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Vampire Weekend - This Life (Official Video)


  1. Dan of Xymox

    Dan of Xymox5 hours ago


  2. Simba Munyukwi

    Simba Munyukwi7 hours ago

    I’m so moved by this song. I had a random playlist whilst walking. It was on repeat for the rest of my walk. Brilliant!

  3. cullen williams

    cullen williamsDay ago

    real makonnen fans recognize this one

  4. AdherentOfYouMoon

    AdherentOfYouMoon2 days ago

    Tan Bionica me dio está belleza..

  5. Anna Witt

    Anna Witt2 days ago

    Love their music!! So nothing like this new age shit

  6. Grant Cullen

    Grant Cullen3 days ago

    USwork views and likes do not describe how influential vampire weekend is. This band is something else

  7. John Doe

    John Doe3 days ago

    I'm late to the party but at least I made it. These guys are badass!

  8. Dave Chu

    Dave Chu3 days ago

    Why did everyone turn jew

  9. Blaire 101

    Blaire 1013 days ago

    never thought I'd utter the phrase "you've been cheating on me" with such an upbeat attitude...

  10. Dustin Booher

    Dustin Booher4 days ago

    Amazing song! Brings me pure joy! Vampire Weekend has been killing it.


    Walter-Rodriguez.com5 days ago

    what a stupid intro

  12. Yancade hand built games machines

    Yancade hand built games machines5 days ago

    I knew I should of married into a Jewish family when I had the chance.

  13. Marcelo Rocha

    Marcelo Rocha5 days ago

    This song seems like The Magic Numbers

  14. Kerry View

    Kerry View5 days ago

    This toon owes a big debt to The Beautiful South and Paul Heaton..........

  15. standart weeb

    standart weeb5 days ago


  16. James Jang

    James Jang6 days ago

    Is that Danielle Haim in the video??

  17. Adam Whitbread

    Adam Whitbread6 days ago

    I don’t know why but I love the lyric I thought we closed the gate in the morning

  18. MidNight

    MidNight6 days ago

    "Sweet car mom"

  19. Tommy Kelly

    Tommy Kelly7 days ago

    I recognize the guy driving the car, but cannot pin point his name. Anyone know what his name is?

  20. The Business Company

    The Business Company3 days ago

    it's kyle from little wings (new little wings LP is fantastic btw)

  21. Adam Halliwell

    Adam Halliwell7 days ago

    Heartbeat, why do you miss when my baby kisses me Heartbeat, why does a love kiss stay in my memory

  22. Alexander Marshall

    Alexander Marshall7 days ago

    Hideous hideous music

  23. Alicia Lambert

    Alicia Lambert7 days ago

    Je l'écoute au moins 10 x par jour

  24. rents14

    rents146 days ago

    Moi aussi

  25. Alicia Lambert

    Alicia Lambert7 days ago

    Trop cool

  26. fatima santos mendoza

    fatima santos mendoza8 days ago

    Is that Mark Ronson?

  27. Jug Pat

    Jug Pat8 days ago

    This should be callen' the work free weekends/time

  28. Cathe Tenorio

    Cathe Tenorio9 days ago

    Mark Robson been turning up a lot

  29. Erika Cisneros

    Erika Cisneros9 days ago


  30. ztwntyn8

    ztwntyn810 days ago

    I listened... because I was cooking and couldn’t turn it off smh. But some ppl like it so. No thumb

  31. DamionMachina

    DamionMachina10 days ago

    Islands are forever.

  32. lord skidmarks

    lord skidmarks10 days ago

    I'm 86 and I'm dancing to this ..brilliant 👴🕺

  33. Gustavo Sosa

    Gustavo Sosa5 days ago

    I'm 75 and I'm dancing too. Soy del '75 y también bailo con mi hijo del '08 que también ama esta canción. Saludos desde B.A. Argentina

  34. Josh Link

    Josh Link10 days ago


  35. Jared Rosenfield

    Jared Rosenfield11 days ago

    So good see you in Hollywood!

