Super Soaker PAINT Gun Pictionary!! *WINNER GETS $1000*


  1. Deathstrike 1313

    Deathstrike 13139 hours ago

    y is chris so tall?

  2. Keira Halpin

    Keira Halpin22 hours ago

    Jeff drawed a bird for the last rouned and in art at my school I tried to draw a bird it was so hard

  3. Jonatan Lindstrom

    Jonatan Lindstrom3 days ago

    Why didn't they use the black paint?

  4. Tyrant Gamer

    Tyrant Gamer4 days ago

    In real I like Jeffrey

  5. Tyrant Gamer

    Tyrant Gamer4 days ago

    Poor Robert hit like if u support him

  6. Ella Olds

    Ella Olds4 days ago

    Jeff finally won a video!!! Yayyyy

  7. Adventure everyday

    Adventure everyday4 days ago

    I know that you probably wonโ€™t read this but I love watching your videos and you make me laugh every day and Iโ€™m subscribed

  8. Tori B

    Tori B4 days ago

    Where do you get the paint guns

  9. Ninja Ted

    Ninja Ted5 days ago


  10. Ms. Myself

    Ms. Myself6 days ago

    Jeff saved the camera(us) in the end!

  11. Pranav Sai

    Pranav Sai6 days ago

    9:31 Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? Whatever it is, the Seeking Air Mine will blow it out of the sky..... Like if you miss Clash With Cam

  12. Random Guy

    Random Guy6 days ago

    Rob's hair looked like Perzival from Ready Player One

  13. Ted Glas

    Ted Glas6 days ago

    Jeff you are my๐ŸŒŠand you always will be

  14. Josua David Iruma

    Josua David Iruma6 days ago

    Hey uys that merch wahts chris weating the laugh daily is from morejstu like if u know them

  15. Renato Reyes

    Renato Reyes7 days ago

    Jeff il help you

  16. Raphie Cammayo

    Raphie Cammayo8 days ago

    You did not use black

  17. Benjiman Schweikl

    Benjiman Schweikl8 days ago

    Hey juff said that Extinck

  18. bryan hernandez

    bryan hernandez9 days ago

    It looks like the game Draw it you should be able to play that game it's free

  19. Team Blue

    Team Blue9 days ago

    The only marshal art they not mention was akido

  20. Mythical Wizard

    Mythical Wizard10 days ago

    I remember when the channel used to be called cam and Jeff

  21. Shriram Thayalen

    Shriram Thayalen10 days ago

    Dangie bros ! It was a wonderful video ! Luv your videos and your jokes ! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐ŸคŸโœŒ

  22. Fellforcrys

    Fellforcrys10 days ago

    When you know that its not frankenstein its frankensteins monster Useless 100

  23. Jacob Clynick

    Jacob Clynick10 days ago

    Not a super soaker

  24. Erica Rayburn

    Erica Rayburn10 days ago

    Chris is wearing "MoreJSTU" merch

  25. Curry Davis

    Curry Davis10 days ago


  26. Daemon JJ AdVentures

    Daemon JJ AdVentures11 days ago


  27. Leonardo Briones

    Leonardo Briones11 days ago

    This is how they would do the costume for mystique lol

  28. Rob Roberson

    Rob Roberson11 days ago


  29. OneNut 202027

    OneNut 20202712 days ago

    I love them and their channel,who agrees

  30. Adi Oka

    Adi Oka15 days ago

    Easy: Cherry Pillow Wave Medium: Painter Treasure island Frankenstein Hard: Extinct Judo Bird flu

  31. Adi Oka

    Adi Oka15 days ago

    My favorite drawing is wave,pillow,treasure island,charry

  32. Adi Oka

    Adi Oka15 days ago

    Which your favorite drawing?

  33. Silas Wellenius

    Silas Wellenius16 days ago

    Rob wore the same googels this time and the prisoner escape video where rob won

  34. Saira Mahmood

    Saira Mahmood16 days ago

    Chrisis judo image was so funny aswell as their reactions

  35. Andrew Olson

    Andrew Olson17 days ago

    I subed

  36. Roki Gaming

    Roki Gaming17 days ago

    I am training judo

  37. WWE Master

    WWE Master17 days ago

    9:32 Cam said duck duck goose๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ It's funny cause duck duck goose is the title for a 18+ song

  38. I am the sky

    I am the sky17 days ago

    Thatโ€™s one way to get your hair died. I guess?๐Ÿค”

  39. I am the sky

    I am the sky15 days ago


  40. Nameless Person

    Nameless Person15 days ago

    I am the sky dyed*

  41. Layla Estefania Rodriguez

    Layla Estefania Rodriguez18 days ago

    I Love your video

  42. Layla Estefania Rodriguez

    Layla Estefania Rodriguez18 days ago

    I Love you

  43. Kerri Cowan

    Kerri Cowan18 days ago

    Do y'all know what I just said use a decoder

  44. Kerri Cowan

    Kerri Cowan18 days ago


  45. Divina Bush

    Divina Bush18 days ago

    Love the channel

  46. clark kent

    clark kent19 days ago

    Low cost avatar cosplay? Lol

  47. MissKittyPlease :D

    MissKittyPlease :D19 days ago

    Nobody used black once.

