Julian Newman: 12-Year-Old Phenom INSANE Workout

Julian Newman gets ready for his 7th grade season (3rd year playing high school varsity) with a crazy workout at Downey Christian (Orlando, Florida). He turned 13 in September but this workout was filmed before his birthday.
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  1. Jensie Benny

    Jensie Benny11 hours ago

    Lucky day lucky day

  2. 2kode

    2kodeDay ago

    Honestly he's better than some of the big name players in the nba including lebron

  3. Cristiano

    Cristiano2 days ago

    Esse quando chegar nos vinte tá todo estourado.

  4. minh duong

    minh duong2 days ago


  5. gardeners tambayan

    gardeners tambayan3 days ago

    letme hit him

  6. Dan Reyes

    Dan Reyes4 days ago

    He will probably be an okay high school player. That’s about it.

  7. El rodo

    El rodo4 days ago

    Please don't leave basketball😂

  8. James Flamingo

    James Flamingo4 days ago

    His shooting form is totally off.

  9. RA DAX

    RA DAX4 days ago

    Enano de mierdaa

  10. Blikies_bac

    Blikies_bac5 days ago

    Tht kid is nice!!!!! Point blank.

  11. Xxlil.Xbox_ proGamingxX

    Xxlil.Xbox_ proGamingxX5 days ago

    That’s incredible

  12. Ricky Chan

    Ricky Chan6 days ago

    Why is he dribbling so hard

  13. Seaaniiee

    Seaaniiee7 days ago

    His dad has a bad genes

  14. bahttn aktn

    bahttn aktn8 days ago

    are you human ?

  15. Eliott Williot

    Eliott Williot8 days ago


  16. Maddox Burton

    Maddox Burton9 days ago

    What a work out

  17. Inder Pal Singh

    Inder Pal Singh9 days ago

    You are very fast

  18. thanasis834

    thanasis83410 days ago

    Give that kid some food

  19. Jonathan Salvi

    Jonathan Salvi11 days ago


  20. Sahil Sanal

    Sahil Sanal11 days ago

    Fabulas 😍

  21. mervin virrey

    mervin virrey12 days ago

    and still he is no one hahaha

  22. Shay wae

    Shay wae13 days ago

    Why are freaking throwing a ball at him, what's the benefit

  23. Martin Pita

    Martin Pita13 days ago

    Pořád to samé dokola. Na place se spoluhráčema a proti soupeřům si ani neškrtne.

  24. Zukarus MGA

    Zukarus MGA13 days ago


  25. M Wow

    M Wow13 days ago


  26. Егор Нагорнов

    Егор Нагорнов13 days ago

    Нихераси ннигер даёт

  27. Usen Udoh

    Usen Udoh13 days ago

    He puts way to much pressure in his dribbles

  28. I LOVEアキクラ

    I LOVEアキクラ14 days ago


  29. cezar III torres

    cezar III torres14 days ago

    he cannot go to nba.

  30. Samuel Mianscum

    Samuel Mianscum14 days ago

    3:23 I'm not a big fan of Julian but that was kind of impressive.

  31. Aalif Jr

    Aalif Jr15 days ago


  32. Moises Torres Garcia

    Moises Torres Garcia17 days ago

    He's not tall enough as to play as a proffessional no way

  33. Inpost

    Inpost17 days ago

    shortest nba player was 5'4. lol

  34. プーさん

    プーさん17 days ago


  35. Bonnel Selme

    Bonnel Selme19 days ago

    Je rêve d'être dans ce gens de club

  36. Armando Cabello

    Armando Cabello20 days ago

    No tiene genética para crecer mucho, y parece más las ganas del Papá que lo promociona y le exige demasiado

  37. Kael Taylor

    Kael Taylor22 days ago

    why do his head bobble when he dribbles

  38. InnoxentMan

    InnoxentMan17 days ago

    Idk I think its a fake to a direction

  39. moneychange

    moneychange22 days ago

    we all know even if he makes it to college basketball team he's not gonna get any playing time

  40. No Name

    No Name22 days ago

    Oh my Goddess 💪🏻

  41. Tommy Louvon Jr

    Tommy Louvon Jr22 days ago

    One thing he has is work ethic that will never go away

  42. Vincent Pascual

    Vincent Pascual23 days ago

    All I see is dribble dribble carry dribble pull a parachute(does nothing for you in basketball unless you have 90 mph wind indoors. Shooting without people guarding him really makes him better(nope, nothing special about it.. no it doesn't make him better unless hes shooting with good form.) Jumping on and over a weakass chair= broken ankles/legs if he misses or get tired af. Dribbles need more work.. not a phenom.. I've seen 7 year olds do better.

  43. Tommy Louvon Jr

    Tommy Louvon Jr20 days ago

    Well, damn Vincent at least he was doing it 😂

  44. Jack Lo Lo

    Jack Lo Lo23 days ago

    crazy training

  45. Epic Gam3r

    Epic Gam3r24 days ago

    Him at 12: phenom Me at 12: what happens when you poop on an airplane?

  46. Only games

    Only games25 days ago

    Pls tell me song 3:00

  47. Erick Osega

    Erick Osega25 days ago

    Cr7 of Basketball

  48. Kostas Kosmas

    Kostas Kosmas26 days ago


  49. Dopedreamz D.D.A

    Dopedreamz D.D.A28 days ago


  50. Hakat- tsu

    Hakat- tsu29 days ago


  51. Lyuxcer

    Lyuxcer29 days ago

    Es muy bueno! :O :D

  52. Xandryx Sadava

    Xandryx SadavaMonth ago

    I dont like him he is bully and arrogant in court!

  53. Anthony Henry

    Anthony HenryMonth ago

    Now that is dope

  54. Temesgen Nocco

    Temesgen NoccoMonth ago

    E io che volevo andare in nba

  55. By Sleep

    By SleepMonth ago

    Eso es pasión por el básquet por que yo juego y soy base base

  56. Aaron Turner M

    Aaron Turner MMonth ago

    The tomorrow 🤮🤮

  57. Jagor Skorup

    Jagor SkorupMonth ago

    2:06 these were honestly the ugliest push ups I ever saw

  58. Luffy- Desu

    Luffy- DesuMonth ago

    if his dad didnt train him like this, he would have grwn 6" oor more by now]

  59. Jermane Anyoha

    Jermane AnyohaMonth ago

    This a grown man's workout. Too much

  60. Kiourkas

    KiourkasMonth ago

    He might have good handling and shooting but he is so short

  61. Nicholas Essex

    Nicholas EssexMonth ago

    Its 2019 and i aint heard of this kid not 1x so Must not of workedout to well for him💯

  62. datdude noah

    datdude noahMonth ago


  63. Chace Bryant

    Chace BryantMonth ago

    Ummm Kyrie Ervingjr wow

  64. Martin Lira

    Martin LiraMonth ago

    No hace daño ahora ...menos después...