Things You Didnt Know About Everyday Objects

Things You Didnt Know About Everyday Objects! I'm SSSniperWolf and today we're looking at cool facts things you see everyday but don't know about! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications
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  1. SSSniperWolf

    SSSniperWolf4 months ago

    things you didnt know about everyday objects! did you know any of these? I put a poll at the end of the video (testing it out) :D


    MELISSA PANICO11 days ago

    I love u

  3. Ms. Chicken Pack pack

    Ms. Chicken Pack pack18 days ago

    👍 nice 😀

  4. Gracie Young

    Gracie Young22 days ago

    <3 u SS

  5. Ana Zloic

    Ana Zloic24 days ago

    Hi SSSniperWolf plz give me a shoutout im a new subscriber

  6. jomayra hernandez

    jomayra hernandez3 months ago

    I new about the straw and Can of soda thing

  7. panda person

    panda person7 hours ago

    Ive put a silicon ball in my mouth i was young and it sticks to your tounge

  8. The Royal Yeetus Puff

    The Royal Yeetus Puff14 hours ago

    I was wearing converse while watching this😂

  9. XrosekillerX Heyy

    XrosekillerX HeyyDay ago

    Actually the hole is in the stick because the had a lot of children die from suffocation from these stick so they put a hole on it just in case so if you swallow this stick and it gets stuck in your throat you can still breathe

  10. Mia Lol

    Mia LolDay ago

    What’s wrong with squeezy bottles? Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Mia Lol

    Mia LolDay ago

    The lil gel thingys i found dem in my damn beef jerky

  12. DarkestGachaMind 54

    DarkestGachaMind 54Day ago

    I love sparkling water

  13. Tracy Mac

    Tracy MacDay ago

    I like Sparkling ✨ water 💦

  14. Treasure 2M

    Treasure 2MDay ago

    Ive never had it

  15. Yasmin McKenzie

    Yasmin McKenzieDay ago

    I ate silica beads before this is from 2019 November

  16. Patrick Fitzgerald

    Patrick FitzgeraldDay ago

    the hole in the lollipop is to help you breath

  17. Callie Parker

    Callie ParkerDay ago

    the lolly pop one I herd that another reason there is a hole is because if I little kid swallows it they can breathe.

  18. Christine Nicholson

    Christine Nicholson2 days ago

    omg once i was in an airplane and the window cracked btw it was my window and i got the window seat


    MARIO COLON2 days ago

    Its not bad

  20. French Fries

    French Fries2 days ago

    The lollipop stick that have holes in them, I sometime use them for straws 😂🖤

  21. page mander

    page mander2 days ago

    the gell packets are also in seaweed packets :)

  22. Bubble

    Bubble2 days ago

    I love sparkiling water Sniperwolf

  23. Gäčhä Čłøvër

    Gäčhä Čłøvër2 days ago

    2:56 their also in beef jerky bags

  24. Rochelle Jenkins

    Rochelle Jenkins2 days ago

    And that my friend is why McDonald’s dose not give you paper spoons with your McFlurry

  25. Imran Latif

    Imran Latif2 days ago

    yo u ur daddy son you ur moma daughter ur a party starter im a party starter u calling her stephanie im calling her HEPHANIE

  26. Alisa M

    Alisa M2 days ago

    That shirt is making me dizzy

  27. Just Emma share

    Just Emma share2 days ago

    I have air pods but I still liked the video

  28. yansjacb

    yansjacb2 days ago

    The slica one tastes a bit salty but disgusting i think i feel like i might have eaten one 🤣

  29. XxXCookie UwUxXx

    XxXCookie UwUxXx2 days ago

    me:watching this on a laptop (HP laptop) me:looks for 2 little thingies me:frustrated because i dont have them >:

  30. isabella mayer

    isabella mayer2 days ago

    for anyone watching this the hole in the top of lollipop stick is like the hole in pen caps so when you chew on them if you accidentally swallow them then you won't die of suffocation

  31. Galaxy Star

    Galaxy Star3 days ago

    The Wall Street Journal has backed this up with a report saying that the machines go through a nightly cleaning process that takes at least four hours. During that time, the machine obviously can't be used, so instead, employees usually just say it's broken. thats what google said ;-;

  32. Emer Nagle

    Emer Nagle3 days ago

    I love sparkling water

  33. Buttered Crossant

    Buttered Crossant3 days ago

    lollipops are just hard candy on a stick

  34. Mareena Perez

    Mareena Perez3 days ago

    Did you know that the hole in that steak is also for if you choke on the stick you can still breathe

  35. Mareena Perez

    Mareena Perez3 days ago

    I have some sparkling water right now in house I’m obsessed with sparkling water it’s like the best thing in the whole entire world

  36. Tayo Na?

    Tayo Na?3 days ago

    I thought the lollipop stck has a hole because if a child swallow it he can still breathe?

