Gerrit Cole comes up HUGE for Astros with dominating performance (7 IP, 1 R, 9 Ks) | MLB Highlights

Gerrit Cole was unstoppable yet again for the Houston Astros this Postseason. He stifled the Nationals offense to the tune of 7 IP, 3 H, 1 R and 9 Ks.
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  1. Lea Wilson

    Lea Wilson27 days ago

    We. Love. You. G. C.!! You Shine Bright!! You Loves Will Get There!! We. So. Love. The. Cuteness!! 🤗😊🌎🌎🕊🕊❤❤ 'Cause I'm from the future and my form is still learning its way... When I See Where We're Going it Makes it Worth it!! We. Will. Get. There!! Happy Eyes, You Guys!! 🤗😊🌎🌎🕊🕊❤❤

  2. BeerGrills

    BeerGrillsMonth ago

    Should have pitched him in Game 7. Harris lost that game, and he almost lost it in 2017. Wasn’t even a fan of him when we were at LSU

  3. Marky Garcia

    Marky GarciaMonth ago

    Best in the game

  4. I.P. Freely

    I.P. FreelyMonth ago

    This guy is the biggest POTHEAD! I seen him dressed up as a lederhosen for Halloween party a few years back... we was smoking joint after joint! I guess Potheads can make it to the MLB....... #Pothead #PotheadsArePitchersToo This is not lie... drug test his hair lol #MLB #Astros #Nationals

  5. south side Strider

    south side StriderMonth ago

    Gerrit Cole can you please come to us in free agency cuz the White Sox would love you if you join us

  6. Brian kelly Dushaney

    Brian kelly DushaneyMonth ago

    congratulations on a job well done

  7. Brian kelly Dushaney

    Brian kelly DushaneyMonth ago

    1 game away from becoming 2 time world champions

  8. Grokme Amadeus

    Grokme AmadeusMonth ago

    Verlander's turn to play optimal in game 6.

  9. Kori Jenkins

    Kori JenkinsMonth ago

    Loser Nats fans are butthurt that their team is choking.

  10. filipinowhiteboy

    filipinowhiteboy2 days ago

    I was sweating bullets but I had a hunch. They'd battled the entire postseason and hey. They did it. They didn't choke

  11. Ryguyconner

    RyguyconnerMonth ago

    I hope Astro’s win and people who disliked is a Nationals fan

  12. Hector Camacho

    Hector CamachoMonth ago


  13. Josh Flores

    Josh FloresMonth ago

    Redemption, he’s my hero and the greatest pitcher in the game right now, probably all time, this is only the beginning

  14. Jblack 24

    Jblack 24Month ago

    Al mánager de los NATIONALS. debieron de cancelarlo anoche. Porque el debió poner a STRABURG a lanzar. Porque esto no se trata de juego de temporada. Sino de SERIE MUNDIAL

  15. think panzer

    think panzerMonth ago

    Let's do anything to make him not joining the yankees

  16. Richard Bruder

    Richard BruderMonth ago

    Go stros...lifelong fan here. My spirit is with y’all

  17. Zakk Wylde

    Zakk WyldeMonth ago

    That one BS call in the 7th against Robles killed a rally.

  18. Zakk Wylde

    Zakk WyldeMonth ago

    @Kori Jenkins they were both balls. Point is, the ump was bad.

  19. Kori Jenkins

    Kori JenkinsMonth ago

    What about the BS call before Robles that would've ended the inning?

  20. Joseph Parker

    Joseph ParkerMonth ago

    Nats fans are somewhere punching brick 🧱 walls 😂🤣

  21. eddy reyes

    eddy reyesMonth ago

    mucho parecido con pedro martinez este cole

  22. John The Revelator

    John The RevelatorMonth ago

    That last pitch was filthy. He earned that strike!

  23. HIRO/ヒロ

    HIRO/ヒロMonth ago


  24. Izzat Aziz

    Izzat AzizMonth ago

    last one not strike right?

  25. MrTKOperformance

    MrTKOperformanceMonth ago


  26. Wiffleball 25

    Wiffleball 25Month ago

    I don’t think anyone is noticing that the away team has one every time? NATS win in 7

  27. g fox

    g foxMonth ago

    2:15 the pineapple slides again! Not the usual glove work, but... it will do!

  28. 川崎竜馬

    川崎竜馬Month ago

    0:36 Nasty

  29. Wayne Kent

    Wayne KentMonth ago

    Cole pitching with a mission.

  30. herb petrillo

    herb petrilloMonth ago

    It iant over yet, susie has been pititching great for the nats...if she's comes up big, we go to game 7 .......

  31. David Rosales

    David RosalesMonth ago

    H-TOWN 👍

  32. Jso6162

    Jso6162Month ago

    The Nats are about to pull a Braves 1996 world series perfomance. As a Braves fan, I find it extremely hilarious.

  33. ASTROS fan

    ASTROS fanMonth ago

    If Verlander can't do it in 6 in Houston the Astros still got Arquidy for game 7

  34. Morpheus

    MorpheusMonth ago

    Quit your whining Nats fans, Nats aren't hitting. They were going to lose regardless

  35. greatsea

    greatseaMonth ago

    Astros fan here, its not over and to act like it is to not know sports.

  36. Flash Reviews

    Flash ReviewsMonth ago

    This guy destroyed the Nationals tonight


    KDUB KDUBMonth ago

    I'm so nervous. Please STROS!!❤

  38. Antonio Lock

    Antonio LockMonth ago

    Please Dodgers at all cost get this man 🔵⚾️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  39. Matthew Antis

    Matthew AntisMonth ago

    Wow so who signs cole and what will his contract be 8 years 250 million?

  40. Po1itica11yNcorrect

    Po1itica11yNcorrectMonth ago

    The home plate umpire made Angel Hernandez look like a decent ump. Sorry, Nats. Go Astros!!

  41. Frank Pierce

    Frank PierceMonth ago

    The Astros should break out their snazzy orange jerseys for game 6........

  42. Evoke

    EvokeMonth ago

    @herb petrillo yea I guess they did...on a Wednesday. Maybe it was an exception? Idk

  43. Evoke

    EvokeMonth ago

    @herb petrillo I'm not sure but it's also a home game Jersey and I think they won in LA

  44. herb petrillo

    herb petrilloMonth ago

    @Evoke didn't they wear them in 2017 in-game 7,when they eliminated the dodgers?

  45. Evoke

    EvokeMonth ago

    It's only for sundays

  46. Eddie Smith

    Eddie SmithMonth ago

    Astros got this.

  47. Sacredarrow9023

    Sacredarrow9023Month ago

    Love how empires get worse each year🤣🤣

  48. SidEffecT

    SidEffecTMonth ago

    I think you guys are too excited for the new Star Wars movie coming out. The word you’re searching for is umpires not empire. Although it does seem like they are apart of some sort of evil empire or cult. Yes they do get worse every year!


    QUIOLOGYMonth ago

    All empires eventually fall though...