Throwing a Dart at a Map and Flying Wherever it Lands!

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**Original Video Concept by Julien Solomita & Collin Duddy of Last Minute Trips
We got fun ideas of what to do in Seattle from Monica Church's 10 things to do in Seattle!
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  1. Ryland Adams

    Ryland AdamsMonth ago

    I hope you guys enjoy this weeks video! I was all kinds of stressed going with the flow on something like this but we ended up having so much fun. I know the original Video Concept for this was by Julien Solomita & Collin Duddy, I’ve linked their channel in the description above!

  2. Ciara Lopez

    Ciara LopezDay ago

    I live in arizona :D omg!!!!!

  3. Eleanor Pearson

    Eleanor Pearson2 days ago

    we love a king who gives credit to creators!!!

  4. kellie wright

    kellie wright2 days ago

    I enjoyed it

  5. Shay Smith

    Shay Smith2 days ago

    Omg... Why whenever y'all started talking about you having a burger just the way y'all acted made me know why I ABSOLUTELY love y'all! Lol

  6. Rikey Barton

    Rikey Barton5 days ago

    I live in Nebraska

  7. Liliana Tavera

    Liliana Tavera2 hours ago

    Watching these adventures while I just lay in my bed 😂

  8. Anthony Loera

    Anthony Loera3 hours ago

    *wet water*

  9. Selina Middleton-Bennett

    Selina Middleton-Bennett9 hours ago

    You are a beautiful person in & out Ryland!

  10. Ohema Monay

    Ohema Monay13 hours ago

    What was that second hotel name?

  11. cait mcgill

    cait mcgill13 hours ago

    I feel ya shane... my anxiety makes shit hard :(

  12. Lexi Luna

    Lexi Luna14 hours ago

    While they laughing in bed about demon and ghost all I could think about is Shane popping into the room wearing his robe and you didn’t call me back! Then ryland was like Shane is calling me and I got shocked 🤣🤣 like I made that happen with my mind 😁😁

  13. mayasboringlife

    mayasboringlife14 hours ago

    I hope you liked my home town!

  14. M B

    M B15 hours ago

    You gotta come to miami and eat at Beacon Bitch. I’m not sure if its any relation though

  15. Taylor Hicks-Shahan

    Taylor Hicks-Shahan15 hours ago

    The entire reason behind Shane's brand of being a pig is shown in this video! Him gagging at rylands booger sounded like a squalling 🐖!! And of course his iconic ohmygod!!

  16. Geni Evanson

    Geni Evanson16 hours ago

    I moved from Seattle a year ago and felt super homesick. This video helped a lot, thank you so much for going to my hometown, I hope the people treated you well!

  17. meeohchan

    meeohchan17 hours ago

    30 seconds in and I recognized Alki beach. I'm sad I missed you guys while you were here!

  18. Xavier McKissic

    Xavier McKissic17 hours ago

    no one: ryland: oh FUCK

  19. Karlie Place

    Karlie Place17 hours ago

    What is that second hotel they stayed in?! I need to stay there for that view

  20. Christina Thunder

    Christina Thunder17 hours ago

    Where you biked to after the beach is where my husband proposed to me. ♥️

  21. Jaqueline Rosales

    Jaqueline Rosales19 hours ago

    Shane it’s so cute

  22. Jaynicia Carvalho

    Jaynicia Carvalho20 hours ago

    That hotel lobby looks like the one from American horror story “hotel”

  23. Ira Sterling

    Ira Sterling20 hours ago

    This was near my b-day

  24. Panic! At The Impala

    Panic! At The Impala21 hour ago

    " oooh Arizona! " YASSS

  25. Panic! At The Impala

    Panic! At The Impala21 hour ago

    * disgusted * NeBRAsKA ,,, oh gee thannnnks

  26. Vanessa Jimenez

    Vanessa Jimenez22 hours ago

    I wanna do this now :(

  27. Carina Rivera

    Carina Rivera22 hours ago

    That looks like the hotel from American horror story hotel

  28. Heidy Lopezzz

    Heidy LopezzzDay ago


  29. Ciara Lopez

    Ciara LopezDay ago

    I forward he is about killing himself if you dies xD hahahhaha

  30. Lyric Porter

    Lyric PorterDay ago

    No one: Ryland:AhHah

  31. Bertine Norg

    Bertine NorgDay ago

    About those green bikes 😂 so I live in the Netherlands and bike almost daily (on a normal bike). But those are electricbikes and becoming more and more populair here. At first it was like this new thing only old people used. The only problem (I think) is that you'r not always aware of your speed. And neither always does other people... But It's stil a lot of fun tho

  32. Bertine Norg

    Bertine NorgDay ago

    The music around 20:30 sounds so happy. I realy enjoyed it hahaha

  33. Gloria love

    Gloria loveDay ago

    I live in Arizona abd it is not fun her

  34. Bricel Gutierrez

    Bricel GutierrezDay ago

    SHANE IS SO PRECIOUS! his lip quiver when Ryland was saying he was going on a vacation made my heart melt! 😫😫😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ anybody else???