  48. Pugggy Fluffy

    Pugggy Fluffy19 days ago

    Wow pugs this was a nice and cool funny video one of the favourites for me SUBSCRIBE

  49. Henrik Tafjord

    Henrik Tafjord19 days ago


  50. snaphap69

    snaphap6919 days ago

    That was a lot of paint on Robert

  51. Slime kitten

    Slime kitten19 days ago

    Rob look like a bloody Smurf XD

  52. Linkleโ€™s Adventures

    Linkleโ€™s Adventures20 days ago

    This was published on my birthday! This is my birthday present!

  53. snapperhunter 2006

    snapperhunter 200620 days ago

    jeff lost the palm tree round even though he has a palm tree on his shirt

  54. Amy Hale

    Amy Hale20 days ago

    Wwe rocks

  55. Epic Eden

    Epic Eden20 days ago

    I have the same water gun

  56. Lacey Pilat

    Lacey Pilat20 days ago

    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooow you are so cool I love you guys so much I licke and subscribe and hit the bell your the best Pepelu ever

  57. Sophie (Student) MO

    Sophie (Student) MO21 day ago

    poor robert

  58. Bennett Hale

    Bennett Hale21 day ago

    what a come back for jeff congradulations

  59. Linda Evans

    Linda Evans21 day ago

    I don't know but my gym teacher says a raptor is not a real dinosaur

  60. Udayasree Daripineni

    Udayasree Daripineni22 days ago

    poor Robert

  61. Lena Reedy

    Lena Reedy22 days ago

    A ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐ŸŽจ


    SAMANTHA COINER22 days ago

    could you do a will it float with random objects?

  63. Sweet Treat!

    Sweet Treat!23 days ago

    Jeff and his perm!!! XD

  64. JanCubes

    JanCubes23 days ago

    Chris go back on the acc clash with cam

  65. LLAMAgreen !

    LLAMAgreen !23 days ago

    Oh them artistic skills ( อกยฐ อœ ส– อกยฐ)

  66. Ewok Kitty cat

    Ewok Kitty cat23 days ago

    I had a dream last night that cam and rob came to my house and I cried of happiness and now Iโ€™m sad I meant Jeff and rob

  67. Dice Perfect

    Dice Perfect23 days ago

    Also love you guys and memes

  68. carl lake

    carl lake23 days ago

    This is amazing! Wow

  69. nog ops 6094

    nog ops 609423 days ago

    7:19 wat is dat

  70. Tylay 01

    Tylay 0124 days ago


  71. Tylay 01

    Tylay 0124 days ago

    Great artist skills

  72. Heymylolipop -ROBLOX or Gacha videos

    Heymylolipop -ROBLOX or Gacha videos24 days ago

    Jeff gone

  73. Daryll Saqui

    Daryll Saqui24 days ago

    At the first

  74. Daryll Saqui

    Daryll Saqui24 days ago


  75. Daryll Saqui

    Daryll Saqui24 days ago

    Feel bad about jeff :P

  76. Daryll Saqui

    Daryll Saqui24 days ago

    My name is jeff :P

  77. grin girl

    grin girl24 days ago

    i was not expecting rob\

  78. Maja Subic

    Maja Subic24 days ago


  79. monique woods

    monique woods24 days ago


  80. Buttercup Estes

    Buttercup Estes24 days ago

    9:14 They use Webkinz Chicken picture for Bird Flu.

  81. gillian villanueva

    gillian villanueva24 days ago


  82. NetCat_07

    NetCat_0724 days ago


  83. NetCat_07

    NetCat_0724 days ago

    Not hater

  84. NetCat_07

    NetCat_0724 days ago

    Love they vids

  85. Jamie Martinez

    Jamie Martinez24 days ago

    I dare cam to shave his beard๐Ÿ˜

  86. Brendan Heng

    Brendan Heng24 days ago

    WoW ๐Ÿ˜ฎ!

  87. Kobe Shaw

    Kobe Shaw24 days ago

    u have a lagh daily sweater

  88. Alana Handy

    Alana Handy24 days ago

    The thing he yoused for bird flu id from Webkins

  89. Joseph Garcia

    Joseph Garcia24 days ago

    Good job jeff

  90. Joseph Garcia

    Joseph Garcia24 days ago


  91. SpideyFan 1234

    SpideyFan 123424 days ago

    This video was definitely one of my favorite videos ever. GOOD JOB DANGIE BROS!!!

  92. Annale Ochoa

    Annale Ochoa24 days ago

    Frankenstein is the scientist not the monster

  93. Ferd1P

    Ferd1P24 days ago

    These guys look like really serious Christians and I want no part of it

  94. Jessup Croke

    Jessup Croke24 days ago


  95. Jayy T

    Jayy T25 days ago

    Clickbait as hell

  96. P.S FILMS

    P.S FILMS25 days ago

    Part 2 please

  97. Akilyn Henderson

    Akilyn Henderson25 days ago

    Who knew rob was on dope or nope

  98. Dylan kohli

    Dylan kohli25 days ago

    To get more suscribers

  99. Dylan kohli

    Dylan kohli25 days ago

    Dangle bros you should play minecraft

  100. Cwinns

    Cwinns25 days ago

    amazing how far this channel has come โค๏ธ

  101. Waffoo101 The Dankest

    Waffoo101 The Dankest25 days ago

    lmao mr.beast would do $100,000

  102. Logan Gil

    Logan Gil25 days ago


  103. Wesley Colley

    Wesley Colley25 days ago

    I got the exact same gun on my 8th birthday

  104. Ramadevi Yadlapalli

    Ramadevi Yadlapalli25 days ago

    U forgot to give the 1000$