Things You Didnt Know About Everyday Objects


  1. SSSniperWolf

    SSSniperWolf15 days ago

    things you didnt know about everyday objects! did you know any of these? I put a poll at the end of the video (testing it out) :D

  2. Mrs.Queen ofgachavids

    Mrs.Queen ofgachavids8 days ago

    SSSniperWolf I new the ones about the converse

  3. Pancake Waffles

    Pancake Waffles9 days ago

    I despise sparkling water 😂😂

  4. Himanshu Sahu

    Himanshu Sahu14 days ago

    Hello its me ur avg yt ho, 😁

  5. Ellie Louise

    Ellie Louise14 days ago

    Yo is water at starbucks free

  6. cutesurvivingbunny

    cutesurvivingbunny14 days ago

    I didn't know most of it

  7. Raven MSP

    Raven MSP30 minutes ago

    Save the turtles.

  8. Picapica Zoms

    Picapica Zoms42 minutes ago

    The brim if for 1/10000000000000th of a vodka per day

  9. Crystal Taylor

    Crystal Taylor2 hours ago

    im enbaressed… I have ate one of those gel bag/shoe/ect. things I woundered (if you are thinking I was 8... very uhhh well.... not the smartest 8yr old) and I told my sis and she was 10 at the time and she told mom and she said well I cant remember... all I remember is her face like are you crazy!?!?!? XD

  10. Shaban Kiani

    Shaban Kiani4 hours ago

    Iv fallen in love with u come to London

  11. Zosel Ve

    Zosel Ve4 hours ago

    lol when the gel things came on i was holding one trying to think how this could kill someone

  12. Jorjet

    Jorjet4 hours ago

    You should make a merch shirt thing that says WA’AM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM

  13. Maya Kinney

    Maya Kinney6 hours ago

    I hate sparking water

  14. Maya Kinney

    Maya Kinney6 hours ago

    My dog got to my ear buds so I need new ones

  15. Venice Bautista

    Venice Bautista6 hours ago

    the hole in the lolipop is if a kid chokes it can still breathes

  16. kowkow hance

    kowkow hance7 hours ago

    what are these little holes inside airplane windows for my dumb high self;; OXYGEN

  17. shylee smith

    shylee smith8 hours ago

    IDK IF YOU DO this but can I have a shout out;)

  18. Skye Pawl

    Skye Pawl8 hours ago

    i used to work at mcdonald’s and the mcflurry machine was the absolute worst thing ever it would splatter all over me all the time lmfao

  19. andykeche

    andykeche10 hours ago

    the margins arent so you have time to stoo the mice it's because thye only chew the outside and don't gte to the writing

  20. Daniel Madrid

    Daniel Madrid11 hours ago

    hi i love u soo much

  21. Natalyn Vazquez

    Natalyn Vazquez12 hours ago

    the hole in lollipop sticks are acculy for if you accidentally swallow the stick you have a air hole to breath till you get it removed

  22. Gracie White

    Gracie White14 hours ago

    I love sparkling water

  23. Emily Hartsay

    Emily Hartsay14 hours ago

    On straws - try to avoid plastic - kills ocean life!

  24. Gacha Michi-Chan

    Gacha Michi-Chan15 hours ago

    Those little bead things taste like salt

  25. Isa Karaoglan

    Isa Karaoglan16 hours ago

    Another thing is if you swallow the Stick of the lolipop you can still breath.

