After The Elimination: Celia Babini, Oliv Blu, LB Crew, Mari & Jej Vinson (Presented by Xfinity)


  1. RV JOy Matet

    RV JOy MatetMonth ago

    I here because of jej ☹☹☹

  2. Rachelle Tasis

    Rachelle TasisMonth ago

    jej 😭😭😭

  3. Prince Sagui

    Prince SaguiMonth ago

    Jij your talented but you have a wrong pick of song nd your voice performance like has no impact to the audnc and also you voice kinddot powerful not stable. Good luck jij exprnce is the key to succss

  4. Philip Henderson

    Philip HendersonMonth ago

    Americans still doesn’t change just like their country. ALL RACISTS!!!

  5. Guilherme Kawakami

    Guilherme KawakamiMonth ago

    Celia, i love you, bye😢

  6. Mary Rose Pellecer

    Mary Rose PellecerMonth ago

    maelyn is good, her tone is unique not pitch perfect, she have the looks but that's it. i think jej is better than her technically. 🤔🙄 the only thing is that she's not from another continent whatsoever. and also, i notice that i dont like jej song choices in his past performances, it's not too catchy like passionfruit and for me it's his "best performance", i feel like he didn't improved a lot, and he did not stand out that much. #thevoice2019 #anothercountrysinger

  7. Melanie Tacud

    Melanie Tacud2 months ago

    Jej Vinson is unique and amazing we want you to win

  8. Ra'ian McSam Vlog

    Ra'ian McSam Vlog2 months ago

    Road to unsubscribe filipino fans 😅😂

  9. Magnus

    Magnus2 months ago

    Love how 4/5 eliminated were p.o.c, and how only 1 person in the top 8 ISNT white...hmmmm

  10. Bryan Paul Ramirez

    Bryan Paul Ramirez2 months ago

    Stop watching the voice

  11. richard morabtio

    richard morabtio2 months ago

    Lets all watch American Idol who has country singers wni every year. Madee poppie and Laine Hardy

  12. Norgía

    Norgía2 months ago

    Kim Cherry is not that bomb to eliminate Jej and LB

  13. Jo Ho

    Jo Ho2 months ago

    WHAT??I LOVE Soooooo for Jej Vinson


    SHEENA MON2 months ago

    My faves are out im DONE

  15. Jennifer Arigo

    Jennifer Arigo2 months ago

    Glad to see JEJ the dork got eliminated. He's freaking overrated. He was good in the audition and from then on he stunk. Somehow I blame his fat adobo-face dad... I don't know why, LOL!!!!

  16. Hyacinth Vin Zhang

    Hyacinth Vin Zhang2 months ago

    Your heart😂😂😂

  17. Susan Hollander

    Susan Hollander2 months ago

    This elimination was disgusting. I didn't believe it before but I sure do now. American Idol is 1000% better than the voice. I hope all these people do better in life than the country artists making it through this round.

  18. AX Castro

    AX Castro2 months ago

    since jej is out im not gonna watch this show anymore.

  19. Suzzane Pasion

    Suzzane Pasion2 months ago

    We love Jej

  20. M. Anna A.

    M. Anna A.2 months ago

    Happy to hear JEJ's version of Passionfruit on Spotify, iTunes, and apple music! Purchase your own copy now! ♥

  21. JOe FIDER

    JOe FIDER2 months ago

    Ur number 1 for us jej keep it up god bless

  22. just a bi

    just a bi2 months ago

    Jej was eliminated??!! Well not gonna watch this show again

  23. andre jamena

    andre jamena2 months ago

    @just a bi Then again, opinions are opinions.

  24. andre jamena

    andre jamena2 months ago

    @just a bi Yes it is. Oh well. Go on with our lives.

  25. just a bi

    just a bi2 months ago

    andre jamena what ? :D I’m just laughing to the fact that this is the stupidest argument anyone has ever started with me

  26. andre jamena

    andre jamena2 months ago

    @just a bi It's okay. You did your best.

  27. just a bi

    just a bi2 months ago

    andre jamena 😂😂

  28. Christille Mae Janzen

    Christille Mae Janzen2 months ago

    Jej, go to The Voice Philippines!! You have so much potential. XO

  29. MsPine_ Applexo

    MsPine_ Applexo2 months ago

    Jej is gone I’m gone too Bye !

