Astros George Springer pours it on with tape-measure HR shot in World Series Game 5 | MLB Highlights

George Springer unleashed a LONG home run to add to the Astros' lead in World Series Game 5!
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  1. eden anshar

    eden anshar27 days ago

    3:30 booty slap on Springer 🔥

  2. Julian Morrison

    Julian MorrisonMonth ago

    He looks like the special needs kid when he runs

  3. Andre Toles

    Andre TolesMonth ago

    And folks this is the end result when you throw heat in the middle of the plate to a fastball killing team ⚾

  4. Josh Flores

    Josh FloresMonth ago

    My reaction was literally “Oh SHI*!” You just don’t serve it over the plate like that 😂


    PEARLDIVERMonth ago

    Where are my COLT 45's??


    PEARLDIVERMonth ago

    Tape measure? It's still in the park. Saw mantle hit a short 400 hundred footer against the Astros in 65. Just another mantle shot.

  7. e james

    e jamesMonth ago


  8. Astro Jake 1234

    Astro Jake 1234Month ago

    Go Astros

  9. Xx_3Gkingston _xX

    Xx_3Gkingston _xXMonth ago

    the video is about Springer’s monster blast and Correa is the thumbnail. please tell me im not the only one who noticed

  10. Dan Rakers

    Dan RakersMonth ago

    Had to push my under bet with 2 outs in the top of the 9th:(

  11. misty G

    misty GMonth ago

    HA HA! Nationals will LOOSE & thats what they get for their NASTY people up there yelling lock him up MOSTLY NATIONALS!! TRUMP ALWAYS WIN!!! Haven't learned yet NOT to go against Trump. Oprah had mud slide on house, Carrie Underwood massive stitches in face, Olympic witch falls & disqualified, McCain-gone, E Cummings-gone,,Tim Mcgraw fell off stage injured, DeNiro massive legal issues,CNN & FAKE NEWS EXPOSED & LOWEST RATINGS IN HISTORY, Hollywood Pedophiles exposed, Washington SWAMP EXPOSED & FALLING TO INDICTMENTS! REMEMBER LIBERALS DON'T COUNT! MORE PATRIOTS THAN MORANS! W NATIONALS JUST SEALED THEIR FATE! LOSERS! NEVER GO AGAINST THE TRUMP!!2020

  12. Interesting Interesting

    Interesting InterestingMonth ago

    misty G embarrassing

  13. Elikai05

    Elikai05Month ago

    Springer is a f*ucking boss...

  14. DJVijilante

    DJVijilanteMonth ago

    Nats we’re celebrating Soto’s Solo HR like they won the series!

  15. dave best

    dave bestMonth ago

    Drain the swamp GO ASTROS

  16. Nathan Colehour

    Nathan ColehourMonth ago

    All my friends said, " It'll be a sweep" after game 2. I knew it wouldn't. The Astros were just off their game in games 1 and 2. Going Back to Clutch City for games 6 and 7 (even though there probably won't be a game 7). Let's go 'Stros!!!

  17. Richard Bruder

    Richard BruderMonth ago

    Go stros...lifelong fan here. My spirit is with y’all

  18. Kori Jenkins

    Kori JenkinsMonth ago

    My words as George waited for the pitch "3-1 count, It would be great if he could get a hold of one here and launch it" Literally the next pitch.

  19. Angelique Kerber

    Angelique KerberMonth ago


  20. Art Spanjer

    Art SpanjerMonth ago

    Want see JV win a WS game! Tuesday let's close this. Go Stros!

  21. sappyjohnson

    sappyjohnsonMonth ago

    Nats have been hit with the Trump curse

  22. cooldude2816121

    cooldude2816121Month ago

    What u messed up the thumbnails

  23. TinmanTJ

    TinmanTJMonth ago


  24. brandnewdays49

    brandnewdays49Month ago

    Thumbnail is not Springer. It's "Carlos Correa".

  25. michael taylor

    michael taylorMonth ago

    well there goes my hopes of the nats winning their first ws😕

  26. Interesting Interesting

    Interesting InterestingMonth ago

    michael taylor yup

  27. Niko Gambino

    Niko GambinoMonth ago

    michael taylor me too 😕

  28. Bongo Cat

    Bongo CatMonth ago

    michael taylor 😓

  29. Sondorism

    SondorismMonth ago

    He didn't even watch it. Just glanced and jogged.

  30. rau metro

    rau metroMonth ago

    Nationals will loose Series because they got overconfident and in doing so under estimated the Astros a former Champion

  31. Interesting Interesting

    Interesting InterestingMonth ago

    rau metro ouch

  32. Niko Gambino

    Niko GambinoMonth ago

    rau metro W

  33. JDMsal

    JDMsalMonth ago

    Our modern day Mr. October. This beast of a lineup is back. Lesgo stros! 1 more game. #takeitback @ home!

  34. Prone2Thrill

    Prone2ThrillMonth ago

    Now they know how the Dodgers feel

  35. Niccc Innesss

    Niccc InnesssMonth ago

    I’m putting my money on the nationals

  36. Texas Sports TV

    Texas Sports TVMonth ago

    Let's keep the Nats and Soto Humble

  37. WinterXL

    WinterXLMonth ago

    nationals are trash. what a waste of time this world series has been.

  38. David Rosales

    David RosalesMonth ago

    ASTROS!! 😎👍

  39. Niko Gambino

    Niko GambinoMonth ago

    David Rosales 😇

  40. Jaynell Destacamento

    Jaynell DestacamentoMonth ago

    Astros the champion, again.

  41. Niko Gambino

    Niko Gambino28 days ago

    Jaynell Destacamento Lololol

  42. Interesting Interesting

    Interesting InterestingMonth ago

    Jaynell Destacamento ...

  43. Holy Elixir

    Holy ElixirMonth ago

    Gonna be honest i think the Nats rode the momentum from their win streak in the post season and now that thats gone they seem to be struggling

  44. Interesting Interesting

    Interesting InterestingMonth ago

    Holy Elixir haha

  45. Alittlebitnuts2day

    Alittlebitnuts2dayMonth ago

    Houston we have a probl... scratch that no we don't!!! Everyone knows it's too cold for gnats this time of the year!

  46. Interesting Interesting

    Interesting InterestingMonth ago


  47. Alittlebitnuts2day

    Alittlebitnuts2dayMonth ago

    Jerry Jerry Jerry ................Springer

  48. Wil Crawford

    Wil CrawfordMonth ago


  49. jwb 281

    jwb 281Month ago

    Annnnd that’s what happens when you throw it down the middle

  50. Sewer Machine

    Sewer MachineMonth ago

    When did playing with Maldanados titties become a thing? I love it!!! GO ASTROS

  51. NotAsian

    NotAsianMonth ago

    Post the distance and mph

  52. JerichaG92

    JerichaG92Month ago

    NotAsian it went far and fast