iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing!


  1. Chismosos !

    Chismosos !44 minutes ago

    They can just put in the back new designs bc that camera looks ugly no hate

  2. Kariah Gray

    Kariah GrayHour ago

    So is anyone thinking about getting it?😂

  3. Smurf122887

    Smurf122887Hour ago

    It May be the an 11 but I’m sticking to my x max

  4. Rihanna Dore

    Rihanna Dore2 hours ago

    I only don’t want it bc of the camera Ill rather stick to my 8 plus thank you ☺️

  5. Sffpa Sffpa

    Sffpa Sffpa2 hours ago

    Wit iPhone Chinese air American

  6. Sffpa Sffpa

    Sffpa Sffpa2 hours ago

    Idint estayl Idint camera

  7. Sffpa Sffpa

    Sffpa Sffpa2 hours ago

    Wet iPhone 11

  8. James Thaal

    James Thaal3 hours ago

    As for your question about who buys these, I think the answer to that would be people from third world countries. A lot of us average earners here in America find it a very difficult decision to commit to buy a $1200. I have had my iPhone 7 Plus for almost 3 years now I think I’m not gonna be in the market to buy another new iPhone for another 3 years. But in third world countries these same new iPhones go for twice or three times the price because of shipping, duties, and so on. And if you consider the currency difference the price they’re looking at could be even more. For them picking up one of these clones for a couple of hundred bucks is a good alternative of having something that would look similar to the latest model iPhone, have current model features and some features while still a few years old to us, to them it wouldn’t bother them at all. All in all a win win for them and for the manufacturers and sellers of these. What do you think?

  9. xE_uphoria

    xE_uphoria4 hours ago

    I love Apple, but this phone is a no no, but whoever designed their phone need to go go!!

  10. Roaa Mohamed

    Roaa Mohamed5 hours ago

    Who else is using iPhone 7 plus like mee ! 👋😂❤️❤️❤️

  11. خالد طارق

    خالد طارق6 hours ago

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  12. Yahboi Tray

    Yahboi Tray7 hours ago

    A lot people saying they’re not buying the new iPhones buhh I bet money as soon as apple releases a iPhone they buying it😭 I’m still rocking the 8plus🤷🏾‍♂️

  13. shahar shaer

    shahar shaer7 hours ago

    Are this is real ?

  14. Smfanqing Wu

    Smfanqing Wu7 hours ago

    Chinese are always goodat making knockoffs 中国山寨机制造很厉害

  15. Olivia Lindgren 2019

    Olivia Lindgren 20198 hours ago

    No way that I’m going to buy that phone...

  16. ellis chen

    ellis chen9 hours ago

    Apple wtf did you do?😂😂😂

  17. ランペルージュルルーシュ

    ランペルージュルルーシュ9 hours ago


  18. Fatma Nur Erdoğan

    Fatma Nur Erdoğan10 hours ago

    2 saat türk aradım aq telefon bence bok gibi olmuş yani yeter artik ne ozellik koyabilirler ki

  19. Jacob López

    Jacob López11 hours ago

    Does anyone know the color Of that Apple Watch he has on I am confused

  20. Dennis’s Studio

    Dennis’s Studio13 hours ago

    If the iPhone is this look.I want to buy iPhone X🅂 more

  21. Alvi Sumalpong Villsver

    Alvi Sumalpong Villsver13 hours ago

    Please give me phone Clone iPhone it’s okay for me

  22. Beautiful Place Our Sri Lanka

    Beautiful Place Our Sri Lanka13 hours ago

    Wooow 👌❤️👌👍

  23. Anne Catherine

    Anne Catherine14 hours ago

    Que celular feio miséricordia

  24. Dark Indy

    Dark Indy14 hours ago

    New iPhone 11 Real ? I think very ugly Design

  25. TheLifeOfNekaybaw

    TheLifeOfNekaybaw14 hours ago

    bitch. 😐😐😐 nb finna buy that shitttt.

  26. Slimi Limi

    Slimi Limi15 hours ago

    Where does he get it

  27. DD lanari

    DD lanari16 hours ago

    xs max 11😁😁😁😁

  28. Sue Suhana

    Sue Suhana16 hours ago

    Apple Boba Iphone

  29. Jenny Lara

    Jenny Lara16 hours ago

    pretty soon, the next few models, the camera WILL be the entire back of the phone :')

  30. Y N

    Y N16 hours ago


  31. Rohan Kumar

    Rohan Kumar16 hours ago

    Udfffff love that

  32. Psycho Bunny

    Psycho Bunny19 hours ago

    Czy tylko wg mnie te IPhony stają się coraz bardziej brzydkie?

  33. Aiham Hassan

    Aiham Hassan20 hours ago

    Hey guys just came back from CHINA😐

  34. Amy Chew

    Amy Chew22 hours ago

    So ugly iPhone XS Max most nice

  35. standoff 2-milk sheik

    standoff 2-milk sheik22 hours ago

    кто раша ставит лайк

  36. Daylin Hernandez

    Daylin Hernandez22 hours ago

    It looks like a alien a moster

  37. arieana lewis

    arieana lewis23 hours ago

    So we jus gonna ignore the fact that the packages look like crack cocaine No ooooooooookkkkkkkkkkaaaaaayyyy

  38. DRS Gang

    DRS GangDay ago

    Omgggg it’s uglyyyy

  39. Eron Sebastian Ermino

    Eron Sebastian ErminoDay ago

    I will prefer buying iphone 8 plus

  40. Violent Wendy

    Violent WendyDay ago

    I would get it but the camera just ruin it

  41. Nk 25

    Nk 25Day ago

    This the most ugliest iPhone ever

  42. Janea Coates

    Janea CoatesDay ago

    Well the iPhone 11 is ugly 💁

  43. Yara Samy

    Yara SamyDay ago

    I won’t change my iPhone XR😌❤️

  44. mattie Bostock

    mattie BostockDay ago

    Can l have 1 of your iPhone x plz

  45. mattie Bostock

    mattie BostockDay ago

    You are so very louky l only have a samsongs j4

  46. joon's tiddie sweat

    joon's tiddie sweatDay ago

    Dude the spanish subtitles are hilarious

  47. Duc Nguyen

    Duc NguyenDay ago


  48. Thvgs

    ThvgsDay ago

    Who the hell did the Spanish subtitles cuz it has a lot of bad words

  49. tai ostojic

    tai ostojicDay ago


  50. Delanies makeup channel

    Delanies makeup channelDay ago

    Now Steve jobs. Is just cloning things now :(