Nicholas bowman2 months ago

    Haha Jeff wears the same type of hats nick is trashing

  54. Cal b

    Cal b2 months ago

    why is the url GayVjs lul

  55. Aricela Garfias

    Aricela Garfias2 months ago

    No one: Jason: laughing at something that’s not funny and just doing it to break the silence

  56. christian casper

    christian casper2 months ago

    Jason you should make your piggy bank the swear jar if you do that lmao for your kids 😂

  57. YRN Ace

    YRN Ace2 months ago

    Jason: What do you like best about Nerf? Jeff: um... 🤤 IM DYING BRUH🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  58. Riya Amin

    Riya Amin2 months ago

    Jonah forgot his Krispy Kreme donuts and kebabs.

  59. Magma hd

    Magma hd2 months ago

    Jason can live without his kids?

  60. Iva Kadagidze

    Iva Kadagidze2 months ago

    i never liked ur videos but this is something else wow keep these coming

  61. Se7en

    Se7en2 months ago

    Hoka’s are my favorite running shoe ever they’re so comfy :P

  62. Marlena thorvald

    Marlena thorvald2 months ago

    I don't see the difference between Jeff's shoes and Jason's shoes. They are obviously different shoes but similar style. I wouldn't wear either.

  63. Ceteris Paribus

    Ceteris Paribus2 months ago

    i can smell trasha's tears from up here

  64. Alden The King

    Alden The King2 months ago

    Would’ve been funny if all of them said “David” because David supply’s them with money they need to live. Jk y’all are great.

  65. Khristy Cowing

    Khristy Cowing2 months ago

    i actually REALLy like jeffs shoes... patagonia vibes