  35. byrdie

    byrdieDay ago

    I remember being in Seattle and going on the ferris wheel (down below Ryland)for the the first time! 28:04 Edit: And, I remember being so grossed out by the gum wall, I didn't have the guts to walk through the tunnel 31:30

  36. Kevin Kitching

    Kevin KitchingDay ago

    25:45 que miedo se imaginan si hay un terremoto y se cae eso 😱😂

  37. Kaitlyn Kennedy

    Kaitlyn KennedyDay ago

    that hotel is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT from AHS. like it looks the exact same

  38. Kaitlyn Kennedy

    Kaitlyn KennedyDay ago

    if you guys come to georgia i'll cry

  39. kaebutt

    kaebuttDay ago

    When they landed in nebraska and were like "ahhhaaaa" I felt that. Theres not really a lot to do here but omaha is very nice, downtown especially. Itd be like a cool day trip lol

  40. CrazyJumpingBean

    CrazyJumpingBean2 days ago

    Ryland looks so fucking cute with glasses how

  41. Hannah Morgan

    Hannah Morgan2 days ago

    When shane said if ryland dies hed kill himself n he knows its very unhealthy i felt that. Me @ my bf

  42. Elizabeth Tarvin

    Elizabeth Tarvin2 days ago

    Lmao I live in Nebraska but in the capital city though

  43. Gabbi Sundstrom

    Gabbi Sundstrom2 days ago

    I was so excited no one has ever landed in Nebraska where I live and they did not pick it

  44. Red Mayor

    Red Mayor2 days ago

    I know I’m behind on videos but Hyannis Nebraska is where my family has their ranch it is the tiniest town you would ever go to LOL

  45. Z. Doris

    Z. Doris2 days ago

    what was the second hotel they lived in it was soo nice!

  46. Parlato

    Parlato2 days ago

    Can you get dollar shave club in the UK?

  47. Christina

    Christina2 days ago

    I strive to have the money to do this without batting a eye or hurting my bank account.

  48. diana laura

    diana laura2 days ago

    They should book on Airbnb instead of hotels lol

  49. Loyal Lexi

    Loyal Lexi2 days ago

    You would LOVE Spokane in eastern WA google pictures of it

  50. dera

    dera2 days ago

    oooo is that the Shane merch? I'm excited

  51. thomas the triggered engine

    thomas the triggered engine2 days ago

    Ryland in the flight there was me on the way to Japan but we got a full three meals and the wifi didn’t work for shit

  52. Hunter Elizabeth

    Hunter Elizabeth2 days ago

    I'm from Nebraska and I'm deceased at your reaction to landing on it😂😂😂 I dont blame you, its not a great vacation destination😅 but if you were to ever come here check out the Omaha Zoo!

  53. Laura Hope

    Laura Hope2 days ago

    I live in Idaho and I'm TRIGGERED

  54. Chronicalipso Thompson

    Chronicalipso Thompson2 days ago

    Omg you came to my city yasss

  55. Jack Welp

    Jack Welp2 days ago

    What’s weird is I live in Colorado and my cousin lives in Seattle and we went over the summer to the exact place

  56. Liz Resendiz

    Liz Resendiz2 days ago

    This is one of the reasons why I love living in Oregon because most of the youtubers come here :)

  57. nancy vicious

    nancy vicious2 days ago

    A hotel room isn't nice when you need a black light to determine what you just stepped in.

  58. UnicornPlays Nice

    UnicornPlays Nice2 days ago


  59. Isabell lydens

    Isabell lydens2 days ago

    They shot greys anatomy in Seattle

  60. Mari A

    Mari A2 days ago

    But what about getting visa?

  61. Alyssa Hurd

    Alyssa Hurd2 days ago

    Btw Shane has a phobia of boogers so that’s why he’s like that xx

  62. MegsyMegsy32

    MegsyMegsy322 days ago

    I mean I’m from Nebraska and there really isn’t much to see. We have a sick zoo but that’s about it lol.

  63. Yaresly Leon

    Yaresly Leon3 days ago

    Shane is so kind and making sure that Ryland and Morgan are safe and that they don't get in to drama

  64. Haini Macaumbos

    Haini Macaumbos3 days ago

    i hate it that they are blurring something

  65. Haini Macaumbos

    Haini Macaumbos3 days ago

    THIS IS USwork


    TATUM CASSADY3 days ago

    You'd drive to Arizona but not Colorado? 😂