MLB Unbelievable Defensive Plays Of 2019 Compilation Part 2

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  1. Jonathan Stiles

    Jonathan StilesMonth ago

    5:30 - Throwing out Justin Smoak is not massively impressive.

  2. Samuel Koehler

    Samuel KoehlerMonth ago

    do homers off knuckle balls

  3. Dave -in-NJ

    Dave -in-NJMonth ago

    I love the curve balls you can see move over the plate. need a video like 5:09 with so much ball movement.

  4. THR33STEP

    THR33STEPMonth ago

    5:50 - Absolutely insane!!!

  5. Psychonian

    PsychonianMonth ago

    In 2 videos, not a single play from Gold Glover Kolten Wong?

  6. ryanczaja

    ryanczajaMonth ago

    McKinney hit that fence HARD

  7. Rafael Librada

    Rafael LibradaMonth ago

    Should do Chris Davis pitching highlights

  8. Brofist Davidson

    Brofist DavidsonMonth ago

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  9. Wild Card

    Wild CardMonth ago

    Behind every great fielder is a 1st baseman willing to stretch the limits

  10. Miguel Rojas

    Miguel RojasMonth ago

    Kole Calhoun should of been on here 😔

  11. courtney b

    courtney bMonth ago

    So like where are the Yankee clips? Only one clip in 2 videos? The Yankees had some amazing plays

  12. AwsomeOlivia100

    AwsomeOlivia100Month ago

    Koen Van De Vijver like u dont

  13. Koen Van De Vijver

    Koen Van De VijverMonth ago

    Please stop whining

  14. Trend Sports

    Trend SportsMonth ago

    Everytime I check my notifications, you guys are always uploading that 🔥😤, baseball is LIFE 💯

  15. Live Long Pre

    Live Long PreMonth ago

    These plays are amazing!!!!!⚾🥎🧢

  16. Braves20715

    Braves20715Month ago

    Average players that raked in the postseason

  17. DB Cooperino

    DB CooperinoMonth ago

    Guys I wish stayed healthy because they’re so fun to watch at short, Tatis and Correa

  18. Jonathan Stiles

    Jonathan StilesMonth ago

    I wish everyone in San Diego would stay consistent so we can finish over .500 for once

  19. EPIC

    EPICMonth ago


  20. Random Polish guy

    Random Polish guyMonth ago

    I’m a diehard rangers fan and I just love Ronald guzzman double plays the man stretches like he’s doing gymnastics

  21. mugman & cuphead 2

    mugman & cuphead 2Month ago


  22. Jack

    JackMonth ago

    Love these compilations!!

  23. Team ruby and Jacob :)

    Team ruby and Jacob :)Month ago