  26. gacha edits adventures

    gacha edits adventures18 hours ago

    Once my headphones was in a circle, my cat walked into the circle and couldent get out XD. Once my dog was trying to get in my room, my door was open just enough for my dog to come in but he just stayed there not even trying to get in waiting for me to open the door just a little bit more. XD

  27. Tim Behm

    Tim Behm20 hours ago

    I love it

  28. juan Antonio Desiderio

    juan Antonio Desiderio22 hours ago

    sssniper my big brother hates your videos but i love your videos

  29. BadWolfGirl1212

    BadWolfGirl121222 hours ago

    I wrap my shoe laces around my ankles all the time specially with tall chucks.. I had a pair of rainbow cheetah docs and did the same

  30. lovey bunny

    lovey bunny22 hours ago

    also for the lollipops the hole is also for when a person swallows the stick and the hole will pass air so the person will be able to breath. btw love your channal sssniperwolf

  31. Mikaelyn Sksksksksks

    Mikaelyn Sksksksksks23 hours ago


  32. Kelly Lopez

    Kelly LopezDay ago

    When you said AirPods I was watching your video with AirPods

  33. Olivia Claydon

    Olivia ClaydonDay ago

    i herd that the hole was there so if a kid soloed it they could still breath

  34. •Dark Fox Gamez•

    •Dark Fox Gamez•Day ago

    I had recently gotten a new water bottle. I took it home and washed it out. I fill it up with water for school , start to drink out of it the next day, and realized the gel packet was still in there. YIPEE ME...

  35. George Rojas

    George RojasDay ago

    I love sparkling water

  36. Paul O'Neal

    Paul O'NealDay ago


  37. Jayla Alicea plays

    Jayla Alicea playsDay ago

    I watched this one video and it said the bottoms of the lollipop stick if it has holes in them and little kids were eating to Lollipops and they swallowed the stick they would still be able to breathe

  38. Farrah Forsyth

    Farrah ForsythDay ago

    I love that ICE sparkling water

  39. Sasha Yt

    Sasha YtDay ago

    Omg it's not a metal straw! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Lol😄😂

  40. KAWAII Nigga - Miaw yaw

    KAWAII Nigga - Miaw yawDay ago

    00:01 🔥🙂

  41. Itty bitty Hackz

    Itty bitty HackzDay ago

    Wam Bam Thank You Ma’am

  42. Justin Mashburn

    Justin MashburnDay ago

    Kim Beerman from RHWA enters chat.

  43. Haley Richardson

    Haley RichardsonDay ago

    I kinda like sparkling water

  44. Hillary Ramos

    Hillary RamosDay ago

    I love sparking water, but am not aloud to have it anymore. My mo stop buying it😭

  45. David Smallville

    David SmallvilleDay ago

    I love sparkling water

  46. MeH hAnDs CaRrY eM

    MeH hAnDs CaRrY eMDay ago

    Really? I thought the small hole on the lollipop stick was for when a kid accidentally swallowed it, they would be able to breath. I also thought the hole on the handle of the pot was for hanging it up. I guess it could be used for both. 9:14 My sis and I have those shoes.

  47. Megan Gamer Channel

    Megan Gamer ChannelDay ago

    I thought the hole on lollipops was for if a kid swallowed it they could still breathe. Meh That still works though. But I don't get why it's for to stay on since when i get a damn lollipop the actual hard sweet goes plop onto the floor.

  48. Mandy !!!

    Mandy !!!Day ago

    Sparkling water is nasty

  49. Agnes Mesikäpp

    Agnes MesikäppDay ago

    I love sparkeling whater

  50. Claire Minish

    Claire MinishDay ago

    I love sparkling water!

  51. it's just me

    it's just meDay ago

    I don't have airpods but I'm getting them I'm so happy I'm wereing head phones right now they hurt my ears so I'm getting air pods 😀i can't wait

  52. Carly Ditchen

    Carly DitchenDay ago

    I love sparkling water

  53. Colby and Sam fan

    Colby and Sam fanDay ago

    I don’t have ari pods YET

  54. Veronica Vasquez

    Veronica VasquezDay ago

    the one with the lolly pop I saw on azzyaland that the whole in the lolly pop is so if a kid swallows the stick they can still breath !BAM! !WAN! !YES! !MAM!

  55. OMG It’sMia

    OMG It’sMiaDay ago

    Once I had a sprite and there was no flavor and it was gross