  37. Novi Boesday

    Novi Boesday3 days ago

    The real reason for the hole in the lollipop is so if you swallow the stick you can breath

  38. Michael Garcia

    Michael Garcia3 days ago

    Its salty

  39. James Sedillo

    James Sedillo3 days ago

    omg today I just went to Chili's and the ketchup had 57 on it and I was like why is it there you know like literally on all the ketchup bottles😂

  40. Sophia Ponce

    Sophia Ponce3 days ago

    i LOVE sparkling water

  41. x kawaii_narwhal x

    x kawaii_narwhal x3 days ago

    I would drink all of the sparkling water in the fridge my parents will only have a little but at least my brother doesnt like it

  42. Lanies 17

    Lanies 173 days ago


  43. Christine Doyle Rockstar

    Christine Doyle Rockstar3 days ago


  44. Gacha Eliza101

    Gacha Eliza1014 days ago

    I take ballet classes and my teacher told me to put silica gel in my pointe shoes. But I was like "what the hell is Silica Gel?" I guess now I know. Watch SSSniperWolf to learn new things.

  45. The Tablet

    The Tablet4 days ago

    If you are going on the range and you have doc martins you tie round ankle if muddy

  46. Matthew Freeman

    Matthew Freeman4 days ago

    I love sparkling water as much as you do but I drink Coke as well

  47. Ty Rees Fullbuster

    Ty Rees Fullbuster4 days ago

    Actually you can put laces In the two bottom holes so u get a tighter grip

  48. Звезделина Божилова

    Звезделина Божилова4 days ago

    People: In the future there will be flying cars! Sssniper wolf: In the future, people will mix things with spoons!

  49. Keolynn Bucks

    Keolynn Bucks5 days ago

    I love sparkling water

  50. Dennis Plays Games

    Dennis Plays Games5 days ago

    McDonald at my place mcflurry is being done at the front

  51. Eddie Lopez

    Eddie Lopez5 days ago

    I ate a gel pack

  52. Gacha tiger

    Gacha tiger5 days ago

    I love sparkling water I am drinking it while watching this vid like if you to

  53. Minty_Mango_Gacha

    Minty_Mango_Gacha5 days ago

    I love sparkling water lol

  54. badgosh8282 :w

    badgosh8282 :w5 days ago

    Watching this while I’m at McDonald’s xD

  55. Jataiza Childers

    Jataiza Childers5 days ago

    I never tried sparkly water before

  56. Peggy Jackson

    Peggy Jackson5 days ago

    As soon as this started I got a Reese’s McFlurry then she started talking about them!🤤😂

  57. asima sen

    asima sen5 days ago

    Waitttttt i was told that the hole in lollipop stick was for if a kid ate it the kid had the hole to breathe through

  58. Savage Killer

    Savage Killer5 days ago

    I have airpods

  59. Oliver Howard

    Oliver Howard5 days ago

    U mean a f u china lol

  60. Oliver Howard

    Oliver Howard5 days ago


  61. Unxcorn.Clxud

    Unxcorn.Clxud6 days ago

    This was posted on my birthday last yearrrr!

  62. heidi bullock

    heidi bullock6 days ago

    Hi I love your videos can we be friends

  63. lusher s

    lusher s6 days ago

    Atleast give credit to REACTION CHANNEL

  64. Arianna Phillips

    Arianna Phillips6 days ago

    plz tell me the point in air pods

  65. Marianne Peters

    Marianne Peters6 days ago

    Bubbly sparkling water is best

  66. Chloe Taylor

    Chloe Taylor6 days ago

    I'm sure that the cuts in a backpack are for shoes laces xx

  67. Taysia Nave

    Taysia Nave7 days ago

    Want home made LaCroix? Ok! *Puts batteries in water* Here's your LaCroix! IT'S CALLED TV STATIC!!! EVER HEARD OF IT?!?