LETTING the person in front of us DECIDE what we EAT! ft Jonah, Jeff Wittek and Toddy


  1. steven MK get over-here singleton

    steven MK get over-here singleton12 hours ago

    I love Josh that burger and nuggets look so good.

  2. steven MK get over-here singleton

    steven MK get over-here singleton12 hours ago

    Yes I do lol.

  3. steven MK get over-here singleton

    steven MK get over-here singleton12 hours ago

    I have a question for you are you hungry? Why he look around like that lol.

  4. steven MK get over-here singleton

    steven MK get over-here singleton12 hours ago

    It's cologne.

  5. Erwin Johnson

    Erwin Johnson13 hours ago

    These guys are gat as hell who does that

  6. Kyla Neal

    Kyla Neal20 hours ago

    Jonah: When did you think of this idea? Josh: Not long ago Also Josh: *Filmed this video with Tana a few days ago*

  7. hallie Park

    hallie ParkDay ago

    Peck pack

  8. Grace Kassa

    Grace KassaDay ago

    jonah n his chicken nuggets 😂😂😂

  9. Sizakele S. Lukhele

    Sizakele S. Lukhele2 days ago

    I LOVE Jonah 😂😂😂

  10. hassan guled

    hassan guled2 days ago

    I like how josh treats everybody like their his own kids

  11. freakylilg

    freakylilg2 days ago

    On a good note at least the video didnt start with an act of bro on bro faggotism.

  12. Cheyenne Emert 21104

    Cheyenne Emert 211042 days ago

    Is it just me or does Josh sound like Shaggy from Scooby doo😂😂😁

  13. C A

    C A2 days ago

    I liked it better with just the two of them.

  14. Dallas M

    Dallas M2 days ago

    i don’t like jonah, he’s so full of himself

  15. k moki

    k moki2 days ago

    Toddy looks......fat?? Didn’t recognize at first.

  16. America & Karina

    America & Karina2 days ago

    josh is the most nicest and just so joyful person, i love it.

  17. Rachelle Rodsa

    Rachelle Rodsa3 days ago

    hi everyone!! i just posted a video over on my channel doing this challenge! it was my very first video so if some of you could go check it out it’d mean a lot thanks 🥰💖

  18. bmoney49

    bmoney493 days ago

    Shave the beard ma dude 😐

  19. Dark Shadow

    Dark Shadow3 days ago

    I personally don't think so but a lot of my friends too but they always tell me to believe them but I never do

  20. Dark Shadow

    Dark Shadow3 days ago

    Who thinks that Josh Peck is gay if he did make a video about it then I'm trying that I haven't seen him since he finish Drake and Josh so

  21. Logan Feeney

    Logan Feeney3 days ago

    I bet at Wendy’s it was Jonas sister and mom getting all that food

  22. We are MODAS

    We are MODAS3 days ago

    Josh reminds me of spartan 🤤💕

  23. We are MODAS

    We are MODAS3 days ago

    They are both Adorable 💕🥺✨*Josh & Jonah*

  24. We are MODAS

    We are MODAS3 days ago

    Josh is the MVP DaD💕🥺 he’s is a great DaD✨

  25. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach3 days ago

    I don’t like burgers ether ever since in 7th grade my teacher showed a video of some worm in meat and the worm got in her brain and she had to live with it for the rest of her life 💀🤒🤧

  26. David Acheampng

    David Acheampng3 days ago

    “On the USwork”

  27. Zuess Biemo

    Zuess Biemo3 days ago

    Revenge is a bitch

  28. Abby M

    Abby M3 days ago

    I. D.o.n.t know why but I kept getting so frustrated when Jonah was shouting stuff out cuz I just wanted him to do the challenge right 😂

  29. Sky Brien

    Sky Brien3 days ago

    “this is a very popular challenge on the youtube”

  30. Noah and Heav's world

    Noah and Heav's world3 days ago

    Josh is so sexy 😀

  31. lll l

    lll l3 days ago

    I was rewatching legit all of drake and Josh yesterday omg the feeeeels I love that show and I love u

