Jose Altuve, Astros take World Series Game 3 in DC, 4-1 | Astros-Nationals MLB Highlights

Michael Brantley hit a pair of RBI singles and Robinson Chirinos crushed a home run to help the Astros take World Series Game 3!
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  1. Shark007

    Shark007Month ago

    big fat L

  2. leroy jenkins

    leroy jenkinsMonth ago


  3. Hell's favorite NPC #69OU812 . exe

    Hell's favorite NPC #69OU812 . exeMonth ago

    The Nationals will LOSE, and deserve to lose. your fans are a disgrace! No matter your political affiliation, have some respect for the office of the presidency, you dirtbags. I despise that worthless fake black that was in office for 8 years prior, that wasn't even a legitimate president! a kenyan-born person is NOT allowed to be a president in this country! he defrauded america and all low IQ libtards, (not hard to do), sold our secrets to the enemy, as well as our uranium to his butt buddy Putin. He's the real Putin's puppet. GO ASTROS!

  4. Cole Slaw

    Cole Slaw18 days ago

    The cheating Astros didn’t use enough trash cans in this series to win it all. Hate to see it..

  5. Shark007

    Shark007Month ago

    whats that?


    RZARECTAH7Month ago


  7. Alfredo Campos

    Alfredo CamposMonth ago


  8. Coach Chris

    Coach ChrisMonth ago

    Trumppppppppppp 2020


    RZARECTAH7Month ago


  10. leo led

    leo ledMonth ago

    after the booing by the Washington fans against their own president I hope they f****** loser next game congratulations to Houston on winning the world series Washington Nationals Garbage fan base

  11. Shark007

    Shark007Month ago


  12. Cage Edwards

    Cage EdwardsMonth ago

    Beautiful baseball being played

  13. John Thorne

    John ThorneMonth ago


  14. junjie Chen

    junjie ChenMonth ago

    Go HOU

  15. Texas Sports TV

    Texas Sports TVMonth ago

    Soto was humbled

  16. ed rage

    ed rageMonth ago

    NY fans are so bitchy

  17. IsaacH

    IsaacHMonth ago

    The Traitor should be greeted with that chant everywhere he goes from now on.

  18. EpicChris-8

    EpicChris-8Month ago

    Congrats Nats, You've crushed an 11 year-olds dreams of his favorite team winning the world series.


    RZARECTAH7Month ago


  20. EpicChris-8

    EpicChris-8Month ago

    @Royal Rogue I guess you're right

  21. Royal Rogue

    Royal RogueMonth ago

    Mr William the series is not over and the last two are in Houston, we’re not done yet

  22. lalo rey

    lalo reyMonth ago

    is joe buck in trouble for praising osunas pitching too

  23. Marvin Heyboer

    Marvin HeyboerMonth ago

    Even MLB had to sublament the audio to fix Joe Buck horrible terrible no good play by play! Please please please find a better play by play guy.

  24. Pancho Pistolas

    Pancho PistolasMonth ago

    Go Astros! Great young men.

  25. Bob Heck

    Bob HeckMonth ago


  26. oldtimedrumcorps

    oldtimedrumcorpsMonth ago

    Game 3 in the bottom of the 3rd and bad calls for them was the downfall of the Nats. . Crucial pitches which set up the loss and the Series for the Astros in 7. A good team but without the depth of the Astros to absorb bad calls . It gets that specific .

  27. Elijah Nu

    Elijah NuMonth ago

    No matter what happens this series is going to 7

  28. cpmenninga

    cpmenningaMonth ago

    Nowhere on thumbnail does it say what the score of the series is. Just seems like a detail that might interest people.

  29. Avi Scheinberg

    Avi ScheinbergMonth ago

    The real mvp was the home plate umpire. Clearly MLB didn’t want the Nats to try and win this one

  30. oldtimedrumcorps

    oldtimedrumcorpsMonth ago

    Absolutely, anyone with a fair assessment that saw the game and the pitch by pitch would agree with you .Look at the frame and the point of those bad calls to Sanchez bottom 3rd game 3 . Nats cant afford to get bad calls they dont have the depth. Example how long did they have to leave in Corbin? He was toast long before they yanked him . The Astros pitcher farts with a lead and he gets the hook .

  31. phroz

    phrozMonth ago

    5:22 haha autistic clapping

  32. phroz

    phrozMonth ago

    4:26 maaaan. Greinke is filthy.

  33. Gabriela Valdes

    Gabriela ValdesMonth ago

    That was a good game⚾️

  34. iam tex

    iam texMonth ago

    UH-OH!!!!!!!!!! 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

  35. Michael Ortiz

    Michael OrtizMonth ago

    That hp ump SUCKED

  36. ウエムラユーセン

    ウエムラユーセンMonth ago


  37. V!P klip

    V!P klipMonth ago

    You can support our channel by subscribing to 400 subscribers

  38. Tramaine Terrance

    Tramaine TerranceMonth ago

    Hello,Humans. Donnie : Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit? Frank : Why are you wearing that stupid man suit? Donnie Darko (2001)

  39. YoJan mv

    YoJan mvMonth ago

    Houston win champ

  40. Fran Cisco

    Fran CiscoMonth ago

    Go Astros Go...looks now like games 3 and 4 are yours. So rooting for you. Media nonsense and politicizing the games by the Nationals and their fans stinks.

  41. Anton Bouchette

    Anton BouchetteMonth ago

    Sweep the punks in their own park and then go home and finish them!!!

  42. Bob Heck

    Bob HeckMonth ago


  43. David McNutt

    David McNuttMonth ago

    Every time You Tube tries to show a commercial I go straight to Opera and watch without commercials FREE

  44. Julius Ulit

    Julius UlitMonth ago

    Nats are in trouble, 0-13 RISP at home wow

  45. Bob Heck

    Bob HeckMonth ago


  46. TheBatugan77

    TheBatugan77Month ago

    Astros up 4-1 again! Seventh! I bet they're so glad they got Osuna! Fkng glad! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  47. Bob Heck

    Bob HeckMonth ago

    You blew it Bat!

  48. Famous Baymoose

    Famous BaymooseMonth ago

    8-1 win

  49. coco smiles

    coco smilesMonth ago

    It took Houston long enough to win. They act like they don't want to win the world series.

  50. johan cespedes

    johan cespedesMonth ago

    at 3:18 arent you supposed to step on the base or tag the person

  51. Danton Steele

    Danton SteeleMonth ago

    dang furgot bout rodney

  52. vinicius domiciole

    vinicius domicioleMonth ago

    Esse e o esporte retardado q tem

  53. Danton Steele

    Danton SteeleMonth ago

    did announcer say jj reddick during the hit that gave the astros their first score?

  54. NorCal Aviation

    NorCal AviationMonth ago

    Why are the Nats fans doing our thing???? Sincerely a San Jose Sharks fan