Russia’s “Rocketman” Censorship & How to Pronounce Rihanna’s Name | The Daily Show

The Russian edit of “Rocketman” removes the gay scenes, Rihanna clarifies the pronunciation of her name, and a high school principal plagiarizes his graduation speech.
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  1. Lilo Nenes

    Lilo Nenes6 days ago

    1:43 Did Trevor just describe Moscow like that?? I mean... Moscow ?! We're talking about the same city right? No man, you just cannot

  2. Val- Vals

    Val- Vals6 days ago

    You know it’s not all of russia the new generation is happy with the lgbtq community.i know this is for fun but we are no longer communist. Or soviet... America needs to educate itself. At least we don’t have school shootings.. our schools are safe and our people are smart. Yes we have anti lgbtq community violence but honestly which country doesn’t

  3. Aaroni Pepperoni

    Aaroni Pepperoni7 days ago

    Was there a Gym in the closet 😂😂😂😂😂😂ahhh I love Trevor

  4. Danielle Jonas

    Danielle Jonas7 days ago

    That's how Rihanna is pronounced in the Caribbean though...but ok America

  5. Yoan Müller

    Yoan Müller10 days ago

    3:06 Trevor Noah: MY LIFE IS A LIE

  6. andy.xlyxify

    andy.xlyxifyMonth ago

    You are running from yourselves comrades! 😂

  7. Amber Pruitt

    Amber PruittMonth ago

    It's always been pronounced that way. We've just all said it wrong.

  8. Victoria Escobedo

    Victoria EscobedoMonth ago

    When you pay money to watch a 15 second film and only for that

  9. Paper St.

    Paper St.Month ago

    Bey once, brrrrr! Ah Trevah! You leave dem laughin

  10. Meanwhile In Science

    Meanwhile In ScienceMonth ago

    God bless Russia!

  11. Seseblue Seseblue

    Seseblue SeseblueMonth ago

    The alphabet people(LGBTQ..... community wants equality yet a whole month is dedicated to them because of they sexual and personal preferences I have nothing against the LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 community but I just don’t get why a month should be PRIDE MONTH PLUS WHY THEY NEED TO HAVE PRIDE WEEK WHERE everything has be about them. The isn’t a month for ‘straight’ folks why should there be for them.

  12. Sylvia The dragon lord

    Sylvia The dragon lordMonth ago

    No matter how much that try they can’t censor fabulousness

  13. Margarita M.

    Margarita M.2 months ago

    Let’s just call her Robyn, because I am confused.

  14. MrSchmolko

    MrSchmolko2 months ago

    nothing to be proud of, neither ashamed. do your private.

  15. Hey It'sme

    Hey It'sme2 months ago

    I hate how the news anchor says “HoMO SeXUaLIty” like it’s just sexuality. period.

  16. andrea coats

    andrea coats2 months ago

    🤔 really happy pride month wow.

  17. sirlancia curry

    sirlancia curry2 months ago

    I notice Trevor's audience patterns. Rarely applauds if he mention successful black celebrities wealth, small claps here & there for jabs at certain political figures/celebrities, but loud cheers & clapping when he exaggerate false claims by Michael Jackson, R-Kelly (current ones not past offenses) and so on. I see y'all.

  18. mark spannar

    mark spannar2 months ago

    But it’s ok to try to censor a British newspaper printing a story about him and his gay lover splitting after adopting kids. Such a double standard smh

  19. Seetiyan

    Seetiyan2 months ago

    Bey me once, shame on you. Bey me twice, shame on me . . .

  20. Adam Dixon

    Adam Dixon3 months ago

    Oh god, the amount of fake ass kissing this bloke does in this video is embarrassing. He’s not funny at all. Blimey. The bit where he’s sucking off that gay bloke for having a nice body and it’s clear that man has never been in a gym in his life. Even my hero Elton John, would detest this homephilic ass kissing. Fake guy, pandering.

  21. Vance Wallace

    Vance Wallace3 months ago

    Wow... that Rihanna segment was a TOTAL waste of time... Quite possibly the lamest segment in Daily Show history.

  22. Rob Bates

    Rob Bates3 months ago

    Better than Pokemon

  23. Melina E

    Melina E3 months ago

    In Germany we always said Rihanna’s name like that 😂

  24. Felix Steigels

    Felix Steigels3 months ago

    Ach. Auch deutsch? 😂

  25. SketchyRazor

    SketchyRazor3 months ago

    "kremlin looks like a dildo factory" well. Ivan go get tervor, hes going to the gulag.

  26. Fred Hung

    Fred Hung3 months ago

    Thank you Russia

  27. Travys Artyst

    Travys Artyst3 months ago

    just do it with a Caribbean accent

  28. khuang96

    khuang963 months ago

    I actually watched Ashton Kutcher's speech when it came out, and it's actually a really good one, and was widely shared on the internet. The target audience was teens which fits with a high school graduation, but doesn't mean it's ok to steal of course 😅 and surely a high school principal should be capable of writing a speech

  29. GOLD Y

    GOLD Y3 months ago

    Stay bangable I fucking died

  30. SithCats

    SithCats3 months ago

    New Rihanna song? Has it already been 15 minutes since the last one?

