Julian Newman: 12-Year-Old Phenom INSANE Workout

Julian Newman gets ready for his 7th grade season (3rd year playing high school varsity) with a crazy workout at Downey Christian (Orlando, Florida). He turned 13 in September but this workout was filmed before his birthday.
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  1. Erwin Tito

    Erwin Tito2 hours ago

    phenom?what?hes a bullshit

  2. Ramen

    Ramen16 hours ago

    he shouldve just done track and field lmao

  3. lynx

    lynx17 hours ago

    1:46 wtf

  4. Challe Lalle

    Challe LalleDay ago

    Why would they go through all this when they knew he would be short, with this work ethic he wouldve been an amazing soccer player

  5. Y Sharian

    Y SharianDay ago

    haha look where this pussy is now lol

  6. pirat promwan

    pirat promwanDay ago

    he practices all thise threes. but why in the game he tries to drive in when there are gullivers under the basker ???

  7. The. Mr

    The. MrDay ago

    1:32 nice edit

  8. tyrek fryer

    tyrek fryer2 days ago

    Time really flies I remember seeing this when it came out


    MEHDI DOROODKAR2 days ago

    Man those are the longest pants I’ve ever seen😂😂😂

  10. Wesley Drennan

    Wesley Drennan3 days ago

    Bruh why does he dribble and shoot like thay

  11. BBB

    BBB3 days ago

    5 years later, he still a 12 year old phenom 😂

  12. Jamahri Pope

    Jamahri Pope3 days ago

    12. Tho. Crazy

  13. Sebi Hume

    Sebi Hume4 days ago

    i wanna see his dad try to hoop

  14. Srečko Despotović

    Srečko Despotović4 days ago

    Im sorry for this kid, but he is to young for that kind of practice.

  15. Golden Warrior

    Golden Warrior2 days ago

    He's shouldn't be learning the Advanced Drills and Exercises. He also shouldn't be playing at High School Basketball at a Young Age.

  16. Michael J

    Michael J5 days ago

    His dad use his kids to make money His dad should not be considered a good father

  17. Tobias funke

    Tobias funke6 days ago

    All this practice and he has still not learned how to play basketball

  18. ernesto henderson

    ernesto henderson6 days ago


  19. Tony hicks

    Tony hicks7 days ago

    Wow...He make my 14 year old son look like a bum.

  20. Truck Driver side effects

    Truck Driver side effects7 days ago

    6:34 me driving down a city street with shity potholes

  21. C M

    C M7 days ago

    Yeah it was cool when everybody was his size

  22. hoop dreams

    hoop dreams7 days ago

    Now he’s 17 and still the same damn height

  23. Alien Papi

    Alien Papi8 days ago

    Can’t dis credit his work but this kid is too cocky and won’t make it to league..

  24. Mopar45

    Mopar458 days ago

    Too bad he only grew up to be 5'4 tall.Sad to say but that won't cut it for the NBA. Maybe overseas or something of that sort.

  25. chanatip ryu

    chanatip ryu8 days ago


  26. JumpMan23 Jr.

    JumpMan23 Jr.9 days ago

    He has quick feet Soccer suits him perfectly

  27. notyourKING03

    notyourKING039 days ago

    Heights not the problem it’s his basketball iq and moves I guy like him should be using floaters a lot more and sharing the ball

  28. Chris

    Chris9 days ago

    He’s the same size at 12 and 18

  29. gon the stone age boy

    gon the stone age boy9 days ago

    First seconds of the video killed me 🤣🤣 I m done orh that behind the back

  30. missouristate899

    missouristate89910 days ago

    Still hasnt improved

  31. Yorleny Ramírez

    Yorleny Ramírez10 days ago

    NBA sería tod un espectáculo

  32. victor colon

    victor colon10 days ago

    There is something about the way he dribbles that makes him just look ridiculous. It’s herky jerky and not smooth at all.

  33. Truck Driver side effects

    Truck Driver side effects7 days ago

    Lmaooo he tries hard he’s one of those ballers from the projects in the south Bronx lmaooo and I grew up there there are tons of em

  34. Vincent Alvarez

    Vincent Alvarez10 days ago

    Too short

  35. lalalala

    lalalala10 days ago

    Julian midgetman

  36. choi. TV

    choi. TV11 days ago

    All that hard work just to let genetics completely destroy his career, People saying he will have a growth spurt don't know the basics of human biology. He is completely grown. His body is proportionete. Sad,, His dad shouldve known better and chosen a more suitable sport regarding all the effort he was willing to put into his son.

  37. Christian Mulya

    Christian Mulya11 days ago

    This workout makes julian newman didnt grow tall

  38. Mind Of Milton

    Mind Of Milton12 days ago

    Sad though. The older he gets the more people realize that he is not cut out to play with the big boys.

  39. iLankie 18

    iLankie 1812 days ago

    Dad forgot to set up passing drills, coz now he just hogs the ball and dont know how to pass.

  40. Chris P. Bacon

    Chris P. Bacon12 days ago

    Someone please answer me, is he really 5'4

  41. 裁犬

    裁犬12 days ago


  42. Chris P. Bacon

    Chris P. Bacon12 days ago

    Is he really 5'4 ???

  43. Dennis Vu

    Dennis Vu13 days ago

    So this is where he perfected the head seizure crossover

  44. Chris Frank

    Chris Frank13 days ago

    Kid could have been something if he was taller. Nothing he could have done about that.

  45. BlackFlowTV

    BlackFlowTV14 days ago

    Now he 18 years old

  46. Jake n' Ado

    Jake n' Ado14 days ago

    He’s actually a below average Highschool basketball player now

  47. cornel army

    cornel army14 days ago

    He is very good 😁❤️

  48. Dripping TEA TV

    Dripping TEA TV15 days ago

    Sooo this was in my recommended section, whatever happened with this young man.... never mind *God speed*

  49. The 2 Savage Boys

    The 2 Savage Boys15 days ago

    Nigga mad skinny

  50. Experiment Radioactive

    Experiment Radioactive16 days ago

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    LOS HERMANOS TREYDI16 days ago

    Ey megutaria a perder

  52. emersoneee2008

    emersoneee200817 days ago

    I don’t understand wh6 he dribbles to hard

  53. Raul Ortega

    Raul Ortega17 days ago

    An echo una bestia


    KETBALL TV18 days ago

    O cara é uma máquina irmao

  55. saverio niccoli

    saverio niccoli19 days ago

    Goodluck son

  56. mike w

    mike w21 day ago

    He should’ve go swimming daily

  57. Joe Cillo

    Joe Cillo22 days ago

    thats why I dont believe in the “heart over height” bullshit. Height is obviously a major factor in professional basketball

  58. Alex** gooott,

    Alex** gooott,23 days ago

    Wao eres bueno 🙂demaciado

  59. Satyam kumar 851133

    Satyam kumar 85113325 days ago

    Aap se contact kaise karenge

  60. Satyam kumar 851133

    Satyam kumar 85113325 days ago

    Hame bhi basketball Sikhna hai

  61. NickyRarou

    NickyRarou25 days ago


  62. Leeleebob 123

    Leeleebob 12326 days ago

    Shame he’s a midget

  63. qbvick

    qbvick28 days ago

    And he never grew....