Cracking the Uncrackable Code


  1. Wally & Tony !!!

    Wally & Tony !!!Hour ago

    Was that the female version of Michael Moore?

  2. Natalie Diaz

    Natalie Diaz3 hours ago

    But what if it isn’t code?

  3. anna orlovtsev

    anna orlovtsev3 hours ago

    maybe it means nothing and its just random letters lol

  4. Hobonuut -

    Hobonuut -8 hours ago

    I want to make a code that stumps everyone so i can get free sushi

  5. Aravinthsri Sivasritharan

    Aravinthsri Sivasritharan8 hours ago

    Imagine if the guy died the whole answer would die

  6. Different Vibes

    Different Vibes11 hours ago

    "Cracking the incrackable code" Wait that's illegal

  7. Bilal Ahmed

    Bilal Ahmed14 hours ago

    Imagine the code saying: The week is long the silver cat feeds

  8. AwesomeAna

    AwesomeAna14 hours ago

    Yo I have an idea. Use my code, and translate it once, then reverse it.

  9. Karl gregory mendoza 12

    Karl gregory mendoza 1214 hours ago

    Imagine if the code was finally solved on the next century And it says: "Hi Shalisa Im your friend"

  10. amarulio

    amarulio14 hours ago

    It is not a code, it is a picture.

  11. Leezza Chan

    Leezza Chan15 hours ago

    Plot twist: Its the secret way to sneak into area 51 without being caught.


    MAJESTY15 hours ago

    Where is sherlock Holmes?

  13. Michael Edwards

    Michael Edwards15 hours ago

    what if its to do with the light coming threw the letters and it lines up or something?

  14. Ali Abbas Patel

    Ali Abbas Patel17 hours ago

    She said "order form chaos". Dan brown reader like this!!

  15. Udoka Fintelmann

    Udoka Fintelmann17 hours ago

    I bet one of these people will hold him at gunpoint forcing him to give them the answer 🤣

  16. Đức Tuyên Lê

    Đức Tuyên Lê19 hours ago

    Plot twist: there are multiple codes and they're jammed into the wall

  17. r a r e

    r a r eDay ago

    its a bunch of random letters that has a meaning to him.

  18. joaquin bello lopez

    joaquin bello lopezDay ago

    What if they study the way he wrote the 3 previous ones, so they can get an idea on the words he might use. Just put words with the same amount of letters, until it makes sense and sounds like something he wrote.

  19. Christina Xiong

    Christina XiongDay ago

    It’s missing a letter*CODE*

  20. Jonathan putra Hartono

    Jonathan putra HartonoDay ago


  21. David Rosolovski

    David RosolovskiDay ago

    Gravity falls fans:Hold my beer

  22. A X

    A XDay ago

    Alan Turing would have solved this but UK killed him.

  23. EK Lim

    EK LimDay ago

    the code: "A reality show president will press the nuke button"

  24. tututu Anime!

    tututu Anime!Day ago

    I feel like the artist made it simple but everyone is over looking it xD

  25. Tze_ Ghost Rider

    Tze_ Ghost RiderDay ago

    What if it's not in English?

  26. Sarai

    SaraiDay ago

    yo if they got me sushi id tell the code right away lmao

  27. David Toh

    David TohDay ago

    Code in the top right of the video 3:49

  28. のあ高峯

    のあ高峯Day ago

    Or maybe some nerd that is unpopular that hated everyone there just solved it but refuses to tell em.

  29. Brandon Cooper

    Brandon CooperDay ago

    I'll bet this guy drinks a lot of Ovaltine.

  30. Armari

    ArmariDay ago

    I used the code to crack the code

  31. donavon Blair

    donavon Blair2 days ago

    “Be sure to drink your ovaltine”

  32. khankhattak

    khankhattak2 days ago

    imagine if she solved it and it said "youve been fooled"

  33. Reilly Woods-Murphy

    Reilly Woods-Murphy2 days ago

    I wonder if they've tried running it through an enigma machine

  34. Mia ain’t chill

    Mia ain’t chill2 days ago

    I just love how this puzzle brings people together and have them communicate and bond over a common interest, so sweet

  35. Mailo Kirmes

    Mailo Kirmes2 days ago

    This guy should teach Tom Holland how to keep a secret😂

  36. me

    me2 days ago


  37. hieu Cu

    hieu Cu2 days ago

    The last code: *I AM THE ZODIAC KILLER*

  38. Skittles stjean

    Skittles stjean2 days ago

    what if the code wasn't meant to be solve

  39. Ben Potato

    Ben Potato2 days ago

    Maybe it's a code within a code within a code

  40. Makkiiu Artsu

    Makkiiu Artsu2 days ago

    Ask Steve,Robin and Dustin to crack the codes they'll crack it in a day I swear

  41. Gerardo Davila

    Gerardo Davila2 days ago

    What if he dies and the safety deposit box just gets emptied. And nobody will ever know what happened to the decryption key.

  42. Basile Ryan

    Basile Ryan2 days ago

    3:45 Look at the top right

  43. Steve Fortuna

    Steve Fortuna2 days ago

    The 4th code says "yes, I killed Kennedy, and I'm proud of it". - George H. W. Bush.

  44. Norman Hasibuan

    Norman Hasibuan2 days ago

    It turns out the code was a nuclear code to open at nhentai

  45. Subho Joy

    Subho Joy2 days ago

    the problem is not a lot of people know about this.....if a large number of people look into it I bet it will be solved in a short span of time

  46. ImmaRussianSpy

    ImmaRussianSpy3 days ago

    I swear i watched this video before but it came out a week ago

  47. Turtles Are Awesome

    Turtles Are Awesome3 days ago

    I have a great idea to solve Kryptos. I’m only 11 though so I can’t fly there and tell you personally. Type all the letters from Kryptos, them copy and paste it to a word scrambler on a website on google. Then get all the words that the website has given you, and figure it out from there. I hope this helps, also you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. Edit: please like so they know this. I’m not doing this for likes, I just also want to see the code get cracked. Edit 2: this is the code NGHIJLMNQUVWXZKRYPTOSABCDEFGHIJL OHIJLMNQUVWXZKRYPTOSABCDEFGHIJL PIJLMNQUVWXZKRYPTOSABCDEFGHIJLM QJLMNQUVWXZKRYPTOSABCDEFGHIJLMN RLMNQUVWXZKRYPTOSABCDEFGHIJLMNQ SMNQUVWXZKRYPTOSABCDEFGHIJLMNQU TNQUVWXZKRYPTOSABCDEFGHIJLMNQUV UQUVWXZKRYPTOSABCDEFGHIJLMNQUVW VUVWXZKRYPTOSABCDEFGHIJLMNQUVWX WVWXZKRYPTOSABCDEFGHIJLMNQUVWXZ XWXZKRYPTOSABCDEFGHIJLMNQUVWXZK YXZKRYPTOSABCDEFGHIJLMNQUVWXZKR ZZKRYPTOSABCDEFGHIJLMNQUVWXZKRY ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZABCD

  48. Karias abesamis

    Karias abesamis3 days ago

    3:48 On the top right corner, "UX LNKX MH WKBGD RHNK HOTEMBGX". I solved it and it says "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine"

  49. David Lin

    David Lin3 days ago

    Only If I become employed.

  50. Nataliya terletska

    Nataliya terletska3 days ago

    the twist, there’s no secret message