  30. Lotie Lot

    Lotie Lot2 months ago

    Jej is our winner no matter what ya all say period

  31. Jennifer Arigo

    Jennifer Arigo2 months ago

    And that's coming from Lotie Lot, the person with an IQ of a bedbug

  32. Pablo Escobar

    Pablo Escobar2 months ago

    Comments: 98% - Jej Vinzon 2% - anything under the sun

  33. jessie javier

    jessie javier2 months ago

    We will definitely be still supporting Jej on his journey!..👍👍👍👍

  34. Stuffed Animal Land

    Stuffed Animal Land2 months ago

    #CeliaBabini is gone and #JejVinson 😭

  35. Superpotex G

    Superpotex G2 months ago

    Jej and Celia had to continue, thanks for nothing America

  36. Guilherme Kawakami

    Guilherme KawakamiMonth ago

    Yesss, Jej and Celia were the best😢 *WE LOVE YOU*

  37. lucas dias

    lucas dias2 months ago

    how Kim is better than celia jej mari LB oliv

  38. Vince Araneta

    Vince Araneta2 months ago

    It's the Choice and not the Voice. Love you Jej. Truth hurts right? The Voice? Or should i say the CHOICE.

  39. Hyacinth Vin Zhang

    Hyacinth Vin Zhang2 months ago

    @andre jamena No😂😂😂

  40. andre jamena

    andre jamena2 months ago

    @Hyacinth Vin Zhang And I'm sure you're very, very lame.

  41. Hyacinth Vin Zhang

    Hyacinth Vin Zhang2 months ago

    @andre jamena Im sure your mediocare than him😂😂😂

  42. andre jamena

    andre jamena2 months ago

    Truth is his performance was mediocre and song choices aren't that good. Now that's the truth and it hurts right?

  43. Dhila the desertan

    Dhila the desertan2 months ago

    What new for american idol they always unfair and racist

  44. 4GameTalk 11

    4GameTalk 112 months ago

    What they eliminated her not fair she had such a great talent and i liked her way of singing I’m not watching the voice

  45. adrian panoso

    adrian panoso2 months ago

    No Jej=Less viewers

  46. Funky' Furballs

    Funky' Furballs2 months ago

    Back to AI...

  47. Kat 1987

    Kat 19872 months ago

    cant wait for jej’s songs!!!!!

  48. Ruth LB

    Ruth LB2 months ago

    i think jej is an amazing artist but the song choice was not really right. just a personal opinion.

  49. Cee Lee

    Cee Lee2 months ago

    Jej gone? Bye the voice. That was the only thing got me coming back....

  50. Hello Hello

    Hello Hello2 months ago

    because they let the public vote for this competition. the one's benefitting are the country side who has nothing else to do the pressing their cellphones and computer to vote. yikes. The voice is just like another American Idol... = country. Not even the best singers at all.

  51. mk Ramz

    mk Ramz2 months ago

    Never watching The voice again, it was ridiculous to eliminate Jej vinson i guess its about the votes not about the talent

  52. Dont Heat

    Dont Heat2 months ago



    BEST&WORST COVER//etc2 months ago

    So jej is gone! ok I I don't wanna watch the voice! 😕😢 jej have something special that only jej has

  54. Anna Banana

    Anna Banana2 months ago

    Unsubscribed thanks!

  55. Anna Banana

    Anna Banana2 months ago

    Huge joke this season...getting bored.

  56. Igor Lemos

    Igor Lemos2 months ago

    Injusto o JEJ sair

  57. Rodel Socito

    Rodel Socito2 months ago

    I like Jej and I'm Pinoy, but honestly, he soo boring singing the same song styles, I wanna see a different kind of him after his auditoon, but unfortunately he remained in his comfort zone.

  58. GtechatPapel

    GtechatPapel2 months ago

    No matter how much Americans wave the flag of 'diversity' and 'equality', most are still racists and that's just it.

  59. KIEL Official

    KIEL Official2 months ago

    JEJ is the reason why i watch The Voice now he's out of the competition there's no reason to watch this show anymore 😕😢 sorry for my english 😂

  60. Pete Merekesiyie

    Pete Merekesiyie2 months ago

    Stop watching this useless voice USA

  61. Sam Andres

    Sam Andres2 months ago


  62. kiano takaroque

    kiano takaroque2 months ago

    Always like this pag my pinoy or pinay na sumasali pagdting sa huli tanggal pren gnagamit lng lgi tau pra mraming viewers.

  63. K is life

    K is life2 months ago cherry is good but i feel like jej vinson, and the other elimanted artists deserves it more to be in top 8!