  32. jenica rivera

    jenica rivera3 days ago

    Jeff and I eat the same meal plans 😂😂

  33. Lacey Walsh

    Lacey Walsh4 days ago

    I love how close they are ❤️ this friendship is the best

  34. Isaiah Armstrong

    Isaiah Armstrong4 days ago

    Yo josh trim your beard it don’t look good

  35. Fameousnat

    Fameousnat4 days ago

    funny af please do another 🙏🏼🙏🏼 subscribing now!🤣🤣🤣👍

  36. Silvester Sourn

    Silvester Sourn4 days ago

    Whats this guy gonna look like during no shave november. Lol

  37. 93Akane

    93Akane4 days ago

    By the time he's 35, he's going to have so many health problems 🐷

  38. SYG raindrop

    SYG raindropDay ago

    Shit head

  39. SYG raindrop

    SYG raindropDay ago

    93Akane piss off

  40. Rodger Sitko

    Rodger Sitko4 days ago

    Do u really like opra 😂

  41. baby mica

    baby mica4 days ago

    josh will you be the father i never had

  42. baby mica

    baby mica4 days ago

    omg josh i love you. you are DAD

  43. Georgia Herondale if ykyk

    Georgia Herondale if ykyk4 days ago

    I want food so bad now

  44. Jodie Kite

    Jodie Kite4 days ago

    I can smell the food from here...

  45. Dickcheese143

    Dickcheese1434 days ago

    So fucking lame. No acting fag

  46. Lindsey Demers

    Lindsey Demers4 days ago

    Josh you are so sweet, I love it

  47. Connie Sutton

    Connie Sutton4 days ago

    how did josh peck think this was original. its viral

  48. Martina Shemon

    Martina Shemon4 days ago

    Omg white hair... PLEASE NO GOD NO

  49. Nick Baldonado

    Nick Baldonado4 days ago

    Fat guy was being kinda annoying. Ruined the video a little in my opinion

  50. Collin Sannicolas

    Collin Sannicolas4 days ago

    Josh your turning into a dad

  51. Caroline Phillips

    Caroline Phillips4 days ago

    Josh peck is so daddy now

  52. Caroline Phillips

    Caroline Phillips4 days ago

    The cream filled glazed ARE MY FAV- THE BESSSSST❤️

  53. Julia Dalton

    Julia Dalton4 days ago

    Just Josh being the cutest dad ever for 12 minutes straight

  54. Brooke Hampton

    Brooke Hampton4 days ago

    You know how China discovered pasta but the Italians perfection

  55. J BV

    J BV4 days ago

    PETITION FOR: Jonah.. in a room , just him and a huge feast, talking to us about life, and social issues..

  56. Emily Antus

    Emily Antus4 days ago

    Hey my name is Emily. Josh said bye to Emily in the drive-thru. It wasn’t me but I’m gonna make it about me. 😂

  57. Sabrina Jogezai

    Sabrina Jogezai5 days ago

    Oml the beginning oml oml when Jonah said it’s calone

  58. RaceARoni

    RaceARoni5 days ago

    Dude, when he pulled up to Wendy's and got excited that it was 2 people, i literally said "watch them order a small fry and a water". Not a minute later Josh makes the same joke! lol Thats too funny.

  59. Fernanda Garza

    Fernanda Garza5 days ago

    9:28 I felt like Jeff was staring into my soul 😂

  60. Pizza Productions

    Pizza Productions5 days ago

    Yammy invented this challenge

  61. Isabella Medrano

    Isabella Medrano5 days ago

    What Jonah said when they were going to crispy cream is exactly what I would say

  62. Kevin Yahir

    Kevin Yahir5 days ago

    Josh y megan y drake

  63. Kelly Jacqueline

    Kelly Jacqueline5 days ago

    I try to keep it like five days a week heheheh

  64. Minh Ngọc Phan Trần

    Minh Ngọc Phan Trần5 days ago

    Josh is the sweetest man on USwork ngl

  65. Reem Abusubhi

    Reem Abusubhi5 days ago

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  66. The Zoester

    The Zoester5 days ago

    Jonah acts like a 5 year old whenever food is involved...

  67. Potato Godess

    Potato Godess5 days ago

    Three really good looking guys in one car. Then there’s Jonah...