  36. Miss Borges

    Miss Borges11 days ago

    wtf wasnt this the song where it was a bunch of cells movin around?

  37. iceblink mender

    iceblink mender12 days ago

    damn that was a creepy as navy ad before this

  38. Blunttalker 67

    Blunttalker 6712 days ago

    5.5m people live in Yorkshire in England, more than the population of Scotland and you're not doing a show there. Come on lads sort it out

  39. Food Review UK

    Food Review UK12 days ago

    What does this song mean?

  40. Lizbeth Sanchez

    Lizbeth Sanchez12 days ago

    Vampire weekend + Danielle Haim ❤️

  41. Mila Marie

    Mila Marie12 days ago

    FINALLY! A music video that matches the vibe of the song. I liked the visions I got in my head, but this is even better. Just in time for summer too! Thanks for another song in the soundtrack of my life!

  42. dharmabum

    dharmabum12 days ago

    black and white doesn't match its' vibe at all

  43. Jose Luis

    Jose Luis13 days ago

    Fuck palm springs Because of Elizabeth Dominguez Flores

  44. Carly Behar

    Carly Behar13 days ago

    @katara giving me life in this video

  45. petmybull

    petmybull13 days ago

    Am I the only 1 or this a lot like The Magic Numbers ?

  46. reuireuiop0

    reuireuiop013 days ago

    Best since A-Punk !!

  47. you _darn right

    you _darn right14 days ago

    👍 🎶🎼🎶🎼....

  48. Zam Boy

    Zam Boy14 days ago

  49. Fran Ziska

    Fran Ziska14 days ago

    Am I the only one feeling like this is a copy of 'Ask' from The Smiths?

  50. Andrew Renwick

    Andrew Renwick14 days ago

    I’m Wade,I live in the desert. And my twin brother is seasick Steve


    GODZILLA_NYC14 days ago

    I love this album and song but it sounds a little too close to Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison....

  52. Rowena Williams

    Rowena Williams14 days ago

    Didn't know how much I needed this album💯 Also how blessed are we to have Danielle on this💗

  53. Flame Freak

    Flame Freak15 days ago

    Seeing you at concert

  54. claire amer

    claire amer15 days ago

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this song is? I love it! 💜🎶🙌🏻

  55. マソソソマソソソ

    マソソソマソソソ15 days ago


  56. Max Hillas

    Max Hillas16 days ago Fan review!

  57. Sthefany LV

    Sthefany LV16 days ago

    I thought it was "Oh crap" and then I just realized is "Oh Christ"

  58. will B

    will B16 days ago

    jews are everywhere

  59. Trifandi M

    Trifandi M16 days ago

    good ... im from north sulawesi

  60. The Click

    The Click16 days ago

    0:56 - 0:57 The background makes me feel alive

  61. robert x

    robert x16 days ago

    very catching song heard it on the radio and loved it

  62. P H

    P H16 days ago


  63. Josh Link

    Josh Link17 days ago

    Is it just me, or is this video about the powerful effects that psychedelics have when curing depression?! I could be way off., I just get a sense that Wade is "cheating thru this life" by going out to the desert, and eating peyote. Which I completely and totally agree with btw., go Wade..... Much love and respect.

  64. Josh Link

    Josh Link17 days ago

    Everything about this song checks out %100., well fucking done Vampire Weekend!!!

  65. Wellington Jesus Costa

    Wellington Jesus Costa17 days ago


  66. raissa 1

    raissa 117 days ago


  67. Richard Forano

    Richard Forano18 days ago

    ...Know this place.. Dry California

  68. zavaros minus

    zavaros minus18 days ago



    WIFE DE JIN18 days ago

    I LIKE this song 💖

  70. Joka

    Joka18 days ago

    I bet this song will be on FIFA 100%.

  71. Harry’s Movies

    Harry’s Movies18 days ago

    Love this so much! I’m a people person ....

