ATEEZ(에이티즈) - 'WAVE' Official MV

Release Date: 2019. 06. 10
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  1. 매디

    매디47 minutes ago

    No one: Atiny: *HAKUNA MATATA YA*

  2. Views Tracker

    Views Tracker59 minutes ago


  3. fauzan asraf

    fauzan asrafHour ago

    Ateez in sgt underrated

  4. t̴R̵a̷S̶h̵I̶e̵ ̴ G̴a̸C̶h̷A̵

    t̴R̵a̷S̶h̵I̶e̵ ̴ G̴a̸C̶h̷A̵2 hours ago

    My baby Seonghwa.

  5. Kidy Lee

    Kidy Lee3 hours ago

    Este video debería de tener más de 100M de vistas 😌😍 es genial no me canso de verlo.

  6. Grace Wang

    Grace Wang4 hours ago

    maren liat ateez pas dateng ke jkt tanpa tau samsek mrk siapa terus iseng coba kepoin salah satu MVnya ternyata lumayan jg byk viewsnya ya mreka~ kirain bener2 nugu kpopidol

  7. kaylyn

    kaylyn5 hours ago

    mingi looks so hot omfg.

  8. Laykikay TV

    Laykikay TV6 hours ago

    OMG!!!!!! SO TALENTED!!!

  9. Nikki

    Nikki6 hours ago


  10. AL FA

    AL FA6 hours ago

    الأغنية ادماان ❤❤

  11. k-POP Fan

    k-POP Fan10 hours ago

    Ateez are so underrated let’s show them love by watching there videos and getting more fans Who agrees 1like= 1person

  12. yamazaki

    yamazaki10 hours ago

    This is officially my first time listening to ateez. Can't say I'm not impressed.

  13. Eldis Ymeraj Eldis

    Eldis Ymeraj Eldis10 hours ago

    This mv deserves more likes more views more...

  14. Luxe Afrique

    Luxe Afrique11 hours ago

    I am arab fan from algeria , l wish that ateez will sée my coment and them happy l can't watch them every time because i study from the morning to the night i am atiny from wave's Come back Love u ateez ans all the atiny around the world


    NO KPOP NO LIFE11 hours ago

    OMG but this sound is so good I listen to it loop I really think it's this song that persuaded me that ATEEZ was my UG for Rookies is fantastically beautiful finally they are perfect Who is your bias? Me is Wonyounggggggg it's a god this guy i'm dead

  16. priya ghale

    priya ghale12 hours ago

    why is it so hard to choose a bias in this group...

  17. 《 Grah 》

    《 Grah 》12 hours ago

    meu deus que lindos

  18. 매튜zpsakx

    매튜zpsakx13 hours ago

    I forgot what the "Hakuna Matata" line in Lion King sounds like

  19. ana luiza

    ana luiza13 hours ago

    Amo teez 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  20. Syifa Maulidina

    Syifa Maulidina14 hours ago

    Gara gara Smartfren

  21. Ceciielia Nadanba

    Ceciielia Nadanba14 hours ago

    This song is such a feel good anthem song or a Summer anthem I only just discovered Ateez like two days ago and I’m already such a massive fan ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Their songs are so GOOD

  22. Giftz B

    Giftz B13 hours ago

    welcome to the fandom, fellow atiny!

  23. ItsKatteh

    ItsKatteh14 hours ago

    GUYS, IF WE HAVE ABOUT 500,000 fans!! EACH OF US SHOULD WATCH THIS MV AT LEAST *10* times a day. THEN that means Ateez will get 5,000,000 more views! Their future depends on us!!! It's not hard to do it 10 times! WHO CAN DO THIS???

  24. xysee_

    xysee_14 hours ago

    I'm gonna stan, HELP ME. Variety Shows Iconic things THEIR INFORMATION I wanna stan after hearing this like a month or two ago but I'm too lazy to do so

  25. Flamflan 101

    Flamflan 1014 hours ago

    You can watch there crack/Funny videos of them(exa:Seoltanbaby,Atinyhwa etc) & their show Kq fellez

  26. Giftz B

    Giftz B13 hours ago

    watch their logbooks, code name ateez and ateez wanted to learn more about them!

  27. Michela Gargiulo

    Michela Gargiulo16 hours ago


  28. Lina Lee

    Lina Lee16 hours ago

    gosh the hook of this song is seriously catchy. HAKUNA MATATA YAH~~

  29. Peyton Sharp

    Peyton Sharp18 hours ago

    i feel like they could easily become the next biggest boygroup. These rookies have charisma. ATEEZ fighting!

  30. Kim Carlly #StreamTEMPO

    Kim Carlly #StreamTEMPO19 hours ago

    WOW THIS 🙊

  31. Riska Chan

    Riska Chan19 hours ago

    I love Ateez,, thank you for your coming to indonesia

  32. Lydiateez

    Lydiateez19 hours ago

    I still can't get over the fact that Ateez is coming back with a *full album* !!!!! I'm honestly soooooo excited for this!! 2019 isn't over and as Hongjoong said, this is their year', it was no lie at all!!!! Also don't forget to keep collecting points on star play nd idolchamp! Nd also keep on voting on 'Most anticipated rookies of September 2019' on Mwave kpop tournament, the other groups are catching up fast!!