  68. Mia G

    Mia G5 days ago

    Jonah breaking the system 😂😂

  69. Kathy Membreno

    Kathy Membreno5 days ago

    I fucken hate Jonah his fat ass keeps trying to get what he wants😠😠🖕🏾

  70. Jack Garcia

    Jack Garcia5 days ago

    You should cut your beard

  71. It’s Lit

    It’s Lit5 days ago

    i hate fat people like jonah always tryna eat everything and get mad when they don’t get what they want but i love jonah tho

  72. Ghoul From Outer Space

    Ghoul From Outer Space5 days ago

    Josh looks like such a damn Daddy snack with that gray in his beard. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  73. rachedelic

    rachedelic5 days ago

    Jonah is annoying as fuck

  74. Anthony Burgueño (Fluffy Mamba)

    Anthony Burgueño (Fluffy Mamba)5 days ago

    bruh why does Josh look like LOgan Wolverine

  75. Kendra Lambert

    Kendra Lambert5 days ago

    “What’s that smell in your beard?” Kebabs

  76. Ciera Aguilar

    Ciera Aguilar5 days ago

    Jonah was so funny in this video

  77. Maritza Perez

    Maritza Perez5 days ago

    white beard hairs already but your soo young😩😂

  78. Dylphin 020

    Dylphin 0205 days ago

    Did you guys know Mr.Peck was a assistant to Chris Evans during avengers endgame

  79. Stevie Montana

    Stevie Montana5 days ago

    Mfs got me hella hungry watching the vid

  80. Zahira

    Zahira5 days ago

    Jonah is such a buzz kill.

  81. Jeanna Beckman

    Jeanna Beckman5 days ago

    This video was funny 😂 great content as always Josh!! 🐙

  82. That Goth Nerd

    That Goth Nerd5 days ago

    When did one of my favorite fictional brothers start a channel?


    MITCH MILNES5 days ago

    I love how excited Jonah gets when he finds out they ordered a Chicken sandwich from Wendy's

  84. Asher Edwards

    Asher Edwards5 days ago

    R they fucking gay

  85. Selena Garcia

    Selena Garcia5 days ago


  86. Onyo Reacts

    Onyo Reacts5 days ago

    Shave-👍 No-👎

  87. FAT BOI 87

    FAT BOI 875 days ago

    Jonah loses weight David: you of no use to me anymore Jonah: TriGgeRD

  88. Taylor Delrio

    Taylor Delrio5 days ago

    Lmfao I laughed fo much 😂

  89. TRIPPY

    TRIPPY5 days ago

    I saw Josh singing in David's vlog he needs to make a song his voice is amazing

  90. The Lonely Vegan

    The Lonely Vegan5 days ago

    So gay, I LOVE IT🤣🤣❤❤

  91. Ashley Rakow

    Ashley Rakow6 days ago

    If anyone wants to tell me the name of the guy who hopped in the back of his car I would appreciate you quenching my thirst

  92. Jordan Johnson

    Jordan Johnson6 days ago

    I actually don't like Jonah. I feel like he's kind of an as whole and I don't find him very funny.

  93. Mauricio MuOr

    Mauricio MuOr6 days ago

    DONNUTS!! 🥯

  94. Julia Lopez

    Julia Lopez6 days ago

    3:55 why are jonah’s eyes closed like that

  95. spicy waffle

    spicy waffle6 days ago

    Shave your beard

  96. Cassandra Gaff

    Cassandra Gaff6 days ago

    Jonah's laugh is so cute

  97. Nayeli Garcia

    Nayeli Garcia6 days ago


  98. Profluffers

    Profluffers6 days ago

    I wish I can find a friend like Josh in the future. I need a father like figure in my life 😭😭😭

  99. julian perez

    julian perez6 days ago

    Love you josh

  100. Serena Raquel

    Serena Raquel6 days ago

    I love watching these types of videos and it'd be cool to make my own, but I'm vegan so that's not really gonna work

  101. Kimberly Urbina

    Kimberly Urbina6 days ago

    I stopped watching and left to go get donuts

  102. Alexis Bailey

    Alexis Bailey6 days ago

    Josh's beard is turning white. 😄