  72. Stratotes Phoenix

    Stratotes Phoenix18 days ago

    Adrenochrome!!! "Yum yum ym yum yum yum"

  73. Bluelavarocket

    Bluelavarocket19 days ago

    WOW, amazing, just found this song and it's so beautiful

  74. Juan Carlos López Urbina

    Juan Carlos López Urbina20 days ago

    perfect lyrics, song of the year!

  75. Sam

    Sam20 days ago


  76. Rodrigo Silva

    Rodrigo Silva20 days ago


  77. Fran García

    Fran García20 days ago

    I hear Brown Eyed Girl vibes on this. Instant classic!

  78. Maurice Zeller

    Maurice Zeller20 days ago

    This is for the people of the sun n moon

  79. Jozz

    Jozz20 days ago


  80. Luis Manriquez

    Luis Manriquez20 days ago

    It reminds me of Dire Straits for some reason

  81. emo's is always sad.

    emo's is always sad.21 day ago

    They actually make some good ass songs

  82. Ashley Kay

    Ashley Kay21 day ago

    EZRA: Oh, Christ *Camera shows Mark Ronson's Yamaka*

  83. Kevin Depablo

    Kevin Depablo21 day ago

    How is this shit no world wide

  84. Andreas Tzimboukakis

    Andreas Tzimboukakis21 day ago

    an emo song with really upbeat music lol

  85. M Robith Z A

    M Robith Z A21 day ago

    Nice music and video, i just seen this band yesterday, and now i love it, please visit and subscribe my channel

  86. George Einstein

    George Einstein21 day ago

    Man I really need to appreciate it! Really I've seen something pure like that after a long time,hats off to you guys... 👏👏👏

  87. Cesar Ocampo

    Cesar Ocampo22 days ago

    damn Caucasians

  88. Trevor Quandt

    Trevor Quandt22 days ago

    Wade looks like Walt Whitman

  89. somekindostrange b

    somekindostrange b22 days ago

    why seems like the world is stalking , i ppe'd over there, a little unnerving

  90. Taylor Herting

    Taylor Herting23 days ago

    Beautiful song.

  91. Jack Tripper

    Jack Tripper23 days ago

    For Every Girlfriend I ever cheated on and cheated on me, we're even. Life's beautiful balance 😘

  92. Josh Link

    Josh Link23 days ago

    Thumbs up for Wade!

  93. Josh Link

    Josh Link23 days ago

    Like the addition to the end!!!!

  94. Josh Link

    Josh Link23 days ago

    I'm still a fan of the microscopic Sony music video. 🎧🤔👏👌 But well done makin this video!

  95. Josh Link

    Josh Link23 days ago

    I fuckin LOVE THIS SONG!!!

  96. Peck the Town Crier

    Peck the Town Crier23 days ago

    i like this

  97. Alex Ushi

    Alex Ushi23 days ago

    Where are the rest of the band on this album barely in any of the music videos, not really seen them doing any of the promotion or interviews for it. It just seems like the Ezra Koenig and friends solo show.

  98. ᄐᄒᄀ

    ᄐᄒᄀ19 days ago

    lol radiohead

  99. Mariusz Niedzielski

    Mariusz Niedzielski23 days ago

    „You've been shittin' on, shittin' on me I've been shittin'' on, shittin' on you” Fkin perverts 😂

  100. Gorgi Gibson

    Gorgi Gibson23 days ago

    i`m having a bit of a vampire weekend.

  101. Mel Walton

    Mel Walton23 days ago

    I love Vampire Weekend! Love the new album!!! Super happy it exists

  102. Noodles and chips

    Noodles and chips23 days ago

    This Life! cLaSsIc

  103. pepe ramirez

    pepe ramirez24 days ago

    Alguien en español?

  104. Shyanne Vasquez

    Shyanne Vasquez24 days ago

    This song is so good and fun and dark

  105. kostas Petriliotis

    kostas Petriliotis24 days ago

    Van Morisson vibes