  33. aishiteru shiteru

    aishiteru shiteru19 hours ago


  34. Tap Api

    Tap Api21 hour ago

    0:30 Mingi's voice 💓💓

  35. Rachel Allysa

    Rachel Allysa21 hour ago

    CAN I STAN THEM???????

  36. Muhammad Rizaldi

    Muhammad Rizaldi19 hours ago

    Sure. We welcome everyone who wants to join our fandom

  37. Lydiateez

    Lydiateez19 hours ago

    Ofc!!!!! We're always happy to have new Atinys everyday! :)

  38. Functionvt

    Functionvt23 hours ago

    The guy who sang " we just going on-----" he got some crazy singing skills and vocals. The red hair and blue shirt guy are both cute👀

  39. Functionvt

    Functionvt18 hours ago

    @김대환 thank you!!

  40. 김대환

    김대환22 hours ago

    red hair : hongjoong Blue shirt guy : mingi We just going on part : jong ho

  41. Functionvt

    Functionvt23 hours ago

    This group has been getting my attention lately

  42. 페레이라피오레 리아

    페레이라피오레 리아Day ago


  43. nay nayamochikatsura

    nay nayamochikatsuraDay ago

    Te amo

  44. 131하미자

    131하미자Day ago


  45. kpop kpop

    kpop kpopDay ago


  46. ReveluvOnceArmy

    ReveluvOnceArmyDay ago

    who is the light blue shirt guy? im getting into ateez

  47. ReveluvOnceArmy

    ReveluvOnceArmy16 hours ago

    @Ma3ixUL ty!!

  48. Ma3ixUL

    Ma3ixULDay ago


  49. вaвo. cнι

    вaвo. cнιDay ago

    0:28 😍💖

  50. Juz Sumbodee

    Juz SumbodeeDay ago

    I'M ARMY FANS but I KIND OF A FANS OF ATEEZ too now. Keep going ATEEZ! Fly high! Keep it up.

  51. Amber Mamani

    Amber MamaniDay ago

    Felicidades 😢💖💖💖 15 millones Vamos atinyssss🔥🔥🔥

  52. M3L155A

    M3L155ADay ago

    The lyrics are rubbish! 🤦🏽‍♀️

  53. Flamflan 101

    Flamflan 1014 hours ago

    K 👌

  54. Giftz B

    Giftz B13 hours ago

    @Ma3ixUL forget this hater

  55. M3L155A

    M3L155A16 hours ago

    Ma3ixUL I can read . That’s all I needed.

  56. Ma3ixUL

    Ma3ixULDay ago

    Because you don’t know the meaning behind it 😂💀

  57. Nary Cx

    Nary CxDay ago

    All 15 million views were from me 😳 in all honesty

  58. neknarf1973

    neknarf1973Day ago

    Amazing ATEEZ !!!!!!

  59. Shine B

    Shine BDay ago

    Please help bring ateez to AZ

  60. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMYDay ago

    I can't wait for their next comeback it's going to be great as always I'm sure of it

  61. kat 05

    kat 0512 hours ago

    It's their 3rd comeback and they are coming with full album our boys working really hard let's support them a lot Atiny let's make this comeback legendary don't forget to vote and $tream

  62. cynthia lorenzo

    cynthia lorenzoDay ago

    They are so cute I love them who like them give a like👍

  63. Thuks Life

    Thuks LifeDay ago

    Such a beautiful song, i'm so happy for this comeback and i really love this wave era, it's been 3 months i never stop listening to Wave literally everyday in my mind i can only thinking about this song cause it is so beautiful, it's been about 6 months i knew ateez and they really mean a lot for me.THANK YOU.thank you boys for your hard work love from 🇮🇩

  64. Rica Rosas

    Rica RosasDay ago

    overflowing visuals

  65. STZ- For life

    STZ- For lifeDay ago

    Yaaaaaaasssss I love this song SO MUCH !!!!❤️❤️❤️😋😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰

  66. Brahminpottyatroad Dutta

    Brahminpottyatroad DuttaDay ago

    Ateez are amazing for me and this song is very unique

  67. STN

    STNDay ago

    فرقة المستقبل واعمام الايدولز جايين يحرقون الساحة

  68. ウィリアムさくら

    ウィリアムさくらDay ago

    ايتينيز سوو ستريم ستريم ستريم ، لازم ايتيز يدخلون مخطط البيلبورد

  69. Astiana MULFAND

    Astiana MULFANDDay ago

    I like You Ateez💘

  70. Angelica BTS

    Angelica BTSDay ago

    Atiny never absent!!!

  71. Lee Family

    Lee FamilyDay ago

    nope always here

  72. KPOP 24 Life

    KPOP 24 LifeDay ago

    guys i am going to be an ateez CRAZY FAN LIKE I AM SHOUTING OUTSIDE STAN ATEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ OR I WILL HUNT YOU (note yes i am crazy for ateez and dont worry i am not a sassang)

  73. —杀我 Yiren Ciao

    —杀我 Yiren CiaoDay ago

    I failed my exam because of singing this in my head- BUT IZZOKAY

  74. 심예온

    심예온Day ago

    8 makes 1 team 에이티즈 흥하자

  75. Vallerie Bradley

    Vallerie BradleyDay ago

    evryone need to see this