  31. J KN

    J KN3 months ago

    Trevor you disrespecting the christian orthodox religion by saying that they look like dildo! Im not Russian but you have no right of throw trash on religion🖕🏽

  32. Axel Bauron

    Axel Bauron3 months ago

    Elton John without the drugs and the gay stuff is only John.

  33. Nellie K. Adaba

    Nellie K. Adaba3 months ago


  34. BlackPiano

    BlackPiano3 months ago

    Hey!....HEY! Ashton is a HERO!!! For real for real! He’s worked WONDERS in his drive to fight sex trafficking! In regards toRihanna’s name, people have always HEARD her say it like, “red-Anna”, but we all just assumed it was due to her accent. She’s not that big a part of my life on a day to day basis so it’s likely I’ll STILL just call her RIHANNA. 🤣 She’ll never know. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Plus, I think the “wrong” way sounds better, imo.

  35. Ellie Snowcloud

    Ellie Snowcloud3 months ago

    So I pronounced it right all along

  36. Jessica N.

    Jessica N.3 months ago

    Btw. I've always called rihanna that way Edit: the right way

  37. Munyaradzi Munodawafa

    Munyaradzi Munodawafa3 months ago

    they is nothing to be proud of sin period!!

  38. Persiansweetcat1

    Persiansweetcat13 months ago

    Rihanna is turning into a Diva 🙄😒

  39. Persiansweetcat1

    Persiansweetcat13 months ago

    A magical dildo factory 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. jacklynw45

    jacklynw453 months ago

    So the google voice pronounces her name wrong too. Fuck idk what do to now with my life how will I live

  41. AndreySerov

    AndreySerov3 months ago

    Hi Trevor, you got it wrong. The "magic dildos" we have on the Red Square is a secret Soviet-era weapon designed to use on The Pentagon building, whatever bodily opening of yet... Virginia it represents:)

  42. thesparklingsalt

    thesparklingsalt3 months ago

    Trevor actually committed crime by comparing chirch and dildos) almost same as pussy riot

  43. Nellie K. Adaba

    Nellie K. Adaba3 months ago


  44. thesparklingsalt

    thesparklingsalt3 months ago

    Even "secret life of pets 2" was censored here in Russia

  45. Nellie K. Adaba

    Nellie K. Adaba3 months ago

    Wow, maybe Rocketman and other movies are censored in China too.

  46. Max Ramos

    Max Ramos3 months ago

    To be honest, I only know Elton John for his music, that's it

  47. David Darquea Miño

    David Darquea Miño3 months ago

    I don't hear the difference?

  48. Mark Sanchez

    Mark Sanchez3 months ago


  49. Mark Sanchez

    Mark Sanchez3 months ago

    I thought North Korea was rocketman

  50. Star Blends

    Star Blends3 months ago

    Someone just said " I love you Trevor..."

  51. Grace Lloyd

    Grace Lloyd3 months ago

    She’s beeeeen told us her name. Men. Smh they never listen.

  52. Matt Ipock

    Matt Ipock3 months ago

    It's not Ashton Kutcher, it's Kevin Malone!

  53. xavierrobinson55

    xavierrobinson553 months ago

    In conclusion, College is a complete RIP! you get an F in English if you plagiarize your work from someone else, but if you're the Principal can do it at the graduation ceremony.

  54. Travis Whitworth

    Travis Whitworth3 months ago

    Trevor, your good looks are the reason I started watching the daily show ^_^

  55. Betty M.

    Betty M.3 months ago

    Be best.

  56. Antu 005

    Antu 0053 months ago

    U forgot Saudi Arabia . I heard that they celebrated with hanging gays with rainbow rope . Not sure though .

  57. Soso S

    Soso S3 months ago

    Not to be that person but I have always pronounced Rihanna that way😂😂 (Just like everyone I know)

  58. Nellie K. Adaba

    Nellie K. Adaba3 months ago

    I pronounced it the other way, I'm confused now.

  59. Mr Jee

    Mr Jee3 months ago

    Of course Russia censored Rocketman. It’s a fucked up country stuck in the 50ies.

  60. Александр Шумихин

    Александр Шумихин2 months ago

    Yeah, because if you don't kiss a gay ass, you're not modern enough and progressive for this century.

  61. Nellie K. Adaba

    Nellie K. Adaba3 months ago

    Maybe China too, because they censor a lot of stuff.

  62. Flavia Dragoș

    Flavia Dragoș3 months ago

    With all due respect, those buildings you say look like dildos are churches. I know it's a joke and it's supposed to prove a point... but still...

  63. indiana jones

    indiana jones3 months ago

    Their writers are Google educated...

  64. Gavin Coleman

    Gavin Coleman3 months ago

    Putin has his own copy . Jerks off to it in his closet he really needs to come out . .

  65. Jansci

    Jansci3 months ago

    go Rus !!!

  66. joanne jones

    joanne jones3 months ago

    lol Ree Anna "your pronouncing it wrong". I'm just going to say Robin

  67. hereticpariah 6/66

    hereticpariah 6/663 months ago

    I _knew_ it was pronounced *bay-once!*

  68. 8un Dre3

    8un Dre33 months ago

    Correction, Trevor's name is No-AH