Vampire Weekend - This Life (Official Video)


  1. BCFinancials

    BCFinancials5 hours ago

    Anybody know what kind of straw hat that is or where I can get it?

  2. King Koopa

    King Koopa2 days ago

    There will never be a band as perfect that fills me with joy as much as vampire weekend. Hope to see Ezra and his buds play live soon.

  3. shellfish355

    shellfish3553 days ago


  4. Haryz Naim

    Haryz Naim4 days ago

    i m just gonna say 2019 is the worst year of my life... but i think i ll take it back :D

  5. Maina Bora

    Maina Bora6 days ago

    This song deserve atleast 200 million views , come on guys 😍

  6. Cheyenne Falcon

    Cheyenne Falcon7 days ago

    The Makonnen interpolation saved this song

  7. Kidz World

    Kidz World9 days ago

    For me only this works best *ZEPISGUIDES. COM* Added unlimited gems and gold to my account already.

  8. arwa yasser

    arwa yasser9 days ago

    Ive had this album on repeat and I can’t get enough of it

  9. Mia Lynn

    Mia Lynn10 days ago

    i just noticed jovan is in this video....... omfg

  10. Chirag Mali

    Chirag Mali13 days ago

    Love this song

  11. jessica bremer

    jessica bremer13 days ago

    Who is Wayne really?

  12. Paola Naranjo

    Paola Naranjo13 days ago


  13. Nik Tary

    Nik Tary13 days ago

    This song, this album, this band....FUCKING SUCKS ASS

  14. Tona3000

    Tona300014 days ago

    When he said baby I know pain is as natural as the rain, I just thought it didn't rain in California. I felt that 😢

  15. Stefan Kromer

    Stefan Kromer16 days ago

    That Bass tho

  16. Shawnetta Jones

    Shawnetta Jones18 days ago

    Is that Danielle Haim? Sure looks like her.

  17. Paula Andrea Rebecchi

    Paula Andrea Rebecchi16 days ago

    it's her

  18. Chad Tucker

    Chad Tucker22 days ago


  19. Zippity Zoop

    Zippity Zoop22 days ago

    Tbh the lyrics of this song are upsetting and I can't really enjoy it anymore

  20. Tyler Hayden

    Tyler Hayden24 days ago

    I'm 115 and dancing to this! 👴

  21. Angelo Sánchez

    Angelo Sánchez26 days ago

    Manta-Ecuador, 24 de agosto/2019, 08:23 a.m

  22. Pat Capp

    Pat Capp29 days ago

    I just love this song! I've had it on the playlist on our catering truck here in Los Angeles for 3 months and it just doesn't get old. Gotta be that twangy guitar and reverb!

  23. Durk Kush

    Durk KushMonth ago

    no matter the mood, this song can always bring outta my funk.

  24. bibi yop

    bibi yopMonth ago

    Toujours aussi bon ce petit groupe que j'avais découvert dès leur premier morceau. Son très agréable et le chanteur est toujours juste

  25. FUN

    FUNMonth ago


  26. FUN

    FUNMonth ago


  27. 6r6 b6

    6r6 b6Month ago


  28. rainbow

    rainbowMonth ago

    Hoy fui a una entrevista y estaba sonando esta cancion mientras esperaba, estaba feliz yo jaja

  29. kamran102

    kamran102Month ago

    Best riff ever

  30. Ivan Gluscic

    Ivan GluscicMonth ago

    I love the parts of the video that they filmed in San Andreas.

  31. Leah Riordan

    Leah RiordanMonth ago

    Ps 35 secs for the song to start

  32. Norma M. Atchley

    Norma M. AtchleyMonth ago

    I love this, can’t stop dancing even when I’m sitting down.

  33. GG TBrooks

    GG TBrooksMonth ago

    This song makes me think of drinking fancy stuff on a beach on a summer sunset.

  34. 1968 tonup

    1968 tonupMonth ago


  35. naya

    nayaMonth ago

    i love them and this album so much. PLEASE RECOGNIZE YOUR ASIAN FANS AND DO AN ASIAN TOURRR

  36. Roscell Wallace II

    Roscell Wallace IIMonth ago

    Can definitely relate "im kind of a loner and also kind of a peoples person "

  37. a dl

    a dlMonth ago

    Most hateful riff of all time

  38. bangs 45

    bangs 45Month ago

    "I'm a loner, but I'm kind of a people person, too". Yeah, that really is good. Great song & video. The words are sad, but the music is uplifting. I'm 76, and I keep on playing this song over & over. I think this song appeals to all age groups.

  39. sbastián peréz gonzalez

    sbastián peréz gonzalezMonth ago

    This Charming man Life

  40. Angelo Sánchez

    Angelo SánchezMonth ago

    Manta-Ecuador, 18:33 p.m, 06 de agosto/2019

  41. Laurens De Moor

    Laurens De MoorMonth ago

    Gotta love the Paul Simon influence in this one!

  42. Joy Bayer

    Joy BayerMonth ago

    "I've been cheating on this life" is him admitting he has not seriously suffered and felt the pain of life outside of romantic heartache. It's a song of first world problems.

  43. Cak Redi

    Cak RediMonth ago

    I guess this is the sequel to *Haim's Summer Girl.*

  44. Rebecca Rush

    Rebecca RushMonth ago

    Such beautiful looking people in this music video. Every single one of them looks beautiful in their own way. I love living in such a beautifully diverse world! 💕😍

  45. Navneet Madine

    Navneet MadineMonth ago

    Ezra 😍

  46. Nischal Rawal

    Nischal RawalMonth ago

    Anyone Cheating on this August 2019✌️✌️

  47. Jeffry Summer

    Jeffry SummerMonth ago

    @ 4:23 Love the reverb and distortion 🎶

  48. Alessia Arcuti

    Alessia ArcutiMonth ago

    Looks like they shot it in Basilicata, my motherland, that don't love me, so why love anything? (Ya hey, just a VW fan joke folks!)

  49. shubham gotey

    shubham goteyMonth ago

    thank god, this kind of music exists!

  50. Justin Gopaul

    Justin GopaulMonth ago

    best song ever

  51. jeff hall

    jeff hallMonth ago

    Right on

  52. de nocturne

    de nocturneMonth ago


  53. B J

    B JMonth ago

    Please come to KOREA🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

  54. Tyler Zandi

    Tyler ZandiMonth ago

    Anyone else think the guitar is a bit like the grateful dead song touch of grey

  55. O E

    O EMonth ago

    Such a nice airbnb host

  56. Abigail Davis

    Abigail DavisMonth ago

    I’m going to their concert I’m so excited

  57. Daniel Meuse

    Daniel MeuseMonth ago

    Cool to see little wings aka Kyle in this video as well..

  58. Bff Sister’s

    Bff Sister’sMonth ago

    who is waching this in 2019😂😂

  59. Bratty

    BrattyMonth ago

    danielle haim is so cool !!!!

  60. Polar Apple

    Polar AppleMonth ago

    No offense but this is SO boring👎

  61. gearsofwar2pwnfest

    gearsofwar2pwnfestMonth ago

    This song spoke to me so deeply it instantly was welcomed to my top 20 favorite songs ever